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31 Ways to Become a Better Man Starting Today

By Joshua Sigafus

12 TV Shows Every Man Should Watch in His Lifetime

As they pertain to masculine wisdom, here are 12 TV shows that I deem mandatory for any fellow of the XY-chromosome variety to watch.

The Adult Man Mens Style Tips Model Wearing Suit With Various Mens Style Tips

8 Style Skills Every Man Should Learn

Even if you only use these suggestions a few times a year, you’ll always be better dressed than the guy who simply doesn’t know how. 

The Adult Man White Sneakers Outfit Models Wearing White Sneakers Over Sunburst Shapes

These 11 Outfits Make White Sneakers Look Even Better

You can’t go wrong with white sneakers. They’re endlessly versatile, but also pretty basic. Check out these outfits that make the most of their sleek look.

The Adult Man Old Money Aesthetic Model Over leather Texture With Various Lavish Belongings

The Old-Money Aesthetic: The Adult Man’s Guide

Curious about the essence of Old Money Aesthetic? Dive into the details with this comprehensive guide and uncover its timeless allure and tradition.


50 Quotes for Men to Live By for a Better Life

A good quote really gets the gears turning. So here are 50 that are inspiring, mobilizing, and will give you a good kick in the pants too.

The Adult Man 21 Mens Bedroom Decor Ideas Assorted Furniture and Decorations

21 Decor Ideas to Breathe Life into a Man’s Bedroom

College-era decor taste can be hard to shake when you’re unaware of what else exists. With interior design in my blood, here are my picks to elevate your room.


The 17 Most Helpful Subreddits That Guided Me through Manhood

Here are my favorite Reddit communities that’ve supported my growth throughout manhood. I’ll leave it to you to poke around the deeper corners of the site.

The Adult Man 11 Documentaries Every Man Should Watch Free Solo Into The Infero and Pumping Iron

11 Timeless Documentaries Every Man Should Watch

The truth is stranger than fiction.

Attractive woman checking out a man on the street

The First 10 Things a Woman Notices About a Man

As men, we want women to notice us. Learn the truth about what women first notice in a man—including what they like, and what they don’t like.

Karlton getting his picture taken at an event pixelated

8 Simple Tips to Look Better in Pictures as a Guy

Here’s how to pose and be more photogenic, even if you’re camera-shy. Learn from someone who’s reluctantly mastered the art of looking great in photos.

David Martin Wearing Tomahawk Shades with Sun and Water cartoon graphics

These 7 Things Have Made My Skin Noticeably Better In a Year

Follow these same tips I did and hopefully you’ll also have noticeably better skin soon. At the very least, your general health will improve.

Attractive woman impressed by the opening Tinder message and smiling on her phone

How to Start a Tinder Conversation With a Girl Like a Man

Based on my experience, my guide will help you from ‘getting unmatched with’ the majority of the time to significantly increasing your close rates on Tinder.

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm Man With Red Beard Looking Sideways

Beard Oil vs Beard Balm: Which One Is Better For You?

Trying to figure out whether beard oil or beard balm is right for you? I explore both, share my favorites and explain which product suits different beard types.

Sigma Female Woman Wearing Glasses Holding Suitcase

7 Sigma Female Traits and a Man’s Guide to Dating One

In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the ultra-rare sigma female, including her key traits and what it’s like to date her.

What to bring camping as a man Man outdoors sitting car with camping gear around him

What to Bring Camping as a Man: The Ultimate Guide

Off for a trip out into the great outdoors? You need our list of 17 essentials that all men should bring camping so you don’t find yourself unprepared.

How to exfoliate as a man Black man with Multiple Beauty Objects near his face with look of concern

How to Exfoliate as a Man and Why You Totally Should

Want to find out how to exfoliate and which exfoliator you should be using? Here are 5 reasons why men should exfoliate and a few tips for how to do it right.

How do I tell if he loves me young couple quarrelling back to back

How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 19 Signs from a Man’s Perspective

Does he love me? Here’s the man’s perspective. These are the 19 signs to look for to figure out if he actually loves you—or if he doesn’t really see a future.

How to be more dominant in a relationship man in business shirt holding girlfriend from behind

How to Be More Dominant in a Relationship as a Man (The Right Way)

In this in-depth guide, you’ll learn how to be more positively dominant in your relationships and to be the type of man she wants to be with.

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