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A Hair Stylist Reveals His 11 Most Requested Men’s Hairstyles in 2024

By David Alexander
Sexy Hairstyles for Men Attractive Man with Quiff Side Profile

The 12 Most Attractive Hairstyles For Men That Women Love

This year’s research is in. Discover which hairstyles women find most attractive and why. Yep, we’re talking science, baby. Sexy-hair-science.

Karlton getting his picture taken at an event pixelated

8 Simple Tips to Look Better in Pictures as a Guy

Here’s how to pose and be more photogenic, even if you’re camera-shy. Learn from someone who’s reluctantly mastered the art of looking great in photos.

Looksmaxing Grid of model doing different self development tasks

Looksmaxing: The Ultimate Guide for Men

Looksmaxing is a trend in the world of men’s grooming, fashion, and lifestyle optimization. Learn how to audit your life and your look in this definitive guide.

How to be more attractive as a man Good looking man smiling in grey shirt on blank background

11 Simple Things All Men Can Do to Be More Attractive

If you’re here, you’ve made the first step. You can make big changes much quicker than you think. This list will teach you how to be more attractive as a man.

Things Men Should do Every Night Nighttime routine for Men Man in White ShirtYawning

7 Things Men Should Do Every Night: The Best Nighttime Routine For Men

Gents, here’s the secret. To wake up with a refreshed mind and body, you need a solid nighttime routine. These are the top 7 things men should do every night.

Mens Hair Styles Male Model Smiling at Camera With Curly Fade Hair Style

Do You Know Your Hair Type? The 4 Men’s Hair Types Explained and Why It Matters

Do you want exceptional looking hair? Learn the different men’s hair types in this post and how to make the most out of your natural hair. It’s all you need.

Mature Hairline Man Inspecting Hairline Behind Mirror

A Mature Hairline: What It Is and How to Deal with It

Are you concerned you’ve got a mature hairline? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. If there’s an issue, we’ll help you find it and walk you through your options.

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21 Signs a Female Coworker Likes You: Blink and You’ll Miss Them

Is she being friendly, flirty, or downright sexual? Time to settle it. Learn how to tell if a female coworker likes you by looking for these surefire signs.

model using hair paste and clay product

Splitting Hairs Between Pomade, Wax, Gel, and Clay

There are thousands of men’s hair products out in the wild. Our guide will point you in the direction you need to go to get the killer hairstyle you want.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Review: Shaving Cream and Pomade Side By Side

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Review: I Tried Their Best

This well-known Canadian men’s grooming brand has built a reputation for using natural materials, small batch production, and a quality over quantity approach. But are they any good?

Red Wing Iron Ranger Types of Shoes Every Man Should Own

The 8 Types Of Shoes Every Man Should Own in 2024

Your shoes are the building blocks of every outfit you wear. Get your base in order with these eight shoe styles and watch your style versatility soar.

Best Men's Hairstyle For Face Shape

What’s The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape?

It’s all science. Learn how to frame your face with the right cut and make your hair style work for you and not against you.

Bearded man looking directly at the camera and getting his sideburns tapered with clippers

Taper vs Fade vs Taper Fade Haircuts: Learn The Difference

Learn the difference between fade, taper, and taper fade haircuts. Discover which style is right for you and know what to ask for at the barber.

Pinterest for men

Pinterest for Men: 50 Awesome Boards Every Guy Should Follow

From style to fitness, to travel, to DIY, check out 50 incredible Pinterest boards every guy should be following. We prove that Pinterest is for men after all.

Man in shirt with dollar bill on it and jacket

Dapper on a Dime: 27 Tips to Live a Classy Lifestyle on a Budget

If you’re like us, you want to look your best at all times. Learn how to look, dress, and act like a dapper man, even while on a budget.

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17 Best YouTube Channels For Men

Be entertained while you learn something with our go-to YouTube channels for guys. You really can change your life by following the right ones.