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Joshua Sigafus Dating Coach & Writer

Joshua has been covering men's dating and relationships topics for The Adult Man since 2020 and frequently draws on his own journey of self-rediscovery at the age of 30 following his divorce. As a successful dating coach and The Adult Man Dating & Masculinity Transformation System course creator, Joshua's goal is to make every man the champion of his own life.
Should I breakup with my girlfriend black couple in argument with girl upset at boyfriend ignoring her

13 Surefire Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Girlfriend

Should you break up with your girlfriend? Good question. In this post, you’ll learn the clear-cut signs that it’s time to end it and how to break up like a man.

Cheating Girlfriend Girl in yellow sweater on phone making shh noise

How to Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating: 20 Signs to Look For

Ah, man. Being cheated on is the absolute worst. Learn the signs of a cheating girlfriend and the steps you should take based on the evidence you have.

Beta Male Attractive Business Man in Suit With Red Tie Saluting

The Beta Male Explained: 5 Common Beta Traits

Do you think you or someone you know might be a beta male? It may not be what you think. Find out all about this lieutenant of the hierarchy in our go-to guide.

Where to Meet Women Attractive Athletic Woman Holding Yoga Mat

Where to Meet Women and How to Approach in Public the Right Way

Want to meet the types of women who genuinely desire you? I’m a dating coach and I’ll show you where to meet women just like that, and how to connect with them.

Omega Male Man with Bandana Scratching Head and Facing Away

The Omega Male Explained: Understanding Society’s Reject

Do you struggle to fit in? Has anyone ever called you a ‘black sheep’? You may be an omega male. Learn the omega male traits and how you can improve your life.

Oneitis Man in Bed with Phone Sad Waiting for a Text Message From His Crush

Oneitis: How to Stop the Obsession and Level Up Your Mindset

Are you frequently thinking about a girl you like who you’re not actively dating? Well, you may be suffering from oneitis. Here’s what you need to do.

Delta Male Two Men in Plain T Shirts Standing Next to Each Other

The Delta Male Explained: The Importance of the Average Joe

Do you think you’re ‘Mr. Average’? Well, you’re in the majority. Learn the key delta male traits and find out what being a delta male means for you as a man.

Hot Women Image of Attractive Brunette with Dark

The 30 Hottest Women in the World Right Now

This may be our favorite list yet. From models to entrepreneurs, check out our picks of the 30 hottest women in the world right now. Do you agree with our list?

Gamma Male Man with Unkempt Beard Wearing Colorful Red Bowtie

The Gamma Male Explained: Are You a Gamma? Does It Matter?

Wondering whether you’re a gamma male? Or are you unsure of your place within the socio sexual hierarchy and looking for answers? You’ve found the right post.

High Maintenance Girl Attractive Brunette Woman in Red Lipstick Makeup and Professional Hairstyle

12 Signs She’s a High Maintenance Girl: Should You Date Her?

She’s hot, fun, and fit, but she’s also a lot of work. Sound familiar? These are the surefire signs she’s a high maintenance girl and how you should handle it.

Alpha Male Orang Utan in Forest

The Alpha Male Explained: Understanding the Top Dog

Are you an alpha male? You’re about to find out. Because in this post, you’ll learn exactly what the true alpha male traits are, and how you can become one.

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23 Best Dating Books For Guys According to a Dating Coach

Without a doubt, these are the best dating books for men. They helped me become a higher value man with a thriving dating & sex life. And they’ll help you too.