From sneakers to formal shoes, our men’s footwear guides cover essential tips for curating the perfect versatile shoe collection.

These 11 Outfits Make White Sneakers Look Even Better

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Model Wearing Bruno Mark Winter Slip On Velvet Lined Boots

Bruno Marc Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Bruno Marc claims reasonably priced formal footwear can still look and feel great. I put their bold claims to the test and tried three popular styles.

By Will Porter
Man standing in the rain wearing SeaVees rain boots

I Found Rain Boots That Make a Splash While Staying Dry

Ideal for rainy winters or stormy summers, a pair of rain boots is a must for any man’s closet. But which pairs are worth it? Here are my top recommendations.

By Will Porter
Model Wearing Bruno Marc mesh Oxford Dress Sneakers in grey

8 Affordable Sneakers for Men That Actually Hold Up

For the good of fashion and frugality, I scoured the web for affordable sneakers that look and feel anything but cheap. These are my top recommendations.

By Matt Gulielmi
TAFT Shoes Review- Fitz Loafer and Jack Shoe

TAFT Shoes Review: I Tried Two Popular Styles

Are TAFT’s boldly unique dress shoes all style and no substance? I put their footwear to the test and the results surprised me. Read my honest, hands-on review.

By Joe Niehaus
Flux Footwear Review Adapt Trainers on Flux Box on NYC street

Flux Footwear Review: I Tried the Adapt Runner and Trainer

Check out my hands-on Flux Footwear review for my thoughts on the Adapt Runner and Adapt Trainer. By the end, you’ll know if they’re the right pick for you.

By Joe Niehaus
Nike Metcon 8 Review Model Wearing Metcon 8s outside on pavement

Nike Metcon 8 Review: Is This the Perfect All-Around Utility Trainer?

Check out my in-depth Nike Metcon 8 review where I go from using my old running shoes to trying these trainers to boost my lifts and workouts. Did they help?

By Joe Niehaus
HEYDUDE Shoes Review Assortment of Wally Slub Canvas Wally Stretch Kob

HEYDUDE Shoes Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

On the hunt for a new pair of everyday shoes? Check out our hands on HEYDUDE shoes review of three pairs and find out if they’re a fit for you.

By David Martin
Greats vs Oliver Cabell vs KOIO Capri Dress Sneakers Compared

Oliver Cabell vs KOIO vs GREATS: Battle for the Minimalist Sneaker Throne

Three brands always enter the conversation when you’re considering a new minimalist sneaker: Oliver Cabell, KOIO, and GREATS. Come find out who makes the best.

By William Barton
New Republic Review Stanton Kurt Sonoma lined up

New Republic Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Shoes

Value for money or money down the drain? Check out my hands-on Review where I review New Republic’s Kurt, Sonoma, Stanton, and more to bring you the answer.

By David Martin
Mahabis Review Model Wearing Mahabis Classic Whiel Sitting on Ottoman

Mahabis Review: Gentlemen, You Can Now Wear Your Slippers Outdoors

Slippers you can wear out of the house? We were skeptical. Check out our feet-on Mahabis slippers review of the Classic and Breathe for our verdict.

By David Martin
GREATS Royale Review Model Wearing GREATS Royale Outside

GREATS The Royale Review: My Thoughts After 2 Years of Wear

Is the GREATS Royale still worth it? Find out my honest thoughts on these sneakers after two years on the feet, plus how they stack up against other brands.

By William Barton
Indestructible Shoes Review Model Lacing up J3 with blue jeans

Indestructible Shoes Review: I Tried Their Best Styles

In this Indestructible Shoes review, we try the Ryder Black and J3 Black shoes to see if they’ll keep you safe at work without sacrificing on style and comfort.

By David Martin
how to style mens rains boots

How to Style Men’s Rain Boots: Look Sharp and Bring on the Downpour

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and the old man is snoring. But you know what you’re doing? You’re walking out there like a total champ. Here’s how.

By Savarone Ammann
best sustainable sneakers for men

5 Best Sustainable Sneakers: Bounce Around in Environmentally-conscious Kicks

How about a sneaker that isn’t responsible for a major ecological disaster? Sounds pretty good, no? Well here are the five best sustainable sneakers right now.

By Savarone Ammann
g.h. bass review featured image

A Walk With G.H. Bass: Do Their Loafers Hold Up Over a Century Later?

Finding shoes to wear with both formal and casual outfits aren’t easy to find. Is G.H. Bass your answer? Check out our G.H. Bass review to find out.

By Kiev Broadwater
best vans alternatives

5 Best Vans Alternatives in 2024: A Style Expert’s Picks

Vans are great until your toe busts through the canvas top. There are better options out there, and we gathered them all together and put them in this list.

By Savarone Ammann
vessi move sneakers compared to vessi everyday

Vessi Everyday MOVE vs Everyday Sneaker: Which Wins?

Waterproof sneakers are a revelation, but it’s tough to decide which kind to get. If you’re wondering which Vessi sneak is the best, we got you right here.

By William Barton
Vessi Review waterproof sneakers

Vessi Shoes Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

So you don’t want to wear a pair of rubber booties. I get it. But do Vessi waterproof sneakers actually keep your feet dry? Find out in our review.

By William Barton