Men don’t always get underwear right and we’re here to change that (we can hear the women rejoicing in the background). This is your go-to spot for all things briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, and socks.

Boxer Briefs vs Trunks: What’s the Difference and Which Is Best for You?

By Joe Niehaus
Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs for Men Closeup of All Citizens Underwear

6 Most Comfortable Boxer Briefs for Men in 2024: Comfort for Your Cargo

If you’re a smart man, you invest in comfort for your cargo. Check out our list of the most comfortable boxer briefs for men and find the right pair for you.

By Joe Niehaus
Best Moisture Wicking Underwear for Men Man Wearing Shinesty Ball Hammock Boxer Briefs

6 Best Moisture-Wicking Underwear For Men in 2024: Stay Dry Downstairs

Most men’s underwear can’t handle heat and moisture. These were built for it. Here are our top six picks for the best men’s moisture-wicking underwear in 2022.

By Savarone Ammann
Ballerz Underwear Review Zoom on Leg of Ballerz Premium Boxer Briefs

Ballerz Underwear Review: No More Need to Readjust?

Check out our in-depth review of Ballerz’ flagship pair of premium boxer briefs to see if they’re good enough for your gonads.

By David Martin
darn tough vermont socks review

Darn Tough Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Socks

Well, the name certainly suggests these socks can go the distance. But we don’t trust anyone at face value. We found out first hand. Come see our thoughts.

By Kiev Broadwater
Best Pouch Underwear for Men

5 Best Pouch Underwear Brands for Men: Keep Them Safe

Your sac has stuck to your leg for the last time. Keep your twig and giggle berries safe and sound with one of these five amazing pouch underwear brands.

By William Barton
lilysilk review featured image

Hands-On: LILYSILK Bedding and Pajamas Review

Looking to add luxury to your life? How about a little silk. Read our full LILYSILK review to find out how they stack up in the world of silk apparel.

By Kiev Broadwater
underwear expert review subscription

Underwear Expert Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

You’ve lost your favorite underwear in the dryer again, huh? You need to get your process automated, but the Underwear Expert subscription the one?

By Kiev Broadwater
battle ropes with All Citizens compression shorts and endurance shorts

All Citizens Review: The Hunt For Better Underwear

Searching for the perfect pair of boxer briefs? Our All Citizens reviews dives deep and gives you everything you need to know before hitting the “buy” button.

By William Barton
meundies loungewear red micromodal shirt with grey micromodal lounge pants

MeUndies Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

They’re good at marketing but are they any goood? In my hands-on review, I take a hands-on look at their briefs and socks to decide whether you should buy them.

By William Barton
leather oxford brogue with sock tucked in

Boardroom Socks Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

You can’t afford to have your socks slipping when you’re in the negotiation room. Can Boardroom Socks hang in high-stress situations? Come find out.

By William Barton
boxer briefs strewn about

6 Best Boxer Briefs for Men in 2024: The Superior Men’s Underwear

Boxer briefs don’t squeeze your jewels like briefs and they avoid the anarchy of standard boxers. They’re great. But which brand does them best?

By William Barton
comparison ballsy and must have waistband second look

T-Bô Bodywear Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Briefs

200,000 guys got together and designed T-Bô’s entire lineup of men’s basics. Could that many people really design comfortable and stylish underwear?

By William Barton
pair of thieves underwear lineup mega soft and cool breeze

Pair of Thieves Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Gents, there’s a whole world of underwear choices out there. But are Pair of Thieves’ unconventional designs enough to set them apart? Come find out.

By William Barton
Separatec Men's Pouch Underwear Review

Separatec Men’s Pouch Underwear Review

Can you be doing more for your package? Check out our review of Separatec underwear with its patented dual pouch technology.

By Dean Stephens
TANI Usa Review: Underwear With Tags on Marble Counter

Tani Underwear Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Wondering if TANI is good enough for your goods? Check out my honest Tani underwear review after giving their bestsellers a try.

By Dean Stephens