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Types of Watch Glass: Sapphire Crystal vs Mineral vs Acrylic

Sapphire, mineral, acrylic…what does it all mean? Turns out, it means a lot. Here are all the differences in watch glass you need to know before buying.

7 Ways to Spot High Quality Clothes: Guys With No Style Don’t Understand This

In the age of fast fashion, how do you tell the difference between a genuinely top-quality piece of clothing and an inferior one? Here are the big signals.

5 Best Field Watches Under $200: The Everyday Timepiece

Need a watch you can wear every day without babying? Yep, you need a field watch. These are the five best field watches you can get on a tight budget.

Understanding Female Hypergamy: 9 Ways to Use It to Your Advantage

What is hypergamy? And does it explain what women want in a man? Learn the scientific truth about female hypergamy and how to use it to your advantage as a man.

La Aurora Review: Keeping the Cigar Tradition Alive

What’s better than a nice cigar on a Friday night? Nothing. Our La Aurora review dives into whether this cigar should be your new go-to or not.

12 Signs She Doesn’t Like You More Than a Friend

Getting stuck in the dreaded friend zone can be super confusing. The cure? Look out for these 12 signs she doesn’t like you more than a friend and take action.

What Does OOTD Mean? The Most Popular Instagram Style Hashtags Explained

What is #OOTD on Instagram? Find out all about this popular style hashtag and 6 others so you’ll be squinting in confusion a whole lot less on social media.

Homage Clothing Review: Nostalgia Overload

What happens when you mash your favorite childhood characters with your favorite sports teams? Homage clothing. We reviewed them to see if the quality is good.

How Should Jeans Fit? A Must-Read Guide for All Men

Jeans are the most improperly worn item that we see out there in the wild. Let’s change that. Learn how jeans should fit and level up your style and comfort.

How to Make a Girl Laugh: 10 Surefire Methods Proven by Comedians

Guys, it’s science—women are attracted to men who make them laugh. Learn the tried and tested tips and tricks to make her laugh like you’re a true comedian.

7 Critical Things Every Man Must Know Before Going Keto

There’s already mountains of content and data on the keto diet, but here are the 7 most critical things no one tells you before you start going keto.

5 Best Travel Shorts for Men: Jet-Set in Total Comfort

When you’re in a crowded city or on an airplane, you don’t need your wallet falling out. You don’t need discomfort. You need some of these shorts right here.