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101 Best Hobbies For Men Of All Ages

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024
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Guy rowing in a rowboat with a jumper on (black and white)

The modern world is filled with distractions.

We’re all so wrapped up in work, social media notifications, Netflix, and ‘things’.

Sorry, one sec, I just got a Twitter notification.

(37 minutes and a Wikipedia spiral that ends with a complete read-through on the Chinese Box Turtle, later.)


Enough is enough.

We believe the time is right for usm men to get back to spending our free time on things we’re passionate about.

And finding a new hobby is an awesome place to start.

How to Find a Hobby as an Adult

So, you’re with us. You’re ready to find a new hobby to try.

That’s good news.

Because we’ve left no stone unturned to bring you this massive list of hobbies for men to give you some inspiration.

While you’re reading through, think about:

  • What did you love to do when you were younger?
  • What’s something that will help you forget about the stresses of daily life?
  • What do you always seem to buy as a guilty pleasure?
  • Is there anything you want to change about yourself?
  • What’s the last thing you did that had you so absorbed that you completely lost track of time?

If the hobby idea applies or relates to any of these, then it’s worth at least giving a go.

And you never know. With the right amount of skill, passion, luck, and commitment, your new hobby may just become your job.

If you want it to, of course.

Sporting Hobbies


Vintage men playing pool, playing a tough shot

You’ve probably already played one if not both of these games.

Most bars have pool tables, after all. But we’re not talking about playing after a few beers. We’re talking here about you practicing over and over until you’re actually good.

Which is actually a lot easier said than done (especially with snooker).


Vintage man playing golf black and white taking a shot

A classic gentleman’s hobby, right here. If you want to get out and in the fresh air but you’re not an adrenaline junkie, golf is a great hobby to pick.

It can be expensive to get all the equipment, and membership fees are not always cheap.

But what we most like about golf is that your improvement is measurable. And like other individual sports, it requires a high level of mental concentration. This engages your mind on the task at hand, forcing any negative or stressful thoughts to take a backseat. For 9-18 rounds at least, anyway.

And if you’re on the corporate ladder, not much eases the climb like an invite to play a round with the boss.

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Vintage archery image, man drawing bow with woman watching

Hey, if you tried and enjoyed darts, why not get involved with darts for the big boys. Yep, we’re talking about archery.

Shooting an arrow from a bow is fun, requires skill, accuracy, concentration, and makes you feel like you’re in an old western. It’s also known to improve your patience.


Vintage image of man with rifle wearing hat target shooting

A very manly hobby idea indeed, this one.

Target shooting is a lot of fun, although you can get lost down a rabbit hole of what gun to buy and it can end up costing you big. But there’s definitely something satisfying about learning to shoot and improving your aim.

Just don’t go crazy and shoot a bunch of people and blame us.

Working Out

This isn’t a particularly ‘out there’ suggestion, granted, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Going to the gym is a very popular hobby for a lot of guys, and on the off chance you’ve never tried working out—you should give it a go.

Even if you don’t fall in love with it, it’ll boost your form, flexibility, and fitness levels and you’ll feel much better physically and mentally.

Tempo Move

The Tempo Move (I got the Pro version) is a really easy way to instantly have a home gym. Plus, it’s the best looking piece of workout equipment I’ve ever seen. You’re paying a bit extra for convenience and aesthetics, so as long as you’re OK with that, you won't regret the investment.

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Martial Arts

If you dig Kung Fu movies, then you’ve probably always fancied trying your hand at a martial art or two. It’s great exercise, you learn about other cultures and, vitally, you learn self-defense.

Maybe you handle yourself already, but a clever choke hold is probably preferable to windmilling an entire bar of people.

Riding Your Bike

Vintage image of two men cycling, the man behind holding onto the one in front

Cycling’s a good way to get outside more. It can also get you from A to B quicker than driving in some cities (dudes from L.A. and San Fransisco will know the pain).

But it can also be an easy way to get and keep fit. But don’t be a hero. Remember to wear a helmet. They may look stupid but they stop you from dying.


Again, there’s a good chance you’ve thrown a few darts around in your time.

It’s a quick, fun thing to do with friends while out drinking. But play a little more seriously and you’ll be rewarded with seeing yourself get better at something.

And, your math skills will improve. A double whammy.

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Vintage shot of a man and woman sailing

Alright, so you may need a little bit of a budget for this one.

And be quite close to the coast. But if you can rent, borrow or even buy a boat, there’s nothing quite like learning the ropes (and knots) and hitting the water in a sailboat.

It’s hard work, though. Don’t underestimate it. But the hard work pays off. It’s also a really good way to ‘tech detox’ and recalibrate your brain with nature.


A heart-racing French invention, parkour is basically running about a bit. But not on a flat surface, oh no.

You’re supposed to vault walls and scale buildings and jump over things. It’s an incredible workout and tests your problem-solving skills too.

You’ll need a good basic level of fitness before you get started, though.

Rock Climbing

Muscular man rock climbing - vintage style

There are two ways at looking at rocks.

1.) ‘Oh, a rock. I’d best get out of its way.’

Or 2.) ‘Ooooh! A rock! I’d best climb all over that.’

If you look at them as climbable, then you’ll already probably be a rock-climber.

If you don’t, maybe trying climbing over or up some rocks. You never know, you might enjoy it.


Again, this hobby requires you to live kind of near the sea.

But it the waves are a driveable distance, then surfing can be a fun hobby indeed.

It takes practice, though. Don’t expect to try it and master it straight away. It’s hard work. And tiring too.

See the movie Point Break for more information on surfing and bank robbery – a slightly less advisable hobby.


Black and white image of two men fencing - vintage style, one man being struck

If you’ve always seen yourself as a bit of an old school charmer type, then maybe fencing’s the hobby for you.

Elegant, quick, unique, you can guarantee it’s a hobby that will intrigue anyone you tell about it.

Provided they don’t think it’s about putting up fences and not, you know, sword fighting. Let’s be honest, they’re probably just going to think you watched The Mark of Zorro one too many times.

But who cares.

Obstacle/Endurance Races

You’ll need a high starting fitness level for this.

We’re talking about marathon races, triathlons, weird obstacle races, iron mans, those weird running through mud things…

This one’s also a lot of hard work. But the feeling of individual achievement on completing one is pretty hard to beat.


Man skiing with hat and coat on - black and white vintage style image

Preferably, you’d live in a snowy area for this kind of activity. But it’s not necessarily vital.

Plenty of towns and cities have dry ski slopes now. You could practice on those and just try to fly somewhere for skiing once or twice a year (more if you’ve the time and money for it).

It’s fun and it’s great exercise.


Speaking of excellent exercise, it doesn’t get much better than swimming when it comes to fitness.

It’s an all-over workout and helps with all sorts of things like asthma and bad backs.

It’s super inexpensive too.

Our Speedo pick if swimming for fitness:

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And for a more casual swimming style:

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Black and white image of a man conoeing - vintage style

Canoeing is a bit of a classic male hobby.

Getting into one of those tiny boats and fighting against the tide (or just going with the stream) is a lot of fun.

You’ll need a few lessons before you hit the rapids, though. If you dig kayaking but don’t enjoy the helmets, maybe try rowing. Another fine male pursuit.


Two men boxing with referee about to start the fight - vintage black and white

There’s a perception that boxing is an aggressive thing. But it isn’t.

It’s a disciplined sport that promotes fitness and the release of anger in a managed and controlled environment.

What better way to rid yourself of stress and anxiety than by thumping a huge leather bag (or a buddy that’s gone to the boxing gym with you)?

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Vintage running race, man straining to get through finish line - black and white

Hey, who said hobbies had to be complicated and weird and require a load of equipment and research?

Sometimes a new interest can be as simple as getting your sneakers on and going for a run.

Running or jogging is one of the most popular hobbies for people across the world. And for good reason.

Running is not only good for your physical health, but it’s also great for your mental wellbeing.

Our favorite running shoe right now is the Nike Revolution 4. They’re super comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and the shock absorption is really noticeable when you run.

Check them out:

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If you’re on a budget, we’ve heard the Teslas are a pretty good grab for under $30:

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Coach a Kid’s Team

If you like sport but you’re not the best at playing it, consider coaching as a hobby.

We’re not suggesting you apply to work for the New England Patriots or anything. But there might be a local side that could use a hand.

Volunteer for a kids’ set-up. It might be fun. Then again, it might be unbearable for you. There’s only one way to find out.

Hobbies to Do With Your Partner

Ballroom Dancing

Man and woman ballroom dancing in the middle of the room with people watching at tables, black and white vintage

Sure, you’re looking for hobby ideas for men.

Because you’re a man. But it might be a nice idea to get your girl involved in your new interest too. And we don’t mean make her get into dirt biking.

Strengthen your relationship while at the same time racking up some serious boyfriend or husband points with a little ballroom dancing.

Salsa Dancing

Ballroom not really your style? Are you more of a quick-footed, red-blooded Latino type?

Then maybe you could give salsa dancing a try. There are plenty of clubs and groups, most meet in bars and clubs.

Sure, it might feel weird to begin with, but it’s great exercise. Look at it that way.

Interior Decoration

Maybe you could amuse yourself and your lady by renovating a room at home.

Do some research, pick some colors, design some things.

You might find you’re more creative than you ever knew.


[bctt tweet=””If you think travel is dangerous. Try routine. It’s lethal.” — Paulo Coelho” username=”theadultman”]

Traveling really is one of the best things you can do in life, for so many reasons.

There’s plenty of fun to be had abroad. And maybe this is a bit weird, but I kind of enjoy planning the vacation as well.

You know, scoping for hotel deals, checking what’s going to be on when I’ll be there, packing my suitcase…okay that last one’s going too far.

Looking for destination ideas? Check out this list we put together for guys with partners, and this one for fellas who are flyin’ solo.

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Musical Hobbies

Playing the Guitar

Vintage man playing an acoustic guitar in black and white in a robe

If you already play the guitar, you’ll know it’s a great way to spend your spare time.

Learning new songs is always fun (here’s a great list of easy beginner songs). You can pick up a decent axe for half a day’s pay and get some fantastic guitar lessons on YouTube for free to get you started.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to play easy three chord songs and you can go from there.

The Fender 6 is a solid beginner’s choice:

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Learn An Instrument

Guitar not appeal? Don’t dismiss the idea of a musical hobby altogether. You can still learn to master another musical instrument.

Piano, maybe? Violin?

Hell, even a harmonica isn’t to be laughed at. Sure, you might look like a hobo or Death Row prisoner playing it, but if it’s good enough for Bob Dylan, it’s good enough for you.


Men singing in a choir - vintage image in black and white

Most of us sing in the shower or when we don’t think anyone else can hear us. If you’re a bit of a karaoke whizz and reckon you’ve got a good voice, maybe have a lesson or two.

You could either just do it for fun, or join a choir or a band.

Start a Band

A band featuring guitar, accordian, drums, bass, triangle - vintage style in black and white

Now that you can sing, play the guitar and the harmonica…

Get a band going! It could just be a one-man show.

But if you’ve got friends who play, it’d probably be more fun to get it going with other people.

And if it turns out you’re not half bad, get a little set booked in at a dive bar or something.

Start a Classic Vinyl Collection

If you’re more of a thinker than a doer and don’t fancy yourself as a musical prodigy, then maybe take up collecting LPs.

Be warned, though – starting a vinyl collection can be addictive and end up costing you A LOT of cash.

Still, keep it sensible and you’ll no doubt enjoy yourself.

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Technology Hobbies

Start a Blog or Website

If you have an interest already and fancy telling people more about it, you could start a website or blog about it.

These days it’s incredibly inexpensive and simple to get a website off the ground (hey, we’ve managed it, right?!). That said, it does take a lot of work if you decide you’d like to make it more than a hobby.

Designing, writing, publicizing, analyzing analytics, there’s plenty to keep you busy (trust us, we know…). But if it’s what you love, it won’t feel like work.

Learn To Code

Man with the master computer - vintage in black and white, old school computer

If you’re more technically minded and the writing side doesn’t appeal, you could learn to code.

It might be a fun thing to do on the side to keep you entertained. Or, if you do well, it could even turn into an alternative career path should you find yourself at an employment crossroads in the future.

Our editor has used Udemy to learn HTML, CSS, and other coding languages and highly recommends it. It’s a huge platform and has all sorts of online courses.

Become a Social Media Manager

Messing about on social media is what most of us do with our lives anyway.

If you’re not on social media, join up. It’s a great way to stay connected.

If you’re already a bit of an expert, you could approach businesses with an offer to grow and manage their social media. Or, you could become an influencer on Instagram and collaborate with brands.

It can be surprisingly simple to turn the things you love into things that make you money.

Online Courses

Going back to school can be an appealing prospect for some. Especially if you didn’t achieve everything you could have the first time, or if you want to learn new skills to further your career.

The best part? You can learn flexibly and at times that suit you. Again, Udemy is a great place to start for finding great online courses. Be sure to read the reviews before you sign up.

Flying Drones

Now, you’ll need a little cash for this. And also a vague knowledge of the law with regards to aviation.

But if you’ve got the money for one and know you won’t be illegally flying it, zipping one of these about is well known to be a pretty good time.

No products found.

Video Games

Do you really need encouraging on this one…?

Video games fans don’t need telling twice to fire up their Xboxes, Playstations, or gaming rig PCs.

Hey – if you enjoy them, play them. Recent studies have also shown video games to be the best way for men to de-stress.

Just try not to overdo it.

Intellectual Hobbies


Vintage image of a man reading in his library study - black and white

Your new hobby doesn’t need to be something crazy you’ve never thought about or experienced before.

Your new interest might already be right there in your own home. Check your bookshelves.

Are they any interesting-looking books you’ve never got round to reading? Pick them up and give them a spin.

Or if you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of 75 books every man should read.


If it’s non-fiction you’re into, you might find that you’re really interested in a particular field.

True crime, say. Or history. Or politics. Or sport. Whatever.

Get into an area, dig deep, learn about it. Hit the library, go crazy on the internet… Really get in there. Become an expert.

This one links in well with starting a blog or website. As your expertise grows, you’ll have a lot of knowledge to share and will be able to add a lot of value to others (if that’s a road you want to go down).


Man writing on a typewriter with pencil behind his ears - vintage in black and white

Maybe you’d like to try writing for yourself now you’ve read all those books and researched your favoured topic so thoroughly.

Try a blog for starters. We’ve already told you how easy it is to set one of those up. Then set up social media accounts for it. You can combine lots of these hobby tips,

You can combine lots of these hobby tips, y’know.

Going Back To School

Men in class, one guy smiling, the other guy cheating - black and white, vintage style

We mentioned online courses earlier. Maybe you don’t have the discipline for that. It’s fine to admit that.

Or maybe you have the time to attend a college or night school in person, or perhaps face-to-face tutoring is how you learn best.

Learn Another Language

Most of us at some point in our lives will think about how cool it would be to speak another language.

So why not give it a shot? It’s up to you how far you want to take it. You could learn the basics of Spanish to make vacationing in Spanish-speaking countries a little easier. Or maybe you’d prefer to learn to speak Italian as fluently as a native.

Either way, you’re sure to be rewarded for your effort.


Cartoon black and white image of men looking through telescopes, astronomy

If you’re the sort of dude who looks up at the stars and thinks, ‘I wonder what’s on TV?’ then this hobby idea might not be for you.

But if you’re the sort of dude who looks up at the stars and wonders about the universe, then maybe investing in a telescope and a few astronomy books might be a cool idea.


So you’ve tried your hand at writing longer form and you didn’t enjoy it. But you still like the idea of writing creatively…

Well, maybe poetry is for you. Sure, some of your friends might laugh at you, but screw them. You might have a talent and enjoy it.

Don’t rule anything out in your search for the perfect hobby, that’s what we say.


Crowd at the theatre, vintage in black and white

If you dig movies and television, it’s not a huge stretch to suggest that you might appreciate the theater too.

It might sound a little high-falutin’, but plays were the first type of drama. They’re just movies set on a stage, after all.

And nowadays, some have some pretty spectacular production value.

Hobbies to Do With Friends

5-a-Side Soccer

If you and your buddies just meet up and sit around drinking, maybe there’s something a little healthier you can do together that will give you all a new hobby at the same time.

And team sports make sense. Scaled-down soccer with five on a team is great fun.

Play once or twice a week and you’ll be fit in no time. And you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

Remember though, no one likes a diver.

Ten Pin Bowling

Soccer not really your bag? Looking for something a little more relaxed?

If you’re more into silk shirts, hot dogs, and bottled beers, then get you and your boys (it can also be fun with another couple) signed up to a local bowling league.


If you love Platoon and Saving Private Ryan, but the Army’s a bit too much of a commitment for you, you can always pretend you’re a war hero by getting a bunch of guys together and shooting each other with bullets made of paint.

It’s top fun, a great workout and you get to employ strategic skills. Oh, and shoot paint at people.

Food & Drink Hobbies


Man cooking outside his tent on a campfire vintage black and white style

Being able to prepare food is a vital skill you should have down to some degree by now anyway.

But regardless of how useful you are in the kitchen, there’s always room for improvement.

And again, if you get really good – maybe you can take it seriously and consider a career in food.

Failing that, you’ll be a guy who can pull off a range of different meals with ease. How awesome is that?


Man barbecueing outside - black and white vintage style

So you like the idea of cookery, but you prefer being outside to inside? It sounds like you probably appreciate flame grilling a huge steak much more than you appreciate pea puree and celeriac foam.

Well, take up barbecuing! It might sound silly, but there are real serious BBQers out there who invest big money and time into being the Barbeque KING.

You too can win that title in your neighborhood. But please note, if you win it, we can’t guarantee your neighbors will kneel on sight of you (like they should).

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Alcohol Appreciation

Two men drinking wine and smoking cigars vintage bromance

Sure, you like drinking beers and enjoy the odd bourbon.

But perhaps you could read up on wine or liquors and learn their tasting notes and get a cabinet going. Become a connoisseur.

Don’t be a douche about it with other people, though. No one likes that guy.

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Brewing Your Own Alcohol

Carrying on the boozefest, brewing your own beer is a top hobby.

It’s a little like chemistry or alchemy. But at the end of it, you’ve got a whole keg or two of beer to drink.

Distilling Your Own Spirits

Man and woman distilling spirits and making alcohol - black and white vintage

Once you’ve read up on spirits and brewed your own IPA, now it’s time for the big boy stuff.

Make your own liquor. Create a headache-inducing moonshine if you like. Or get smart and create a beautiful Scotch.

It’s up to you how seriously approach it.

Making Your Own Hot Sauces

So, you can cook, you can brew, you can distill.

Now for the ultimate manly food and drinkability… Creating a patented hot sauce that works great with food but is spicy enough to kick even the cockiest pal’s socks clean off.

Classic Hobbies


Two men outside camping, one with fishing pole one cooking, next to lake and tent - black and white vintage

An old style and very manly hobby, heading out into the woods with a tent and tins of beans is classic leisure.

You might want to go with friends or family. Or go full survival mode and try it on your own.

Learn to start a fire while you’re there. It’ll be rewarding. And warm.

Last update on 2024-05-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Man with rifle and hunting dogs out hunting - black and white, vintage style image

Again, this is very old school.

If you’re okay with the idea of sending out bullets to rip through the flesh of defenseless animals, then this might be for you.

Fun, no doubt. But whether it’s moral is It’s open to debate.

Civivi Elementum Pocket Folding Knife

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Joining The Freemasons Or Similar

Fraternal societies like the Masons have kept men busy for centuries.

There are rituals to learn and people to meet. You can also find out if they really influence world events too. Bonus.

Model Building

Most young boys will have played with or even built a few simple models as kids.

But that doesn’t mean it’s strictly a childish pursuit. Model planes and boats and things can be huge and enormously complicated. They can take ages to put together and require great patience, skill and resilience.

Last update on 2024-05-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Two elderly men out hiking in the wilderness, one man pointing in the distance, in black and white

If you like to keep fit and get outdoors, hiking is the pursuit for you.

It’s basically just walking, but in the countryside.

It’s good for the heart and you’ll discover the secret spots of nature within your local area.

Being a Dandy

Man with pipe and moustache and glasses reading a book - vintage, black and white style

A little niche, this. But there’s a sub-culture of men who are all about the ‘Classic Man’. The dandy. The gentleman.

They wear sharp three-piece suits, slick their hair back and smoke pipes.

It’s fairly heavy, but if you appreciate all things retro, you might enjoy it.


Man fishing with a net and rod - black and white vintage

Now we’re talking, huh? Fishing is the ultimate gentlemanly hobby.

Nothing makes a man feel more like a man than casting a line and successfully landing a fish.

It can be expensive to get all the gear, but we suggest you just borrow a rod for your first time. See if you like it.


Two business men smoking cigars vintage black and white style

If you don’t smoke or can’t stand it, then obviously, this won’t appeal.

But traditionally, a man would smoke. If youu’re inclined to toke, maybe cigars and even pipes might appeal.

Last update on 2024-05-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Become Interested In The Sartorial

Sartorial business man surrounded by retail fashion items - black and white vintage

You don’t have to become a catwalk model or invest half your wages in a new wardrobe, but an interest in fashion might keep you busy.

If you’ve always tried to dress well, maybe take things a little further and really read step up your fashion education.

Oh look at that, you’re already on the right website!

As a start, check out our guide on how to dress correctly for your body shape.


Business man looking at watch in suit - black and white vintage

A man should have a good watch. A watch enthusiast should have many good watches.

And maybe you’re destined to be a watch enthusiast. After all, there’s something quite beautiful about a well-crafted timepiece.

Baltic Aquascaphe

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Further reading:


This might not be the most popular option on our list, but it’s a classic male pursuit, for sure.

All you need is a big leather glove. Oh, and a falcon.

Animal Hobbies


Alright, you might not fancy this suggestion all that much.

We get it. It’s weird, right? Dressing up like an astronaut and fiddling around with bees… But just think of all the free honey.

Animal Rescuing

Man sitting with a dog wearing a hat and on his lap

If you love animals, there are lots of ways of turning that into a workable hobby.

You can volunteer to help animal rescue charities. Or, if you’ve got the time, money and land, you could even set up something that helps abandoned pets.

Dog Training

If you understand dogs and fancy imparting a little of your knowledge to dog owners, training dogs and helping their humans can be fun.

And you can even earn a little money on the side. Or you can just adopt some mutts for yourself and just train them to the max.

Keeping Fish

Did you know that staring at fish can reduce blood pressure, stress, and even minimize insomnia?

While that’s pretty awesome, it’s also pretty fun to build and maintain the tank, and learn about different fish.

If you’re interested, start with a small tank and see how you find it.

Bird Watching

Get some binoculars and look at some birds.

It’s as simple as that. Give it a flap.

DIY Hobbies


Carpenter working on furniture - black and white vintage

The great thing about taking up DIY-based hobbies is that they can be fun and you can really see the benefit.

Learn a little woodwork and just think of the home improvements you could make.

Lock Picking

We’re not encouraging you to become a cat burglar in your spare time, but locks are quite fun.

Each is a riddle begging to be solved. Learn to master them and never pay for a locksmith again.


Ah, gardening. There’s lots to learn, plenty to keep you busy and if you stick with it, there’s a lot of payoff to getting a little green-fingered.

Scientists are finding evidence that gardening provides numerous human health benefits including reduced depression and anxiety. And as we recently explored, depression and male suicide is a real and growing problem in the world.

Not everyone enjoys weeding and getting dirty in their back yard, but you might.

Hydro-Herb Upcycled Planter

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Like with woodwork, if you can get into being able to work with metal, you might be able to carry out some home repairs for free.

Or just learn to create some cool artwork.

Car Restoration

While you should already own a basic set of tools, learning how to fix your car can be enjoyable and save you a lot of cash on mechanic bills.

Plus you can buy old vehicles for cheap, tweak them a bit and sell them on. Fun and a potential money spinner.

Motorcycle Restoration

Don’t dig cars, or prefer half the amount of wheels?

Then the same rules as above apply. Just with motorcycles instead of cars.

Furniture Restoration

Maybe you like the idea of restoring beaten-up old classics, but aren’t mechanically minded. Taking old furniture and restoring it could be your thing.

Again, there’s cash to be made here too.

Glass Blowing

Ever fancied making your own glass vase? Well, us neither.

Still, though – it’s an idea.

Cheap Hobbies

Card Games

Man in suit playing solitaire - card game, black and white vintage

Play with pals, practice on your own, maybe even just learn to shuffle well.

A man and a pack of playing cards… It’s a classic combination.

You’d be surprised how long you can keep yourself amused for. And all for just a handful of change.

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Here’s about as worthwhile a hobby as it’s possible to have. And it’s something we feel every man should try before turning thirty.

Fulfilling and a genuine help to others, volunteering for a charity is beyond a doubt one of the most rewarding and selfless things you could do with your spare time.


A bunch of photographers in business suits setup behind their cameras - black and white vintage

After you’ve spent out on the camera, photography is a fairly inexpensive hobby.

It’s also creative, and a great way of expressing yourself. In time, you could sell the rights to your images for a decent side income, or even pursue it full-time.

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Men doing art vintage style - black and white

Interpret ‘art’ as you wish. It could just mean drawing or painting or whatever you like.

Whatever you do, though – it can be fun and shouldn’t cost the Earth.

Board Games

Hey, so it’s not the coolest hobby a man can have on his own.

But if you have a bunch of friends over, board games can be a lot of fun.

Check out one of our favorite YouTube Channels, Beer and Board Games. It’s hilarious and you’ll get a feel for which games you might like.

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Elderly man and woman deep in thought playing chess - black and white vintage

You don’t need to be serving a life sentence in prison for a crime you didn’t commit to take up chess, y’know.

Anyone can learn at any time. It’s a classic game and really tests the ol’ grey matter.

And of course, it’s useful if you ever do get sent down by mistake.


Four business men playing poker - vintage black and white

Once you’ve learned to handle a pack of cards, why not master a true game of skill?

Poker’s fun and you can play with friends, online or at the casino. Get good enough and you could even compete professionally, although this will require some financial investment.

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Drawing/Writing Comic Strips

First of all. If you’re a comic book fan, don’t worry – we won’t tell anyone…

But if you do dig reading comic books, why not try writing and drawing your own strip? You might be the next Stan Lee. Or Stanley (that’s Stan Lee’s next-door neighbor who can’t draw comics).

Weird Hobbies

Collecting Things

Man collecting pots and pans in a trailer - black and white

We’re not encouraging you to become one of those weird hoarders you see on TV, but starting up a little collection of something you’re into can be fun.

Before you start collecting though, we suggest you:

a) Make sure you have room for it all, and

b) Run it past your partner if you have one.

Tomahawk Throwing

What? This section is called ‘Weird Hobbies’…

Knife or tomahawk throwing isn’t your run of the mill pursuit, we know.

But that’s the point. It’s quirky. But a real thing. Men in the 50’s used to strip to the waist and chuck sharp stuff around all the time.


If you back yourself as being able to spot a bargain, and you’re capable of bartering and selling things on for a good price, then antiquing may just be your bag.

It may seem unusual, but it can be entertaining and you’ll learn a lot about history. It can even make you some serious cash if you’re good at it.

If you’ve ever seen American Pickers you’ll know what we mean. Yes, they close out some pretty big deals, but as they’ll tell you, there’s good money to be made on the small stuff, too.

Metal Detecting

Again, metal detecting might not be the kind of new hobby you thought you were looking for.

There’s nothing all that cool about being the sort of guy who combs beaches looking for bits of scrap metal. But the moment you find a whole bunch of rare coins? You’ll be loving it.

Stamp Collecting

Elderly man in suit and bowtie collecting stamps - black and white vintage

Yep, stamp collecting.

Hey, it’s the world’s most popular hobby for a reason.

Bonsai Trees

Because we’re told there’s something quite peaceful and charming about growing and nurturing and caring for a miniature tree.

They also help you fight common illness like fatigue, coughs, and sore throats. This one almost falls in the gardening category, but Bonsais look pretty cool and we wanted to give them they’re own day in the sun.

Building Train Sets

Young man and young lady playing with a train set - black and white vintage

So you thought metal detecting was geeky…

Look, odds are, we know this suggestion might not be for you.

But hey – some people like trains. Some people like miniature trains. Bobby Baccalieri from The Sopranos did, and so might you. 

Historical Reenactments

You know you’re fully immersed in the weird and geeky suggestions when you’re being told that maybe as a hobby you want to try giving historical war reenactments a go.

But if you like history and messing about in-field, it’s an idea. Just, maybe don’t tell your friends. Or any women you meet outside of historical reenacting. Ever.

Train Spotting

Alright, now this is getting a little silly.

There’s virtually no chance this will appeal to you. It’s essentially standing around in the cold waiting to look briefly at a train. We’re struggling here to find the motivation.

But, still. Different strokes for different folks.

Role-Playing Games

As you’re probably realizing, this section isn’t about being ‘cool’. We’re trying to hook you up with the perfect hobby. If you’ve got this far down our giant list and you’ve not found anything suitable, then we’ve got to dig deep.

And maybe RPG games are your calling.


Old school magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat - black and white, vintage

Magic can either be incredibly nerdy and lame or it can be spectacular and cool.

Learn a few tricks, don’t push them on your friends constantly, but a bit of sleight of hand is always impressive.

And there’s a whole world to learn about if you get into it…

The Esoteric

Does reading up on the occult and about all things bizarre sound appealing? Then go nuts.


If history fascinates you and you’re a family man, then do a little research into your family tree.

A lot of people do it and get a real kick from it. And it’s understandable why.

You may track down a long lost relative and build an awesome new connection and insight into your background.


Two men sitting down and knitting while looking at each other and wearing white singlets - black and white vintage

Traditionally a women’s pursuit, you might think. And, well, that’s true.

But men knit now. And, in fact, men invented knitting. Specifically fishermen. So think again if you think it’s wussy.


If you’re stressed out and that’s why you’re looking for a hobby, try meditation. Even if you’re not, it’s something worth looking into.

Meditation is known to reduce stress, improve concentration, and even slow ageing, to name a few.

The Stock Market

Business man in a suit with a ticket at the old stock market - black and white, vintage

You might need a few bucks for this.

But playing the exchanges can be a thrilling (if dangerous) game. Here’s a great article to get you started.


You know, making pots. There’s not much else to say here.

Just like Demi Moore in Ghost (except without the spirit of Patrick Swayze groping you).


Feeling overwhelmed? Or a little on the fence about trying something new?

Interestingly, scientists have found that by mixing up your ‘plan of attack’ each time you focus on learning something new, you can keep your brain more active and thus cut the time it might otherwise take to learn a new skill in half.

Either way, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes you to learn something if you enjoy the process of learning it.

Is your favorite hobby not included on the list?

Let us know about it in the comments because we’ll be updating this list often.

Good luck with your new thing!