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How to Dress for Your Body Type: Look Great No Matter Your Shape

By Dean Stephens
dress codes for men

Do You Know Your Dress Codes? Learn the 15+ Dress Codes for Men

How’s a guy supposed to know what to wear anymore? From casual to black tie, there are now more dress codes than EVER before. We’re here to help.

Man in a blue suit holding brown shoes and pointing them to the camera

How to Match a Blue Suit with Brown Shoes in Style

The blue suit / brown shoes look can turn you into a style beacon. But only when done correctly. Learn how to match this classic combination with swagger.

Collage of two young men with different trending hairstyles on colorful background

A Hair Stylist Reveals His 11 Most Requested Men’s Hairstyles in 2024

A hair stylist reveals the most requested men’s hairstyles of 2024 to help you stay ahead of the hair game.

Three Models Wearing Nautical Style on an Ocean background

8 Reasons Why Nautical Style Looks Great on a Guy

Just keep charting the course for eight reasons why the nautical style looks great on all guys, from Cap’n Crunch to JFK.

Grid of famous people in fashion in black and white

50 Best Men’s Style Tips of All Time From Fashion Experts and Why I Like Them

Boost your confidence and wardrobe with my hand-selected practical style advice from past, present, and rising fashion icons.

David Martin from The Adult Man Wearing and Comparing Vuori Meta Optimist Fleet Ponto and Coronado

5 Best Vuori Pants for Men: Tested and Reviewed

Vuori pants are often hyped up, but are they really any good? I picked up five different pairs and compared them so you can find out which is right for you.

Model Wearing Bruno Mark Winter Slip On Velvet Lined Boots

Bruno Marc Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Bruno Marc claims reasonably priced formal footwear can still look and feel great. I put their bold claims to the test and tried three popular styles.

Model Wearing Black Vuori Meta Pants and Blue Sneakers

Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant Review: My Thoughts after Testing

I tried out the Vuori Meta Pants to see if comfort-engineered performancewear
pants has what it takes to replace my regular pairs. Read my review to find out.

Model Wearing Angel Jackets Distressed Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

Angel Jackets Review: I Tried the Distressed Cafe Racer

Want to try out a new style with an inexpensive leather jacket? Angel Jackets could fit the bill. I tried out their Cafe Racer jacket to see how it holds up.

Model Wearing Bruno Marc mesh Oxford Dress Sneakers in grey

8 Affordable Sneakers for Men That Actually Hold Up

For the good of fashion and frugality, I scoured the web for affordable sneakers that look and feel anything but cheap. These are my top recommendations.

Best Dating Courses for Men Image of Dating and Masculinity Transformation System on iPad

6 Best Dating Courses for Men According to a Dating Coach

Dating may not be a cake walk. But learning how to make it work can be much easier with the right education. These are my tried and tested dating course picks.

Best Crewneck Sweatshirts for Men

Our Style Expert’s Favorite Crewneck Sweatshirts of the Year

A good crewneck sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple, so I’ve rounded up and reviewed six of the best crewnecks money can buy. Come sink your teeth.

Best Flannel Shirts Featured

Who Makes the Best Flannel Shirts? My Picks for 2024

Flannels are a wardrobe staple and many brands claim theirs are superior, so we had to investigate. Here are the best flannel shirts, tried and recommended by me.

Jack Archer Performance Daily Wear Review

Jack Archer Review: I Tried Their Bestsellers

Finding clothes that fit right and look good is hard. But is Jack Archer’s performance daily wear the answer? I put their bestsellers to the test to find out.

Helly Hansen Review

Helly Hansen Review: I Tested a Few Popular Pieces Outdoors

Helly Hansen has been outfitting explorers since 1877, but is their apparel still any good? Check out my hands-on review of a few popular pieces to find out.

Best Online Clothing Stores for Men Grid of Lululemon Buck Mason and State and Liberty

We Tried 90+ Men’s Online Clothing Stores: Here Are the Best

After 5+ years writing in men’s style, I’ve pretty much tried at least something from all major brands. Here are my picks of the best ones you should check out.

Best Gifts for Guy Friends Pretty Smiling Girl Giving a Gift

31 Best Gifts for Guy Friends (From a Guy’s Perspective)

These picks have all been carefully curated as the types of things us guys would love to get from any of our gal-pals. There’s a gift here for every budget.

Toad and Co Review Model Wearing ToadCo Moonwake Shirt Jacket While Walking Out of Apartment

Toad&Co Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Toad&Co believe that sustainable fashion is the future. We tested the brand’s bestsellers to find out if their take on it is worthy of your attention.