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Chris is a freelance writer, musician, and football enthusiast who is not getting any better at video games.
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Best TED Talks for Men

The 26 Best TED Talks for Men: Improve Your Manly Thinking

Whether you’d like to become a better man, lover, boss, employee, artist, or Elvis impersonator, these TED Talks are for you.

fashion faux pas e1591495582674 1

Fashion Faux Pas: 13 Style Mistakes Young Men Make

Avoid these 13 common style mistakes, and you’ll be well on the way to dressing like the sophisticated young adult male that you should aspire to be.

Man in shirt with dollar bill on it and jacket

Dapper on a Dime: 27 Tips to Live a Classy Lifestyle on a Budget

If you’re like us, you want to look your best at all times. Learn how to look, dress, and act like a dapper man, even while on a budget.

things every man should do

30 Things Every Man Should Do Before Turning Thirty

Life may get a little more real when you hit the big three-oh. Here are 30 things every man should do before his 30th Birthday. Take charge of your life now.