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How to date in college young guy and girl at college walking with backpacks and talking

How to Date in College: Advice for Guys by a Dating Coach

In this in-depth guide, I cut through the noise to discuss the most important strategies that will help you navigate your college dating life as a guy. 

How often should you text a girl man puzzled while holding phone his hand and

How Often Should You Text a Girl? Advice From a Dating Coach

This is literally two years of educational wisdom, distilled down into the most important things that all men need to know about how often to text girls. 

Young man and young woman with backs to each other dry texting and bored

How to Fix a Dry Text Conversation With a Girl the Right Way

Come get the entire perfected texting strategy of a men’s dating coach to avoid and fix dry texting conversations with women once and for all. 

How to make girls chase you attractive brunette girl smiling and

How to Make Girls Chase You: 8 Key Principles From a Dating Coach

In this guide, our dating coach shares everything you need to know and change in your approach to dating so that girls actually chase you.

Signs Hes Not Into You Man Ignoring Woman

30 Surefire Signs He’s Not Into You (From a Guy’s Perspective)

How do you know if a man is really into you, or just stringing you along? Here are 30 likely signs he’s not into you from a male dating coach’s perspective.

Why Do Guys Stare at Me But Never Smile Close Up of Young Attractive African Man Not Smiling with Curly Hair

14 Fascinating Reasons Why Some Guys Stare at You But Never Smile

Call it confusing, flattering, unnerving, or even downright frustrating. But here are a few very likely reasons why some guys stare at you but don’t smile.

Signs Your Husband Doesnt Value You Man Watching TV and Drinking Beer Ignoring his Wife

33 Signs Your Husband Doesn’t Value You (from a Divorcée’s Perspective)

You deserve to feel valued in your relationship. Come learn the lessons I learned in my divorce and the likely signs that your husband doesn’t value you.

Sigma Female Woman Wearing Glasses Holding Suitcase

Understanding the Sigma Female: Should You Date Her?

In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the ultra-rare sigma female, including her key traits and what it’s like to date her.

Red Flags in a Girl Woman Yelling into Phone

12 Biggest Red Flags in Women That All Men Should Look Out For

Learn exactly how to spot the most crucial red flags in a girl to help protect yourself from harm while allowing you to enjoy a masculine dating life.

PaintYourLife Review Girl Holding Up Portrait of Herself and her Boyfriend

Paint Your Life Review: The Ideal Gift to Warm Her Heart?

I picked one of my girlfriend’s favorite photos of us and sent it to PaintYourLife to have it painted into a portrait. Did she like it? Come find out.

How do I tell if he loves me young couple quarrelling back to back

How Do I Tell If He Loves Me? 19 Signs from a Man’s Perspective

Does he love me? Here’s the man’s perspective. These are the 19 signs to look for to figure out if he actually loves you—or if he doesn’t really see a future.

Relationship Hero Review Logo on Blank Background

Relationship Hero Review: A Dating Coach’s Thoughts After a Session

Check out our hands-on Relationship Hero review where we took a real session to find out how effective it can be in helping you with your relationship problems.

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