A man’s home is his castle. Learn to take care of your surroundings with our home maintenance and improvement tips for men.

37 Masculine Home Office Ideas to Strengthen Your Study Game

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys Young Man Holding Gift

19 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys in 2024

Here’s my list of hand-picked gifts that any 18 year old boy (now man, can you believe it?) would love to get his newly independent hands on.

By Dean Stephens
Snow Peak Alpha Breeze Review Erected Alpha Breeze Tent on Grass Outdoors

Snow Peak Alpha Breeze Review: Is This Tent Really the Top Dog?

Coughing up a few hundred bucks for a premium tent is a tough decision. I broke down (and set up) the Alpha Breeze tent from Snow Peak to help you decide on it.

By Joe Niehaus
Ice Barrel Review Man Doing Cold Therapy in Ice Barrel 400

Ice Barrel Review: Is This the Most Convenient Way to Try Cold Therapy?

Could this be your hassle-free, portable solution for cold plunges? I put my willpower to the test in this hands-on Ice Barrel review so you don’t have to.

By Joe Niehaus
Apartment Essentials for Men HexClad Essential 6pc Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set on Bench next to Bananas

21 Apartment Essentials Every Guy Should Own

It never ends well for the guy with the bare mattress on the ground. This list of apartment essentials will help you curate a living space that’ll impress.

By Matt Gulielmi
Best Cooking Aprons for Men Handsome Man Preparing Vegatables Wearing Cooking Apron

6 Best Cooking Aprons for Men in 2024: Mess No More

If you’ve had it with soiled clothing after cooking, you’ll surely find a new grub guard that suits your needs on our list of the best cooking aprons for men.

By Matt Gulielmi
Best Cooking Gifts for Men HexClad Cookwear Set on Kitchen Bench

18 Best Cooking Gifts for Men in 2024: These Will Earn You an Epic Meal

Want to thank him for all those times he whipped up a killer meal for you? Check out our roundup of the very best gifts for the chef in your life.

By Matt Gulielmi
Redwood Outdoors Review Model Standing in Yukon Cold Plunge

Redwood Outdoors Review: The Best in Hot and Cold Recovery?

Looking to step up your recovery with a plunge and/or sauna setup at home? Check out our Redwood Outdoors review to find out if they’re the right fit for you.

By Savarone Ammann
Best Gifts to Dad from Daughter Asian Girl Holding Dads Eyes Closed Holding Gift

21 Best Gifts for Dad from Daughter in 2024: Guaranteed Winners

Whether it’s for Christmas, his Birthday, or simply just because—check out these dad-approved gifts that any father would love to get from his daughter.

By Dean Stephens
Best Gift Sets for Men Johnnie Walker Set Meridian Complete Package Geologie Trial

21 Best Gift Sets for Men That We’d Actually Love to Get in 2024

A good gift set comes with a few things, one of which we’re bound to love. From us men to you, these are the best gift sets for men that we’d love to unwrap.

By Savarone Ammann
brooklyn candle studio

Brooklyn Candle Studio Review: Are Sustainable Candles Worth the Price?

Smell that? Unfortunately, smell-o-vision doesn’t exist yet, but we can tell you everything else you need to know about Brooklyn Candle Studio before buying.

By Kiev Broadwater
Holiday Gift Guide for Men 1

18 Best Christmas Gifts for Men: Any Guy Would Love These

After a full year of reviews and research, these are the coolest gifts you can give this Christmas to any guy who’s hard to shop for.

By William Barton
Magic Spoon Review high protein low carb cereal

Magic Spoon Cereal Review: A Nostalgic Crunch Without the Added Junk

Do you have a mean sweet tooth? Magic Spoon claims they can slay your craving while staying low carb and high protein. But does it taste good? We found out.

By Savarone Ammann
Kershaw knives review leek edc pen and watch

Kershaw Knives Review: Keep an Edge on the Competition

You’ll never open an Amazon package the same. In this Kershaw Knives review, we’re breaking down the brands best and sharpest knives so you can cut to core.

By William Barton
How to Build a Mancave

The Strategy Behind Curating a Gentleman’s Man Cave

Looking to get some peace and quiet in your life? It’s time to build a man cave. Here’s all the inspiration you need for your fortress of solitude.

By William Barton
mens home office

A Man’s Guide to Building the Perfect Home Office

Working from your home office doesn’t have to be a pain. A few essentials can turn your workspace into an oasis of productivity. Here’s how you set it up.

By Savarone Ammann
Best Man Cave Gifts

19 Best Man Cave Gifts: Awesome Ideas He’ll Absolutely Love

A place of refuge. A place of leisure. Help him deck out his favorite spot with these amazing man cave gifts he’ll absolutely love.

By William Barton
Gentlemans Box Premium Review

Gentleman’s Box Premium Review (2024): Is It Worth It?

Thinking about picking up the Gentleman’s Box Premium edition? Don’t even think about it before you read this review. We’ll show you what you’re really getting.

By William Barton
Best Father's Day Gifts for Dad

19 Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2024 That Your Dad Is Sure to Love

Dad taught us everything we know: how to shave, how to curse…the finer things in life. Give back to him with these amazing Father’s Day gifts.

By Dean Stephens