From black-tie events to formal gatherings, our men’s formal wear guides have all the answers. Stand out with elegance with these tips.

A Man’s Pocket Guide to the Black Tie Dress Code

By Jamison Strong

Black Tie vs White Tie Dress Codes: Key Differences Explained

Don’t get it twisted, the two dress codes are just as distinct as the shades that describe them. Having worn both types, here’s the formal attire playbook.

By Karlton Miko Tyack

Suit vs Blazer vs Sport Coat: What’s the Difference?

Before playing three-card monte with sports jackets, blazers, and suits, read this guide for the when, where, and why for each.

By Jamison Strong
Types of Ties featured Image

11 Types of Ties and When to Wear Them

Whether you’re pro-trend or anti-trend, the neck tie will forever be trend-resistant. Come take a look at the different types of ties and when to wear them.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Dress Shirts for Muscular Guys Athletic Model Wearing State Liberty Dress Shirt Playing Pool

6 Best Dress Shirts for Muscular Guys: Lifters, Rejoice

You’ve put the hard work in at the gym, your shirts shouldn’t hide it. That’s why I’ve put the reps in to bring you the six best dress shirts for muscular guys.

By David Martin
State and Liberty vs MizzenMain Models Wearing Dress Shirts facing each other

State & Liberty vs Mizzen+Main: I Tested Their Dress Shirts

Who’s the king of the athletic dress shirt? Is it State & Liberty or Mizzen+Main? I’ve owned both for a few years—here are my honest thoughts.

By William Barton
Indochino vs Suitsupply Head to Head

Indochino vs Suitsupply: Custom Made Suiting Battle

Check out my in-depth Indochino vs Suitsupply comparison to learn how my in-store fitting went with each and which suit turned out best. You may be surprised.

By David Martin
Suitsupply review Model Wearing Corduroy Suitsupply Suit Outside on a Paris balcony

Suitsupply Review: Custom Suiting Made Simple

In this hands-on Suitsupply review, you’ll find out the quality of the custom-made suit I got from an in-store fitting and learn whether it’s worth your money.

By David Martin
Indochino Review Model Wearing Custom Indochino Harrogate Glen Check suit

Indochino Suit Review: I Got a Custom Suit Fitted

In our Indochino review, we show you what it’s like to have an in-store fitting and get a custom suit from Indochino, so you know whether they’re right for you.

By David Martin
Mens Wedding Suits Model Wearing J.Crew Ludlow Suit Outside in Fall

7 Best Men’s Wedding Suits for Grooms, Groomsmen, and Guests

Men’s wedding suits should be both stylish and functional. Check out our picks of the best suits for a wedding, whether you’re a groom, groomsman, or guest.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
State Liberty Review Dress Shirts for the Muscle Bound Man

State & Liberty Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Want a tailored experience straight off the rack? It’s not going to be that easy. Make sure you read our State & Liberty review before shopping this brand.

By William Barton
How to wear a gray suit with brown shoes Image of model outside carrying briefcase and wearing double breasted gray suit with brown shoes and no socks

How to Wear a Gray Suit with Brown Shoes the Right Way

The gray suit brown shoes combo is easier to pull off than you may think. Find out how to pair this classic men’s style in every season in our go-to guide.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
J.Crew Ludlow suit review

J.Crew Ludlow Suit Review: The Everyman Suit

Off-the-rack suit buying can be tricky. The J.Crew Ludlow Suit is a popular option, but is it worth it? Our review takes this renowned suit to task.

By William Barton
vincero vessel product shot against white

Vincero Vessel Review: A Dive Watch That Really Makes a Splash

The Vessel is the latest in a growing line of Vincero utility watches, but does it have the function to match its style? Check out our review to find out.

By William Barton
Mizzen Kennedy

8 Best Dress Shirts for Men That Will Up Your Style Game

Don’t get stuck reading through an endless list of random dress shirts. Pick one of these seven awesome brands and get on with your bad self.

By William Barton
Million Dollar Collar Review_ Before and After Images (

Million Dollar Collar Review: It’s All About The Placket

Can these sewn-in placket stays really transform your $2 dress shirt collar into looking like a million bucks? Click to find out.

By Dean Stephens
different types of tie knots

Half Windsor Pro? Here Are 15 More Elegant Tie Knots to Master

Ever heard of the Eldridge Knot? How about the Van Wijk? Mix it up at your next event with our spread of unique and cool tie knots.

By Dean Stephens
dress codes for men

Do You Know Your Dress Codes? Learn the 15+ Dress Codes for Men

How’s a guy supposed to know what to wear anymore? From casual to black tie, there are now more dress codes than EVER before. We’re here to help.

By Dean Stephens
Man in a blue suit holding brown shoes and pointing them to the camera

How to Match a Blue Suit with Brown Shoes in Style

The blue suit / brown shoes look can turn you into a style beacon. But only when done correctly. Learn how to match this classic combination with swagger.

By Dean Stephens