Hair Care

Are you struggling with maintaining healthy, strong hair? Our men’s hair care tips will help you change up your hair game for the best.

Co-Wash vs Shampoo (For Guys): Which Is Right for You?

By David Martin
Best Co Washes for Men Man Washing Hair Image from Behind

6 Best Co-Washes for Men in 2024: A Grooming Expert’s Picks

You’re tired of frizzy, dry, or flat hair, but you can’t seem to find a shampoo that’s gentle. My picks of the best co-washes for men may just sort you out.

By David Martin
Hair Care Routine for Men Man Washing His Hair with Shampoo from Behind

Our Go-To Hair Care Routine for Men: This Will Make You Look Healthier

It’s taken me decades to settle on this hair care routine—but now I’m here, I’ll never look back. Come learn step-by-step how to take care of your hair type.

By David Martin
How to properly wash your hair man looking up at his hair

How to Properly Wash Your Hair: 5 Rules All Men Should Follow

Come learn the five rules every man should know for how to properly wash your hair so you can get those vibrant, flowing locks you’ve always wanted.

By David Martin
Freedom Grooming Review Bald Man Shaving with Freedom Grooming FlexSeries Shaver

Freebird Review: The Bald Man’s New Best Friend?

Bald guys, lean in. Does the end-all, be-all waterproof head shaver really exist? Read our hands-on Freedom Grooming review below to find out.

By Savarone Ammann
manscaped review 12

Manscaped Review: Should You Trust It With Your Precious Cargo?

Long-time manscaper puts Manscaped’s products to the test. Are they worthy of your precious cargo? Click to find out.

By Dean Stephens
Geologie Review Regimen 32 bundle next to shower Everyday Face Wash Moisturizing Morning Cream Night Cream Eye Cream

Geologie Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Products

Popular, yes—but are they worth a shot? I’ve tried pretty much all of Geologie’s bestselling products. Come find out if they’re right for you.

By David Martin
Mature Hairline Man Inspecting Hairline Behind Mirror

A Mature Hairline: What It Is and How to Deal with It

Are you concerned you’ve got a mature hairline? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. If there’s an issue, we’ll help you find it and walk you through your options.

By Neal Sawyer
meridian ball grooming trimmer

How to Shave Your Balls Safely and Without “The Itch”

Your dad didn’t teach you this: here’s how to shave your balls without battering your precious scroat. Get ready to polish your nuggets like they’re on auction.

By William Barton
model using hair paste and clay product

Splitting Hairs Between Pomade, Wax, Gel, and Clay

There are thousands of men’s hair products out in the wild. Our guide will point you in the direction you need to go to get the killer hairstyle you want.

By William Barton
Manscaping - Cartoon of Muscular Man Shaving His Underarm Shirtless with a Mirror and Other Grooming Products In The Background

The Manscaping Manual: How To Manscape Your Entire Body Safely

Gentlemen, it’s time to take the guesswork out of manscaping. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about grooming your entire body safely.

By William Barton
Rocky Mountain Barber Company Review: Shaving Cream and Pomade Side By Side

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Review: I Tried Their Best

This well-known Canadian men’s grooming brand has built a reputation for using natural materials, small batch production, and a quality over quantity approach. But are they any good?

By Dean Stephens
male pattern baldness

How To Conquer Male Pattern Baldness: 4 Empowering Steps

Are you experiencing male pattern baldness? You’re not alone. Learn how to accept and overcome men’s hair loss through in four simple and inexpensive steps.

By Paul Inman