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Why These Are My 4 Favorite lululemon Pants for Men

By Savarone Ammann
Outdoor Clothing
Model wearing different tpyes of Kuhl pants collage

4 Best Kühl Pants for Men: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

Kühl is one of the best brands when it comes to producing high quality pants. Read on if you want to learn which pants are the best from this brand.

By Matt Gulielmi
Skin Care
Geologie Patricks and Aesop Products on a Marble Background

8 Luxury Skincare Products That Are Actually Worth the Splurge

Across these eight splurge-worthy skincare solutions there’s a product for any guy willing to invest in their mug. After all, skincare is a long-game.

By David Martin
Selection of 42mm Watches Nordgreen Pioneer Rado Captain Cook Patek Pilot Travel Time on Colorful Background

8 Best 42MM Watches for Men: A Watch Expert’s Picks

Drawing back on my career as a watch specialist at an auction house, here are my picks of 42mm watches making the most of dial space.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
David Martin from The Adult Man Wearing and Comparing Vuori Meta Optimist Fleet Ponto and Coronado

5 Best Vuori Pants for Men: Tested and Reviewed

Vuori pants are often hyped up, but are they really any good? I picked up five different pairs and compared them so you can find out which is right for you.

By David Martin
Man standing in the rain wearing SeaVees rain boots

I Found Rain Boots That Make a Splash While Staying Dry

Ideal for rainy winters or stormy summers, a pair of rain boots is a must for any man’s closet. But which pairs are worth it? Here are my top recommendations.

By Will Porter
Model Wearing Sling Bag on Back

My Top 6 Sling Bag Picks for Men and How to Choose One

Sling bags are a stylish way to stash your blongings without looking like a pack mule. I tested the best bags on the market to see how they compare.

By Matt Gulielmi
Model Wearing Bruno Marc mesh Oxford Dress Sneakers in grey

8 Affordable Sneakers for Men That Actually Hold Up

For the good of fashion and frugality, I scoured the web for affordable sneakers that look and feel anything but cheap. These are my top recommendations.

By Matt Gulielmi
Model wearing Wasson Watch Co Automatic Field Watch on wrist

8 Best Field Watches Under $1,000: My Picks by Category

You can get a lot of bang for your buck with a $1,000 budget for a field watch, you just need to do some digging. These are the best eight I’ve handled.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Dating Courses for Men Image of Dating and Masculinity Transformation System on iPad

6 Best Dating Courses for Men According to a Dating Coach

Dating may not be a cake walk. But learning how to make it work can be much easier with the right education. These are my tried and tested dating course picks.

By Joshua Sigafus
Best Crewneck Sweatshirts for Men

Our Style Expert’s Favorite Crewneck Sweatshirts of the Year

A good crewneck sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple, so I’ve rounded up and reviewed six of the best crewnecks money can buy. Come sink your teeth.

By David Martin
Best Lululemon Gifts for Men Collage of Me Wearing lululemon clothing

17 Best lululemon Gifts That Any Fit Guy Would Love to Get

If you’re on the lookout for a tailored gift for that active guy in your life, my hand-picked list of the top lululemon gifts for men has you covered.

By Dean Stephens
Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys Young Man Holding Gift

19 Best Gifts for 18 Year Old Boys in 2024

Here’s my list of hand-picked gifts that any 18 year old boy (now man, can you believe it?) would love to get his newly independent hands on.

By Dean Stephens
Outdoor Clothing
Model Wearing Western Rise AT Pants on Train Tracks

These Are My 6 Favorite Hiking Pants for Men in 2024

Take it from a guy who hits the trails often: hiking pants make a big difference. These are my top recommended pants to try for your next hike.

By David Martin
Best Flannel Shirts Featured

Who Makes the Best Flannel Shirts? My Picks for 2024

Flannels are a wardrobe staple and many brands claim theirs are superior, so we had to investigate. Here are the best flannel shirts, tried and recommended by me.

By Joe Niehaus
Fashion Tips
Best Big and Tall Brands for Men Model Wearing GAP Sweater Outside

6 Best Big and Tall Clothing Brands for Men in 2024

Fashion for bigger guys needs to fit right, look right, and feel right. We put the 6 best big and tall clothing brands to the test, to see how they stack up.

By Matt Gulielmi
Best Racing Watches Close Up with the Armogan Regalia S89

8 Best Racing Watches for Men at Every Price Point

Automotive inspired timepieces are some of our favorites here at TAM. Here are our picks of the best racing watches for each price point, plus what to look for.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Best Gifts for Guy Friends Pretty Smiling Girl Giving a Gift

31 Best Gifts for Guy Friends (From a Guy’s Perspective)

These picks have all been carefully curated as the types of things us guys would love to get from any of our gal-pals. There’s a gift here for every budget.

By Dean Stephens
Fashion Tips
Clothes to Get Your Boyfriend Truwear Joggers Armogan Field Watch Oliver Cabell Sneakers

17 Clothes to Get Your Boyfriend: As Picked by Dudes

We know we’re not the easiest to shop for. But we’re guys ourselves and we’re here to help. Your boyfriend is guaranteed to love all of these clothing picks.

By Dean Stephens
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