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These 7 Ebikes Offer a Lot of Value for Under $2,000

By Savarone Ammann
Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review Reviewer Riding RadRunner Plus in California Side View

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Review: Function Meets Good Old-Fashioned Fun

We picked up Rad Power Bike’s “full-loaded-sidekick”, the RadRunner Plus and rolled it around town for weeks. Come find out if it’s the right ebike for you.

By Savarone Ammann
Best Compact Home Gyms Model Athlete Using Tempo Move in Living Room with Dog in Picture

6 Best Compact Home Gyms in 2024: Tested and Reviewed

It’s the era of the home gym, but only a few are really worth it. Check out my picks of the best compact home gyms that will get you fit in your living room.

By William Barton
Tempo Move Review Model Athlete Using Tempo Move Pro Barbell While Working Out

Tempo Move Review: A Home Workout System Worth Moving For?

The Tempo Move is an attractive little home workout solution, but does it actually work? Check out my hands-on Tempo Move review to find out.

By William Barton
Best Outdoor Saunas Backyard Redwood Outdoors Panorama Sauna

6 Best Outdoor Saunas in 2024: Sweat Your Stress Away at Home

Tired of having to sauna next to chatty Bob at your local gym? Sweat your stress away in private comfort with our picks of the six best outdoor saunas in 2023.

By David Martin
tempo vs mirror best workout machine

Tempo vs MIRROR: Battle of the Smart Home Gyms

The war of the smart mirrors is upon us. I tested both the Tempo and the MIRROR by Lululemon. Come find out which is better suited to you and your home.

By William Barton
mirror workout review

lululemon MIRROR Review: Who’s the Fairest of Them All?

How do you get a good workout without leaving home? One of those newfangled in-home exercise studios. And we reviewed one of biggest: Mirror. Come check it out.

By William Barton
man wearing apollo neuro mood influencing wearable

Do Mood-Influencing Wearables Affect Your Sleep? This Study May Surprise You

Do wearables help or hinder your sleep cycle? A new study just came out that suggest there are some pretty profound effects of wearing a device to bed.

By Savarone Ammann
future fitness review

Future Fitness Review: My Thoughts After Signing Up

How much of a difference can a watch and an app make in your fitness journey? We tried out Future Fitness and we can finally answer that question.

By William Barton
trx training review home workout equipment

Hands-On: TRX Training Review

From WODs to AMRAPs, there’s no doubt your CrossFit experience has a little TRX mixed in. We found out if these suspension trainers were just as good at home.

By Savarone Ammann
best sport watches fitness tracking gps wearables

5 Best Sport Watches for Men: Fitness Trackers for Every Activity Level

Sports watches can be crucial to meeting your fitness goals, but finding the right one for you is anything but simple. Ready to get straight to the good ones?

By David Martin
polar watches review sport and fitness trackers

Polar Watches Review: Can a Sport Watch Level You Up?

Nothing’s worse than a sport watch that gives bad data. In this Polar watches review, we looking at three of their most popular models to see if they keep up.

By David Martin
lumen metabolism tracker review for health

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review: How to Hack Your Diet

How can breathing into a tube hack your metabolism? Is this marketing funny business, or is the Lumen Metabolism Tracker the real deal. This review reveals all.

By William Barton
superfeet review best insoles

Superfeet Insole Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Insoles

Half the time you buy insoles, your feet hurt worse than when you started. In this Superfeet review, you’ll learn whether or not you’ll end up in the good half.

By William Barton
SAGA Fitness Review

SAGA Fitness Review: I Tried the BFR Cuffs

What’s you favorite part about working out? Is it that burning feeling you get in your muscles when you’re on rep 15 and your arm is on fire? You’ll love this.

By William Barton
Apollo Neuro Review Wearable

Apollo Neuro Review: The Mood-Influencing Wearable

Looking for a way to lock into focus? Or perk up in the middle of the day? In our Apollo Neuro review, we tested the new wearable to see if the hype is earned.

By Savarone Ammann
Tempo Studio 3

Tempo Studio Review: I Gave It a Run for Its Money

The Tempo Fitness Studio seems great on the surface, but is there more to it? Come find out if this home workout device is worth your money.

By William Barton
Theragun alternative and PlayMakar Review Model using MVP Percussion Massager

The Best Theragun Alternative: PlayMakar Review

Percussion massagers are amazing, but do you really need to pay top dollar for a Theragun? This alternative from PlayMakar may make you think twice.

By William Barton
Best Apple Watch Bands Rhino Band Stealth in Camo Sitting on Black Object

5 Best Apple Watch Bands In 2024: Cooler Ways To Protect Your Tech

Durable? Check. Comfortable? Check. Stylish? Checkmate. These are our picks of the best Apple Watch bands money can buy. Protect your tech in style.

By William Barton