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Cariuma OCA Low Review: Sneakers, Rio Style

Cariuma sneakers are sustainable and look pretty cool, but do they last? Read our Cariuma review for the scoop on the brand’s most popular sneaker, the OCA Low.

Bar Soap vs Body Wash: Which Is Best for You?

Cave paintings suggest this question has been asked for millenia. But we’ve finally answered it. Here’s the definitive winner on bar soap vs body wash.

4 Watches Every Man Should Own: The Essential Minimalist Watch Collection

There’s roughly 1-squillion different options out there when it comes to watches. If you want to build a small collection, here’s where you need to start.

7 Things Men Should Do Every Morning: A Routine for Success

I get it. Mornings suck. But having a healthy morning routine is the key to your success as a man. Do these 7 things every morning and your life will change.

Garmin Foretrex 401 vs 601 vs 701: A Tactical Kind of Battle

Life’s too short to get lost in the woods. I pit the original Garmin Foretrex 401 against the 601 and the 701 to see if the updates are worth it for you.

How to Tell if Your Girlfriend is Cheating: 20 Signs to Look For

Ah, man. Being cheated on is the absolute worst. Learn the signs of a cheating girlfriend and the steps you should take based on the evidence you have.

17 Types of Shirts for Men: The Essential, the Quirky, and the Terrible

Wait, so not every shirt has a dog drinking a margarita on it? That’s right. Boost your style knowledge and expand your horizons with this awesome list.

5 Best Henley Shirts for Men: These Push My Buttons

It’s like a t-shirt that went to college: the henley. And after looking through the masses, these are the five best henley shirts for men on the market.

5 Best Board Shorts for Men: Surf’s Up this Summer

Hot sand. The cool wind blowing off the crashing waves. The scent of seaweed wafting from the shore. All you need is your new favorite board shorts.

Monk Mode: My Honest Experience and How It Can Help You

I did monk mode for over two months when I was at my lowest point in life. Learn from my experience and find out what it could do for you. Let’s activate.

Fresh Clean Tees Review: The Battle for the Best T-Shirt

Cuts, Bombas, True Classic Tees, Mack Weldon. Whew, the battle for the best t-shirt is heating up. So where does Fresh Clean Tees fit in? This review tells all.

How to Look Better: 7 Simple Steps Any Guy Can Take to Boost His Appearance

Take that handsome mug to the next level already. Hey, a guy should take every advantage he can. Here’s how to look better in 7 straightforward moves.