Kinzd Leather Wallets Review: Your New Daily Carry?

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The Kinzd leather wallet looks pretty stylish, but is it different enough to be worthwhile?

We picked up their range of popular wallets to find out for ourselves. But are we still using them?

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Bottom line: Kinzd's wide range of minimalist leather wallets are a solid entry-level option for any guy on a budget looking to slim down his daily carry.


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You know what it’s like.

You’re at dinner and reaching for the check to impress your new date.

The waiter stands expectantly as you pull out your fat, aging wallet that you’ve had for the past decade.

The bonded leather is creased, cracked, and peels off into your hands. Receipts from 2010 are on the table. Your date judges you, causing you to curse yourself for sticking with the same old bifold since college.

It’s time to get a new one.

Minimalism has been the go-to in recent years, and with that, people are striving to live leaner lives. Wallet manufacturers are pushing in that same direction to persuade you to ditch your bloated sidekick.

We’re going to take a look at three different wallets from Kinzd, a brand whose popularity has risen massively over the last few years.

So much so that their RFID Wallet / Card Holder  is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Who Are Kinzd?

Founded in Hong Kong with the touted principles of “affordable pricing” and “the use of socially conscious materials,” Kinzd focuses on bringing high-quality wallets in a variety of styles.

As for the name—the founder’s puppy’s name was Kinzd. What better inspiration do you need for naming a wallet brand?

Kinzd believes that this approach will encourage you to migrate your cash and credit cards to a new home, and this philosophy is backed by an impressive catalog.

In five short years, the company has expanded to carry slim, thin, and minimalist wallets, as well as money clips in a variety of leather patterns and grains.

And But are Kinzd wallets all bark and no bite? We dug into that for you.

Leather Magnetic Money Clip Wallet Review

Kinzd Money Clip - Front

The first model to catch our eye was this sleek little Magnetic Money Clip, which quickly found a natural home in our front pockets. The leather is supple and soft, allowing cards to slip in and out easily, while having a certain rigidness that prevents unwanted flexing if you’re carrying multiple bills (lucky you!).

This lightweight wallet can carry a shocking amount. While there are only five card slots, the magnetic closure on the money clip is powerful enough to secure tons of cash in place, making it a great choice for a night out on the town with the boys.


  • Numerous leather choices, including a vegan cork leather version with an appealing texture

  • Thumb hole for your driver’s license and other ID for when you’re *ahem* requested to present it


  • It’s lightweight at the expense of a coin pouch, forcing you to waste a card slot

  • Strong magnet closure might damage mag strips on credit cards

  • Has had some previous issues with stitching strength (our model was perfectly okay)

kinzd Money Clip
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Leather Front Pocket Wallet Review

Kinzd Slim Wallet RFID Card Holder - Front

When you say that cash king, we hear you. When you say “It’s all about cards now; holding five just isn’t enough,” we also hear you: Kinzd made the best of both worlds.

They made this slim, more traditional wallet option that was next up on the test drive. Instead of a magnetized money clip, you get a standard pouch for all your bills. As a trade-off, you also gain some extra card slots without compromising on size.

One thing we particularly enjoyed was the second pouch up top. It doesn’t seem like something you would need, but when you use it, it’s a natural-feeling space to slip coins, receipts, or even business cards into until you get home


  • Fully utilized minimalist approach, an excellent first introduction to the minimalist lifestyle

  • Thick yet comfortable leather helps cushion your car keys from jabbing you in the leg

  • Wide card carry slots allow you to double-fill the spots

  • RFID-blocking material prevents data theft


  • Not all cards are RFID-protected

  • Flimsy plastic ID window

  • Powerful chemical odor for the first three days out of packaging

kinzd Slim Wallet
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Slim Leather Bifold Wallet Review

Kinzd Slim Wallet with Money Clip

Our third and final tour into the world of Kinzd wallets took us to the bifold model: the classic men’s wallet style that everyone is familiar with.

What’s great about this wallet is that Kinzd engineered it to be more comfortable than traditional bifolds, and take up less space in your pockets by removing the center bill pouch. Instead, you have a handy metal money clip to keep your cash in place.

It’s sturdy, and works wonderfully. Compared to a regular bifold, this model is much thinner and lighter. Depending on how much cash you carry, we wouldn’t necessarily call it a minimalist approach, but it’s a nice and effective downsize


  • Ample storage of over ten cards

  • High tension, flexible money clip withstands a lot of stress

  • Tight pockets/sleeves hold everything in place

  • Two inner slots under your cards for coin storage


  • Frustrating design when it comes to cash storage: might dislodge if overstuffed

  • Clip is only rated to last about a year before losing some resistance

kinzd Slim Bifold Wallet
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What’s the packaging like?

Kinzd wallets are adequately packaged for their price tag. Each unit arrives housed within a branded box which makes it a decent option as an affordable gift. Kinzd utilize a soft breathable wrapper to protect your wallet during transit. Paper inserts are included within each compartment to retain the wallet’s shape.

How easy is it to access the ID cards on the Bifold Wallet?

Unfortunately, not that easily.

While the other models on this list give some extra grip with the thumb hole in the plastic covering, the Bifold features a covered window with no pull tab.

You’ll need to slide your fingers in and stretch the leather each time you use it.

Will the Slim Wallets work with all currencies?

Yes, with restriction.

All paper currencies will slip into the money pouch compartment, but they were designed for USD bills first and foremost.

That means if you live in a European country with slightly taller bills, it won’t be a perfect fit.

If my cards don’t have magnetic strips, can I use the Magnetic Money Clip Wallet without a problem?

For the most part, yes. The magnets don’t seem to affect the new chip-style cards, which means you shouldn’t have a problem. If you travel a lot, keep in mind that many hotels still use magnetic stripe key cards, which would be affected by the magnets.


Minimalism is a trend that’s been rocking the world of wallets for the past few years. You don’t want to be left behind.

If you’re on a budget, these three varied options from Kinzd will all serve you well in your push for a clutter-free, streamlined lifestyle.

Toss your old wallet away, and make the jump. Your pockets will thank you.

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