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Taylor Stitch Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Taylor Stitch review

If you’ve seen a Taylor Stitch ad, you’re likely planning out some mud and dust filled adventure where you can look super cool in a canvas jacket. Yep, it’s a fantasy we’ve all had. But do the clothes live up to our imagination?

I tried some of Taylor Stitch’s most recent releases to see if this brand delivers on the quality they suggest.

Workwear style with a modern twist
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Taylor Stitch
Taylor Stitch

Bottom line: Taylor Stitch makes clothes that look good and last. While I think their model of releasing new clothes via crowdfunding is cool, I’d like for them to keep a few staples around and further refine them. There’s an old-world quality-focus to these clothes, so don’t always expect comfort to be the top priority compared to larger mall brands.

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  • The fabric quality and construction of all their clothes is outstanding
  • Taylor Stitch creates silhouettes I’ve rarely seen elsewhere that balance rugged, masculine looks with more modern style
  • All pieces I tried have a slimmer fit---not overly so, but slim enough to be flattering
  • They have a strong dedication to sustainability by reducing their footprint and partnering with organizations that make a big positive ecological impact
  • The Slim Fit Chinos have an extremely long inseam---you order by the waist measurement (no inseam measurement)---I must have gotten a 34x36 (normally a 34x32)

My dream is to wake up every day, grab a surfboard, and head down to the ocean for a sunrise surf session.

Nevermind that I don’t know how to surf and live five hours from the beach. 

But a big part of that dream revolves around two things: drinking out of a really cool coffee mug afterward, and wearing a sick canvas shirt as the sea-salt dries in my hair. 

As I said, I have no clue how to surf, and even if I did, I’m nowhere near close enough to a beach. 

But I have an awesome coffee mug, and I gave Taylor Stitch a try to see if they could outfit me with the canvas shirt of my dreams. 

Oh, and I also picked up a lot of other things from Taylor Stitch, too.

Keep reading for my full thoughts on the brand after wearing six different pieces for several months. 

What Is Taylor Stitch?

Taylor Stitch outfit lombardi jacket and pants

Taylor Stitch is a digital first clothing brand that runs a bit different than your traditional mall brand. 

They have a recognizable, unique style—something like tough workwear with a modern slim sensibility.

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Rather than creating a catalogue of clothes and hoping for the best, Taylor Stitch crowdfunds their new releases (at a discount). You can check out their Workshop to see what’s coming down the pike in two or three months. 

If you choose to fund those projects, you’ll get a sweet 20% discount. And Taylor Stitch can easily gauge how much of any certain item they should make to fit demand. It’s a win on our side—we get to save money. And it’s a win for the planet—Taylor Stitch isn’t overproducing.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch uses crowdfunding to ensure they make just enough to meet demand without overstocking so they can keep their prices lower. The brand has a unique, wear-for-life ethos that we can get behind.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Taylor Stitch outfit next to river

Are you patient? 

Taylor Stitch’s Workshop is one of my favorite places to scope out new clothes (and I’ve shopped with a lot of brands). But you’re going to be waiting on that cool new shirt, sometimes up to three months depending on when you back it. 

There are also plenty of non-kickstart-style options, too. Taylor Stitch focuses on quality above all else, and their clothes are a little pricier than many brands. 

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Unless you have a huge budget, I don’t consider Taylor Stitch to be a go-to place if you want to do a major wardrobe update. 

They’re a better choice for when you’re looking for one or two standout pieces that you wear several times a week. You’re going to pay more, but the fit and quality are phenomenal. 

My Hands-On Review

I’ve done two rounds of shopping with Taylor Stitch before writing this review, so some pieces I’ve had for several months, and some pieces are relatively new. 

Because the brand only produces a limited number of each item, you may not find these specific pieces are still available. But you’ll find similar styles. 

Look at this review as a general gauge of the quality of Taylor Stitch’s clothing, rather than several one-off reviews of specific items. 

Shop Shirt

Taylor Stitch boss duck shop shirt

I’m going to kick this off with my favorite item I’ve tried from TS: the Shop Shirt in Boss Duck Canvas.

What’s Boss Duck? It’s more than just a hilarious name. It’s the brand’s own hemp canvas. And it’s thick, durable, and rugged. 

But unlike other “work shirts,” it actually has a slim, modern fit. 

I love this shirt. 

Taylor Stitch boss duck outfit in water

I’ve been styling it several different ways: wearing it on it’s own, with a t-shirt underneath, and with a crew neck sweatshirt underneath. When the weather gets even colder, I’ll layer it underneath a quilted bomber. 

Rugged workwear inspired clothing isn’t every guy’s style, I know, but if you like the look, I think Taylor Stitch is one of the best brands to shop with. 

All the stitching throughout the Shop Shirt is super sturdy, including on the buttons. What I like most about this shirt is that even though it has a slimmer style, it’s built like a hard-core work shirt. 

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There’s a decent amount of water resistance on this fabric, even though it’s not waxed. It’s just that the fabric is so thick, water doesn’t penetrate quickly. 

The fit is flattering in the shoulders and the collar stays in place, which is crucial. Overall, the Shop Shirt is well-built and gets a lot of wear every week.

Taylor Stitch The Shop Shirt in Tobacco Boss Duck

All the stitching throughout the Shop Shirt is super sturdy, including on the buttons. What I like most about this shirt is that even though it has a slimmer style, it’s built like a hard-core work shirt.

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Chore Pants

Taylor Stitch boss duck pants

The Chore Pants are made from the same thick Boss Duck fabric as the Shop Shirt, so I figured they’d be a perfect complement to one another. 

These Chore Pants are a straight cut, standard fit, and reinforced with two layers of fabric from the thigh to below the knee. 

To me, the reinforced bit just looks cool, but it does add some functionality to these pants if you want to wear them in a working situation. 

There are two open pockets in the back and two hip pockets that are quite deep. 

Taylor Stitch boss duck thigh stitch detail

I’ve been rolling the bottom of these pants because I usually like a more tapered cut below the knee. But with a pair of ranch-style Chelsea boots and a little roll at the cuff, the Chore Pants complete a look I like to call “the organic farmer.” You know, like the guy who grows an esoteric vegetable that sells to fancy restaurants for a price per pound higher than gold. 

So if that’s the look you’re going for, you’ll love these. 

This might sound strange, but something I appreciate about the Boss Duck fabric used in the Shop Shirt and the Chore Pants is that it’s not actually that comfortable. It’s a bit rigid and thick, and takes a little while to break in.

Taylor Stitch boss duck shop shirt vertical

In a world where every brand pushes comfort, weaving in synthetic fabrics at the expense of durability, it’s nice to see a brand focus on quality and longevity. Because I’m the kind of guy who typically wrecks my clothes. They’re functional to me (though I still want to look stylish). 

I want to be able to help a friend move apartments, chop some wood for the wood-burning oven, and look stylish for Saturday evening wine and pizza. Through almost every step of that, a pair of synthetic chinos is going to snag and degrade quickly. 

But my experience with Taylor Stitch is that it can handle all of that. Which is good, because there’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing all those things, regardless of what I’m wearing. 

Discount Available
Taylor Stitch The Chore Pant
(Get 10% off your first purchase)

The Chore Pant by Taylor Stitch is worth spending up for if you’re looking for a quality work pant that's also mindfully sourced and manufactured. It has a classy but casual look to it that is still as understated as any true work pant, and any true luxury item at that, should be.

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Fillmore Crewneck

Taylor Stitch crew neck fillmore sweater

Of all the pieces I’ve tried from Taylor Stitch, this is my least favorite. 

Over the last two years, I’ve filled my closet with french terry crewnecks, so I have a soft spot for this kind of thing. 

While the fabric is outstanding on the Fillmore, and the fit is excellent, I’m finding that the neck and waist don’t have the same elasticity as some crewnecks I’ve worn from other brands. 

Taylor Stitch embroidered logo detail

I think over time, the Fillmore Crewneck will develop that awesome washed out, super soft faded look, but overall, I can’t recommend it over some other crew necks I’ve tried. 

I prefer the Everlane Uniform French Terry Crew over the Fillmore as it has a similar fit, similar fabric quality, better elasticity in the cuffs, and is significantly less expensive. 

Everlane Classic French Terry Crew

Backed by Everlane's Uniform 365-day guarantee, if you see any wear and tear within the first year, you can send it back no questions asked.

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All that said, I still wear the Fillmore Crewneck pretty often (I’d say once a week). So it’s not like it’s a solid piece of clothing. I like it, but Everlane’s offering is just better in my opinion. 

Lombardi Jacket

Taylor Stitch jacket next to truck

The Lombardi Jacket is what started my journey with Taylor Stitch. I’d been eyeing the brand for a long time, but the Lombardi is what put me over the edge. 

I picked it up in Waxed Mustard. Last I checked, this wasn’t available any more, but the brand releases many similar styles. 

Taylor Stitch lombardi jacket in yellow

Taylor Stitch picks up their fabric for this jacket from Halley Stevensons, the famed weatherproofing specialists from Scotland. And you know those Scots have all the weatherproofing secrets.

The Lombardi Jacket is lightweight and a perfect overcoat for spring and fall. It’s not much thicker than a shirt, but of course, the waxed exterior helps repel any unexpected downpours long enough to find an overhang. 

It fits well—definitely accentuates the shoulders, and I like that there are drawtabs at the waist to cinch it closed if needed.

Taylor Stitch outfit lombardi jacket and pants 1

It’s a fantastic layering piece, and goes well pretty much over everything. I was tempted to pick up the Olive, but the Mustard is unique and makes a strong impression. 

The Lombardi Jacket features simple snap buttons, and two warm hip pockets—again, perfect for when there’s just a bit of chill in the air. 

While I don’t wear the Lombardi Jacket every week, it has such a unique look and with the right outfit, it really stands out.

Taylor Stitch Lombardi Jacket

Made with waxed cotton from the legendary Halley Stevensons fabric mill in Scotland, this jacket is a fantastic lightweight coat to get you through fall and spring.

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Slim Foundation Pant

Taylor Stitch chinos and denim shirt

The Slim Foundation Pants are actually my favorite chinos. I’ve been looking for a thick, sturdy pair of chinos with significant taper below the knee and I finally found one with Taylor Stitch. 

There’s also a bit of added stretch so you don’t have to worry about exploding the seat of your pants when you’re wearing them. 

Taylor Stitch slim chinos

They’re quite comfortable, which I always appreciate in a pair of pants. 

You definitely need an iron if you buy these because they tend to wrinkle like crazy in the wash. Also, they’re surprisingly long. I ordered a size 34, and my guess is that the inseam is 35 or 36 inches.

When I wear these chinos, I cuff them twice. It’s fine because I like to pair my chinos with rugged service boots and I think the cuffed chino look is awesome. But if you want to wear chinos with no break, you’ll need to get them tailored. 

Most other pants I can see available at the time of writing all come with a 34” inseam. Even those with a 28” waist. If a 34” inseam is too long on a 6’2” guy, I can’t imagine the troubles a 5’8” will have. 

Unless you like to cuff your pants, expect to get your new Taylor Stitch pants hemmed at the bottom. 

Even with all that said, these are my ideal chinos—I just wish they carried them year-round. 

Taylor Stitch Slim Foundation Pant

These are actually my favorite chinos. I’ve been looking for a thick, sturdy pair of chinos with significant taper below the knee and these are just right.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Taylor Stitch has a bit of a cult following because of their unique style. People who buy one item tend to go back and buy many. 

Reading through several reviews, it seems like Taylor Stitch takes a few days to respond to the messenger feature it has on its site, so if you need to contact customer service, you’re likely better off just writing them an email. 

I don’t have first-hand experience with that as I haven’t needed customer support, but it’s definitely something to note before buying. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The construction and quality of every piece is phenomenal.

  • The unique silhouettes Taylor Stitch offers have an excellent balance between rugged workwear and a modern slim look.

  • Each piece I’ve tried is flattering, especially in the shoulders. The cuts accentuate a masculine frame.

  • Taylor Stitch takes several steps to reduce their carbon footprint and they also partner with organizations that have a positive ecological impact.

What I Don’t Like

  • All Taylor Stitch pants have at least a 34” inseam, so if you’re shorter, you’ll need to get that hemmed.

Who is Taylor Stitch for?

Taylor Stitch is a great option for you if you’re looking for a few stand-out pieces you can lean on in your wardrobe for years and years. Want a unique overshirt that’ll last ten years and look good the whole time? Taylor Stitch is the brand for you.

The Verdict

After shopping with Taylor Stitch twice and trying six different pieces, I can say that Taylor Stitch is one of my favorite brands. 

My favorite pieces are the Shop Shirt, made with thick Boss Duck fabric, and the Slim Fit Chinos.

I’m also a big fan of the Chore Pants, and Lombardi Jacket. Both have more of a unique look to them that isn’t as versatile as a pair of chinos or an oxford shirt, but they make an outfit on their own. 

I like the Fillmore Crewneck, but I feel the Everlane Uniform French Terry Crew is a better representation of the same style. 

Taylor Stitch is dedicated to craftsmanship and lowering their ecological impact. Their fabrics use organic cotton and recycled fabrics, and their mission to reduce waste is impressive. 

From their ideology to their execution—great fits with a cool rugged style—Taylor Stitch is a winner.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch uses crowdfunding to ensure they make just enough to meet demand without overstocking so they can keep their prices lower. The brand has a unique, wear-for-life ethos that we can get behind.

Shop Taylor Stitch


Is Taylor Stitch made in America?

Taylor Stitch clothes are made in factories around the world, though all the clothes are designed in San Francisco.

Does Taylor Stitch run small?

Taylor Stitch runs true to size, though many of their shirts have a slimmer fit to them, so if you’re in between sizes, buy the larger size.

Is Taylor Stitch ethical?

Yes, Taylor Stitch is aggressive in reducing waste through their supply chain, and they also partner and donate to charities that help preserve nature.