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Tobacco Motorwear Review: I Tried Their Bags and a Jacket

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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They say it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.” Getting on your bike is a way of life, but you already know that the freedom of a bike comes with substantial risk.

While I didn’t crash any bikes to test the safety of Tobacco Motorwear’s clothes, I did check out a few of the brand’s most popular items: their bags and their Bridger Jacket to see if they can notch a “W” in the style department.

Need some tough new riding gear?
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Tobacco Motorwear
Tobacco Motorwear

Bottom line: Of all the brands I’ve reviewed, Tobacco Motorwear is one of the best I’ve seen. They have a very specific aesthetic, and if you’re not into it, you’re not into it. But if you need protective gear for riding and you want it to look stylish, I don’t know of any other brand doing what Tobacco does. And for their lifestyle clothes and bags, the materials are all excellent and the fits are on point.

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  • Their Ironside jeans are Kevlar lined and have discrete compartments for D30 armor---there’s nothing like these on the market
  • The Bridger Jacket (not armored or Kevlar-lined) feels incredible to wear---it fits well and is made with thick and sturdy fabrics
  • The leather on all three bags I tried is beefy and very high quality, plus it patinas alongside the brass hardware and rivets to get better looking with time
  • The brand has excellent customer service, and offers a 50-day return policy, plus a lifetime warranty
  • Tobacco Motorwear doesn’t have a huge variety of styles and products, plus they tend to sell out quickly

You’re smart to look for protection on the road.

And you’re double-smart to want to look stylish while doing it. 

I personally don’t own a bike. I love the look of old Hondas and Triumphs, but it’s a hard “no” from my wife. 

I’ve been trying to convince her that a Honda Monkey is a scooter—not a motorcycle—that’s my way in. 

So while I’m not on a bike yet, nothing can stop me from checking out the accouterments. And that led me to check out a new brand: Tobacco Motorwear.

They make riding gear built for safety and style (think tapered selvage denim with Kevlar lining).

They sent me their Bridger Jacket and a few of their best-selling bags to try out before I accomplish my coup and bag a Honda Monkey “scooter.” 

So what’s it been like with the brand? Keep reading and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

What Is Tobacco Motorwear?

Tobacco Motorwear pack animal jacket patch

Tobacco Motorwear has a simple mission: to make riding gear that protects you on your bike and to make it look like something you want to wear so you actually wear it on the road. 

I know a lot of guys who own protective gear but only wear it on long rides. When they’re heading downtown or running an errand on their bike, they often don’t want to put on the big puffy black jacket. They just throw on their jeans, a long sleeve tee, and they hit the road.

But accidents happen on short jaunts, too. And it doesn’t matter if you have a Kevlar jacket at home when you crash. It only matters if you’re actually wearing it. 

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Tobacco Motorwear solves this problem by focusing on the style first: their jeans are made to look like something you wear when you’re not riding. Once they nailed the style, they added Kevlar lining, and with some models, even have D30 armor plating in the hips and knees. 

Tobacco Motorwear is most popular for their jeans (that’s their flagship product), but they also have a limited range of jackets, including the McCoy Jacket (armored and Kevlar lined). The McCoy flies off their shelves. I spoke with the owners and they’re constantly trying to make more and more, but word of mouth is a powerful force.

In this review, you’ll see me wearing the Bridger Jacket, which is more of a lifestyle jacket (because it’s not Kevlar lined, nor does it have armor), but it’s still a beast. But more on that later. 

Tobacco Motorwear

Tobacco Motorwear is USA-made moto gear and features Kevlar abrasion resistance and D3O Armor impact protection. They aim to provide stylish, functional gear for riders everywhere.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

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Tobacco offers a few different models for their jeans and riding pants: the Archetype, the Selvedge, and the Ironsides.

Personally, I’d opt for the Ironsides because you then have the option to add D30 armored plating in the hips and knees. The armor costs a bit extra (you’ll probably tack on an additional $75 or so), and the added features in the Ironsides like discreet zippers and a velcro pad so you can lock the armor in place also cost a bit more.

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But if you’re going the extra mile to get riding pants (which you should), just go all the way. You can always take the armor out, but having the option to leave them in is key. The only downside is if you don’t like the zipper by the knee—it’s not very noticeable, but the added safety is invaluable. 

My Hands-On Review

As I mentioned up top, I’m still trying to convince my wife that a Honda Monkey is a scooter, not a motorcycle, but until I do so, I’m not a rider. 

In this review, I’m not testing the safety features of any of these items but will focus exclusively on the style aspect. But Tobacco Motorwear has a ton of information available on the safety ratings (and even has some photos of what Tobaccos look like after a crash) on their site. 

Bridger Jacket

Tobacco Motorwear on model

The first thing I tried from Tobacco Motorwear is their Bridger Jacket. This is one of their latest releases and marks an entry into lifestyle clothes—this jacket would be great for riding in, but it’s not lined with Kevlar, nor does it have compartments for armor. 

If that’s something that interests you, check out Tobacco’s riding shirts. You can easily wear a riding shirt under the Bridger Jacket and get all the protection you need. 

Tobacco Motorwear bridger jacket closeup

The Bridger Jacket is made with heavyweight 10oz waxed canvas. It has a corduroy collar with two sets of snaps so you can let your collar drape naturally or pin it in place. The lining is what really gets me, though. It features a brushed quilted flannel lining that feels super comfortable. 

This jacket is all about the details—the antique brass snaps along the front and the pockets are satisfying, and the jacket feels pretty luxe when I’m throwing it on (it’s the mix of the soft flannel lining and the heavy-duty 10oz waxed canvas). 

Tobacco Motorwear jacket snaps

The Bridger Jacket comes in either brown or black—I opted for the brown. The fit is much more modern than a traditional heritage waxed canvas jacket. I’m wearing a size M in these pictures, and I’m 6’1” and 200 lbs. 

The M fits me well with a t-shirt and even a sweatshirt underneath, but if you want to add something heavier like one of Tobacco’s riding shirts, I’d recommend moving up a size.

Tobacco Motorwear model

Because the torso and arms are slimmer, you’ll still get a more tapered and modern fit, but you’ll allow more room for movement.

But I like my jackets a little more snug, and because I live in North Carolina, it rarely gets cold enough to warrant much more than a long sleeve tee and a nice jacket, so this fits the bill for me. 

Tobacco Motorwear - Bridger Jacket

Tobacco Motorwear's Bridger Jacket is made of durable waxed canvas and features a snap-down corduroy collar, aged brass snaps, a large inside pocket, and brushed flannel quilted lining.

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Extra Mile Backpack

Tobacco Motorwear all day swiss pack

Tobacco Motorwear sent along their bestselling Extra Mile Backpack in Camo. This is a collaboration with Pack Animal, which as far as I can tell is the same team, but a different brand that focuses on adventurers in general—regardless of whether you’re on a motorcycle or not. 

The important thing is the quality—we’re talking 18oz duck canvas, full-grain vegetable-tanned leather straps, and a ripstop lining. 

The Extra Mile Backpack is based on the Swiss Army’s rucksack, or as an adventure pack as they’re known in the heritage accessories community. 

Tobacco Motorwear all day packs in canvas camo

I’m not the biggest fan of this style, but if the style appeals to you, I can vouch for the quality. I just rarely use the side pockets, so something more vertical like the Rally Pack suits my purposes better. 

The Extra Mile Backpack isn’t technically waterproof, but we’re talking about 18oz duck fabric, so you’ll be fine if you have to take a short ride through the rain. 

The stitch density is phenomenal, which is necessary because with fabric this thick, it’s nearly impossible to fix any seams yourself. You can definitely put this bag through the wringer and it’ll come out as strong as ever on the other side. 

Tobacco Motorwear - Extra Mile Backpack

Tobacco Motorwear's Extra Mile Backpack is versatile enough for bike rides and offroad adventures, featuring rugged weatherproof waxed canvas and full-grain leather straps.

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Extra Mile Duffel

Tobacco Motorwear canvas dufel

I also got the Extra Mile Duffel to go along with my backpack. Because they’re both in the same camo fabric, they complement each other nicely. 

It’s worth noting that both the Extra Mile Backpack and Duffel have leather loops on the bottom so you can easily attach either to the back of your bike when going for a ride. 

Tobacco Motorwear camo duffel on ground

The materials and construction quality are the same on the Extra Mile Duffel as on the Backpack: 18 oz duck canvas, ripstop lining, full-grain leather details. It has a 30L capacity, which is perfect for a weekend getaway. You can store two changes of clothes, a Dopp kit, and a small book, no problem. 

If you’d like to swap out that small book for a bottle of bourbon, that’s no problem, too. 

bridger jacket from tobacco motorwear

I’m loving this duffel as a weekender bag. My sister-in-law has a family cabin near Asheville, North Carolina, and this bag seems right at home with the rustic scenery there.

It comes with a shoulder strap, but I leave mine off. I prefer the handheld look, and I usually bring a backpack with me everywhere I go anyway. 

Tobacco Motorwear - Extra Mile Duffle Bag

Tobacco Motorwear's Extra Mile Duffle is the perfect bag for your next adventure. It's made of rugged waxed canvas and features full-grain leather straps, brass hardware, and heavy-duty zippers.

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Rally Pack

Tobacco Motorwear rally pack

Tobacco also sent along their Rally Pack. This is my jam. 

Made with 18oz weatherproof twill canvas and natural full-grain leather details, this heritage pack is compact, but still packs all the rugged durability of the Extra Mile pack. 

I love that it has a padded laptop sleeve, and the front-facing zippers have a storm-sealed seam, so you never have to worry about water creeping in through the zipper. 

What I love most about this bag is how much the aging process will make it look better and better. That may sound strange, but there’s something so satisfying about slinging on a pack that shows a bit of wear and tear and tells a story about the adventures you’ve been on.

Tobacco Motorwear rally pack profile view

The Rally Pack checks that box if that’s what you’re after. 

It has a 25L capacity, which is plenty to hold my laptop, charger, lunch, and a change of clothes for the gym. There’s not a ton of room, but it’s enough for my daily commute. Pair this with the Extra Mile Duffel and you’d have enough space to pack for a week-long adventure. 

It’s a really simple design, but Tobacco Motorwear and Pack Animal did it with top-quality materials. Because of that, its simplicity is a strength. 

Tobacco Motorwear - Rally Pack

Tobacco's Rally Pack is designed for adventures on and off your bike. Made with rugged weatherproof waxed canvas, it features honeycomb ripstop lining that's easy to wipe clean.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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The riding community has a lot of support for Tobacco Motorwear—I checked out several professional reviews from motorcycle publications as I defer to their knowledge on safety standards. 

Some reviewers noted that even with the added abrasion resistance, any denim isn’t going to be as effective as the most protective style of riding pants.

But where Tobacco Motorwear wins big time is in the style department—just about every review I read praised the fit and feel of the denim, and many reviewers stated they only wear jeans riding, so they’re happy to get something with some added protection.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The Bridger Jacket is an excellent piece—the 10oz waxed canvas and brushed flannel lining combine to make a sturdy, comfortable, and stylish jacket. And the value for the price is phenomenal. 

  • I love that the bags feature full-grain leather and 18oz fabrics. They’re a bit stiff at first, but the quality here means these will break in over time and get better and better looking. 

  • The Ironside jeans are not only Kevlar lined, but they also have discreet compartments where you can add D30 armor plates—this is unique to the market, and even with the armor, they just look like regular selvage denim. 

  • Tobacco Motorwear offers a 50-day return policy and a lifetime warranty on all their products. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Tobacco Motorwear doesn’t launch many products—what they do produce is top-notch, but you need to be on the ball because they also sell out quickly. 

Who is Tobacco Motorwear for?

If you’re a rider and you care about style, Tobacco Motorwear is a must-know brand.

The Verdict

I’m still trying to convince my wife that I should get a motorcycle (it’s not a matter of “when,” but “if”). Rather than holding my breath and checking out Tobacco Motorwear then, I’m really glad I picked up a few things from them now. 

The Bridger Jacket is my favorite jacket—I love the 10oz waxed fabric and the quilted brushed flannel lining feels incredible. And I love how it fits. It’s slimmer through the torso and arms, so even though the fabric is beefy, it still looks fairly slim and modern. 

I picked up the medium (I’m 6’1” and 200lbs), and I’m happy with the fit. However, if I lived in a colder climate or wanted to wear it over thicker shirts, I’d probably opt for the next size up to give me a bit more room to layer and still have mobility. 

As for the packs, I’m super pleased with them. 

They’re all made with heavy 18oz fabric and aren’t overly technical. Tobacco uses the best quality materials like YKK zippers, antique brass snaps, and full-grain leather. 

Of the three packs I tried, my favorite is the Rally Pack. It looks great now, but I can already tell that the natural leather and twill canvas is going to continue to patina and look even better a year from now. Heck, it’ll look incredible 10 years down the line. 

For their riding pants and shirts, there’s no other brand out there, as far as I know, doing what Tobacco Motorwear does. What I can say is this: if you like their aesthetic, you’ll be very pleased with their quality and construction.

Tobacco Motorwear

Tobacco Motorwear is USA-made moto gear and features Kevlar abrasion resistance and D3O Armor impact protection. They aim to provide stylish, functional gear for riders everywhere.

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What kind of jeans are good for riding a motorcycle?

Tobacco Motorwear jeans feature Kevlar lining and also have compartments to place D30 armor plates in the hip and knee. On top of that, they look great and are made with raw selvage denim, so they’re the riding jeans I’d wear on a motorcycle.

What clothing should you wear on a motorcycle?

A jacket, boots, and riding pants are a must. Gloves are helpful, too. Obviously, you should wear a helmet and eye protection, too. And if you think there’s a chance of rain, bring separate rain gear in a bag and hold on to it in case you need it.