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7 Best Chinos for Men: Picked by a Style Expert

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Best Chinos for Men Model Wearing Olive Asket Chinos Walking Down Stairs in White Sneakers

If jeans are the workhorse of your wardrobe, chinos are the Swiss Army Knife. They’re classic workwear, but they effortlessly double as a casual weekend wardrobe staple.

These are our top picks of the best chinos for men this year. Keep reading for a deep dive into each item plus a mini-guide on how to wear these classic pants properly.

If jeans own the weekend, chinos own the workweek.

Only a handful of professions still use the suit as their dress code anymore. And for most other professional settings, the chino is king.

But we don’t love these pants just because they’re comfortable and we can wear them in the office.

We love chinos because they’re so versatile.

Paired with sneakers, they break you out of the jean mold and add a little sophistication to your casual wardrobe.

OK, OK, we still have plenty of time to sing praises of the chino later. For now, let’s get into our seven favorites and discover which ones are right for you.

My Recommendations

Best Overall: Mizzen + Main Helmsman Chino

Mizzen+Main Helmsman Chino Pant

These bad boys sit at the top of my list of the best chinos for men. Why? They're durable but don't restrict my movement and they look and fit great. It's not that I'm easy to please, but moreso that chinos that tick all of these boxes are super tough to find.

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Mizzen + Main got their start making top-of the line performance dress shirts, but they’ve since grown to make some of the best business-casual clothes you can find, including the Helmsman Chino.

Their wrinkle-free fabrics keep you looking professional with half the effort.

What We Like

  • Slim fit and a great length for the ideal amount of break.

  • Stretch material makes them super comfortable and super durable.

  • Water-repellent fabric fights stains.

  • They come in four classic colors.

What We Don’t Like

  • The black colorway has a bit of shine in certain lights. As you can see in the picture above, it’s not very noticeable and they still keep the appearance of cotton chinos.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviews for the Helmsman are pretty much all positive. “Great fit” is a common theme and many people love the no-iron detail, which is great for travel as they didn’t have to worry about packing these pants into a suitcase.

The Verdict

For a pant that’s classy enough for the office, but comfortable enough to run a 100-meter dash in, the Helmsman from Mizzen + Main is our top choice. These durable pants won’t wrinkle on your commute, and no one will know if you accidentally drop a burrito on your lap during lunch.

The Helmsman looks great with Oxfords for the office or sneakers for the weekend.

These aren’t your classic cotton chinos. And that’s why we like them. The fabric has a rich texture to it and the fit is slim and sleek.

Best Overall
Mizzen+Main Helmsman Chino Pant

These bad boys sit at the top of my list of the best chinos for men. Why? They're durable but don't restrict my movement and they look and fit great. It's not that I'm easy to please, but moreso that chinos that tick all of these boxes are super tough to find.

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Best for Travel: Bluffworks Ascender

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If you travel for work often, you need to know about Bluffworks. Their clothes are designed for the modern nomad—super comfortable, stain-resistant, and professional.

Pair their Ascender chino with a Bluffworks blazer for a classy business-casual suit.

What We Like

  • Unique color options available, like Mars Red and Olive.

  • There are pockets for everything—phones, a multitool, hidden stash of money, etc. There are literally 10 pockets on the Ascender.

  • Hidden money pouch so you’ll never need a money-belt again.

What We Don’t Like

  • There’s a decent amount of “swoosh” when walking.

What Other Reviewers Say

Customers are generally positive, giving the Ascender a 4.4-star average. People looking to build up their minimalist travel wardrobe seem to love these chinos because of the secure pockets and easy packability.

The Verdict

The Bluffworks Ascender chinos are a great choice if you need to travel light and still look professional. And if you’re walking through some more unsavory areas, the addition of secure, hard-to-access pockets give a little more peace-of-mind.

Best for Travel
Bluffworks Ascender Chino

With their secure, hard-to-access pockets, hidden money pouch, and lightweight 5.31 oz per yard fabric, the Ascender Chino is one of our go-to travel pants.

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Most Classic: Everlane Performance Chino

performance chino profile

The sustainable fashion brand Everlane has made a promise with their Uniform line to create clothes that will stand the test of time. Everlane guarantee that their Performance Chino will last at least a full year without fading, ripping, or fraying.

What We Like

  • 93% cotton, so this is the most “classic” looking chino on our list. There’s still 7% elastane for added stretch and comfort.

  • The 365-day money-back guarantee if these pants wear out is excellent.

  • Wide variety of color and size options.

  • Everlane does sustainable fashion for a very reasonable price.

What We Don’t Like

  • These fit a bit snug, so size up.

What Other Reviewers Say

Everlane’s Performance Chino has a solid 4.75-star average with over 700 reviews. This brand has developed a cult following because of their wide selection of minimalist essentials.

The Verdict

If you want your chinos to have the cotton look and feel, Everlane our top pick for you. Many other brands on this list use technical fabrics. In our opinion, the technical fabric versions are more comfortable (plus we like the stain-fighting properties). But there are also times where we want the more relaxed cotton look.

That’s when we reach for our Everlane Performance Chinos.

Most Classic
Everlane Performance Chino

Crafted from 93% cotton and 7% elastane for added stretch an comfort and coming in a wide range of colors, this staple chino from Everlane's Uniform line offers solid bang for your buck.

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Best for Short Men: Public Rec Workday Pant

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Public Rec is crushing it when it comes to street clothing. Their focus on uber-comfortable, stretchy fabrics set them apart from any other brand—even in the technical clothing space.

What We Like

  • The Workday Pant has a five-pocket construction, similar to jeans. They’re not technically chinos, but the heavier fabric makes them professional enough to wear in the office.

  • The polyester and spandex blend makes for an incredible stretchy combo.

  • A tapered calf keeps these looking clean fitted.

  • Inseam lengths run down to 28 inches which makes them ideal for short men

What We Don’t Like

  • Some may not like the five-pocket construction. That being said, we think they still look plenty professional for most business settings.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Workday pants aren’t quite as popular as Public Rec’s All Day Everyday pants, but even still they’ve racked up a 4.85-star average with over 1000 reviews. Reviewers have consistently commented that their pants pick up as many compliments in the office as they do on the weekend.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for something a little out of the box, check out Public Rec’s Workday pant. It’s not a classic chino cut—instead, it’s constructed more like a jean.

But with the special blend of polyester and spandex, you’re getting a pair of pants that’s comfortable and can easily fly in a work environment. They also come in a wide range of inseam lengths down to 28 inches, making them a great option for short men.

Best for Short Men
Public Rec Workday Pant

For pants with a jean-like construction but with the comfort and flexibility of chinos, look no further than the Workday Pant from leisure apparel aficionados, Public Rec.

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Best for Outdoors: Western Rise Evolution Chino

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Western Rise was created by technical-fabric gurus. Hardly anyone has the same experience with cutting-edge fabrics like WR owner, Will Waters. And good news for us, he’s using that experience to make casual and travel clothes that look and feel great.

What We Like

  • The Evolution Chino’s secure wallet pocket is a nice touch—it fits and secures a phone nicely, which is ideal given these are fit for the outdoors with their 90% nylon and 10% elastane construction.

  • The crotch has a double-stitched gusset in the crotch. Not only does it give you more room where it counts (without changing the look), but it also means they’re almost impossible to rip.

  • Part of Western Rise’s mission is to make outdoor activities more special for everyone. So when you buy a pair of these pants, a portion goes to preserve the natural state of rivers in the US west.

  • The extendable 32″ or 34″ inseam makes it a viable option for taller guys

What We Don’t Like

  • Some of the modern design elements might not appeal to those looking for a classic chino.

What Other Reviewers Say

Over 29 happy reviewers give the Evolution Chinos a 4.9-star average out of 5. The only complaint we found in the whole batch of reviews is one person who felt the thighs were a bit too slim.

We prefer a slimmer fit, though anyone looking for a relaxed fit may want to try another brand.

The Verdict

Western Rise’s innovative fabrics make them stand out from other brands in the space. They used their knowledge to create a pair of chinos that are just as great on your morning commute as they are for travel.

While some of the design elements (like the gusseted crotch) may not appeal to those looking for a classic chino, there’s no doubt that these would work equally well for a day at the office or a day in the mountains.

Western Rise Evolution Chino

Crafted from air-texturized nylon twill, these 90% nylon chinos are designed to feel like cotton while giving you the durability of nylon. And they do just that. Coupled with 4-way stretch and 10% elastane, these are the chinos you reach for when you need work-adventure flexibility.

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Best Skinny Chinos: Rhone Commuter Pants

Frank and Oak oxford shirt tucked into Rhone chinos

Rhone started with workout shorts, but their new casual apparel line doesn’t disappoint. Of all the technical fabric chinos we’ve tried, the Commuter pant has the slimmest, most modern fit.

What We Like

  • The Rhone Commuter pant is modern enough for a clean look in the office, durable enough for a romp with the kids on the soccer field, and stain-resistant so you can dash dinner together all in the same whirlwind day.

  • The Commuter is odor-resistant and has fiber-shape retention, meaning you can wear them four or five times before washing.

What We Don’t Like

  • There’s not much to complain about here—these are solid chinos through and through.

What Other Reviewers Say

Rhone built their following on workout shorts and they have many devoted fans. That said, we couldn’t find too many reviews of their other apparel. For a more in depth look at Rhone, check out our review here

The Verdict

If you need one pair of pants that will perform through the demands of life, Rhone has you covered.

Their initial line of office clothes is modern in every sense. They fit well, they look great, and these chinos can keep up with you when you’re rushing around.

Rhone Commuter Pants

The Commuter Pants take chinos to a new level. We haven't found another pair of technical fabric chinos that does so well looking like standard cotton slacks but still retaining the extra comfort and mobility of other tech-forward pants.

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Best for Larger Thighs: Hill City Everyday Pant

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Hill City is an offshoot of Gap. But instead of the stylish basics Gap is known for, this new brand is all about performance.

What We Like

  • Made with 62% cotton, Hill City’s Everyday Pant has a much more “classic chino” look compared to other brands on this list (with the exception of Everlane).

  • A huge variety of fits and sizes: regular, athletic, tall, slim, cropped—you name it, Hill City has it.

  • The adaptive fit waistband is very comfortable.

What We Don’t Like

  • The water-repellant causes the pants to have a swooshing sound when walking. We do not recommend these for a ninja or anyone in a sneaky profession.

What Other Reviewers Say

Many reviewers mentioned that the athletic fit was perfect for guys with larger thighs. So if you ever find yourself buying pants a size too large in the waist just so you can fit your legs, give the Everyday Pant a try.

The Verdict

Gentlemen with larger thighs rejoice. You’ve found your new favorite pants.

Hill City is based in San Francisco. And like the city, the Everday Pant is equal parts hard work and hard play. The adaptive waistband is comfortable and isn’t restrictive like many chino waists.

Beyond that, the stretch fabric and water resistance makes these great go-to’s for casual wear. But the cotton blend is just right so you can dress them up for the office, too.

Hill City Everyday Pant

If you're a guy who visits squat city often, these could be your new favorite casual pants. Boasting an adaptive fit waistband, water resistance, and a variety of fits an sizes, we're impressed with Gap's take on performance wear with its new brand, Hill City.

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How to Wear Chinos

Chinos are an excellent addition to your wardrobe because they work well both in professional and casual settings.

For a lot of guys, business casual is their everyday style. If that’s you, our workwear tips apply.


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Fit is always the most important consideration when buying any piece of clothing.

For a professional look, we like keeping a slimmer profile but with room in the seat and thighs. Really, it’s hard to judge which brands will fit you best because our bodies are all different. But we’ve weighed our experiences with the following seven brands carefully with what we’ve read and heard about online to give you some solid recommendations.

Chinos should have a medium-rise and sit just above your hips. Don’t scooch them down to fit around your hips, at least not in the office.

It’s also important to choose fabrics that will stand up over time. Chinos that fade or fray at the pockets quickly become too dingy to wear in a professional setting. You’ll notice a lot of technical fabrics on our list, and that’s because they still have that new look to them after several washes.

Casual Wear

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If you’re stuck in a jean rut, chinos are a great way to elevate your casual wardrobe. As we mentioned earlier, some guys prefer business casual as their go-to style, even on the weekends. A simple button-up shirt with a nice leather belt and a pair of loafers is a killer combo.

But some of us like to dress down a little when we’re not on the clock.

Chinos look fantastic paired with a t-shirt and sneakers. Because this look is so simple, your accessories really stand out. If you have a watch with any silver or gold in it, it’ll pop with this outfit.

Mizzen Main Chinos Partial break vs cuffed

Swap the t-shirt for an oxford, or leave the tee and keep the oxford unbuttoned for a clean look that’s not stuffy.

Mizzen and Main Cuffed black performance chinos with white sneakers

Get to Work

From the edgy cuts found in Western Rise to the classic look Everlane brings, your perfect chino is right here.

For us, the best balance of work and play was in the Mizzen+Main Helmsman.

Mizzen+Main Helmsman 5-Pocket Pant

Wrinkle-free pants that are classy enough for the office, but comfortable enough to run a 100 yard dash in.

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The Helmsman brings the same dressy-look you’d expect from a chino but in a much more lightweight and durable package. Overall, the style had the best fit right out of the box. The slim leg and perfect amount of break put Mizzen+Main over the top.

So whether you’re looking for a great pair of pants to class up your casual wardrobe, or if you need something professional but not too stuffy, one of these seven chinos are sure to fit the bill.