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3 Best Couple Watches: His and Hers Sets Too Perfect to Pass Up

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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A couples watch set is the best his and her accessory. They’re romantic, useful, and not cheesy.

We’ve picked out the three best his and hers watch sets so you can spend less time shopping and more time planning that perfect date for her.

This isn’t an exaggeration. When it comes to his and her accessory sets, there’s nothing more sophisticated than couple watches. 

Matching outfits are cheesy and kind of make you look like you’re brother and sister, while his and her towels are too practical to be romantic (plus you don’t get to show them off when you’re out and about).

And as far as those half-heart necklaces go, the kind where you each wear half a heart with the other person’s name on it, well, style is subjective and not every guy is a jewelry man.

So when it comes to the best couple watches, I’ve got the top three right here. I’ve broken them down into three categories: The most stylish set, most minimalist, and the best automatics.

3 Best His and Hers Watch Sets

Most Stylish: Vincero Kairos and Eros

Vincero Kairos

Vincero is really a unique brand. Like many, they focus on keeping costs low to serve up affordable timepieces. 

Unlike many, they didn’t just send specs to the cheapest, most cost-cutting manufacturer they could find overseas to achieve this. The founders literally moved to China to set up a vertical supply chain including in-house QC.

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The result is a line of quality timepieces at impressively low price tags. This includes the Vincero Kairos for him, and the Eros for her.

Vincero Kairos
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While we’d like to see a greater selection of leather bands from Vincero, the simple, masculine design of the Kairos collection works equally well in the office, at a wedding, or out for drinks.

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The Kairos is truly a masculine version of the Eros, with its 42mm diameter, next to the Eros at 33mm or 38mm. The Eros features high-polish stick indices, with a Roman 12 and 6 for an elegantly ceremonial touch. Meanwhile, the Kairos sports more stoic, but still refined, baton indices, and bigger sweeping lugs. 

Guys with smaller wrists can even dip into the 38mm Eros colorways. The silver and Turkish blue, and the matte black are perfectly unisex. 

It’s this wide versatile selection that makes these Vincero‘s so stylish. You can go for the gunmetal Kairos, while she picks up the charcoal Eros, for a similar pairing that gives you both an authoritative look without compromising her watch’s femininity. 

The Kairos black and gold can go with either the Eros black and gold, or even the Eros rose and fog—which by the way, also pairs well with the Kairos white and gold. And if your lady loves a more jewelry-inspired look, the Eros pearl and ash boasts a marble-like pearlesque dial face.

Spec-wise, both are stainless steel constructed, run on a workhorse Citizen quartz movement, and feature scratch-resistant mineral crystals. The Kairos, however, has an innovative sapphire coating for even more scratch resistance.

What I Like

  • The Vincero Kairos and Eros give you a wide-ranging mix-and-match selection, with more nuance than the typical dedicated two-watch sets.

  • Excellent quality-to-price ratio thanks to the company’s vertical supply chain and in-house QC.

  • The Eros comes in two sizes including a 38mm, which men with smaller wrists can wear.

  • The Kairos features a clever scratch-resistant sapphire coating over its mineral crystal.

  • Both watches boast a durable 316L surgical stainless steel construction, and run on an accurate Miyota quartz movement.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Kairos only comes in one size, 42mm.

  • The Kairos and Eros each have different water resistances, with the Eros being much less, at only 30m.

What Other Reviewers Say

Despite being a new brand, Vincero already has a devoted collective of enthusiasts. Two of their biggest strengths are their diverse offerings and price-to-quality ratio.

As for negatives, some reviewers find the mesh bracelet variations to be stiff. A few reviewers also mention that they had to wait longer than they’d like for a formerly available watch model to come back to market, but that comes with the small batch territory.

Other positive things to note are fast shipping and topnotch customer service. Even small complaints on the website are responded to.

The Verdict

The Vincero Kairos and Eros are a well-priced high-quality couples watch set, with so many variations that every couple can express themselves in a unique way. If nuanced options in style is your priority, Vincero definitely kills the customization game.

Vincero Kairos
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While we’d like to see a greater selection of leather bands from Vincero, the simple, masculine design of the Kairos collection works equally well in the office, at a wedding, or out for drinks.

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Best Minimalist: Nordgreen Native

Nordgreen Native

Founded in 2017, Nordgreen watches are designed by veteran designer Jakob Wagner, of Bang & Olufsen fame. They’re known for their Nordic design sensibilities and sustainable practices.

The Nordgreen Native gets its name because it’s their quintessential Scandinavian design, combining hyper minimalism with a sleek contemporary functionality. Elegant and legible, the indices and hands are a straight and simple stick design. 

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The 316L stainless steel case is round and slim enough for a woman, and wears like a men’s dress watch tucking neatly under a shirt sleeve. The design is versatile enough to be an everyday watch for both genders though. 

Meanwhile, the straight hooded lugs have a clean look and make strap changes quick and easy. They’re actually super comfortable and lightweight on the wrist regardless of which size you go for.

The best part about the Native, and what makes the offerings such an effective his and her set, is that the dial comes in four sizes, a 28, 32, 36, and 40mm. You can each choose the same colorway in different sizes, or even go for different palettes. The Native’s face design stays exactly the same in each colorway, so even disparate palettes will feel connected to each other.

You can go for a gold, silver, gun metal, or rose gold case, and a navy, white, or black dial. Strap choices include leather, nylon, a classic flat three-link metal bracelet, a more formal five-piece round-linked bracelet, and even straps in vegan leather.

What I Like

  • The contemporary minimalist style is versatile, unisex, and efficiently clean.

  • It comes in four different dial sizes, making it easy for men and women of varying wrist sizes to find the perfect fit.

  • The slender profile is comfortable and appropriate for formal and casual occasions. 

  • There are several unique strap options.

  • Nordgreen is fully carbon neutral and the watch packaging is made from upcycled plastic and FSC-certified cartons.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not particularly water-resistant at only 3 ATM but still splash or rain-resistant. 

  • The dial face design doesn’t vary at all, which makes it easier, but takes away options.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers praise the minimal style, the wide range of sizing, and the versatile and easy strap options.

The main complaints out there come from those who wish the Native came in sizes bigger than 40mm. If you have a bigger-is-better style sensibility, perhaps this isn’t the watch for you. Another reviewer mentions that the nylon strap doesn’t fit very well, and that exchanging for a new strap through Nordgreen themselves isn’t worth the money.

The Verdict

If you want the exact same design for both of you, the Nordgreen Native offers several colors, straps, and sizes of the same dial face for under $200 each. It’s also an effective option for those who love a minimal look, and men with smaller wrists.

Best Minimalist
Nordgreen Native
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The Nordgreen Native is a beautiful minimalist watch. Even with 10+ watches in my collection, I find myself reaching for this timepiece many times a week. It’s subtle and slim but looks rich and elegant.

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Best Automatics: Orient Open Hearts, Classic and Ladies

Orient Open Heart Classic

Known for being the dressier branch of the Seiko family, as well as for their affordable mechanicals, it’s no surprise that Orient delivers elegant automatic watches for him and her.

The Orient Open Heart Classic, for him, features a classically round 43mm case, stately Roman indices for every hour, a stepped bezel, and a silky white dial. The Open Heart Ladies has a 36mm case with a plain high-polish bezel, and applied indices for every hour on top of a matte white dial.

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Both pieces exhibit a high level of workmanship. The Classic sports Breguet style hands that are so glossy, the blue second hand almost looks like glass rather than metal. Both run on an in-house automatic movement that peaks through each watch’s front dial open heart, but can be seen in full through each exhibition caseback.

What I Like

  • They both run on an in-house automatic movement, that can be seen through the open heart and the see-through back.

  • The dressy design is both elegant and whimsical.

  • They’re built with attention to detail, exemplified by features like the embossed crown and vintage-inspired domed crystal.

What I Don’t Like

  • As automatics, they’re bulkier than the the other options on this list, which can be distracting considering they’re dress watches.

What Other Reviewers Say

Orient is one of the most popular manufacturers of affordable automatics. Their flagship lines are their dress watches, and their Open Heart designs are some of the most loved in the watch community.

Some reviewers find these Open Hearts too clunky for dress watches. You can also hear the rotor in a moderately quiet room. Some people like this because it shows off the timepieces’ automatic status, but others find it distracting and inelegant.

The Verdict

The Orient Open Heart, Classic and Ladies, is for two kinds of couples. The horologically curious, and the ones who like a little whimsy to their dress watch designs.

Orient Bambino Open Heart

The Orient Open Heart Bambino dress watch comes in a standard men's size (43mm) and a ladies size (36mm).

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When Can I Give a Watch as a Gift?

Citizen Watches chandler field watch

First off, couples watches are typically the kind of present only a member of the couple in question should gift their partner, with some exceptions. 

Just remember that it would be downright weird to give your two friends, who are together, this present for one of their birthdays. It’s just too personal.

Here are the appropriate occasions to give a his and hers gift set:

Milestone Anniversaries

If you and your girlfriend are approaching one year or another full year together, a couples watch is an excellent choice. Obviously, every couple is different. If you’re both serious, then go for it. Just make sure you know her style!

Wedding Anniversaries

Not only is this a good gift idea for your wife, but children of the celebrants are allowed in on this too. If your parents have a wedding anniversary coming up, a his and her watch set is a welcome present. Again, knowing their tastes is important, so I recommend working with your dad on choosing a set.

If a sapphire, diamond, or silver anniversary is a big deal in your family, and everyone likes to get in on the celebration, then siblings can also “sponsor” a couple watch gift set for their brother or sister, and their sibling’s partner. Of course, every family is different.


I wouldn’t give her a couples watch set if you’ve only been dating for a few months. But within a long-term relationship, this is a good way to get a little something for yourself too. 

Appropriate Valentines Days and Christmases

By appropriate, I mean within a serious relationship, similar to the birthdays situation. If your first date was on February 10, absolutely do not get her a couples watch set for Valentine’s day. 

Perfect Timing 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated style with a lot of nuanced customization options, then the Vincero Kairos and Eros are the ways to go.

Vincero Kairos
(Get 20% off with code TAM20)

While we’d like to see a greater selection of leather bands from Vincero, the simple, masculine design of the Kairos collection works equally well in the office, at a wedding, or out for drinks.

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Looking for minimal timepieces that look exactly the same? The Nordgreen Natives come in one specific design, with several sizing, color, and strap options.

If you’re both horologically curious, the Orient Open Hearts are elegant dress watches that let you peek into the movement from the front and back.


How do I choose a watch for my girlfriend?

If you’re planning to surprise your girlfriend with a watch, just make sure you get approval from her closest female friend or sister before you pull the trigger. Even if you’re fully confident in her tastes, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Is a watch a romantic gift?

A watch is definitely a romantic gift. For a woman, it’s like a piece of jewelry with a practical use, and it’s a great way of giving her a part of you that’s always with her.