“Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” – Clive Owen. What does your timepiece say about you? This is your destination for all the latest and greatest men’s watches reviews, guides, and horological how-tos.

This 3-Piece Watch Collection Should Cost More than $1,500

By Karlton Miko Tyack

Quartz vs Automatic Watches: Which Should You Go For?

Will the approachable cost and reliability of quartz or the mechanical complexity and longevity of automatic watches win a spot on your wrist?

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Selection of 42mm Watches Nordgreen Pioneer Rado Captain Cook Patek Pilot Travel Time on Colorful Background

8 Best 42MM Watches for Men: A Watch Expert’s Picks

Drawing back on my career as a watch specialist at an auction house, here are my picks of 42mm watches making the most of dial space.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Model wearing Wasson Watch Co Automatic Field Watch on wrist

8 Best Field Watches Under $1,000: My Picks by Category

You can get a lot of bang for your buck with a $1,000 budget for a field watch, you just need to do some digging. These are the best eight I’ve handled.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Wasson Field Watch in leather case with accessories

Hands-On: Wasson Automatic Field Watch Review

If you’re after a tool watch that’s as rugged as it is elegant, could the Wasson Automatic Field be the answer? I share my thoughts in my hands-on review.

By William Barton
Best Racing Watches Close Up with the Armogan Regalia S89

8 Best Racing Watches for Men at Every Price Point

Automotive inspired timepieces are some of our favorites here at TAM. Here are our picks of the best racing watches for each price point, plus what to look for.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Armogan Watches Review Sopraffino Grande and Regalia Side On

Armogan Watches Review: When Modern and Classic Style Combine

I picked up two popular timepieces from vehicle-inspired microbrand, Armogan and put their style, cases, bracelets, and movements to the test. Come dive in.

By Matt Gulielmi
Vincero Reserve Review Top Down of Vincero Reserve Automatic next to

Hands-On: Vincero Reserve Review

The Vincero Reserve Automatic is the brand’s priciest watch but is it really top shelf? Check out my Vincero Reserve review to learn if it’s right for you.

By William Barton
Best Green Dial Watches for Men VAER C3 Nordgreen Pioneer Rolex OP Green

9 Best Green Dial Watches for Men: Stand out from the Crowd

Uniquely intriguing but tricky to pair, green dial watches are a collector’s staple. Check out our picks of the best green dial watches for men of the year.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Vincero Argo Review Green Bezel and Black Dial Close Up

Hands-On: Vincero Argo Review

Vincero is making automatic watches now? It seems like the brand is maturing, but is the Argo a winner? Come find out now in my hands-on Vincero Argo review.

By William Barton
Vincero Marble Automatic Review Watch on Models Hand

Hands-On: Vincero Marble Automatic Review

Marble in a watch? Really? Check out this hands-on Vincero Marble Automatic review to find out what’s special and what’s forgettable about this timepiece.

By William Barton
Jomashop vs Ashford Citizen Promaster Close Up

Jomashop vs Ashford: Which is the Better Choice for Your Next Online Watch Buy?

The two main discount luxury watch dealers, Jomashop and Ashford, have stellar prices, but are either of them legit? We put them head to head—come find out.

By William Barton
Best Watch Subscription Boxes Earnshaw Watch from Watch Gang Premium

3 Best Watch Subscription Boxes in 2024: Monthly Wrist Candy

A watch subscription is the best way to build a new collection or find out more about your tastes. These are the best watch subscription boxes out there today.

By Savarone Ammann
Best Watches for Men Under 200 Nordgreen Native Blue Dial on Mesh

6 Best Watches for Men Under $200 in 2024: Affordable Quality by Category

You really don’t have to drop a fortune to get a quality watch. Check out our roundup of the very best watches for men under $200, divided by category.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
Couple Watches Man and Girlfriend Wearing His and Hers Watches and Hugging

3 Best Couple Watches: His and Hers Sets Too Perfect to Pass Up

What better way to celebrate love than matching clothes? You don’t have to go the full distance—a matching watches are much more tasteful. These are the best.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
yonger and bresson review

Hands-On: Yonger & Bresson Le SINGULIER Review

Yonger & Bresson is updating their brand with a new watch just launched on Kickstarter. We had a chance to look at it and here’s what you need to know.

By Kiev Broadwater
solios watches review solar watch

Hands-On: Solios Solar Watch Review

In our Solios review, we take a close look at the brands most popular solar powered timepiece to see how this minimalist watch makes a dent in the world.

By David Martin
Types of Watch Glass The best glass for watches sapphire vs mineral

Types of Watch Glass: Sapphire Crystal vs Mineral vs Acrylic

Sapphire, mineral, acrylic…what does it all mean? Turns out, it means a lot. Here are all the differences in watch glass you need to know before buying.

By Karlton Miko Tyack
5 Best Field Watches under 200 rugged watches

5 Hardwearing Field Watches That Won’t Dip Into Your Summer Vacation Fund

Need a watch you can wear every day without babying? Yep, you need a field watch. These are the five best field watches you can get on a tight budget.

By William Barton