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I Found Rain Boots That Make a Splash While Staying Dry

Will Porter

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Last Updated: Jun 19, 2024
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When it rains, your feet undoubtedly get wet. While you can always get the most heavy-duty shoes available on the market, they may not always be what you’re looking for.

I sifted through dozens of rain boots to find which ones are the best, and why. So whether you’re fishing in the Great Lakes or just leaving the house during a drizzle, a pair on my list is sure to meet your needs.

A cap, a rain jacket, an umbrella…

If you’re like me, these are probably the first things that come to mind when you take a peek at the Weather app and see rain in the forecast.

Will my car hydroplane?

Will the subway be flooded?

There are many considerations to make before you step out the door. 

As I’ve found out recently, these way-too-intrusive thoughts can all be prevented with some waterproof rain boots.

In my research to find the perfect pair of rain boots, I came across a few that make the grade.

Here are my six favorite rain boots for men, ideal for rainy winters, mushy March afternoons, or thunderstorm-laden summers.

My Recommendations

Best Overall: Muck Boots Edgewater Classic Ankle Boot

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You don’t necessarily need rubberized rain boots that go up over your knees every time it rains. The best thing you can do is find a pair of high-grade, all-terrain waterproof boots that can handle anything.

The Edgewater Classic Ankle Boots from Muck is the ideal pick for wet weather, especially once temperatures start to drop.

The boots are made with a durable, multi-purpose, self-cleaning outsole that works wonders in mud, snow, and dirt. These kicks can really handle anything.

Their 5mm neoprene body offers exceptional comfort, flexibility, and heat retention. Muck also added extra layers of rubber for superior protection and durability to last years.

The EVA footbed insert is also made of a proprietary material that controls odor and regulates moisture — these work well for both hot and cold climates.

I love the low-cut profile, heel tab, and neutral color palette. They certainly won’t stain from a puddle of mud, and they might even look stylish, depending on how daring of a stylist you are.

Fashion aside, these boots are made to take a beating. They’re designed for longevity and water protection, whether on the farm or strolling the streets of Florence.

What I Like

  • I’m a fan of the ankle height. Not only is it appropriate for wet weather conditions, it can also double as a shoe that you can walk in comfortably.
  • The materials are made to withstand anything. I love how you can just spray them with water and they’ll clean up by themselves.
  • Although simple, they still could work as a casual “going out” shoe with the right pair of pants.

What I Don’t Like

  • Since they’re heavy duty boots, they’re made to be durable, so they are a bit heavy when walking.

What Other Reviewers Say

Customers love these boots for their rugged build and ease of use, specifically citing how convenient they are to take on and off.

These average 4.3 out of 5 stars.

For most customers, the Edgewater Classic Ankle Boot is a consistent, versatile shoe that’s reliable, lasts a long time, and is a good value for your money. One customer even said they liked them so much they bought a second pair.

The Verdict

If you need a do-it-all, no-nonsense rain boot with a low profile, the Muck Boots Edgewater Classic is the answer. They’re warm, waterproof, and ideal for all kinds of wet-weather conditions.

Best Overall
Muck Boots Edgewater Classic Ankle Boot

For a rugged, do-it-all, no-nonsense rain boot, Muck Boot fits the bill. They’re warm, waterproof, and feature a neutral color palette (you can't go wrong with black and grey). Fashion aside, these boots are made to take a beating. They’re designed for longevity and water protection, whether on the farm or strolling the rainy streets.

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Best on a Budget: ALEADER Insulated Duck Boots

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If you’re on a slim budget or don’t deal with rain that often each year, these Insualted Duck Boots from ALEADER are a great pick, and easy to throw into your Amazon Prime cart. 

Made with a classic Northeastern look that starts with a durable, waterproof shell and finishes with 200g thermal cotton insulation, these are stylish boots that look great with your favorite jeans but will keep your toes warm on a trip in snowy conditions. 

They’re finished with a non-slip sole and have speed hooks for easy on-and-off, even when things get icy or wet. The laces are reminiscent of iconic duck boots of yore and will be a perfect boot to style for a date or throw on and off when you take the dog out. 

What I Like

  • They’re immensely affordable for a pair of rain boots.
  • I love the timeless style that’s been around for over 100 years.
  • They’re both waterproof and insulated.

What I Don’t Like

  • The grip on the soles could be better.

What Other Reviewers Say

With almost 6,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.3-star average rating, these are some of the bestselling boots available.

Customers say they are a great value, while at the same time, you get what you pay for. You may not be able to wear these for five, seven, or 10 years, but they’ll perform well for you while you have them.

The Verdict

Save money and save your toes from getting pruney. The ALEADER Insulated Duck Boot is a classic silhouette, and nobody will ever question your style when you step out in a pair.

Best on a Budget
ALEADER Insulated Duck Boot

The duck boot is a classic silhouette, equally as acceptable for a casual date out on the town or thrown on when you're out walking the dog. With a durable shell and 200g cotton insulation, they pack a lot of punch for the price.

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Great Value: Ariat WorkHog

Ariat workhog work boot western on wood work bench

It’s time to get a little bit country. 

Western boots are timeless, but they’re having an undeniable moment in the style-sphere, so I have no problem recommending Ariat’s WorkHog for a hard-working boot designed for tough work and hard weather.

They’re not only tough, they’re comfortable too. I’ve had no trouble wearing these for 8 to 10 hours at a time.

I’m sure I could go longer, but I haven’t needed to yet.

Ariat workhog safety sole with non slip grip

So, yeah, I’m pretty sure these will not only up your cred with the cowboys, but will also stand up to just about anything you can throw at them, bad weather included. 

The composite toe is tough enough for long days on the job and heavy lifting, while the leather only requires a bit of maintenance to promote a long lifespan. 

Finally, the sole is one of my favorite parts. The cushioned EVA midsole is comfortable right away and the outsole is abrasion, oil, and slip-resistant, plus earns a strong electrical protection rating.

What I Like

  • A pair of tough-as-nails boots will never be a bad buy.
  • You can slop in the mud or wear them around town.
  • The soles have superior grip and traction.

What I Don’t Like

They won’t work with slim-fit pants, because the legs wouldn’t fit over the boot upper. So if you’re like me and half of your closet is slim fitting, these won’t be great for daily use. (Stuffing the pants under the upper could also be a problem if it rains)

What Other Reviewers Say

Past customers of the WorkHog say that this boot runs true to size and are some of the most comfortable leather boots they’ve owned.

One purchaser said these were his third pair of WorkHogs. They average a 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Users also love the wide variety of widths and sizes available.

The Verdict

Yeehaw. Ok, you might not be a country boy, but when the weather turns, cowboys just know what works best. These boots from Ariat are a shining example of waterproof western boots.

Ariat WorkHog
Ariat WorkHog

Chainsawing trees, roping cattle, dropping a cinderblock on your foot: the Ariat Workhog can take it all.

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Best for City Life: Helly Hansen Men’s Nordvik 2 Boot

Helly Hansen has been making waterproof gear for almost 150 years, so they certainly know their stuff when it comes to rain boots.

The Nordvik 2 Boot is a lower-cut, simple yet elegant boot that doesn’t overcomplicate what waterproof means.

The insole is made of a soft EVA, and the outsole features a strong grippy sole that really helps the wearer get traction when it’s slick out.

If you live in a city, or even walk around a decent bit, for that matter, then these boots are a great option for daily use.

What I Like

  • Their design is stylish and functional, perfect for casual rainy-day use.
  • They’re designed specifically for city life, with a lower cut and a lighter weight for easy, comfortable wear.
  • Superior grip for powering about town or on a slippery sidewalk.

What I Don’t Like

  • They’re basic, so they don’t have a ton of features like breathable fabric or unique technology.

What Other Reviewers Say

Users say that these are some of the most waterproof boots they’ve tried. They love the simple, streamlined design and that they perform well in a wide variety of environments.

These average about 4.5 stars, and customers consistently talk about how they go well with most outfits.

Customers also like how flexible the sole is and how it allows the foot to move naturally.

The Verdict

The Helly Hansen Nordvik 2 Boot is a great value boot for city life. No, it probably couldn’t handle treacherous hikes, but if you’re in a metropolitan area these will certainly do the job—in style.

Best for City Life
Helly Hansen Nordvik 2 Boot

If you live in a city, or even just walk around a lot, then these boots are a great option for daily use when you need something waterproof. While they probably can't handle treacherous hikes, they're well suited to metropolitan living, where comfort---and style---is your main concern.

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Best Heavy Duty: Xtratuf Waterproof Deck Boot

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Go anywhere in Alaska, from Juneau to Nome, and you’ll probably see a dozen folks rocking Xtratuf boots. Extremely tough and grippy, they’re the footwear of choice for Alaskan fishermen braving slick, freezing conditions out in the Bering Sea. 

For the rest of us, who don’t spend our time on a boat hauling in crabs, Xtratuf has a solution: the Waterproof Deck Boot.

Made with a lower cut and sneaker sole ready for day-to-day wear, the Deck Boot is perfect for someone who wants to rock Deadliest Catch-worthy kicks without signing a death warrant…er…contract for crab season. 

The Deck Boots are 100% waterproof and sport a chevron sole that stays grippy, regardless of the conditions. They’re flexible from the first wear and have pull tabs for easy on and off, at sea or on land. 

Finally, the Xpresscool lining is made with moisture-wicking neoprene that keeps your feet dry and cool for all-day comfort in any season. 

Land-lubbers, rejoice. These might just be your new favorite waterproof boots.

What I Like

  • They’re flexible and easy to put on thanks to the pull tabs.
  • They look like slip-ons but offer up the benefits of rain boots, making them easy to wear with most outfits—even with shorts.
  • They have a proprietary cooling lining that keeps your foot regulated in all temperatures.

What I Don’t Like

  • The low cut might not prevent rain from coming over the sides.

What Other Reviewers Say

Reviewers dub these as “the ultimate rubber boot.” They love how easy they are to slip on, and they provide excellent traction.

One customer was introduced to these by an Alaskan fisherman and said that they lived up to his expectations.

Some users noted that they didn’t hold up as long as they’d hoped, so be sure to factor that into your calculation when thinking about which boots you opt for.

The Verdict

Alaska is synonymous with precipitation. It’s wet, cold and harsh. If the state as a whole is willing to accept a boot brand as its own, then so am I! The Xtratuf Waterproof Deck Boot proves itself to be a durable, heavy duty boot that can handle anything you throw at it.

Best Heavy Duty
Xtratuf Waterproof Deck Boot

If the state of Alaska is willing to accept a boot brand as its own, then so am I. These boots are tough enough to withstand even the grimmest Alaskan winters, so they're sure to hold up to anything you can throw at them.

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Are waterproof boots the same as rain boots?

Sometimes. This is a tricky question, because any waterproof boots will ideally keep your feet safe from the wetness that comes with rain. But remember that waterproof and water-resistant aren’t the same thing. If you’re facing extremely wet conditions, you want a fully waterproof boot like the Muck Boots Edgewater Classic Ankle Boots.

Best for Hiking: Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Climasalomon

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Let’s face it: hiking in the winter is a wet, muddy affair. But just because it’s damp outside doesn’t mean you have to stop your outdoor adventures. 

If you want to seamlessly switch from your favorite hiking shoes to something ideal even for off-road adventures in wintertime, the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Climasalomon is for you.

Not as heavy-duty as other Salomons, they give ample comfort and ground feel on rocky trails, but keep you dry when things get sludgy and thick.

Think about that peanut butter mud on your favorite trail. You step into a pit, pull up to a squelch, and yank for dear life. You don’t want something heavy; you need something light and waterproof to shed mud and keep you on your way. This is the boot.

Mud Contagrip ensures you stay nice and dry without overheating (nobody likes sweaty feet). The high top and grippy sole lend stability, and speed hooks provide a customized feel for the laces. 

What I Like

  • These are super durable and ready for hard wear on the trail.
  • They’re extremely versatile, warm enough for wet weather in the winter and cool enough to keep you dry in the summer.
  • The lightweight construction and grippy sole makes for a comfortable wear, whether you’re muddy trail running or wet winter walking.

What I Don’t Like

  • The overall look and style of these boots just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not a fan of the “gorp-core,” outdoorsy look, although this is very much down to my personal taste.

What Other Reviewers Say

The one word that kept coming up as I was filtering through reviews was “comfortable.”

Customers love how comfortable they are and frequently remark on their waterproofness.

One customer walks his dog in multiple different environments, so he loved how supportive and versatile they were, even when dealing with small puddles, and plans to buy another pair when the time comes.

A few users did note that they’re a bit narrow, so it may be wise to get a size up if you have wider feet.

The Verdict

For the outdoor enthusiast, Salomon is a leader in technology and style. Pick up the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Climasolomon for wet weather, and you’ll not only be taken care of on the trails, but you’ll earn a few nods from those “in-the-know” in the city.

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Climasalomon

Extremely versatile, warm enough for cold, wet weather in the winter, and cool enough to keep you dry in the summer, these shoes are typical of Salomon's ingenuity. The high top and grippy sole lend stability, and the light weight is definitely appreciated when you're hitting the trails.

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3 Key Things to Consider When Choosing a Rain Boot


how to style mens rains boots

Check to see if the boots you’re considering are actually waterproof. Sounds obvious, but you need to make sure. Double-check the materials and highlighted technology.

Some rain boots advertise themselves as fully waterproof but are only water-resistant. Gore-Tex is good, and most proprietary waterproofing is good. Just be aware that a brand cannot call its product waterproof if it’s merely water-resistant. 


model wearing western rise coat and at slim pants with spsder duck boots

The outsole plays a big role in how boots handle wet ground. Be sure the sole is made with a water-worthy tread and grippy rubber to ensure solid footing.

You’ve probably heard of Vibram soles, most of which are ideal for wet weather, but you want a rubber sole at the very least. 

Boot Height

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A knee-high waterproof boot might not be necessary for your climate, but you still need to consider how high up your leg the boots need to go.

If they’re low-top boots and you get a lot of rain or deal with big puddles, you may want to reconsider and opt for something taller.

Which Is Best for You?

Snagging some waterproof boots for the winter is a must.

Even if it doesn’t rain often, you’ll find that you pull on your rain boots for quick walks around the block with the dog or for the random day when a steady stream of rain sours your plans. 

I prefer to keep a pair of Muck Boots Edgewater Classics near the door year-round, regardless of the season. They’re durable, low-maintenance, extremely versatile, and exceptionally comfortable, thanks to the 5mm neoprene body (not to mention the heat retention this provides in the cooler months).

My Top Pick
Muck Boots Edgewater Classic Ankle Boot

For a rugged, do-it-all, no-nonsense rain boot, Muck Boot fits the bill. They’re warm, waterproof, and feature a neutral color palette (you can't go wrong with black and grey). Fashion aside, these boots are made to take a beating. They’re designed for longevity and water protection, whether on the farm or strolling the rainy streets.

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