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Falconeri Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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Falconeri review italian fashion brand

Feeling like you want a piece of la dolce vita? Well, Falconeri’s clothes certainly look the part, but how can you be sure if you’re online shopping?

I tried a few of their staples to see if this Italian brand walks the walk.

All you need now is a Vespa
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Falconeri

Bottom line: Falconeri delivers a dose of classic everyday Italian style---the fabrics are first class, the fit is slim and modern, and the color palette is subtle but rich. Finding the right size can be tricky for anyone outside Italy, so make sure you have a tape measure handy.

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  • The fabrics are luxurious feeling---they’re soft but still structured and the color density is excellent
  • The cut of both pieces I tried are modern, slim, and flattering for men
  • All Falconeri pieces are fabric-focused, meaning the designs are minimal and showcase the quality of their materials above all else
  • Free shipping and returns in most countries (including the US)
  • The sizing is in Italian measurements (which makes sense because they’re Italian), and though they have a sizing guide, you’ll need a tape measure if you’re not familiar with your Italian size

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with Italy.

I was on a Vespa, tearing from behind a tourist bus as I circled the Piazza Venezia—a massive roundabout with no lanes or signage. My wife was literally screaming on the back of the bike.

And as we escaped the swarming traffic with our lives, we found the nearest cafe to sit for an espresso break. 

On that trip, I felt inspired to up my own style game. Italian dudes are outrageously good looking. While I can’t be Italian, I can at least still swipe a few fashion pointers from them and boost my wardrobe.

When I saw the Italian brand, Falconeri, I had to give them a shot—their simple staples with a focus on quality seemed to embody that sense of effortless charm. 

So are they the real deal? Or was I mistaken? Keep reading to get the full story. 

What Is Falconeri?

Falconeri polo outfit

Falconeri specializes in cashmere knitwear, and while the brand originally focused on women’s fashion, they’ve been expanding into menswear by focusing on a few classic styles. 

While neither of the pieces I picked up are cashmere, the brand has stuck to their principle of high-quality fabric driven clothes. 

Nothing you’ll find from Falconeri’s menswear line is flashy. It’s all extremely simple. From the colors to the placket design, there isn’t anything necessarily distinctive in the design. It’s all about the fit, texture, and quality of the materials.

Things to Consider Before Buying

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Falconeri clothes are casual, and the styles they focus on are geared toward everyday wear, like polos, knit cardigans, chinos, etc. 

The fabric quality is outstanding, and the construction is solid. Because of this, you can expect to pay a bit more than your average clothing brand. 

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It’s also important to note that you’ll likely need a tape measure if you’re outside Italy (or unfamiliar with Italian sizing like I was). I had no idea I was a size 50. I’m still not even sure what that means. But I can bet that I’d have gotten the wrong size without getting all my measurements first. 

So bump your budget a bit higher, bust out your favorite measuring tape, and get to shopping. 


Falconeri clothes are casual, and the styles they focus on are geared toward everyday wear, like polos, knit cardigans, chinos, etc. The fabric quality is outstanding, and the construction is solid.

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My Hands-On Review

Cotton and Silk Pique Polo

Falconeri polo pique cotton with sunglasses

Looking to boost my spring and summer wardrobe beyond just t-shirts, I went with a Falconeri Cotton and Silk Pique Polo.

This piece is made with a blend of 83% cotton and 17% silk. The result is a richly textured, soft, and breathable polo that I’ve been totally digging. 

Part of the reason I like this Pique Polo so much is because of the design. It’s deceptively simple in that there’s not too many seams around the placket, and the seam around the arm opening are barely noticeable. These are actually quite complicated to do, but the end result makes the shirt look more effortless overall. 

Falconeri pique knit polo brown

Combine those techniques with the subtle texture of the pique cotton knit, and a modern slim fit, and you get a polo that, in my opinion, embodies the best of Italian style: comfort and class without trying too hard. 

Sure, you can take my words with a grain of Italophile salt, but there’s no denying the quality here. 

I hate returning clothes, even if returns are free, so I spent a good deal of time measuring myself to get the right fit, which was a bit difficult because the sizing online is all Italian. Also, I have more of a barrel chest, so a medium may fit my shoulders and not my chest. 

closeup pique polo from Falconeri

I ended with a size 48, which is perfect on me (I’m 6’2”, 200lbs, or 188cm tall and 90kg). If you’re a US shopper, the 48 is roughly equivalent to a medium. 

Falconeri doesn’t have a huge variety of shirts, but they go deep on the styles they stock. This polo comes in 12 different colors, ranging from earth tones like the Tobacco I picked up, to brighter reds, oranges, and blues. 

Falconeri polo closeup

I think I’ve always had a stigma against polo shirts—here in the US, they remind me of a golfer’s outfit. Maybe that’s just me. But I like the way I look in the style, but so many brands I’ve shopped with just look too golf-y. 

This polo from Falconeri is the first one I’ve tried that truly looks more in line with sophisticated euro-style rather than something you’d wear to the 19th hole. 

Chino Pants

Falconeri navy chinos

I wanted to get a full outfit from Falconeri, so I also opted for their cotton Chino Pants in Navy. 

These have a decent amount of stretch to them, with an 84% cotton, 14% polyester, and 2% elastane fabric blend. 

2% elastane is actually quite high for chinos, and I’m loving the stretch. The fit is quite slim, but even if you have larger thighs, the added flexibility ensures that these pants fit comfortably. 

Again, the fabric is the priority here, and these look sophisticated and have an excellent depth of color. 

Falconeri Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

I’d like to see more color variety—at the time of writing there are only three options—but I went with Navy because it’s a solid year-round color and goes with just about everything. 

Like the Pique Polo, the construction quality on these chinos speaks to the high level of detail Falconeri puts into their designs. The seams are all very subtle and don’t draw any attention. Instead, the focus is all on the rich texture of the material and the fit. 

Falconeri outfit against brick wall

These chinos have quite a tapered leg opening—much more so than American brands I’ve tried in the past. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for from a brand. You can find this fit somewhat easily in American denim, but for some reason it’s barely made its way to US chinos. So I guess for chinos, I have to go Euro. I’m not complaining. 

The chinos and polo go really well together, and I’ve been loving the outfit. Even though it’s summer at the time of writing and the humidity in North Carolina can be punishing, these two pieces have stayed relatively cool, and they’re certainly lightweight. 

I’m a big fan of these chinos, mainly for their fit, but I also appreciate the added comfort of the stretch fabric. 

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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After looking through many online reviews for Falconeri, I found a pattern that I’ve seen with many online brands. There are some complaints about the shipping speed, and they’re all centered around November, December, and January 2020/2021. 

With the variety of brands I’ve looked into over the years here at TAM, I know that many Italian brands struggled through 2020 as Italian factories and services essentially shut down for a long period of time. 

I checked with the brand (and also looked at more recent reviews), and their shipping supply chain has cleared up considerably. I had no issue getting my clothes—in fact, they arrived within a few days from my order. 

So if you’re looking through crowdsourced reviews, just note the above: I firmly believe those shipping issues have been resolved. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • Falconeri has a focus on top quality fabric: the pieces I tried are soft, but have plenty of structure for a flattering look. 

  • The cut of both pieces have a modern European style, meaning they’re slim, but not tight, and look great on a masculine frame. 

  • Falconeri uses complicated construction techniques that look really simple and keep the seams subtle, leaving the focus on the fit and fabric. 

  • Free shipping and returns. 

What I Don’t Like

  • You need a tape measure to ensure you get the right fit if you’re not familiar with Italian sizing. 

Who is Falconeri for?

Falconeri is a great brand to shop with if you want the best quality everyday staples. You’ll only find basic colors, and time-tested styles, like polos and chinos. But it’s the subtle details like the rich texture of the fabric, and the sophisticated fit that set this brand apart.

The Verdict

Maybe it’s because I’m an Italophile, but any piece of well-made Italian style I can pick up, I’m going for it. 

Even so, Falconeri stands out as exceptional—mainly for their fabric choice. 

When getting clothes this simple, the fit only gets you so far (though fit should always be your top priority). It’s the texture of the fabric that takes your style to the next level. 

I love the fit of both the Pique Polo and Chinos. They’re slim with a modern European aesthetic, and they’re both flattering for a masculine body type. 

But what makes these pieces different from any other shirts or chinos I own is that they’re super comfortable, and the quality of the material is apparent. 

While you should come equipped with a tape measure to make sure you’re getting the right size, I think you’ll be pleased with the end result: effortless but exquisite style.


Falconeri clothes are casual, and the styles they focus on are geared toward everyday wear, like polos, knit cardigans, chinos, etc. The fabric quality is outstanding, and the construction is solid.

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Where are Falconeri clothes made?

Falconeri makes their clothes in Italy.

Is Falconeri a good brand?

Yes, Falconeri focuses on their fabrics first and their fits next. The result is a modern European style that’s flattering and sophisticated.

Is pique fabric good for summer?

Yes, because of the way pique cotton is stitched, it’s extremely breathable. Shirts made with pique cotton stay remarkably dry, even if you sweat a lot because the breeze tends to flow straight through.