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Frank And Oak Review: Sustainable, but Are They Worth It?

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Last Updated: Feb 19, 2024
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Frank And Oak Review black oxford cloth button down shirt on model

You’ve no doubt seen the ads from Frank And Oak, but fancy marketing doesn’t mean good quality. Is their subscription service really worth it?

We tried out Style Plan in our in-depth Frank And Oak review so you can judge for yourself whether this brand is a go.

The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Frank And Oak
Frank And Oak

Bottom line: Frank And Oak offers a wide variety of flattering and comfortable fits. I was suggested a few pieces by my stylist from Style Plan, and while I changed a few items, they’re now some of my wardrobe go-to’s.

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  • The Good Cotton T-Shirt and Jasper Oxford fit slim through the torso and chest and still leave plenty of length
  • The shirts are all very soft and comfortable
  • The Skyline Reversible Bomber has two distinct looks in one piece
  • Style Plan offers up to 20% off, and free shipping and returns
  • Frank And Oak is a certified B Corp and has carbon neutral shipping
  • The t-shirt and Resort Shirt have boxy sleeves, which I prefer to cuff
  • The Skyline Bomber is a bit bulky

I caught a leaf. It was red. 

Yep, it’s fall. 

And besides being the best time to decorate with gourds, autumn is beloved by style enthusiasts because you get to layer and bust out the nicer pieces in your wardrobe. 

I know I’m excited. And to help me build out my fall wardrobe, I went with a brand I’ve heard a ton about but haven’t ever tried: Frank And Oak

I signed up to their Style Plan subscription program to see if it could give my autumn look the refresh I was hoping for. 

So how’d they do? Read my full review and find out. 

What Is Frank And Oak?

model wearing unbuttoned black oxford from Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak is a Canadian clothing company making sustainable clothes for both men and women. Their clothes are label-free and all about a timeless fit. 

You can buy one-off pieces from the brand, or you can leave it to their style experts to put together a Style Plan selection specifically curated for you. Just put in some info about your fit and style, and they put together a box of clothes for you within a budget you determine. 

Frank And Oak gears their products and packaging for sustainability, using organic, low-impact materials when they can and recyclable and compostable packaging. 

If you’re lucky enough to be a Canadian, you can find Frank And Oak stores scattered about the big cities. There aren’t any stores in the US, but shipping is free down here, so I’ll take that as a consolation prize. 

Things to Consider Before Joining Style Plan by Frank And Oak

model adjusting hat wearing Frank and Oak style plan outfit

Style Plan by Frank And Oak is an easy way to get recommendations for your clothes. Just pop in some quick information and their stylists will have something ready for you the next day. 

However, you’re not beholden to what they pick. You can still swap out any of their picks for different items if you’d like. 

Style Plan is less a subscription service and more of a professional styling service. Based on their recommendation, I ended up getting a shirt I wouldn’t have otherwise considered (but I changed the color), so it’s a good balance between getting out of the comfort zone, but not getting stuck with a piece you don’t love. 

Frank And Oak makes premium quality clothes, and their prices reflect that, too. Style Plan helps cut some of that cost, but if you’re on a college-kid budget, you’ll have trouble. 

Style Plan by Frank And Oak

Part personal stylist, part shopping at your favorite store: Style Plan by Frank And Oak crafts a box of personalized suggestions you can get regularly as a subscription. You have veto power over what you get, so you spend as much as you'd like, and unlock deep discounts you couldn't get otherwise.

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Frank And Oak Style Plan Review

The Sign Up Process

model wearing black tucked in oxford shirt and grey chinos

Frank And Oak might be best known for their Style Plan program, an experience designed to help you feel like you’ve got your own personal shopper. 

Like you’re a movie star, baby. 

Before getting your first Style Plan order, you’re asked a series of questions—some of them pretty standard, like your weight, height, and fashion preference. Other questions are a little more unique to F+O, like if you have a passion for sustainability, trends, or ethical production. 


What I like most about Style Plan is how comprehensive they are in your preferences. The brand asks over 30 questions to help narrow in on new clothes you’ll actually like. 

I’ve tried a few of these services in the past, and they weren’t nearly thorough enough. But because Frank And Oak has an extensive catalogue, they can still cater to more picky customers like me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t screenshot my original picks, but my stylist set me up with a fairly straight-forward fall outfit, complete with sneakers, slim fit jeans, a tee, and an oxford. 

model jumping down from wall with jeans hat and bomber jacket

My stylists’ picks may have been too on the nose as they were very similar to items I already had in my closet. I can’t dock them points as they did pick out things that I love enough to already own. But I didn’t stick with any of the original items. 

That said, I found a range of shirts through their alternate suggestions, so the process was still much easier than browsing the site. 

Here’s what I got:

  • The Good Cotton Relaxed T-Shirt
  • The Jasper Good Cotton Oxford Shirt
  • The Resort Shirt
  • The Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket

Yes, I went all tops. Back in my days as a high school teacher, I went a full year wearing the same pants every day. It was awesome. And it speaks to my lack of interest in pants. For whatever reason, shirts are more interesting to me.


Frank and Oak black oxford cloth button down shirt on model

It could just be that I’ve recently dropped a few pounds, but it seems like the shirts fit better than most other clothes in my closet. I picked up mediums in the tee, oxford, and Resort Shirt, which can sometimes be a bit too snug for my 6’1”, 190lb frame. 

The Good Cotton Relaxed T-Shirt and Jasper Oxford both fit slim through the torso and are an excellent length, coming down a few inches below the belt-line. 

The Jasper Oxford is long enough to tuck in, but I haven’t been wearing it that way. It’s nice and tapered, but that does make it flair out on my hips a bit if I wear it untucked. 

model looking at camera with black Frank and Oak oxford button down

That’s more an issue for guys with more square, athletic builds (like me) rather than the “upside down triangle” muscular type. If you’re the more muscular type, this oxford is perfect for you. 

Still, I love the stark contrast of the white buttons against the crisp, black fabric, so I’ve been wearing it often. 

The Good Cotton Relaxed T-Shirt fits well in the shoulders and through the torso. True to its relaxed fit name, the sleeves are bulky. I’m torn on the fit here. When I wear this t-shirt normally, the sleeves jut out too much, but when I roll the sleeves a bit, it’s instantly one of my favorite t-shirts.

I was recommended a Resort Shirt in burgundy, but switched it up to the teal. I’m glad I did, too. This shirt is an excellent summer piece. It’s super relaxed and the Cuban collar is a good balance of trendy and classic. 

At the time of writing, the temperature is dipping down, so I likely won’t get much wear-time with the Resort Shirt, but I’m happy playing the long game. Come next summer, I’m wearing this casual button down all the time. 

model sitting on wall in green frank and oak bomber jacket and hat

The last item I added to my Style Plan—and the biggest buy—was Frank And Oak’s Skyline Reversible Bomber Jacket. 

Made with 100% recycled PET plastic, this jacket is warm, comfortable, and versatile. 

model wearing bomber jacket from style plan by frank and oak

It’s strange: I picked it up because of the diamond quilted pattern, but I’ve been wearing it on the flat, minimalist side more often. In any case, the construction is clever and I love that I get two distinct looks from one jacket. 

The jacket is a bit bulky on the shoulders, so I’m not totally in love with it, but it’s a solid piece I’ve been wearing consistently for the past two weeks and it’s well-worth the money. 


model wearing black unbuttoned Frank And Oak oxford shirt

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Frank And Oak’s business, and each of my four pickups prioritize ethical manufacturing and minimize environmental-impact.

All three of my shirts are made with 100% organic cotton and in factories that have been vetted for ethical treatment of their workers. And as I mentioned earlier, my Skyline jacket is 100% recycled PET plastic, which is pretty incredible. 

model wearing green bomber jacket quilted with back to camera

Both my t-shirt and Resort Shirt are super soft and I love the “snow-wash” they have. Each has a well-worn look in all the right ways. While the fabric doesn’t slouch or warp in any of the common trouble-spots (stomach, collar), both shirts have that glorious feeling of a tee that’s been through the wash a hundred times. 

This isn’t the case with their Oxford, though, which has far more structure to it, especially along the buttons and collar. 

model wearing black tucked in oxford shirt and grey chinos

You could easily wear this Oxford into the office, but I’ve been keeping it as a casual piece. 

What do Other Reviewers Say About Frank And Oak and Style Plan?

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Frank And Oak gets a lot of love online from sustainable fashion fans. In my experience writing reviews on other brands like Everlane and Asket, this group can be hard to please, and while there are many who wish that Frank And Oak would make their whole line with organic fabrics, others are happy with the brand’s commitment to carbon neutral shipping. 

The key negative comments I read mentioned a lack of clarifying questions before getting the Style Plan. Many of those reviews were written a few years ago, so my guess is that Frank And Oak has put a lot of effort into making a more comprehensive onboarding process. 

My questionnaire was over 30 questions, which felt like plenty of information for my stylist to make good picks. 

My Thoughts Overall On Style Plan by Frank And Oak

What I Like

  • My oxford and t-shirt fit slim through the torso and chest, but still had enough length to feel comfortable in.

  • All three shirts are incredibly soft.

  • The Skyline Reversible Bomber offers one classic look and one minimalist look, which fits my style really well.

  • Signing up for the Style Plan gets you up to 20% off, free shipping and returns.

  • Frank And Oak buys carbon offsets to make their shipping carbon neutral.

What I Don’t Like

  • The t-shirt and Resort shirt have bulky sleeves and look much better rolled, in my opinion.

  • The Skyline Jacket is a bit large in the shoulders. 

Who is Style Plan by Frank And Oak for?

Frank And Oak is a great choice for any guy looking to add a few classic, well-fitting, durable pieces to his wardrobe. If you value convenience, or if you’re looking to be pushed more on the style-front, having an online stylist is an easy, low-confrontation way of getting suggestions you might not otherwise try.

The Verdict

Style Plan by Frank And Oak made finding a few great pickups easy. But even if you’re not into the subscription-based model, the brand is worthwhile based on their fit and fabrics alone. 

With the added up to 20% discount and free shipping, Style Plan strikes me as a good idea as you can still get the discount even if you pause your monthly box. 

And with how flexible Style Plan is, you don’t have much to lose. I didn’t end up getting any of the original items in my plan, but the suggestion feature led me to four pieces that I now regularly wear. 

The shirts are super comfortable and have a flattering fit through the torso and chest. While the sleeves on the t-shirt and Resort Shirt “wing-out” a bit farther than I normally like, a quick cuff solves the problem and looks refined, too. 

My Skyline Reversible Jacket has a little extra padding in it, so it’s not perfectly slim, but I still love that I get two distinct looks with one jacket. When picking up a pricier outerwear option, it’s almost like getting a two-for-one deal. 

Frank And Oak does an excellent job with their sustainability practices like carbon-neutral shipping. Pair that with modern fits and comfortable fabric, and you’ve got yourself a worthwhile brand.

Style Plan by Frank And Oak

Part personal stylist, part shopping at your favorite store: Style Plan by Frank And Oak crafts a box of personalized suggestions you can get regularly as a subscription. You have veto power over what you get, so you spend as much as you'd like, and unlock deep discounts you couldn't get otherwise.

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Is Frank And Oak good quality?

Frank And Oak clothes are excellent quality. Their fabrics are sustainably manufactured and I didn’t notice any stray threads or warped areas, which is a classic sign of good quality.

How much does a Frank And Oak subscription cost?

Frank And Oak’s subscription box doesn’t have a fixed price. You set a budget and your stylist will find you items within that budget.

How does Frank And Oak work?

You can shop for individual pieces from Frank And Oak, or you can sign up for Style Plan. Style Plan gathers your clothing preferences and gives you suggestions based on your style and budget. You can change out the items if you don’t like what they suggest. You’ll get new suggestions every month and you can easily skip boxes if you’d like.