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The 39 Best Subscription Boxes for Men: Our Top Picks in 2024

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Subscription Boxes for Men Top Down Unboxing of Bespoke Post Refresh

Ever wish you could set your re-supply on autopilot? Well you can now. And these monthly subscription boxes for men will help you do it like a pro.

My Top Picks Preview

I’ve always thought it’d be a huge time saver if robots could dress and groom me after bouncing out of bed every day.

And not just any old robots. I’m talking smart robots. In robot suits. Maybe they’ve even read a few TAM articles.

They’d know what I like to wear, they’d understand seasonality, and most importantly, they’d never suggest I wear a studded belt.

What alternatives do we have in 2021 to robo-dressing?

Subscription boxes.

OK, they’re not even close to the same thing. But there’s no doubt subscription boxes are on the rise. These days you can find subscription boxes for everything from wine to books to a starter kit for new dads. Yep, they’re really that niche.

In this article I break down my curated list of the best subscription boxes for men. Based on quality, value, curation, and reviews (our own and other customers)—separated into categories.

I’ve included plenty of exclusive deals and discount codes to help save you a few bucks.

At the end, I answer some frequently asked questions I often get about subscription boxes, including how to get the most out of them.

Best Men’s Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Bespoke Post

Top Down of Bespoke Post Weekender Bag and Other Unrelated Men's Accessories

Who’s it for? The modern man who appreciates quality and choice.

What do you get? A hand-selected mix of high quality men’s lifestyle goods and guidance, including fashion, style, outdoors, home, kitchen, accessories, grooming, barware, and more. Bespoke Post are unique in that they release a range of boxes each month—some new, some old favorites—and you select which box you want each month.

What do we think? Check out my in-depth Bespoke Post review and buying guide. I take a look at the Weekender, Refresh, Aged, and Flip boxes and offer up a complete guide on how to get the most out of the BP experience. And for the budding mixologist, we’ve also separately reviewed the Alchemy box as well.

(Take 20% off your first box automatically by following our link)


BREO Box Top Closeup

Who’s it for? The guy who loves tech as much as he loves Reddit.

What do you get? You get a box with 5-8 tech tidbits that help make up a modern home. Anything from ice-cream scoops with endothermic properties, to action cameras, to cold-brew coffee makers—BREO BOX has it. And that’s just one box.

BREO ships out once per quarter and each box is suited to the season. Expect warm things for winter and products to keep you cool in summer.

What do we think? When we cracked open our first BREO BOX, we got a couple things we’ve wanted for years. The action camera was perfect for catching all the yelling and cursing from our staff members’ last roller-coaster ride. 

We found that when BREO says they pack you everything you didn’t know you needed, they mean it. Just like any great subscription service, the items that come in this box are instantly useful and make your life a little easier. 

(Get $20 off your first BREO BOX with our exclusive code TAM20)

Gentleman’s Box

Gentlemans Box Premium Top Down Shot of Items

Who’s it for? The guy who wishes his Birthday came every month.

What do you get? Four to six handpicked items each month, including lifestyle items, premium accessories, tech products, and grooming essentials.

There are two different subscription options: the Classic and the Premium. When we looked into them both, we found that the Classic will give you a refresh on your wardrobe, with details like socks, ties, and cufflinks. The Premium comes with larger items like backpacks and umbrellas—things that every man needs but rarely thinks about buying.

What do reviewers think? The general sentiment among reviews is that you get immense value for money with Gentleman’s Box. Their Facebook page is also littered with comments about the quality of their customer service, including the speed and manner by which any problems were handled.

Negative reviews tended to focus on subscribers receiving too many of the same time of item (ties and socks is the common culprit).

What do we think? We tried both the Classic and Premium subscriptions and felt they were well worth their respective tags. We got a things that we could actually use and they were high-quality, too. If you have experience with a lot of different subscription services, you know that’s not always the case.

(Take 20% off any box with code TAM20)

Best Men’s Fitness and Outdoors Subscription Boxes

Spartan Carton

Spartan Carton

Who’s it for? 82% of the population on the 1st of January every year. Or any busy guy who doesn’t have a personal trainer but wants some extra motivation to keep his workouts up.

What do you get? Choose from either the ‘Citizen Box‘ or the ‘Warrior Box‘. Both boxes include at least three snacks, three supplements, plus outdoor or workout gear.

Both boxes also come with a ‘suggested workouts’ sheet. The brand say their goal with this is to inspire you to change up your workout routine.

What do reviewers think? Most reviews I found on Cratejoy seem to be pro Spartan Carton. For positives, subscribers liked the quality and variety of the curated supplements and consumable products.

Reviewers also heaped praise on the gear they received, with one reviewer very happy to get both an elevation training mask and a jump rope as part of his second box, and a very usable resistance band as part of his first.

One reviewer fell into the negative camp having bought a box for her brother. She was saddened to hear that his verdict was that the products were cheap and silly and not worth the $25.

The guys at Spotter Up did a complete unboxing of two boxes that were sent to them by Spartan Carton. They go into some nice detail (including pretty pictures) and they’re worth a read if you’re interested in subscribing.


chest day musclebox and sinfitbars

Who’s it for? The guy whose mantra is: gains, bro.

What do you get?  An average box has 4-7 protein bars, one t-shirt, and a well-designed lifting routine targeting a specific muscle group. Your deliveries come monthly, so you’re always replenishing your snacks and have a steady rotation of shirts for the gym. 

What do we think? This one depends on how many protein bars you can stomach. The shirts are really flattering, even if you aren’t totally jacked with muscles. They’re slim through the torso and fit well in the shoulders and arms. So there’s no issue there.

Get MuscleBox if you have trouble hitting your protein macros and wish someone just shipped you a box of protein-loaded snackies.


Cairn Subscription Box Product Shot Original Collection

Who’s it for? The outside cat or gear junkie. The guy whose soul isn’t truly satisfied unless he’s outdoors.

What do you get? A mix of outdoor apparel, gear, food & energy, skin care, and emergency equipment. Cairn are currently offering a Welcome Box for new subscribers—at $50 retail above the price of the subscription it’s their highest value box yet (and a big reason why we added them to our list in May 2020).

What do reviewers think? Recent reviews online trend positive overall for Cairn’s monthly boxes. The consensus is that subscribers enjoy the usefulness of the gear and the exposure to new brands and products.

Many outdoor enthusiasts claimed that most items are able to be incorporated into their adventure arsenal each month. On the downside, I did find a few reviewers claiming a lack of consistency of quality between boxes, but on the whole these are few and far between.

(Use code WELCOME to get access to the high value Welcome Box)


BattlBox Image

Who’s it for? The EDC masterminds out there…you know who you are. 

What do you get?  Monthly drops with handy EDC tools and survival gear. BattlBox is more focused on survival compared to Crate Club, which is a bit more focused on self-defense. In the lower-tier box, expect items like a folding shovel, typhoon matches, and an indestructible compass.

You can also opt for extra gear by jumping into their Advanced, Pro, or Pro Plus, which tacks on one high-value survivalist item per tier. 

What do reviewers think? BattlBox sits at a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot with over 1,500 reviews, which is pretty incredible. Folks are impressed with the variety of products that arrive in the shipment, which helps reduce the amount of double-ups you start to see with other brands. 

There were even a few reviewers living in hurricane-zones that mention how BattlBox has made it easier to restock survival supplies slowly throughout the year rather than all at once.

Crate Club

Crate Club Image

Who’s it for? Any guy looking for an excuse to “bug out.”

What do you get? Crate Club is a quarterly subscription box dedicated to modern tactical gear and survival tools. They pack informative print-only articles written by survivalist experts so you’re up to date on the latest tools, technology, and tactics in the world of special operations. 

There are three tiers: Lieutenant, Captain, and General, and each come with a wide variety of tools like knives, scopes, fire starters, and more. 

What do reviewers think? Crate Club has a 4.1 star rating on Trustpilot with over 700 reviews. Some long-time customers reported getting repeat items, like multiple knives from different brands. In cases like that, it helps if you’re an enthusiast as many subscription boxes stick with a product formula. 

Otherwise, reviewers are fans of the customer service and praise the value they get from their supply crates.


Nomadik Subcscription

Who’s it for? The guy with a big camping trip planned but it’s still three months away.

What do you get? Your monthly box arrives with gear, travel snacks, outdoor challenges, and expert tips for hitting the trails and making the most of any outdoor adventure you have in the making.

It’s not just for day hikers—Nomadik is for the hard core backpacking enthusiasts. Some of their gear includes trail stoves, hammocks, and solar powered string lights—the kinds of things that make the great outdoor feel like home.

What do other reviewers think? The professional hiking reviewers we read spoke highly of Nomadik. Not everything you get is immediately useful (like some boxes coming with soaps and face wipes—not very useful for day-hikers, but great for long-trail backpackers).

Still, folks say that the value is solid considering what you get. Add to that the excitement factor of a mystery box and you have yourself a winner.

Best Watch Subscription Box for Men

Watch Gang

Watch Gang

Who’s it for? The guy who’s newly into watches and wants to go on a journey of watch discovery OR the guy who’s already a watch lover and likes the idea of joining an active community and trying out some new timepieces.

What do you get? One brand new watch each month. Aligned with your style choices from an interactive quiz you take when signing up. It’s a bit like watch Tinder.

There are three monthly pricing tiers, with each watch guaranteed to have a list price of up to five times what you pay:

  • Original: $49 / watch (list price up to $150)
  • Black: $99 / watch (list price up to $500)
  • Platinum: $299 / watch (list price up to $1,500)

As a member, you become eligible for special flash sales and giveaways, including their famous weekly TAG and Rolex giveaways. If you’re a Watch Gang Member you’re automatically entered into a draw to win a free TAG and Rolex. Each and every week.

You also get access to Watch Gang’s private community where you can buy, trade, sell, or simply chat it up. They have between 20,000 and 30,000 members and so unlike other similar watch groups I’ve seen, this one is usually pretty active.

What do we think? I’ve tried Watch Gang myself. Check out my in-depth Black Tier review, as well as my most recent review of the premium Platinum Tier.

(Use code BIGFIVE for 50% off your first month of Black Tier and ADL10 for 10% off your first month of any other subscription)

Best Clothing Subscription Boxes for Men

Menlo Club

Menlo Club Site Screenshot

Who’s it for? The budget-conscious guy looking for an easy and affordable way to build out his wardrobe. Or the guy who appreciates clothing subscription services that offer creative membership perks above and beyond their monthly box.

What do you get? After filling out a short style quiz, you get two to three curated men’s clothing items from the ‘Five Four Group’ brand family each month.

These brands are Five Four, Grand AC, New Republic, and Oshenta.

As a Menlo Club member, you also get a few extra perks. Firstly you get an additional 20% off the Menlo House store (Five Four Group’s e-commerce store). I think this is an awesome perk if you’re a fan of these brands.

Their clothing is really quite affordable for the quality on offer and so this can save you some big dollars over the course of a shopping year.

Your membership also gets you free shipping on all orders, as well as access to custom curated content (essentially online clothing guides).

What do we think? I’ve tried Menlo Club firsthand. Check out my in-depth Menlo Club review.

(Use code TAMFALL45 when signing up to get your first package for $45 (usually $60)—includes a hoodie & tee from Melrose Place, AND a pair of Bowery’s from New Republic)

Urbane Box

Urbane Box

Who’s it for? The busy guy who loves a bargain and isn’t too proud to outsource his style.

Urbane Box is a solid option for you if:

  1. You’re time poor;
  2. You appreciate quality clothing and you enjoy being exposed to new brands you may not have heard of otherwise;
  3. You’re clueless about style and you’d benefit from having a stylist put together some clothing basics tailored just for you. If you ever cancel your subscription, you’ll always be able to reflect on what was chosen specifically for you by a professional stylist. This will help with your own clothes shopping in the future.

What do you get? 2 to 3 staple items tailored individually for you based on your initial styling questionnaire.

What do reviewers think? Many reviewers have claimed that the clothing they’ve received has been consistently of a high quality, with the total retail price far exceeding the $60 / month paid.

The few neutral or negative reviews I found generally related to fit. If you have common fit issues with some brands or particular types of clothing, I’d advise outlining these to your Urbane Box stylist in your styling questionnaire when you sign up.

(Get $30 off your first box by following UrbaneBox on social media or subscribing to their email list—wait for the pop-up)

Forma Supply Co.

Forma Supply Co

Who’s it for? The guy who appreciates basic tees done well.

Forma Supply Co.’s motto is “Your life. Your Essentials” and that pretty much sums this box up. To get started, you tell them what kind of clothing you’re wearing at the moment and your shirt size preference. They’ll then deliver your customized essentials as often as you’d like them.

What do you get? Three premium tees.

What do reviewers think? Reviewers have pretty much unanimously said that the shirts have a high-quality feel and the fit is good.

As a negative, a couple of reviewers said that they did receive several grey shirts (even when they chose the color box) so this one might not be for you if you don’t dig grey.

Basic MAN

Basic Man

Who’s it for? The guy who likes to keep his fundamentals in order.

What do you get? A new t-shirt, boxer-briefs, and a pair of socks. Of the premium variety. The t-shirt is made from jersey blended cotton, the briefs are made from modal, and the socks are heavy combed cotton and bamboo.

What do reviewers think? Reviews online trend very positive overall about Basic MAN. The quality, value for money, and customer service across have all been praised consistently by reviewers.

The few negatives I saw related to them fitting a little on the small size for some (maybe keep this in mind and order up if you’re concerned).

What do we think? We tried Basic Man for ourselves, get an inside look at an unboxing of the service in this clip:

(Get 25% off your first shipment at Basic Man with code TAM25)

Surf Shop Box

Surf Shop Box

Who’s it for? The guy who permanently has sand between his toes (or wishes he did).

What do you get? Two to three brand pieces of surf apparel hand picked by a stylist.

What do reviewers say? They seem pretty stoked! Sorry, I had to. This is a niche offering and surfers can usually tell quality from not because their apparel needs to be durable.

Their Facebook reviews page also has them at a 4.7 out of 5 rating after 152 reviews which is super impressive. Many reviewers have said they’re yet to be disappointed after many months of subscribing. They love that the curation includes brands from across the world and that the offerings are season specific.

Customer service also reads to be a strong point with SSB with most fit issues seemingly resolved quickly by their support staff. You can see them responding to messages on their Facebook page and on Cratejoy which is always a good sign.

As a negative, a select few reviewers were underwhelmed and didn’t think the service was value for money, or were disappointed to not receive items that fit them.

(Take 25% off with code TAM25)

Comma Vintage

Comma Vintage

Who’s it for? The guy who just binge watched Mad Men for the first time.

What do you get? One, two, or three items of vintage menswear. Two or three accessories and artifacts. And one personal note describing the contents of your box.

What do reviewers think? Thrifting is another one of those niche pursuits, and so far subscribers seem to really enjoy what they’re getting from Comma Vintage.

Reviewers have said how much they enjoy that this is one of those ‘slow burn’ type quarterly boxes, where the curation genuinely feels personalized. Others loved that it’s all American-made clothing and that the box is always filled with hard-to-find items.

(Take $10 off your Comma Vintage subscription with code TAKEPAUSE)

Best Fragrance Subscription Boxes for Men


Hawthorne Fragrance Box Packaging Open Showing Work and Play Side by Side With Package in Background on Angle Smaller Size

Who’s it for? The guy who doesn’t have time to spend three hours huffing cologne samples in a department store.

What do you get? Fragrances and other bathroom essentials tailored to your body and your lifestyle. Work in construction and love bourbon? You’ll get paired up with one woodsy, fresh cologne for work, and another a spicy, cedar cologne for play.

Dry scalp? Let Hawthorne soothe that bad-boy with some peppermint oil shampoo.

Just tell Hawthorne how often you shower and wash your hair, and they’ll suggest a recurring subscription at a discounted price. You don’t have to worry about hoarding shampoo bottles anymore.

You can also find body wash, bar soap, deodorant, and conditioner, all tailored to your skin and hair needs.

What do we think? We were impressed with Hawthorne’s attention to detail. You can tell the quality just from touching the box. Seriously.

The colognes you get are crafted by masters who’ve worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Dior, and Balenciaga. It was pretty clear that Hawthorne had their tailoring process down.

We loved what we got and have been using it ever since.

What do other reviewers think?: Even the deep-web niche fragrance junkies give Hawthorne the thumbs up.

The only negative reviews we could find dealt with not enjoying one of the two tailored fragrances. If you don’t like one of your colognes, Hawthorne will reformulate based on your feedback and ship another at no cost to you.


helmm applicator and nightmarket antiperspirant with packaging in background scaled 1

Who’s it for? The guy who doesn’t want to rub harmful chemicals in his armpit. Or for the guy who consistently finds himself out of deodorant at the worst times.

What do you get? When you start a subscription with Helmm, you get one reusable applicator (made with nickel-plated aluminum and Horween-tanned leather), and an interchangeable cartridge.

Set your subscription for every six, seven, or eight weeks, and choose either anti-perspirant or deodorant. 

What do we think? Helmm’s four fragrances are gimmick-free and crafted for guys sick of all the marketing hype you find in the national brands. 

When we tried Helmm, we tried their Hudson (fresh and aquatic) and Nightmarket (spicy and warm). Of the two, we preferred Hudson, though if you’re looking to sign up for a subscription, ask for a scent-card that will give you an idea of the fragrances before you buy. 

The only downside we saw is that the applicator isn’t great for travel. But you can still bring the cartridge along and use it without the applicator if need be—it’s just a little awkward. 

Most of all, we loved that there were no harmful chemicals and that the system uses 60% less plastic than the most common brands you’d find in the supermarket.



Who’s it for? The guy who understands the power of designer cologne but doesn’t want to pay out the wazoo.

What do you get? One new 0.27 oz / 8 ml designer fragrance from their range of 150+ designer and niche men’s fragrances. Here’s a list of their bestsellers for men (you can also check out their full list via that link).

What do reviewers think? You’ve probably caught on that most boxes included in this list are well reviewed online. This is on purpose. And it’s not different for ScentBird.

Reviewers point to their market leading selection of designer fragrances as the initial draw, and their travel-friendly/refillable spray cases as more big pluses. It’s well-liked as a gift box due to its reasonable price and sleek packaging. 

Unfortunately, there are a few negative reviews about customer service. I found several subscribers complaining about poor response times from support, and worse, customers being charged for several months after canceling.

You may take comfort to know that ScentBird achieved a 4.48 / 5 based on 1,667 reviews on Influenster at the time of this post which doesn’t smell too bad at all.

Best Men’s Grooming Boxes

The Personal Barber

The Personal Barber Subscription Box Opened on a Wooden Table with Lights in the Background

Who’s it for? The guy who’s finally ready to take the plunge and make the massive life upgrade from using cartridge razors to a classic safety razor but doesn’t have the time to research everything he needs to start wet shaving.

What do you get? A wet shaving starter kit. You get The Personal Barber’s own branded safety razor and shaving brush for free. You also get 10 replacement blades, shaving cream, and a variety of pre or post shave goods like balms, oils, scrubs, etc.

Also included are a couple of card inserts with a short write-up of all the products included (as well as some tips to help you use them effectively) and step by step instructions on how to wet shave properly. Yep, no need to fiddle around on your phone or laptop in the bathroom.

What do we think? I recently gave a subscription box from The Personal Barber a try. Although I’m a pretty experienced wet shaver, I was impressed with it and I kinda wish I used it when I was starting out. The box is probably the easiest and most cost-effective way for you to get into traditional wet shaving if you’re in any way interested in giving it a go.

(Take 15% off your first box with code ADULTMAN15, or take 50% off your shipping cost to the US for the life of your subscription with code USAPOST50)

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar shave club

Who’s it for? Any guy on a budget who isn’t interested in classic wet shaving but still regularly shaves the hair off his face.

What do you get? The Classic Shave Starter Kit comes with Dollar Shave Club’s own 6-blade Executive Razor and Dr. Carver’s Easy Shave Butter (3oz). You get four replacement cartridges per month.

What do we think? I was a DSC subscriber for well over a year before I started wet shaving. In terms of the blades, my overall thoughts are that they’re not the highest quality, but they’re certainly great value for money at their price point.

Let me put it this way. I didn’t reach for my Dollar Shave Club razor when I hadn’t shaved for a while because I find they don’t give me the closeness I’m looking for. But if you’re clean shaving every day, or simply trimming the edges of your beard, they’re probably the best value for money blade option out there.

In terms of the brand’s other products, I really loved the soothing feel and smell of their Shave Butter and Post Shave Cream. Before I moved on to shaving soaps designed for wet shaving, they were my go-to, even with competitor razors.

And their subscription management really is top-notch. DSC sends you an email before sending out your box asking if you want to add anything to your order, or even hold off on a top up of cartridges.

This is great customer service. And it’s perfect if you’ve quit your job and decided to go full-blown Hanks in Castaway for a month or two.

Overall, their marketing probably has had a huge part to play in their success. But either way, you don’t become a billion-dollar company without doing something right.


Birchbox Grooming Subscription Box for Men

Who’s it for? The guy who knows it’s time to start taking care of his skin but has no idea where to start.

What do you get? Every month, Birchbox delivers five samples from the best men’s skincare brands around—many of which we’ve reviewed ;). If you rate your samples, you get a five dollar credit to buy your favorite face wash or bar soap.

When you’ve found the right brand, buy through Birchbox’s site and get 10% back on every purchase.

The idea is simple: even an excellent skin care brand might not do the trick. Skin care is one of those things where you just have to try out different products until you find one that works for you.

What do others think? Reviewers across the web seem to enjoy Birchbox’s customer service, including shipping speed and the ease of canceling. Some folks had issues with the samples and didn’t think there was enough variety, which is a fair criticism.

Birchbox works much better as a discovery service—use it for as long as you need to find a new brand with the products you love. But if you stick around for too long, you’ll start to see a few repeats.

Beard Care Club

Beard Care Club

Who’s it for? Every bearded gentleman who cares about how their beard smells and looks. Alternatively, if you’re looking to give a box as a gift, this one is thoughtful and affordable.

What do you get? If you join Beard Care Club’s Scent of the Month Club you’ll receive a new scent every month as part of the box of your choice.

The cheapest box contains a 1oz mustache wax, while the most expensive contains a 2oz beard balm, 1oz beard oil, 1oz mustache wax, 8oz beard shampoo and a 1oz beard conditioner.

I like that you get a lot of choice (there are about 10 boxes available) so you can tailor it to your own facial hair needs. It’s also cool that they create a whole new scent every month to keep things fresh and interesting.

What do reviewers think? BCC has received overwhelmingly positive reviews online. Reviewers seem to love the smell of the product and the way the oils soften their beards (or in many cases, the beards of their husbands!). Their high-quality customer service is also pointed out in several reviews, as well as the price for the volume of product received.

On the downside, one reviewer felt that the scents did not align with the descriptions and were overall unpleasant.

(Take 25% off at Beard Care Club with code TAM25)


lumin skin care complete package

Who’s it for? The man who’s ready to get serious about his skin care.

What do you get? Lumin offers several different subscription packages, though we think the best is their Classic Maintenance Collection. This monthly box arrives with a refill of your favorite face wash, moisturizer, and exfoliating scrub. 

Of course, if you want to go the extra mile, you can try something like Lumin’s Complete Collection, which also has Dark Circle Defense serum, Anti-Wrinkle Defense oil, Recovery Oil, and a neat little towel to tie the package together. 

What do we think? Lumin is one of our favorite skin care brands for men. Their products have a neutral smell, go on smoothly without making your skin oily or sticky, and we’ve noticed fast improvements.

(Take 15% off any purchase at Lumin with code THEAM15)

Tiege Hanley

Tiege Hanley level 3 system opened

Who’s it for? The young gentleman curious about diving into the world of self care.

What do you get? With subscription boxes starting at $25, Tiege Hanley has different systems based around individual skin issues. For instance, if you struggle with acne, you’ll get a face wash, moisturizer, exfoliant, and acne fighting cream delivered monthly. 

What do we think? We were big fans of Tiege Hanley when we gave them a try. Their products were effective and the price is right. If you’re reading this and thinking Tiege sounds a lot like Lumin, there’s a big difference. 

We think Lumin’s products have a slight edge on quality, but Tiege is more portable and less expensive. So we recommend the Tiege Hanley subscription for guys under $25 who want to take care of themselves without dropping too much coin.

Best Food & Drink Subscription Boxes


Vices Cocktails

Who’s it for? The man of taste and refinement. Vices monthly subscription boxes make other sub-boxes look like sesame street. Some months, you’re getting a fine bottle of tequila. Other months, it’s an executive pen, notebook, and a classic Italian aperitivo.  

What do you get? Each Vices box has a spirit at its core, and a few other items to help create an experience around that spirit. For instance, our first box came with a bottle of anejo tequila, flavored ice cubes, and a ticket to visit one of Mexico’s most famous agave farms and tequila distilleries.

You’ll also get a small booklet that brings you behind the curtain and shows the tradition behind whichever spirit you’re drinking that month. 

You can think of it as a passive way to build your knowledge of the fine spirits of the world. 

Your next box might be something like the Japanese Hot Spring: a bottle of deluxe sake and everything you need to draw a perfect, soothing mineral bath. 

As we said, it’s for the gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life. 

What do we think? We tried their Tequila box, and while it doesn’t have the same clever name as their Some Like It Hot box, or their At Home box, it’s clear and to-the-point. 

Really, the big question is whether the spirits are any good.

Yes, the spirits are good. 

Vices didn’t pack any old silver tequila—they brought out the top-shelf anejo. But beyond sipping on one of the better tequilas we’ve ever tried, the booklet that came with the box was fascinating. 

Reading is a critical step to becoming a more worldly man, and Vices curates the kind of knowledge that’ll have you feeling like an international man of mystery.

(Get $50 OFF your first box with code LUXURY50)

Winc Wine Club

Winc Wine Unboxing Image of Four Wines and Leaflet

Who’s it for? The guy who won’t say no to a glass of wine but will say no to a trip to the liquor store.

What do you get? A box of wines sent to your door each month, each one specifically chosen for your palette based on the six questions you answer on signing up. The more bottles you order per box, the bigger discount you get.

What do we think?

When we first cracked open our Winc shipment, we didn’t down a whole bottle over a giant bowl of fresh pasta. That’d be ridiculous.

And we certainly didn’t proceed to finish a second bottle the next evening with focaccia, Asiago, and prosciutto. That’d be plain gluttony.

But seriously, no need to call an intervention—we’ve settled into this fresh idea of a wine subscription. The ordering process was fun and easy.

Some of the editorial staff here have California roots, and many of the reds offered a beautiful taste of home. But Winc doesn’t just ship Cali wines—we had an intriguing red from Italy and a crisp white from South Africa (which we drank with a Thai curry the third night—don’t judge).

For the price, these wines are solid. They’re not the absolute best we’ve tried (even at the $10-$15 price point) but the sheer variety and ease makes Winc a splendid choice if you’re looking to broaden your wine appreciation or automate your delivery.

Trade Coffee

Trade Coffee Top Down of Box Packaging and Cold Brew Bags Bag

Who’s it for? The guy who wants to feel confident recommending a great cup of coffee in every major US city. Or the guy who wants to alienate himself by telling his friends about ‘the bouquet of the cup’ and ‘optimum extraction.’

What do you get? One or two 12oz bags of freshly roasted coffee from some of the best roasters in the US. After doing a fun questionnaire, Trade will either recommend two bags of a premium blend or one bag of exceptional coffee. You can choose to get a new shipment anywhere from one to eight weeks.

You then rate what you thought of your previous coffee and Trade will adjust the blends it sends you based on your likes and dislikes. Yep, it’s like Netflix, but for coffee.

What do we think? While we did have a few very minor gripes, Trade is a one of the best ways I’ve found to try a wide range of top-quality coffee from new roasters around the country.  After a few months of this service, you’ll be recommending coffee shops in cities you’ve never even been to. And you’ll be dead-on with them.

There’s simply no other subscription that gives you the same variety of world-class coffee. Trade’s service isn’t for penny pinchers, though. Great coffee comes at a high price. But when you think of how much goes into a single cup, the cost is pretty reasonable.

What do other reviewers think? The biggest issue most mentioned was that Trade doesn’t have a ‘cancel my subscription’ button on their site. You have to call to cancel your subscription. For some, this is a big deal.

Other than that recurring criticism, Facebook reviews repeatedly praised the customer service and selection. Many people said they were getting the best coffee they’ve ever had through Trade.

But let’s be real—when you’re getting coffee from the best roasters, you’re bound to stumble upon something you’ll love eventually.

(Take 50% off plus get FREE shipping on your first box with code ADULTMAN)


JerkyGent Jerky Of The Month Club

Who’s it for? The guy who loves trying new flavors of high quality dried beef. Or the guy who wants more protein in his diet. That covers every guy on Earth, right?

What do you get? Four bags (6-10oz total) of craft jerky carefully curated for quality and based on your spiciness (mild/medium or hot/spicy) and taste preference (traditional or non-traditional). You can skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time.

What do we think? In full disclosure, the JerkyGent team sent me a box to try with no expectations attached. I was genuinely so impressed that I decided to include them on this list.

The box comes nicely packaged and includes a card setting out the month’s jerky picks. I liked that they each had their own unique flavor without being overly salty or chewy like some cheap jerky can be.

My favorite was the FireCreek Jerky which comes in the old-school stick form. It was a legit party in my mouth (beef party?) and the only bummer is I only got one stick.

What do other reviewers think? Don’t just take my word for it. Another huge reason I decided to include JerkyGent on this list is down to their overwhelmingly positive reviews from other customers online. Reviewers have praised the quality and variety of the brands and flavors delivered. Other positive reviews comment on their great customer service and speed of delivery.

Many reviewers also described getting awesome reactions when giving a box as a gift. And you know what? I can understand why. Because most people love beef jerky! Shocker.

For negatives, I did see a few comments where some people didn’t like a one or two of the flavors but they were few and far between.

(Take $12 off your first box on a recurring subscription order with code TAM12)

Butcher Box

butcherbox shredded beef tacos with salsa

Who’s it for? The carnivore who thinks a lifetime supply of bacon sounds dandy. 

What do you get? Meat. You get lots of meat. Like most subscription boxes, Butcher Box has different tiers, but across all levels, the theme is consistent: choose your favorite meats, whether it’s beef, chicken, pork, or fish. 

Butcher Box will load a box up with the best cuts of your preferred meat. You can let their team do all the packing and get surprise cuts, or you can order the specific cuts you want through their online portal.

What do we think? We loved Butcher Box when we tried it. We just let the brand fill the box with the butcher’s best cuts and enjoyed getting bacon, filet mignon, and fatty, delicious salmon.

We recommend it for any budding chefs who don’t have the time to explore different cuts of meat, but are always game for a challenge. What do you do when a pork loin shows up on your doorstep? 

It upped our culinary game, and we think it can do the same for you.

Driftaway Coffee

Driftaway Coffee.jpgw3.webp

Who’s it for? The guy who makes coffee at home and whose taste for coffee has advanced beyond Starbucks. Or anyone who wants to give a gift that is guaranteed to bring joy to any true coffee lover.

What do you get? All Driftaway subscriptions start with a tasting kit so you can nail down your perfect cup of coffee.

You get four 2 oz. bags of single origin whole coffee beans. For your subscription, you can choose between an 11 oz or 16 oz bag of beans, and either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly shipping frequency.

What do we think? I do a lot of writing. And honestly, I don’t think I’d churn out more than a sentence a week without coffee. This means I’m always buying it, and so for me, it’s the perfect candidate for a subscription box.

It didn’t take me long to find Driftaway. They’re Brooklyn based and while it’s no huge indicator, Brooklyn’s reputation is certainly growing when it comes to great coffee. I like that they send out a tasting kit to start. I received four distinctly different blends and so I was able to quickly figure out which was my favorite brew. Once you’re locked in, there are no real surprises. You get high-quality coffee delivered to your door as regularly as you want it, at a decent price.

The signing up process is nice and simple, but be warned—if you’re addicted to coffee like me, you won’t feel like less of an addict after setting your sizing and frequency preferences.

Oh, one cool feature that gives it that ‘subscription box feeling’ is the postcard style info card you get with every box. It gives you a bit of a background on each grower, as well as the roaster’s notes, and other tidbits. It’s a nice touch. I usually read it while I’m drinking my first cup of a new blend. It’s definitely taught me a thing or two about coffee production and helped me feel a little more enthusiastic about the coffee making experience.

I like both Driftaway and Trade mentioned above in the list equally but for different reasons. Driftaway offers a little more personalization, and the coffee is fresher as the beans are shipped directly within six hours of roasting. While Trade offers more variety with its massive library of over 400 quality roasters and very fast shipping.

What do other reviewers think? Whenever I make any significant purchase I usually look for reviews online. And honestly, I struggled to find an overall bad review for Driftaway (do let me know if you have/find one).

Reviewers have been overwhelmingly positive about the tasting kit, the freshness of the beans, the ordering versatility, and the postcard experience, to name a few. As a downside, one reviewer noted that Driftaway doesn’t offer decaf. I don’t drink decaf personally, but I understand that this could be disappointing if you did.

Best Socks & Accessories Subscription Boxes for Men

Southern Scholar Socks

Southern Scholar Socks

Who’s it for? The guy who understands that strong sock game will always elevate your style to a whole new level. Their packaging is also outstanding which makes this subscription very giftable.

What do you get? One pair of form-fitted dress socks and a signature style card. The style card is a cool touch. It gives you advice on what your new socks will be best paired with, like a “charcoal wool trouser and dark brown loafers” or a “navy blue trouser and black brogues”, for example.

What do reviewers think? Reviewers overwhelmingly seem to love Southern Scholar Socks. There are countless positive reviews about their quality, comfort, shape retention, and overall tasteful look of the patterns and colors. Reviewers have also commented on their cool looking packaging and their awesome customer service, with replacements handled without a fuss.

I’ve looked (and looked some more) and I’m genuinely struggling to find a negative review to share.

(Take 25% off your first box with code TAM25)


MeUndies couple in bed wearing matching underwear

Who’s it for? The guy with a drawer full of raggedy socks and underwear.

What do you get? You pick a new pair of underwear, socks, or both every month and save up to 30%. MeUndies has a wide range of colorful, fun prints so you can slowly replace your sad, tired underwear collection.

What do we think? The MicroModal fabric used in MeUndies is in the running for the softest we’ve tried. We love that they offer boxers, briefs, boxer briefs (with and without the fly), and you can get basic solid colors or loud and fun prints. 

Plus, they have a wide range of sizes from S-4XL, so folks with every body type can find the perfect fit. 

These aren’t the best underwear for your workout, as the MicroModal can get quite hot if you’re pumping iron or out for a run. 

We recommend taking a look at their loungewear, too. Made with the same uber-soft fabric, their shirts and jammie-pants make for wonderful Sunday relaxation clothes.


Victory Box

Who’s it for? The guy who wants a simple way of enhancing his accessories collection each month.

What do you get? 3-4 accessories per month. Items include socks, ties, pocket squares, tie bars, bracelets, watches, aftershaves, grooming products, and more.

What do reviewers say? VictoryBox is well regarded by reviewers overall. People are impressed by the variety and consistent quality of the accessories, with several claiming it to be their favorite subscription box. Reviewers also seem super impressed by the value for money they get with each box.

King x Portland

King x Portland

Who’s it for? The guy who likes a decent looking sock covering his man-toes. These guys have some really classy branding and packaging going on which makes this box a solid gift option as well.

What do you get? One pair of new, seasonally designed Canadian socks per month. Made from 75% cotton, 23% nylon and 2% spandex. Plus a handwritten note.

What do reviewers say? There aren’t a whole lot of reviews online for King x Portland, but those I’ve found have been mostly positive. Fans of the box have commented on the quality of the material as being a big plus, even in comparison with some competitor sock-boxes.

One reviewer gave the box a three out of five stars as he found that one pair of no-show socks he got would constantly slip off his heel as they didn’t have the common silicon antislip heel feature. That said, he did say that the other two no-show socks he received from the brand did include the feature and were fine.

You may want to request this feature before you order if you think this will be an issue for you.


SprezzaBox grand full contents

Who’s it for? The guy who wants to enhance his accessory collection and likes his subscription boxes to have a theme to them.

What do you get? Five to six handpicked accessory items. Including socks, ties, pocket squares, grooming products and more. With an interesting ‘guarantee’ that the box will be over $100 in retail value.

What do reviewers think? Reviews often compare SprezzaBox with Gentleman’s Box. And it makes sense why. They’re both men’s accessories boxes positioned around the $25-30 / month ballpark. This post from The Peak Lapel breaks down the differences between them really well.

As positives, there are several reviews praising SprezzaBox’s value for money, with some claiming they’d received over $130 in retail value.

Other reviews pointed to quality of the themed curation, and the convenience of SprezzaBox as a way of easily boosting your accessory collection.

The negatives I saw were not too dissimilar to other bundle style boxes. Complaints have been made about items being too similar each month (particularly ties and socks), as well as the poor quality of fabric of some clothing items, or the perceived uselessness of others (eg. receiving an airplane pin as one of the five to six items).

What do we think? We reviewed two boxes from SprezzaBox—take a peek for our thoughts.

(Take 10% off your first box with code THEADULTMAN)

Spiffster Tie Club

Spiffster Club

Who’s it for? The guy who wants to build a tie collection from scratch. Or liven up his existing one at a reasonable monthly price.

What do you get? After taking an optional survey to tailor your Spiffster Tie Club experience, you will be sent one handcrafted tie per month. Options vary from traditional ties, skinny ties, bow ties, and even socks. Materials used include silk, microfibers, cotton, and wool.

What do reviewers think? Reviewers are pleased with the quality of the ties, however I noticed several comments complaining about their design. In setting up your order, be sure to read the style options carefully. For the original tie subscription for example, you can choose between business mix, bold mix, or a variety mix.

If you’ve got the basics covered already in your collection, it might be wise to go for the bold mix based on the reviews I’ve seen.

(Take 25% off your first box with code TAM25)

Ozone Socks

Ozone Socks

Who’s it for? The guy who isn’t afraid to live boldly.

What do you get? As part of Ozone’s Sock of the Month Club, you’ll get one pair of crew socks per month + one free pair on signing up.

What do reviewers think? Reviews are positive overall for Ozone’s subscription service. Customers rave about their awesome and creative designs, quality and feel of material, and high standard of customer service.

As a negative, one reviewer mentioned that if you buy for someone as a gift, all communication will come to you (rather than the gifted recipient). And they haven’t been able to solve this through support. Another subscriber was disappointed to learn that the price wasn’t masked on a gift purchase.

If you buy this box as a gift, our advice would be to reach out to customer support first to get these issues straightened out before it ships.

Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy

Who’s it for? The sock fan in you. Or the guy or gal who likes to give a great gift.

What do you get? Either one, two, or six pairs of 70% combed cotton, 200 needle socks per month (your choice).

What do reviewers think? OK, it’s yet another sock subscription service. But to be clear, Sock Fancy have over 2,800 reviews on their website. And at the time of writing, 2,656 of them are five stars (yep, out of five). In fact, they could be the most positively reviewed sock subscription service I’ve found.

Subscribers love the designs and the soft feel of their cotton material. Many reviewers have also praised their top notch customer service. It’s also clear that a lot of people have given Sock Fancy to a loved one as a gift. And they’ve been received very well.

For negatives, some reviewers noticed inconsistencies between the thinness of material of the socks in some months’ orders. Others also longed for a little more edge in terms of their designs.


How do you get the most value out of a subscription box?

Open up a notepad and write down the items in your life that you restock on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

You’ve now got yourself a list of your essential items that you’re buying consistently.
Here’s how I see it:

If a subscription box takes care of delivering you those items you would have resupplied anyway in your weekly or monthly shop, it’s probably a value-add for your life.

Especially if getting them as a recurring service will save you time and/or money.

What about all those boxes that are sending you ‘nice-to-haves’ rather than essentials? The value you’ll gain is obviously more subjective with these.

I love the feeling of opening all of my subscription boxes every month. But my anticipation is always the greatest on those boxes that I’m not quite sure of what’s inside.
It’s like opening that Birthday present from that one uncle who never fails to deliver the goods.

Except you’re kind of your own uncle because you paid for it…

What makes for a good subscription box?

Alright, so you know that subscribing to at least one subscription box could be useful to you.

It’s now about finding the right one. Here’s my rule of thumb:

Above all else, the best subscription services are those that send you high-quality stuff with good curation.

And that makes sense, right?

Unless you’re some kind of subscription box masochist, you’ll want to be sent things that are of interest to you and that you’ll actually use.

If you’re sending it as a gift, the packaging becomes much more important. You’ll want it to look more Christmas present from Auntie Carol than reluctant Birthday present from your younger brother. I’ve highlighted a few below that make excellent gifts due to their exterior appearance.

And as with any recurring service, good customer support is always a plus in case something goes wrong.

How much weight should you give to ‘minimum retail value’ promises?

As you may have noticed throughout this post, several companies are making promises on the minimum total retail value of their boxes.

Pretty standard marketing stuff.

Just keep in mind that ‘retail value’ and ‘price you’d pull the trigger on an item’ are often two very different prices.

So let’s say the retail value of a box is $100 and it costs you $25, but you’d only ever actually shell out around $25 for everything inside. Then you’re really just getting your money’s worth. Not some epic deal. And that’s why in that case, the quality of a box’s curation is so important for it to remain a value add for you.

But hey, value for money is subjective. And I’ve tried to only include boxes in this list which I believe offer genuine bang for your buck. Regardless of any marketing claims.

And That’s a Wrap

Are there any boxes you think deserve a mention? Or have you had good or bad experiences with any of the above?

Let us know on social media. We’ll be updating this list on the regular.