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Grunt Style Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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Wondering if Grunt Style actually makes good clothes? Or are they just another gimmicky brand?

In this hands-on Grunt Style review, I took a look at some of their bestsellers to find out for myself.

Freedom-lovers found here
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Grunt Style

Bottom line: The fit and quality of Grunt Style’s clothes is excellent---particularly their t-shirts. If you think the designs are cool, then you’ll be pleased with the fit and fabric.

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  • The fit of the t-shirts is flattering across the chest and arms
  • The Grunt Style Foundation is an effective organization that helps veterans with food security, mental health, and general transitioning back to civilian life
  • The quality of their clothes is sturdy
  • While they print their shirts in Chicago, the majority of their clothes are made overseas

You don’t have to be a veteran to like Grunt Style.

You just have to love freedom, whiskey, and bacon. At least that’s what Grunt Style says.

If the word freedom gives you a little tingle in your sack…

If hearing the national anthem makes you want to cry and do a keg stand at the same time…

If you think water doesn’t have enough flavor…

You’re going to want to read this review.

What Is Grunt Style?

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Grunt Style is a clothing brand founded in 2009 in Fort Benning, Georgia by a former US Army Drill Sergeant. 

After a decade of trial, a little error, and a whole lot of effort, Grunt Style has grown into an impressive company employing nearly 400 folks throughout the US.

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They print the shirts in Texas and have retail stores in Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, and Tennessee. 

Grunt Style’s specialty is in irreverent shirts, usually with a message regarding weapons or alcohol.

Grunt Style

If you like freedom, whiskey, and bacon, chances are you'll love Grunt Style.

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My Hands-On Review


Grunt Style cyber skull shirt arm

Grunt Style sent me three of their most popular t-shirts: the Cyber Skull, This We’ll Defend, and Whiskey Helps designs. 

The t-shirts fit really well, and I especially thought the fit was flattering across the chest and shoulders. 

Grunt Style this well defend t shirt design

The sleeves are slimmer and more fitted than most t-shirts you’d find at big national retailers, which ends up making your arms look better. 

They’re a 60/40 cotton-poly blend which is a great mix for comfort and colorfastness. Also, if you’ve ever had an issue with shirts picking up a distinct odor that several washes can’t get rid of, that’s not an issue you’ll face here. 

The shirts do shrink a bit in the wash, so if you’re heavier-set, you may want to size up once to allow for a bit of shrinkage. Because the shirts are slimmer and more fitted, the extra size up will give your torso a little more breathing room, but the arms and chest will still look fitted. 

Grunt Style whiskey helps battle flag detail

Some designs give off tough guy who complains about his job vibes, and because I’m not a veteran, it feels a bit strange to be wearing the Assaulting Flag on my arm. 

Grunt Style makes it a point to say that you don’t need to be a veteran to wear their clothes, but if you wear an Operation Iraqi Freedom t-shirt and you’ve spent more hours playing Call of Duty than being in the military, you’re a certified dweeb. 

Grunt Style cyber skull shirt

One last thing to note: because the shirts are a cotton-poly blend, they hold their shape well over time. If you’ve ever noticed that a lot of your old tees are stretched out at the neck or at the waist, that’s not a problem you’ll have here. 

Even after several washes, these shirts look pretty much brand new. 

Grunt Style T-Shirts

Grunt Style's t-shirts range from irreverent to inspirational. And they're all printed in the USA.

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Garage Buttondown

Grunt Style shop shirt on model

I’m a big fan of the fit on the Garage Buttondown—of all the tops Grunt Style sent me, this is the most flattering. 

There’s plenty of room in the torso and chest, and the arm openings are quite narrow. Even if your arms aren’t huge, the fabric stretches over your biceps and tends to bunch up a bit closer to your shoulder. And I’m pretty sure it’s by design because it makes you look like you bench double what you actually can (and would look especially manly if you’re out on the shooting range and giving a little flex). 

Grunt Style Review

It has two patches sewn into either arm: a Grunt Style logo patch and a full color US Assault Flag. This definitely gives the shirt a vaguely military-uniform look. 

The Garage Buttondown is mostly cotton, so you’ll want to steam or iron it out of the dryer. I recommend an iron because the more crisp this shirt is, the better it looks. 

Grunt Style shop shirt black

It does have 3% spandex, which helps a ton with stretch and makes it easy to move around. This turns out to be crucial for the particular cut of this shirt because it’s so fitted in certain areas. 

Grunt Style Garage Buttondown

There’s plenty of room in the torso and chest, and the arm openings are quite narrow. Even if your arms aren’t huge, the fabric stretches over your biceps and tends to bunch up a bit closer to your shoulder, which will make you look buff.

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Grunt Style hoodie on model

Grunt Style also sent their most popular hoodie, which is a 50/50 cotton-poly blend. It’s a great option for everyday wear as it has decent durability. 

Polyester isn’t very breathable, and I’ve noticed that it can develop a full stank faster than a pure cotton sweatshirt. With that said, the addition of polyester also keeps heat trapped closer to your body, so it’s a great choice for warmth-retention. 

Grunt Style hoodie fit

This hoodie has the main Grunt Style logo printed over the heart and “military inspired” morale patches printed down the arms. 

The fit for the hoodie is roomier than their other tops. While I recommend sizing up for their shirts if you’re heavier-set, I think your normal size would work well for the hoodie. 

Grunt Style Hoodies

The fit for the hoodie is roomier than their other tops. While I recommend sizing up for their shirts if you’re heavier-set, I think your normal size would work well for the hoodie. 

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Lightweight Lounge Joggers

Grunt Style joggers for

The last item Grunt Style sent me is their Lightweight Lounge Jogger in black, which is extremely comfortable.

They’re a polyester and rayon blend, so they shouldn’t have any issue pilling, nor do they shrink at all in the wash. The fit is roomy, but they have a nice taper below the knee so you’re not swinging fabric around by your feet. 

Grunt Style joggers closeup

There are two zippered pockets at the hips, which is great if you need to take a quick trip to the store—you don’t have to worry about losing your wallet or phone. There’s also a back pocket, though with stretchy pants, I prefer to keep my valuables zipped up. 

The drawstring is a nice, thick material, and I think these joggers would also make for excellent workout pants. Of course, with the synthetic fabrics, you may work up a sweat and get a case of swamp-ass, but that’s a part of living that fitness life. 

You could also stick with lounging in them. And by lounging, I mean crushing a six pack, eating a Costco pizza, and debating if John Elway could beat Dan Marino in a fist fight. 

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

Grunt Style has a massive following and many dedicated fans. Their site boasts over 20,000 reviews, so there’s no shortage of testimonials to read. 

The product pages also each have their own individual reviews, so you can narrow in on what others think about the specific piece you’re eyeing. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The shirts have some of the best fits I’ve tried on. They’re comfortable and flattering around the chest and arms. 

  • The Grunt Style Foundation is awesome—they’re devoted to helping veterans transition into civilian life, and they offer mental health support, homelessness relief, and help provide food security. 

  • The cotton-polyester blend Grunt Style uses is an excellent balance of comfort and durability. The clothes don’t shrink much, keep their color, and don’t warp easily. 

What I Don’t Like

  • I’d like to see Grunt Style source their clothes from the United States, though they do print their shirts in Chicago and employ over 400 Americans.

The Verdict

Grunt Style clothes are well-built, comfortable, and have flattering fits. 

Of everything I tried, I liked the Garage Buttondown the most. Grunt Style’s tops leave plenty of room in the torso, but the sleeves are much more tapered than regular shirts from big department stores. 

This gives the tops a fitted look that shows off your chest and shoulders. 

If you’re a heavy dude, you may want to size up for the t-shirts. Because they’re more tailored, you get some more room in the stomach and chest, but the arms will still look fitted. 

The biggest issue with Grunt Style is that all the clothes they sent were from overseas. No matter how many US flags and cool skulls are printed on the outside, it still has a “made in India” tag on the inside. Still, they print their shirts at home in Chicago and employ over 400 US citizens. 

That said, my favorite thing about the brand is the Grunt Style foundation, which gives back to the veteran community in several ways, including offering mental health services, offering food security, and partnering with organizations like Burnpits 360, which is attempting to provide federal compensation for veterans who’ve been exposed to toxic chemicals while fighting abroad.

Grunt Style

If you like freedom, whiskey, and bacon, chances are you'll love Grunt Style.

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Do Grunt Style clothes run small?

Grunt Style shirts are fitted. While I wouldn’t say they run small, they’re more tailored than standard t-shirts from big department stores. If you’re husky, you may want to size up once.

Does Grunt Style have a store?

Yes, Grunt Style operates several stores, including two in Texas, and stores in Illinois, Nebraska, and Tennessee.