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How to Wear a Polo Like It’s 2024: 10 Stylish Looks

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Will Porter

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Last Updated: May 6, 2024
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Abstract image of two models wearing polos

It’s Monday morning.

You’re feeling rough after the weekend, but you still need to look presentable at work.

So you throw on your most comfortable polo shirt, some khakis and loafers.

Then it’s Thursday evening and you’re getting dinner with your in-laws.

The restaurant isn’t fancy but you know they’ll judge you for looking like a slob, so you climb into a nice polo.

Now comes Saturday morning: you rock a polo for your weekly golf game or your walk to the local farmer’s market. Sunday: rewear the same polo for brunch.

I think you get my point.

There’s really no bad time to wear a polo shirt and as you’ll find out in this piece, you can style them in a ton of ways.

Rocking a Polo: Dos and Don’ts

Falconeri polo pique cotton with sunglasses


  • Wear polos as a replacement for a dress shirt under a blazer
  • Wear them in casual settings
  • Experiment with buttoned vs. unbuttoned looks


  • Wear worn out polos with collars that look like wavy strips of bacon
  • Stack multiple polos on top of each other
  • Pop the collar (unless you’re a 90s soccer star) 

10 In-Style Ways to Wear a Polo This Year

One to Wear Every Damn Day

closeup Vuori strato tech polo

When it gets down to brass tacks, the polo, while always handsome, is an exceedingly utilitarian garment.

It goes with jeans, khakis, pleated chinos, golf shorts, swim shorts and just about any other pair of pants you can think of.

One of my favorites is the Perk Feel Good Polo because of its stay-flat color and non-iron fabric.

Pick out one or two colors that you can’t help but reach for every morning and put them into your rotation as full-time players. There’s really no situation where a polo will look bad. 

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Perk has clearly created this polo as an antidote to perpetually disposable T-shirts from cheap online retailers and department stores. With functional features like the wrinkle-resistant fabric and a stay-flat collar that never curls, this is an elevated wardrobe essential that’s built to last.

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Let the Paparazzi Know What’s Up

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The red carpet is always a good place to look when you’re on the hunt for style inspo, and shopping for a good polo is no different.

Stars have been huge fans of knit polos and other muscle-hugging silhouettes for some time now, sporting them at premieres across the world. 

Chris Evans, Dwayne Johnson, and Tom Holland are just a few of the mega stars I’ve seen in sweater polos with eye-catching designs, each of them wearing it in a form-fitting size that’s not too tight and letting the design do the talking. 

Classics Never Go Out of Style

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If you are lucky enough to get the compliment “It’s Very Ralph,” then you know you’re on the right track. 

I love to take cues from vintage Ralph Lauren ads, whether that means mimicking old head cricketers like in the ad above or with some worn out jeans and New Balance sneakers like Ralph might be seen in after one of his runway shows.

Country Club Vibes

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Lacoste is the OG polo shirt brand, so I’d be remiss not to include styling tips from them.

Sporty polos ooze street style and look great with a light spring overcoat and sling bag, but also translate to the tennis courts and dining rooms at your local country club.

I love to pair a polo with my favorite nylon shorts to easily move from the court to the bar. 

Smart Casual Style Works In Any Situation

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For this one, I have to return to the Perk Feel Good Polo.

As I said before, you can easily find one to wear each and every day, but I also need to shout out their subtle piling-resistant features that make them the perfect smart casual pairing.

The collars are designed to combat collar-curl, so you’ll always look fresh, whether it’s the first or five-hundredth wear. The mid-torso is tailored to make any body shape look good and the luxurious jersey pattern will never look schlubby, even if you end up wearing it for years (which you will).

Mimic Your Favorite Style Icon

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I’ve already spoken about celebs and their red carpet polo proclivities, but I want to take a moment to remember the icons of the past.

Like Paul Newman above, guys have been donning polo shirts for work and for play for decades.

Channel your inner heartthrob by pairing a soft piqué polo with your favorite blazer and jeans for a look that translates to almost any situation. Wear it with sneakers for a casual work look, or throw on some loafers to head out on date night with the missus. 

Find a Polo That Performs Indoors and Outdoors

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Merino wool is one of the most versatile natural fibers in the world, so it’s no surprise that brands have started using it to craft smart casual pieces

It’s used to make shirts that you can rock for three days straight without smelling like a pre-teen who hasn’t been introduced to deodorant yet.

Unbound Merino’s polo has material that’s naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, plus it looks darn good when you need to look smart at a meeting, but also want to go for a quick bike ride after work.

Merino makes for the perfect travel shirt.

A Weekend In Williamsburg

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The sun is shining, the leaves are blooming and the Manhattan skyline is glimmering in the summer rays. There’s no better time for a button-up polo.

Full-button polos have roared back into style. 

They’re affordable, look classy, and will have everyone swooning from the moment you put one on. I love the style below, where a polo is thrown over an undershirt or tank top and paired with shorts and Birkenstocks.

It’s easy to mix-and-match this formula and it’ll look great on a stroll through Brooklyn or your local downtown strip, even if you don’t have stunning views at your disposal.

(Tasteful) Logos Are In

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Polos are still the number one shirt for golfers, but I like seeing a golf polo with a twist.

When adorned with small, subtle logos, a polo can go from a business meeting staple to a streetwear mainstay that can be rocked on and off the course.

A ton of golf-inspired brands are popping up in the lifestyle space, adding dozens of polos to the style equation and offering up a unique interpretation of the collared shirt. 

Summer Wedding Staple

Cuts polo on model

For summer weddings, nothing beats a stripped-down polo made from high-quality materials.

Pick out a cashmere, silk or wool polo and pair it with your favorite dress pants for an outfit that will upstage everyone but the bride.

No weddings to attend? The pared-back sweater polo style looks great at a coastal soiree or in the local steakhouse.


model wearing western rise limitless merino wool polo standing near train tracks

Trends come and go, but the polo shirt is forever. No matter how you prefer to wear a polo, there’s really no wrong way to do it in 2024.

Hopefully the picks and style advice above encourages you to update your wardrobe with a few nice polos—it’s hard to overstate just how many situations they’re suited for. 

Whether you’re emulating 90s-era Ralph Lauren, taking inspiration from your favorite action star, spending time at the club or need a shirt for office-to-trail adventures, a polo is always a solid pick.

For more style inspiration, check us out on Instagram or peruse our extensive outfit finder. And don’t forget you can get 15% off a Perk Feel Good Polo with code 15ADULTMAN.