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JINS Eyewear Review: Affordable Glasses for the Masses

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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JINS Eyewear Review Model Wearing JINS Classic Narrow U094 with White Dress Shirt

Whether you like it or not, your glasses say a lot about you. Getting a pair that’s too big or small can throw off your look for years.

JINS Eyewear has a huge selection of frames with customizable lenses specifically so you can find the right fit easily. But are the glasses any good? We found out.

So, you like options?
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: JINS Eyewear

Bottom line: JINS offers the most customization I’ve seen from an eyewear company, and their range of frames is impressive. It’s not immediately apparent how many options you have when shopping with JINS, so I recommend reading through this whole review to determine what type of fit you need first. Otherwise, JINS glasses are stylish, affordable, and easy to put a prescription in.

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  • JINS offers a huge selection of glasses
  • Each frame is customizable with blue light, prescription, and tinted lenses
  • Free shipping, 30 day returns, and a 1-year warranty on new frames
  • Virtual try on available for many frames
  • Many styles look similar and the browsing features on site make it a little difficult to search through the entire catalog

When I first started working from home, I wasn’t sure if my eyes were going to make it. 

I wasn’t used to sitting in front of a computer for 10-12 hours a day. 

That’s when I first learned about blue light blocking glasses. I had a great pair I liked, but my dog felt they’d work better as a chew toy. So recently I went looking for a new pair of blue light blockers and I came across JINS.

I liked JINS robust selection of frames and affordable prices, so I decided to give a pair a try. 

Here’s what I learned. 

What Is JINS?


JINS was founded in Tokyo back in 2001 and in 2015, the brand started bringing their Japanese style sensibilities to the US. 

When looking through the entire catalog of JINS frames, you’ll notice that most frames are thin and minimalist. This style has been growing in popularity around the world—and it’s been growing on me, too. 

JINS is all about customization and variety. They offer frames with standard fit, a low bridge fit, and an adjustable fit. Plus, more frames have the option to add polarized or tinted lenses for sunglasses, prescription, or blue light blocking lenses. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Glasses from JINS

JINS glasses on face

Because JINS has such a focus on customization and personalization, it took me a little while to figure out which frames I should get. 

First, note whether you have a high bridge or a low bridge on your nose. 

The low bridge fit is particularly helpful if most glasses you’ve tried rest on your cheeks or slide down very easily. Many African Americans and Asians have a lower nose bridge and struggle to find a fit for their glasses—the low bridge fit is ideal for those facial structures. 

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When you order JINS, you get free shipping and free returns and exchanges for 30 days. But if you order special lenses (heavy blue light blocking and prescriptions) your order may take up to three weeks to arrive. Also, prescription glasses aren’t refundable, so make use of the virtual try on before picking up a pair. 

JINS Eyewear

JINS offers the most customization I’ve seen from an eyewear company. Their range of frames is impressive with high quality acetate and robust customization options. If you’re looking for a simple set of glasses and nothing too ostentatious, then JINS is a great option.

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JINS Glasses Review

I’m a big fan of blue light blocking glasses—I find they’re super helpful for long days at the computer. 

After looking through dozens of JINS frames, I picked up their Classic Narrow U094 in Egg Shell

Classic Narrow U094

JINS light champagne frames

While I had the option to go with Heavy Screen Use blue light blocking, or 12 different sunglasses tints, I went with the JINS Screen Daily UseEveryday Screen Use blue blocker lens. 

I’m a fan of these frames—the shape is versatile enough that I feel it fits a wide variety of face shapes.

JINS clear frames

The frames are made with Acetate, as opposed to plastic, so they have a sturdy and luxurious feel to them.

I’m really liking the Egg Shell color (these frames were also available in Black). They’re minimalist, but still make a statement. 

If you’re into the “clear frames” look, you have tons of options at JINS. It seems that’s one of their specialties because almost every model they carry made with acetate has some form of clear frame.

JINS transparent glasses frames
JINS Classic Narrow U094

JINS also offers a lot of wire frames, and while those were out of style for a bit, they’re definitely back in. I definitely recommend using the virtual try on for any wire framed glasses because those stand out more on your face. 

With clear-framed glasses, you get a little more “wiggle room” in terms of shape and fit. 

JINS on white background

The blue light blocking frames have been working like a charm for me. I can work at my computer for 10-12 hours without feeling any eye fatigue, and by the end of the week, I’m not struggling with dry eyes like I used to. 

Even if you’re just shopping for prescription glasses, I recommend picking up a second set of JINS with some sort of blue light blocking tech if you haven’t already tried some. They’re a huge help, especially for folks who work at a computer for more than just a few hours a day. 

And when you’re buying a pair of JINS, they have a really cool Revive program where they’ll upgrade the lenses of your old frames (no matter where they’re from) with the purchase of a new set of JINS frames. 

So basically, you can update your trusty old frames with new lenses while also trying out a new pair of JINS. It’s like two for the price of one. 

What do Other Reviewers Say About JINS?

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JINS has over 1,000 reviews to read through on their site, and while I didn’t comb through each and every one, a scan of several dozen told a clear story.

A lot of people who’ve struggled in the past to find frames that fit their facial structure were able to find something they loved with JINS. 

People also seem to like how lightweight the frames are compared to other brands. I haven’t worn many glasses, so I can’t say that I noticed that aspect, but it’s true that my JINS frames are quite light. 

Some reviewers felt the shipping took a little longer than they’d like—if you have special order lenses, your glasses may take up to three weeks to arrive, so note that before you buy. 

My Thoughts Overall On JINS

What I Like

  • The selection at JINS is huge, with plenty of different fits for a variety of facial structures.

  • All frames are customizable with different lenses, including blue light, prescription, sunglasses, and tinted glasses. 

  • JINS offers free shipping, 30 day returns, and a 1-year warranty. 

  • Most frames have a virtual try on feature which is pretty accurate.

What I Don’t Like

  • There’s such a huge variety of glasses and many look similar so it can take a while to narrow down which frames will look best for you. 

Who is JINS for?

JINS is an excellent mid-tier glasses brand: with high quality acetate and robust customization options, it just takes a little hunting to find the perfect set of glasses. If you’re looking for a simple set of glasses and nothing too ostentatious, then JINS is a great option. 

The Verdict

I’m a fan of JINS Eyewear. They have a huge variety of frames that are simple and minimalist. 

If you want bold and flashy glasses, or something with a designer logo on it, JINS might not be the best brand for you, but if you want an easy shopping experience and something that’s high quality and durable, then JINS is worth a shot. 

I really like my blue light blocking Classic Narrow U094 glasses. They look great and the quality is solid. Even better, the price is relatively low given the quality of the lenses and the acetate frames. 

While sorting through your options might take a while, once you hit on a set of frames you like, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the JINS experience all the way through. 

JINS Eyewear

JINS offers the most customization I’ve seen from an eyewear company. Their range of frames is impressive with high quality acetate and robust customization options. If you’re looking for a simple set of glasses and nothing too ostentatious, then JINS is a great option.

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Is JINS Eyewear legit?

Yes, JINS Eyewear is a legit brand. Shipping may take a week or more, but you’ll get high quality acetate frames and good lenses for an affordable price.

Where are JINS glasses from?

JINS was founded in Tokyo, Japan, though they have several US stores, too.

How long does it take JINS to make glasses?

For special order lenses, JINS may take up to three weeks to deliver your new glasses. They do have some special lenses available immediately, but most prescriptions will take a few weeks.