11 Stylish Men’s Glasses Trends in 2022: How to Look Great in Glasses

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by  Savarone Ammann | Last Updated: 

Growing up, I remember glasses having the unfortunate reputation of being, well…a bit dorky.

Like my Italian grandmother used to yell, stupido! stupido! stupido!

Maybe we needed to watch NBA stars sporting stylish frames in post-game interviews to get it?

Or witness Stanley Tucci morph from some regular bald guy to the most dapper dude in the room when he slips on spectacles? Was it Idris Elba or David Beckham?

A sharp pair of glasses gives you a polished, gentlemanly look that even a luxury wristwatch can’t afford. 

I can’t guarantee you’ll look like Beckham sitting pitch-side, but if you pick up one of these men’s glasses styles, you’ll elevate your entire appearance.

How to Look Great in Glasses

1. Choose Glasses That Accent Your Face Shape

Blenders Eyewear 18

I didn’t need glasses till I was 22 and back then, I was dreading them. I simply didn’t know what would look good on me. 

Today, my girlfriend regularly asks me why I don’t wear my glasses all the time. They fog up in the shower, okay?!

Finding the right pair starts with considering the shape of your mug. Seriously. 

As a rule of thumb, don’t pick frames that perfectly match the shape of your face. If you have a square face, don’t buy square glasses, if you have a round face, don’t buy round glasses, and so on. Instead, choose glasses that balance and accent the shape of your face.

To find an extensive collection of different-shaped frames at affordable prices, look under the men’s glasses section at Eyebuydirect.com.

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Eyebuydirect is our go-to online marketplace for sunglasses. They carry hundreds of quality frames from tons of different eyewear brands. You’ll find luxury eyewear makers like Ray-Ban and Oakley, but you’ll also be introduced to fresh styles and brands you’ve never seen before, which is perfect if you want to browse a range of shapes and styles and hone in on a few that suit you best.

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I have a rounder, oval-shaped face, so I searched for square frames with prominent endpieces and pointy edges and found the perfect fit. Face shape applies to sunglasses too, guys.

2. Match Your Glasses With Your Daily Attire

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After finding a shape of frames that accent that charming mug of yours, you’ll need to select a material, color, and pattern that complement your wardrobe, too.


closeup selfmade douglas ii sunglasses

One of the most popular materials used in dozens of frames, especially vintage and wayfarer-type styles, is acetate. 

Acetate is a semi-synthetic material made from combining wood pulp and chemicals. While acetate looks and feels similar to plastic, it’s stronger, more flexible, and even more sustainable to produce.

Because acetate can be molded into various shapes, it’s become one of the best materials to make frames from and a terrific choice for your next pair of go-to glasses. Often, acetate frames are versatile enough to pair with anything from a suit down to a t-shirt.

model wearing selfmade sunglasses in polo

Another popular and durable choice is a type of metal like titanium or beryllium, which are commonly used in wireframe glasses to achieve a sharp, understated look. 

Wireframes can easily be dressed up with work attire, and I’ll argue that they look better with collared shirts like a polo or a button-down. However, with so many shapes and frames on the market today, some vintage wireframes can also be dressed down quite nicely. 

model removing whiskey shiner hexagram sunglasses against foggy background

Try doing a virtual try-on with both a t-shirt and a button-down to see how different shirts and styles of frames match up before making your purchase.

Color & Pattern

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The color and pattern of your glasses are nearly as important as the shape. 

Black, beige, grey, or clear frames tend to blend into your overall look, while red, blue, tortoiseshell, and other bolder patterns and colors will make your glasses pop as a statement piece.

For my first pair of go-to glasses, I chose matte black, a subdued tone I could wear with just about everything. Since the shape of these frames were more studious and dressy, the matte black helped dress them down.

model holding pizza while wearing university heights sunglasses

If you’re shopping for your first pair of glasses, I recommend going for shiny or matte black. Black is the most versatile color out there and it will make pairing your glasses with your outfits a breeze.

After you’ve secured versatile, daily frames, then start shopping for adventurous colors and patterns you can toss into the mix on occasion.  

3. Consider Which Activities You’ll Be Wearing Glasses For

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The last thing to consider when selecting glasses is the type of activities you’ll typically be wearing them for.

If your glasses are only for time spent in front of a computer and driving at night, it won’t really matter what you choose—so go for those fragile, high-end, dressy frames.

Model walking toward camera wearing new depp sunglasses

But, if you plan to wear your glasses on the move and all throughout the day, pick something lightweight and comfortable that will stay on your face and move with you.

For something durable and lightweight, I recommend acetate frames. Now go get some rock solid style inspiration from the 11 types of glasses I picked out for you below.

11 Men’s Glasses Styles That Look Great in 2022

Here’s a list of the best looking men’s glasses trends right now. Pick up one of these styles in a shape that suits your face and thank me later.  

1. Vintage-Inspired

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History repeats itself, and so do timeless glasses trends. Vintage-inspired frames have made a decisive return and cemented themselves as one of the de facto men’s glasses styles.

Vintage, or what some call retro-inspired, frames often feature a soft-edged square shape with bold patterns, thick rims, and pointed end pieces. 

Wayfarer and aviator glasses are two of the most popular vintage styles, but there are many others that are gaining traction in both metal and acetate frames. 

Eyebuydirect has an affordable, broad selection of vintage men’s frames in varying styles.

2. Clear Frames

Mizzen Kennedy with Vest Closeup
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Quite the opposite of loud patterns and colors, clear frames offer a subdued, minimal look that some guys pull off ridiculously well.

Clear frames not only pair well with any color you’re wearing, but they soften the look of glasses on your face compared to solid colors like black and brown. The transparent style of clear frames is clean and simple and a style I see a lot of guys taking on. If you’re chasing a recommendation, the Meller Yster is a TAM favorite.

Clear frames also give you the ability to wear glasses with a bigger, bolder shape as the see-through nature minimizes how big and bold they actually look on your face. Again, eyeglasses are all about balance, so pick something bold, then balance it out with clear frames.

3. Oversized

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They might not look great on me, but they look good on LeBron James.

Oversized frames are bold and daring and reveal that you aren’t trying to hide the fact that you’re wearing glasses. 

When buying oversized frames, opt for a style that balances your face shape, only on a larger scale. Since oversized frames will be taking up more real estate on your face, you’ll want to be sure they look balanced and feel good to you.

4. Half-Rimmed

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Another retro style, half-rimmed glasses are making a cool comeback. These glasses only have rims on the top half of the frame, leaving the bottom of the lens exposed.

Half-rimmed glasses create a two-textured look and add a bit of personality and flair to otherwise ordinary frames.

They’re often associated with a new-age hipster style and tend to look good on younger, trendier guys. Try a pair on and see if they accent not only your face shape but your typical wardrobe, too. You’ll quickly be able to determine if they complement your style, or look slightly misfitting.

For example, half-rimmed glasses will pair well with flannels, casual button-ups, chinos, and sneakers, but they might look odd with sports or athleisure attire. Always consider not just your face, but your regular outfits too.

5. Beige and Grey

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If you’ve been wearing glasses for a while, you’ve likely accumulated a couple of pairs. Chances are, most of them are plain old black.

Opting for beige or grey is a subtle way to step away from mundane black frames without embracing loud or excessive patterns and colors. 

Consider your skin tone and what shade of beige or grey would accent it the best. How might the color you choose also complement or collide with the colors of shirts you usually wear? 

Beige and grey fall somewhere between black and clear frames, adding just a touch of color without being too minimal or pronounced.

Today, you can find beige and grey in an assortment of tones, so browse a bit first before you decide on one.

6. Tortoiseshell

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Tortoiseshell glasses never went out of style, which is why I’m including them here. Up until 1973, they were made out of real tortoiseshell. But, as you can imagine, this harmful practice was outlawed, and today, most are made out of high-grade acetate like lots of other frames. 

Tortoiseshell is an unmistakable pattern that combines shades of black, brown, and gold or beige colors, mimicking the style of a tortoise’s shell. This pattern creates an elegant marbled look that adds a pop of color but complements most outfits and styles. 

If you’ve traditionally only worn black frames and you want to change it up without getting too loud or adventurous, tortoiseshell is a terrific, well-recognized pattern to add to your repertoire.  

7. Thick-Rimmed

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Similar to oversized frames, thick-rimmed glasses offer a bigger, bolder look that matches some guy’s personality and really plays well with their daily style.

They’re chunky and pronounced, so if you pick up a pair, expect them to pop off your face and stand out compared to thinner rims.

Thick-rimmed glasses are a quality choice if you want your glasses to be one of the defining elements of your outfit and you’re not afraid of attention.

8. Round Frames

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A true vintage classic, round frames are often worn by musicians, creatives, and artsy-type guys who want to express themselves and go against the grain.

Round frames tend to look best on rectangular or oval-shaped faces and those with sharp, prominent features. 

To me, round frames can be a bit polarizing and I usually think they either look terrific or truly odd depending on who is wearing them.

If you’re considering a pair of round frames, try them on, snap a few pictures at different angles, and send them to a couple of close friends to get their opinion. You’ll quickly be able to tell if you pull off round frames or not. 

9. Wayfarer

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Wayfarer falls under the larger category of vintage-inspired styles but is one that deserves to be singled out on its own. 

Wayfarer frames are a sleek, manly style that looks spectacular with anything from a t-shirt to a suit.

They’re horizontal and rectangular in shape, meaning they will look best with round and oval-shaped faces, though because they are so iconic, I’ll argue that they look stylish on many different face shapes.

knockaround sunglasses relaxed profile view

Wayfarer glasses were invented by none other than Ray-Ban in 1952 and shortly after in 1955, they were worn by the de facto king of cool, James Dean, in his hit film “Rebel Without a Cause.”

I can’t think of a single other item worn by John F Kennedy, Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, The Beatles, and Muhammed Ali. All those guys sported wayfarer frames along with a never-ending list of other pop-culture icons.

This iconic style has thrived in nearly every decade since they were invented, and I have a feeling that won’t be changing anytime soon.  

10. Flat-top Frames

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Flat-top frames are flat across the top, creating a double bridge.Flat-top glasses offer a bold, futuristic look and make a big statement similar to oversized and thick-rimmed glasses.

If you have a round, oval, or oblong-shaped face, there’s a good shot you can pull off flat-top glasses. Though, without any curves, they can look a bit rigid in shape so try them on and see if they look good on you. Flat-top frames are a very conscious style choice and one that will receive ample attention.

I’d pair flat-top frames with dressier attire like a button-down, suit, or jacket. 

11. Aviator

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I’d be remiss not to include aviator-style glasses in this list. A rounded-rectangular frame commonly paired with metal temples, aviators were invented in the military and seamlessly integrated into civilian wear.

Ben Sherman Review Model on Staircase Wearing Ben Sherman Jacket

Invented even before wayfarer glasses, aviators were born in 1938 as a functional accessory that helped pilots see better in the ever-present sun high above the clouds. 

Soon, people realized that aviators served up a dashing style for pilots and non-pilots alike, and aviators began to take off (pun intended) across the country.

Where to Buy Quality Men’s Glasses

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You won’t come up short with a list of places to buy men’s glasses online. In fact, you’ll have to weed through pages of fluffy search results.

I like Eyebuydirect, a curated marketplace that carries hundreds of quality frames from tons of different eyewear brands. A good marketplace does most of the heavy lifting for you by filtering out the junk, narrowing down your selection, and leaving you with loads of stylish frames to pick from. It’s much less overwhelming. 

On EyeBuyDirect, you’ll find luxury eyewear makers like Ray-Ban and Oakley, but you’ll also be introduced to fresh styles and brands you’ve never seen before. This is perfect for guys who want to browse a range of shapes and styles and hone in on a few that suit them best.

One of my favorite individual glasses brands is Moscot, a family-owned glasses maker that’s been producing gorgeous, vintage-inspired frames in New York City since 1915. 

I only own one pair of Moscot eyeglasses as they come at a pretty primo price point, but if vintage frames suit your face and you’re willing to splurge on a unique pair, check them out.

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Eyebuydirect is our go-to online marketplace for sunglasses. They carry hundreds of quality frames from tons of different eyewear brands. You’ll find luxury eyewear makers like Ray-Ban and Oakley, but you’ll also be introduced to fresh styles and brands you’ve never seen before, which is perfect if you want to browse a range of shapes and styles and hone in on a few that suit you best.

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A sharp pair of glasses will elevate your style better than any other single accessory. 

Start by identifying your face shape to get an idea of what types of glasses will look good on you. After that, embrace one of these men’s glasses trends to achieve a sharp, modern look you can feel confident wearing. 

From vintage-inspired styles to clear frames and thick-rimmed glasses, there’s a style out there you probably haven’t tried yet that’s going to look dapper on you.

Eyebuydirect is a great place to get acquainted with a variety of men’s glasses styles, especially if you’re looking for vintage-inspired frames.


What kind of glasses are in style for 2022?

Lots of bigger, bolder frames are becoming popular in 2022 including oversized and thick-rimmed glasses. Vintage-inspired glasses are also remaining very popular.

What is the latest trend in men’s eyeglasses?

There are a few prominent trends in men’s eyeglasses in 2022, including vintage-inspired frames, round frames, and bigger and bolder styles like oversized and thick-rimmed glasses.

Are tortoiseshell glasses in style in 2022?

Yes, tortoiseshell glasses are an iconic pattern that have not gone out of style for decades and remain a popular style of glasses in 2022.

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