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Liverpool Los Angeles Review: Denim, California Style

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Last Updated: Feb 16, 2024
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Not quite sure if you’re ready to seal the deal with Liverpool Los Angeles? With so many denim brands out there, doing a little research before pulling out your credit card never hurt.

Our in-depth review of Liverpool LA’s most popular men’s items will show you everything you need to know before diving in.

A spot of England in LA
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Liverpool Los Angeles
Liverpool Los Angeles

Bottom line: Liverpool Los Angeles has a modest collection for men, but the focus on fit and quality in each piece is clear. They’ve hit a nice balance with the value they offer, making their clothes a great choice for adding a few casual staples to your wardrobe.

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  • The crew neck sweater fits well and is an excellent price
  • The Kingston jeans have enough taper to look structured, but are still relaxed
  • The Twill Joggers have a unique, modern style
  • Free two-day shipping in the continental US
  • Twill joggers only come in a 29 inseam, which is a bit short for anyone taller than 6’1”
  • Great pieces, but limited selection

What’s better than a perfectly fitted pair of jeans?

I guess hitting a half-time full court shot and winning a car is better, but that’s never happened to me and I doubt it’ll happen to you. 

So let’s just stick with the perfectly fitted jeans. Sound fair? 

I recently picked up a pair of jeans from Liverpool Los Angeles, along with their Twill Joggers and a new Crew Knit Sweater

After wearing them around town for the past few weeks, my verdict is in. Keep reading to get the whole scoop.

What Is Liverpool Los Angeles?

model walking down street wearing grey knit sweater from liverpool los angeles

Liverpool LA originally got their start in womenswear. After successfully dishing out denim for the ladies, they turned to menswear in 2018. Their focus is on fit first and offering on-trend pieces with high quality fabrics. 

Each piece is tested on a variety of different body shapes, meaning the new jeans you’re thinking about getting are designed to look good no matter what kind of size 32 you are (this is good to know, as I have large glutes—like prize watermelons). 

Another way of saying it is this: not all size mediums have the same body shape. But you can rest assured that anything you pick up from Liverpool has been iterated dozens of times to make sure it’s flattering, no matter your body type.

Things to Consider Before Buying Jeans from Liverpool Los Angeles

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Liverpool LA is a casual brand, and their jeans aren’t necessarily the slim structured and tapered type. Even their slim fits tend toward the casual and relaxed. 

The same goes for their men’s tops—there’s a little room left in the torso for a more chill vibe. 

That said, Liverpool isn’t as relaxed as a hacky-sack circle in upstate New York—their clothes embody the California ethos: hard work balanced with a nice dose of adventure and a break from the routine. 

Liverpool Los Angeles

Liverpool Los Angeles makes casual wardrobe staples with a focus on fit. Everything we tried was comfortable and laid back, but not too much.

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Liverpool Los Angeles Review

Kingston Modern Slim Vintage

model wearing lightwash blue liverpool jeans

I picked up the light wash Kingston jeans in their Modern Slim Straight cut. 

These jeans are made with 11.5oz denim, which is 99% cotton and 1% elastane or lycra. The weight of the denim is nice—it hits a nice all-season balance. It’s not so thin like 10oz summer jeans, but it’s also lightweight enough to wear when the weather is hot. 

The added stretch is a nice touch, and again, it’s not overdone so these jeans do a good job keeping their shape for several wears in a row. 

I’ve noticed that when the elastane count creeps up toward 3-4%, the jeans need to be washed fairly often so they don’t blow out. But that’s not the case with the Kingston. 

Liverpool Jeans lightwash blue michigan

I’m happy with the fit—it’s quite relaxed for a slim fit, which works well with the light Michigan wash. 

Even though we’re heading into winter as I’m writing this, my wardrobe lacks denim made for spring and summer, so I did something very unlike me and planned ahead. 

I’m glad I did, too, because the Michigan Wash Kingston is exactly what I look for in warm-weather denim. 

The fit has plenty of structure, but it’s not form-fitting. The denim is thick enough to have substance, but it’s relaxed and comfortable. The wash looks well-worn while still leaving enough color for me to make my imprint on the jeans. 

Liverpool Kingston Slim Straight Jeans

Slim through the thighs with a slight taper below the knee---these light wash jeans look broken in like old veterans.

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Crew Knit Sweater

model wearing minimalist nordgreen watch wearing Liverpool Jeans los angeles knit sweater grey

This Crew Knit Sweater stole the show, if I’m honest. Liverpool recently launched a small line of knit sweaters for guys, and I gave the Crew Neck a shot. 

I got a medium, and for my 6’1”, 190lb frame, it fits perfectly in the shoulders and chest. I’ve been wearing it too often since I got it. In the past three weeks, I’ve probably worn it nine or ten times—usually under a chore coat or jacket. That extra texture as a mid-layer just looks so dang good. 

The torso has a little extra room in it, so it has a billowing effect toward the waistband. I have mixed feelings about that, as I think it would look super crisp if the torso was more tapered. But Liverpool is really a relaxed company at heart, and their clothes reflect that. 

model in fall autumn setting wearing knit sweater grey liverpool los angeles

So the slight billowing keeps things chill while still adding some of that sophisticated texture to your outfit. 

It’s made with a cotton and technical fabric blend, which means it’ll keep its color quite well compared to a full cotton sweater. The technical fabric addition also reduces the shrinking (though the sweater still does shrink a bit on the first wash), and helps keep your sweater from sagging over time. 

I’m really happy with the Crew Knit. I’m trying not to wear it as often, as knits can be fickle and wear out quickly, but I haven’t been able to keep it in my closet for more than a day or two. 

Liverpool Crew Knit Sweater

It's been tough to give this sweater a rest since we got it. With an excellent structured fit through the shoulders and a more relaxed drape by the waist, this is an excellent pickup for the cooler months.

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Twill Jogger

liverpool los angeles twill joggers

I wanted to see if Liverpool LA could do a different style of pants well, so I picked up their Twill Jogger

I was a bit surprised to find that these joggers only come in a 29” inseam. As a 6’1” guy, 29” inseam is a bit short, but I was curious enough to give it a try. 

The brand did tell me that they’re moving to a 30” inseam starting in 2021. I don’t mind the 29” inseam, as it lends a unique style to the pants, but I think a 30” inseam will be more crowd-pleasing. 

model wearing liverpool los angeles olive joggers

The 29” inseam is it’s own style, and if you’re taller than 5’10”, you can expect these joggers to rest above your ankle. My joggers are a good two inches above my ankle. This, according to my wife, is how the blokes over in England wear their joggers. 

Liverpool Jeans los angeles twill joggers and grey sneakers Greats

The twill fabric is super soft and comfortable, which I love. The only joggers I have are all made purely with technical fabrics, which are great for working out and relaxing, but the Twill Joggers are a little more upscale. 

The acrylic button, belt loops, and cord drawstring definitely make this a more “dressy” jogger, if that makes sense. Another way of putting it is this: I wouldn’t wear this jogger for a workout. It’s strictly for those casual outfits you might wear out with your buds. 

Liverpool Twill Jogger

A little laid back, a little classy. The Twill Jogger from Liverpool is sort of like a mullet. And we mean that in a good way. With belt loops and nice chino fabric, but the same chill vibe you'd expect from joggers, the Twill Jogger shows that a blend of two great things makes for a winner.

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What do Other Reviewers Say About Liverpool Los Angeles?

Liverpool LA earns a 4.4-star rating on TrustSpot with over 2,000 reviews. A lot of reviewers mention how easy the site is to navigate, which is true. Clean online storefronts are often taken for granted, but we’ve all shopped at those stores where every click takes you on a long journey you never wanted to go on. 

My Thoughts Overall On Liverpool Los Angeles

What I Like

  • The Crew Knit Sweater is my favorite piece—it fits well and the quality is excellent.

  • The Kingston jeans are tapered enough to be flattering, but still look relaxed.

  • The Twill Joggers are unique and contemporary.

  • Free two-day shipping in the continental US is tough to beat. 

What I Don’t Like

  • Liverpool’s Twill Joggers only come in a 29” inseam, so they don’t reach the ankle on anyone taller than 5’10”.

  • The men’s selection is still limited, but the pieces I got are great. 

Who is Liverpool Los Angeles for?

Liverpool LA hit the balance between upscale and relaxed. If you’re the kind of guy who puts effort into his casual wardrobe, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, Liverpool is a good brand to check out.

The Verdict

I’m excited to see Liverpool LA expand their men’s line. The three pieces I tried from the brand all balance the luxury feel you’d expect in higher-end clothes with laid-back casual style. 

The price for each piece is fair. None of the clothes I got (or saw when browsing) were stand-out statement pieces, and that’s fine. 

Liverpool is the kind of brand I’d look to again for a high-quality staple at a reasonable price.

Fit is king with this brand. And they did a great job. 

I’ve been wearing the Crew Knit Sweater almost every day since it showed up. I would’ve liked to try the Twill Joggers in a 32” inseam, but even at 29” they have a unique style that’s fun to rock from time to time, and the light wash Kingston jeans are an excellent relaxed compliment to my denim collection.

Liverpool Los Angeles

Liverpool Los Angeles makes casual wardrobe staples with a focus on fit. Everything we tried was comfortable and laid back, but not too much.

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Should you buy a size down in jeans?

Jeans with a lot of lycra or elastane (3% or more) will stretch considerably with each wear, so in those cases, it’s a good idea to size down one inch. But it’s generally a good idea to get your true size in any 98% cotton (or greater) pair of jeans.