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An overly active inkslinger with a touch of self-proclaimed style and an affinity for dark roast coffee. I believe, like the color black, being a gentleman never quite goes out of fashion.
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3 Best Watch Subscription Boxes in 2022: Monthly Wrist Candy

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How to Clear Your Mind: 7 Effective Methods for Men

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7 Things Men Should Do Every Night: The Best Nighttime Routine For Men

Gents, here’s the secret. To wake up with a refreshed mind and body, you need a solid nighttime routine. These are the top 7 things men should do every night.

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Ben Sherman Review: Does This British Classic Still Hold Up?

Ben Sherman is an ever-evolving British brand that’s lasted the ages. Read our hands-on Ben Sherman review and find out if they’re still worth your attention.

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Freedom Grooming Review: The Bald Man’s New Best Friend?

Bald guys, lean in. Does the end-all, be-all waterproof head shaver really exist? Read our hands-on Freedom Grooming review below to find out.

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5 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands: Produce Less Waste, Stylishly

So much of what we buy today comes from dubious beginnings. To get away from that, we put together a list of the best sustainable clothing brands out there.

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How to Style Men’s Rain Boots: Look Sharp and Bring on the Downpour

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and the old man is snoring. But you know what you’re doing? You’re walking out there like a total champ. Here’s how.

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5 Best Sustainable Sneakers: Bounce Around in Environmentally-conscious Kicks

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tentree Review: Can Sustainable Apparel Be Comfortable?

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5 Best Vans Alternatives in 2022: Shoes Like Vans, But Better

Vans are great until your toe busts through the canvas top. There are better options out there, and we gathered them all together and put them in this list.

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Do Mood-Influencing Wearables Affect Your Sleep? This Study May Surprise You

Do wearables help or hinder your sleep cycle? A new study just came out that suggest there are some pretty profound effects of wearing a device to bed.

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How to Style Shorts: The Complete 2022 Guide For Modern Men

Shorts and flip flops are comfortable, but you’re not going to be turning any heads. Here’s how to style shorts so you can look classy and stay comfy.