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What Does OOTD Mean? The Most Popular Instagram Style Hashtags Explained

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You want to look your best every day, and a big part of meeting that goal means not looking like you just woke up in 1902.

So naturally, you’re checking Instagram for the latest classic men’s style inspiration, and you notice every second post branded with #OOTD.

What’s it all mean, Sonny? With new internet abbreviations popping up every day like mushrooms, is it even worth the bother to keep track? 

In this case, the answer is yes—but don’t worry. We’re here to help keep you in touch with the latest lingo. Read on to hear our simple but thorough explanation.  

What Is OOTD?

OOTD is a term that has broad use across lifestyle blogs of all kinds. Although OOTD is a term specifically related to fashion, it is also used in travel blogging.

Normal users of Instagram search the hashtag OOTD to get inspired about new outfits by the influencers they trust the most.

But OOTD isn’t just limited to influencers. Plenty of brands, like Zara, H&M, and ASOS, use the hashtag to show up more in searches and influence modern-day fashion.

Other Acronyms for Style Photos On Instagram

Here are some of the most common other Instagram style hashtag acronyms:

  • #al: Affordable luxury. 
  • #moda: Not an abbreviation, this is actually a foreign word. Similar to the French mode, Moda in Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish means “fashion.” For European brands, this is an extremely common hashtag.
  • #bhfyp: Another widely used hashtag for brands and influencers, #bhfyp stands for “best hashtag for you.” Uploading a photo to the site best-hashtags.com allows the site’s algorithm to determine the best hashtags for your post. This is a way to gain followers. If someone uses the service, #bhfyp will appear last in their hashtags.
  • #wiwt: What I wore today: this is a variant of #ootd, but it is far less popular. At the time of writing this article, #ootd was featured in over 371 million posts, while #wiwt was featured in just over 71 million.
  • #ootw: Occasionally bloggers will photo dump many pictures of outfits with the hashtag OOTW. OOTW means outfit of the week. Fashion bloggers use it to show their followers what they plan to wear in the upcoming week.
  • #ootn: Outfit of the night. For influencers more into the party/nightlife scene, this hashtag comes up quite frequently.

Stay in the Loop

Knowing what various hashtags mean will keep you in the loop of current trends and help you in the development of your own personal style and influence. 

If you’re looking to begin an influencer career or style blog like this one, hashtags will be fundamental to your work.

Understanding how they work, and how they vibe with your posts, can push you from a friends-and-family micro-influencer to a mega-influencer with sponsorship deals and more.

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What does OOTD mean in texting?

OOTD is an acronym that stands for “outfit of the day.” 

OOTD in texting is probably referring to the hashtag’s use on Instagram or is used as a shorthand way to discuss what the sender will be wearing on that particular day.

What is National OOTD Day?

June 30th of every year is national OOTD day. It’s a day to showcase the best of your wardrobe for your friends, family, and followers.

Who started OOTD?

Although it is something of a chicken-and-egg situation, we can attribute the popularity and breadth of the OOTD hashtag to OOTD Magazine. Their initial Instagram took a lesser-known internet hashtag and blew it up to the massive popularity it enjoys today.

As far as National OOTD day, the history is a little clearer. Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules fame invented National OOTD day in 2018 as a way of celebrating her favorite Instagram hashtag.

What does WIWT mean?

WIWT is an internet hashtag that stands for “what I wore today.” It is commonly used on social media sites like Instagram for influencers and non-influencers alike to showcase the outfit they wore on a particular day.

While WIWT is a very popular hashtag in its own right, it is much less popular than OOTD (outfit of the day). Why? We can’t be sure, but one aspect of WIWT is the personal pronoun “I.” While brands and influencers alike can use OOTD to influence fashion trends, WIWT is a little more limited in scope, as it only applies to personal accounts.

Another difference between WIWT and OOTD is that WIWT is in the past tense and OOTD could be the present or future. The fact that WIWT is in the past could be another contributing factor to its lesser popularity in comparison to OOTD.