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best youtube channels for men

17 Best YouTube Channels For Men

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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YouTube has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

Thirteen years after being founded in a cramped office above a San Mateo pizzeria, the platform is now publishing a staggering 300 hours of footage every single minute.

Most of it is garbage.

But among the limitless collection of disastrous amateur videos there exist a select few gems. And the men’s lifestyle niche is certainly no different.

Rather than force you to find them yourself, we’ve carefully curated a list of what we think are the 17 best YouTube channels for men.

Let’s do it.

Best Men’s Fashion YouTube Channels

The Adult Man

You understand, right? Of course we think we’re making top-notch YouTube content for you guys, so we have to put ourselves first. The Adult Man produces reviews, style guides, and a few life advice videos peppered in for good measure.

When we’re not busy recommending ourselves or accepting compliments directed at others, we’re watching these other 16 superstars.


While the BootSpy YouTube channel is a little more specialized (it’s focused entirely on men’s boots and footwear), this channel has over 100 reviews and guides all about how to find the best pair of boots for your style and needs.

We all know that a great pair of boots is a critical part of any guy’s wardrobe, so don’t settle for anything less that the best. William will get you there.

Alpha M

Aaron Marino, A.K.A Alpha M, is a certifiable top gun in the world of men’s fashion. Boasting a whopping 4 million subscribers, he’s also the most watched industry icon on the planet.

Expect to find a seemingly endless array of videos containing useful fashion and grooming advice. Each is presented in an engaging and informative way. Humor, personal anecdotes, and a willingness to take on taboo topics in a cheeky manner define his unique style.

Real Men Real Style

With over 200,000 subscribers and 360 videos to its name, Real Men Real Style delivers the same great content on their YouTube channel that fans are accustomed to receiving through the website.

Above all else, the group focuses on providing highly detailed and actionable information for men to use in their everyday life.

The Modest Man

We can’t all be Herculean Gods. No matter how much time we spend pumping iron at the gym, the reality is genetics can and will come into play.

This is where 5’6” Brock McGoff shines. His humble stature combined with an impeccable sense of style affords this “Modest Man” the credibility to dish out engaging and informational style advice to the vertically challenged among us.

The Gentleman’s Gazette

One for the more sophisticated gentleman, Gentleman’s Gazette has been showcasing the best of refined men’s style since the site launched in 2010.

High-end accessories are the star of the show, in line with founder Sven Schneider’s distinctly upmarket personal style.

But it’s not all about expensive tastes. You’ll find a plethora of flashy and enlightening how-to guides among his hundreds of videos as well.

Teaching Men’s Fashion

TMF is all about—you guessed it—teaching us dudes how to dress.

Started by two brothers back in 2012, the channel is an uber-rich source of info for how and where to shop. It’s also a fantastic resource for getting updates on the freshest trends as they hit the shelves at well known stores each season.

José Zuniga presents a range of passionate tutorials on workouts as well as skin and hair care take the focus away from apparel into other aspects of looking your best.

Mayank Bhattacharya

Hailing from the subcontinent, Mayank Bhattacharya is the main man in Indian style advice on YouTube.

Some of his content may feel a little foreign to audiences outside the region, although his strong contingent of loyal followers makes this exceptionally dapper dude worthy of a mention nonetheless.

Expect to find anything from style advice to motivational speeches on his popular YouTube channel.


Founded by superstar celebrity stylist Ashley Weston, this channel serves as her outlet to share fashion tips to an audience outside of the Hollywood walk of fame.

Ashley has worked for some of the biggest names in the business, which just goes to show sometimes all you need is a woman’s touch.

Gent’s Lounge

With a focus on the needs of the modern day man, Gent’s Lounge is fast becoming a go-to source for contemporary fashion advice.

Expect to find actionable how-to’s such as the best way to drink whiskey and smoke cigars amidst a surplus of style advice.

Tanner Guzy

Tanner Guzy takes a different approach which makes him a worthy YouTuber in of itself.

Instead of simply preaching how to dress, his videos examine how life goals can affect one’s stylistic preferences and—conversely—how such preferences can help them achieve said goals.

Philosophical, to say the least.

Best Men’s Hair & Grooming YouTube Channels

Slikhaar TV

The brainchild of two fashion-conscious twins, you may have trouble telling the stars of Slikhaar TV apart at times.

You won’t, however, run out of handy hairstyling advice.

These two are at the top of their game in terms of promoting up-and-coming trends. Product reviews and conditioning tips are all par for the course.


BeardBrand is for facial hair what Slikhaar is for hair – a one stop shop for all your beard related needs.

Learn how to properly eat and drink with a beard, as well as view a multitude of educational grooming and lifestyle tips.

Jordan O’Brien

Keen to look like a million bucks on a budget? Jordan O’Brien is all about teaching men how to look sharp without breaking the bank.

From formal chic to casual wear, to hair and grooming, his meticulously edited seasonal videos prove that it can be affordable to emulate Hollywood style.

As he says on his bio, “Subscribe and stay dapper. Or don’t.”

Jeremy Fragrance

German native Jeremy Fragrance provides a tonne of handy fashion advice on his popular channel, most of which revolve around the masculine aromas of men’s cologne.

He even won a Fragrance Foundation Award for Best Consumer Choice Blog, a testament to his passion for the finer smells in life.

Best Men’s Lifestyle YouTube Channels

Alex Costa

From downtown L.A., Alex Costa dishes out weekly videos to his million-plus subscribers covering the latest in men’s fashion, hairstyle and fitness advice.

You’ll also catch the odd unboxing video or two from this self-proclaimed tech nerd.

Drew Scott

Fellow Los Angeles fashion vlogger Drew Scott is all about showcasing sweet deals from thrift shops and budget fashion outlets to his out-and-proud local fans.

Other topics he touches on include living in a loft and how to prep for a fabulous weekend away.


There you have it. 17 fun and enlightening YouTube channels which cover all aspects of the men’s fashion and lifestyle niche.

Check out a few of our suggestions and don’t forget to hit subscribe if one of these vloggers resonate with your personal style.