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STITCH Golf Review: From Links to Drinks

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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You may have seen the younger golfers on tour using STITCH head covers, but is the brand just a fashion fad? Sure, their stuff looks nice, but to be practical, it has to hold up to the wear and tear of 18 holes.

For our review we picked up the STITCH SL1 golf bag and a few polos to see if the hype is earned.

Fashion for golfers
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Bottom line: STITCH Golf makes premium bags, covers, and clothes. The quality and the price reflect that, so if a retro-style and modern fit gives you a boost of confidence, it’s worth the investment.

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  • SL1 golf bag is super light and excellent for walking golfers
  • Minimal pocket design with an insulated compartment for frosty beverages
  • Leather club cover is fun, stylish, and water-resistant
  • Extra length on the polo, plus breathable, stretchy, and comfortable fabric
  • Unnecessarily confusing sizing on the polos

What was my first golf game like? 

Honestly, pretty similar to my first time I ever fooled around with a member of the opposite sex. 

Lots of awkward swinging, completely missing the mark, getting it right once but then knocking out a gopher, and finally leaving with tears of frustration. 

Who else is with me? 

Nobody? Seriously? Fine. 

I’m not going to pretend like my golf game is so much better now, but it definitely seems better after I’ve had two beers. 

As a self-professed stylish guy, I was curious about STITCH—the golf apparel brand that claims to help you Dress Your Game. 

I picked up their popular SL1 bag, a head cover, and a few of their polos. So what did I think? Keep reading for my full review. 


STITCH started in 2011 with stylish leather head covers. Some of the designs are far from what you’d expect out on the green. 

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The brand has a rolling limited edition lineup of premium quality leather head covers that absolutely stand out.

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As STITCH has grown in popularity, especially among younger tour golfers, they’ve dipped their toes into specialty golf bags, travel bags, and apparel. 

Expect bright and bold colors with this golf brand—it’s best if you don’t take yourself too seriously, either. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Golf Apparel from STITCH

STITCH is a premium apparel brand and both the quality and price reflect that. 

If your first priority is getting what you need for the cheapest possible price, STITCH may not be the right brand for you. After all, there are cheaper bags and shirts out on the market. 

That said, if you get a boost of confidence from putting on some fresh clothes and stepping out with a stylish bag, STITCH has fused the golf game and the fashion game well.

Now, we’re not talking about pure diva fashionista level stuff—but the cool, retro-style apparel with a classic look and a modern fit. 


STITCH Golf makes premium bags, covers, and clothes. The quality and the price reflect that, so if a retro-style and modern fit gives you a boost of confidence, it’s worth the investment.


STITCH SL1 Golf Bag Review

Stitch Golf

STITCH has two bag models available, the SL1 and the SL2. 

The SL1 is the simpler of the two and features a single-strap construction. There’s a single compartment large enough to carry a standard set of 14 clubs and a rangefinder.

If you need a lot of extra pockets and compartments in your bag due to excessive gadgetry, note that there are only four pockets on this bag: two large pockets on the sides long enough to fit a sleeve of balls, and two smaller pockets facing upward. 

Stitch Golf 5

But what drew me to this bag was the vintage style and modern look. Sometime in the early 2000s, bags became overloaded with mesh pockets, subpockets, miniature subpockets inside the subpockets—too much. 

When you whiff on a drive and take a chunk out of the grass, the last thing you want to do is fumble through six zippers to find your divot tool. 

Stitch Golf 4

And the SL1 doesn’t have a lot of nooks and crannies, which is part of its appeal to me. 

One of the pockets is insulated, so you can keep a beer frosty for 18-holes. It’d be a lie of omission if I didn’t also say that was a big selling point for me, too. 

But if you enjoy advanced pocket-technology and marvel at how many divisions people can think up, the STITCH SL1 won’t blow your mind. 

Stitch Golf 6

It’s a very light bag at 57 ounces. The weight, coupled with the easy-on single strap makes this an excellent choice for walking golfers. 

STITCH makes both their bag models from their proprietary Touring Fabric, which is designed to have the strength and durability of genuine leather. But unlike leather, it’s lightweight and waterproof.

Stitch Golf 3

I’m a fan of the stand-legs—the bag is very easy to stand up and the legs automatically fold back into the bag when I pick it up. 

For a bag that’s designed to be a simple pick-up-and-go, STITCH hits the mark with the SL1


Built lightweight for speed and minimal distractions. The SL1 golf bag from STITCH is a callback to the golf bag's of yesteryear. You know, back when things were simple.

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STITCH Leather Golf Club Cover Review

Stitch Golf 7

STITCH started with distinctive club covers, and they have an extensive range of fun styles, so I had to pick one up for myself. 

I chose one of their more tame options: a grey, white, and black camouflage leather cover.

The leather is supple and treated with a water and stain-resistant coating so even if the sprinklers turn on in the middle of your putt, you won’t damage the head-cover. 

It was a tough choice going with the camo—I really liked all their leather cover styles; especially the Roadster. 

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The cover has two elastic stitches on the underside which helps keep the cover secure on any club, including your drivers and woods. 

STITCH Leather Head Cover

STITCH's original. These premium leather head covers are unique and durable. Stand out on the course. Not literally, though. Unless you're getting ready to swing.

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STITCH Golf Shirt Review

Stitch Golf 11

STITCH may have started with club covers, but they’ve been making headway into apparel, too. I picked up two of their technical fabric polos to try out. 

The polos are made with 95% polyester and 5% spandex, so they have excellent stretch and sweat-wicking properties. I’ve been enjoying how cool these shirts stay in the North Carolina summer. 

Stitch Golf 14

The brand has a strange variety of sizing options, including a size ML or Medium-Large. I consider myself right between a medium and large for most brands that I try, and I normally get by with a size medium. 

When I first saw the ML size, I thought it would be perfect for me. But it’s definitely a large size. The ML sizing is a bit misleading, and I recommend it if you’re normally a size L. I have to assume that the L is an XL, the XL a size XXL, and so on. 

Stitch Golf 15

Other than that gripe, the fit is forgiving for golfers. There’s extra length through the torso which is nice and the sleeves come down beyond the biceps. 

Stitch Golf 13

The color options are simple with several horizontal stripe and stylish patterns available. 

STITCH Polo Shirts

STITCH polos are made with technical fabrics that are sweat-wicking, breathable, stretchy, and comfortable. Each shirt is made with a little extra length to keep you covered all the way through your backswing.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say About STITCH?

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STITCH is building a big pool of avid fans. They boast over 2,500 reviews with a 4.9-star average rating. The club head covers are still their most popular item, but more and more people seem to be ditching their overcrowded heavy golf bags in favor of STITCH’s light modern minimalist SL1.

My Thoughts Overall On STITCH

What I Like

  • The SL1 golf bag is an excellent light-weight bag for walking golfers.

  • I love the insulated pocket which will keep your water (or beer) nice and frosty.

  • Quality leather and stylish look for the club cover. 

  • The polo is made with comfortable breathable fabric and has extra length in the torso.

What I Don’t Like

  • The shirt sizing has unnecessary complication with the “ML” size, which is just a Large. 

Who is STITCH for?

STITCH is for the stylish golfer. Now, I’m not saying you have to be a fashionista, but the brand carries all the staples with a modern twist.

The Verdict

If you spend any decent amount of time out on the links, you’re probably interested in looking and feeling your best out there. 

STITCH does a good job updating classic golf staples like polos and bags with technical fabrics and modern style. 

I’m a big fan of the SL1 bag—it’s lightweight and minimal. The last thing you need when you’re lining up a putt is unnecessary distractions. The SL1 is super simple and easy to carry along for a full 18 holes.

The leather club cover is distinctive and definitely lends a fashionable edge to my golf game. 

The polos are really comfortable and I love that they’re made with stretchy and cooling technical fabrics. But I felt their M-ML-L sizing was confusing. I picked up the Medium-Large, but it fits like a Large. 

STITCH can’t help you stay out of the sand-traps all day, but they can at least help you look and feel good next time you’re hacking away.


STITCH Golf makes premium bags, covers, and clothes. The quality and the price reflect that, so if a retro-style and modern fit gives you a boost of confidence, it’s worth the investment.