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TexTale Review: I Put Their Technical Basics to the Test

Matt Gulielmi

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Last Updated: Mar 12, 2024
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After some wear, your shirts, polos, and hoodies are holding up alright. They’re basics, after all. Can you really expect more?

Without a first line of defense, basics spiral into mediocrity. That’s why I tried out a T-shirt, polo, and hoodie from TexTale to see if their solution-oriented technology can rid closet staples of the “basics” punchline, to see if their basics hold up to scrutiny. 

Technical basics that hold up
The Adult Man Image/Icon

Bottom line: I didn’t think a white tee could resist the stains of dark cola until I discovered TexTale. The _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie and _FRESH Stain-Repel Tee are comfy, high-quality, and easy to care for thanks to EasyClean™ fabric. The _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo lives up to its name, but it’s stronger as a workout top than the do-it-all polo TexTale designed it to be.

Ratings: The Adult Man Image/Icon  Design The Adult Man Image/Icon  Quality of Materials The Adult Man Image/Icon  Value for Money The Adult Man Image/Icon  Craftsmanship The Adult Man Image/Icon  Customer Service
  • Water-repellent EasyClean™ fabrics avoid unsightly stains even on light-colored garments
  • BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo handles humid conditions with breathable fabric that doesn’t cling to odors
  • Optional multi-packs save money if you choose to stock up What I Don’t Like:
  • The _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo wants to be casual but looks like an athletic top

After some thinking, I’ve come to the realization that my favorite basic items of clothing have succumbed to my carelessness.

T-shirts stained with god knows what.

Even my nice tennis whites, hung next to my other clean polos, are now stinking up the place.

It was time for a liquidation, but I had no clue what to replenish my wardrobe with.

I hadn’t heard of TexTale, but they have a ton of positive reviews. Buying into their technical fabrics seemed like the proactive thing to do.

So, I performed a mass burial of my old basics and grabbed the _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo, _FRESH Stain-Repel Tee, and _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie to see if they’re respectable successors.

What Is TexTale?

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Started by a factory that has been making apparel for other brands for decades, TexTale aims to fix the usual apparel pitfalls: stains, wrinkles, and discomfort.

Celebrity endorsements and Times Square billboards aren’t their thing. The real hype is their laboratory-grade fabric development. TexTale is quite multilingual – their offices are in Hong Kong, Chicago, and Vancouver, with Design Lab based in Japan. Their fabric sourcing comes from Australia and Austria, and production takes place in mainland China.

Their “TexTech” fabrics are custom-made and feature anti-odor, moisture-wicking, or liquid-repelling properties, depending on the item.

Screenshot 2023 12 05 162617
Source: TexTale

Plus, they have a top-notch factory that has experience in producing clothing for luxury brands and with over 30 years in the game, ensuring every piece is top quality.

All TexTale products have obtained the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification(one of the most well-known labels worldwide for checking harmful substances). It means that every thread, button, and other accessories have been tested for harmful substances, ensuring that the product is safe for human ecology.

For things like tees, polos, and underwear, there’s strength in numbers. TexTale gets this, which is why you can buy most of their products in multi-packs to save money.

Things to Consider Before Buying

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie Sitting with Dog 800px 1

One of the key aspects of TexTale is their in-house fabric innovation lab “TexLab”. TexTale partners with top-notch fabric material companies to ensure they have the capabilities to develop “TexTech” fabrics. 

Depending on your lifestyle, it’s worth checking out the purpose of each to see which will add the most value. The TexTech fabrics are:


Inspired by the self-cleaning surface of lotus leaves, EasyClean™ combines American cotton and TENCEL modal from Austria.

Like the tropical plants, any fluid that comes in contact with EasyClean fabric slides right off. If work or cooking often results in unsightly stains, the hydrophobic surface will prevent any confusion as you wonder how your shirt got so dirty.


TexTale teamed up with one of Japan’s largest textile manufacturers, Toyobo, in 2020 to create the ‘Perfect Blend’ fabric that stays fresh and odor-free. It’s a comfy mix of 47% cotton, 45% polyester, and 8% viscose.

This anti-odor fabric is ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle, sweat frequently, or live in humid areas, as the synthetic blend wicks away moisture that helps bacteria thrive.


TexTale is all about comfortable and eco-friendy apparel with a strict focus on fabric, craftsmanship, and design. And it shows---they've become an insider go-to for us here at TAM for basics.

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My Hands-On Review

_BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo

The Adult Man TexTale BREEZ Anti Odor Polo Plastic Snap Buttons

According to TexTale, The _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo is designed for comfort in July Miami heat.

I guess South Florida is the only place to run a proper test, so that’s where I went.

The _BREEZ Polo manages moisture better than a plumber with 5 stars on Yelp.

The one-way moisture-wicking fabric is no gimmick. I tested it during a humid day on the tennis courts, and despite breaking a sweat, I remained comfortably dry. It resisted any sweat marks even with the fabric being almost 50% cotton.

Even after three hours of hitting, the _BREEZ Polo didn’t stink. I could tell it’d been worn, but it wasn’t eye-wateringly offensive like my 100% polyester shirts can be.

It wasn’t until I put it through another two hours of exercise that I noticed any stink, but it was mild.

The fit is described as classic, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s not overly snug, but also not baggy. 

The Adult Man TexTale BREEZ Anti Odor Polo Fabric Texture

TexTale claims the sleeves the _BREEZ has fitted sleeves, but I still had some wiggle room near the bicep. If I sized down to a medium, it’d still look great around the torso, but with more arm definition.

The fabric is 47% cotton, 45% polyester, and 8% viscose. TexTale makes big claims calling it the “Perfect Blend,” so they’ve forced me to put it through the ringer.

A double-layered pique weave gives the shirt a nice quilted look–certainly more exciting than flat synthetic polos.

While I love the visual effect, the _BREEZ looks more like an athletic shirt than a casual shirt. The cotton provides plush softness, but it’s not enough to overpower the sporty appearance of polyester and viscose.

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The plastic snap buttons aren’t my cup of tea. They feel cheap, so I wish TexTale had sprung for a higher-quality traditional button. Using them takes me back to my childhood dress shirts before I had the dexterity for regular buttons.

Pre-shrinking is another thoughtful feature. I’ve washed this shirt multiple times, expecting some shrinkage. (A common issue with my cotton shirts.) But it’s stayed true to size, fitting just as well as it did when it arrived.

Despite all of its pre-shrunk glory, I recommend hang drying when possible. TexTale put a branded rubber applique near the bottom hem, and I noticed some peeling after a few spins, but they’re currently working on creating new materials.

The Adult Man TexTale BREEZ Anti Odor Polo Playing Tennis

I’ve reviewed enough tech polos to outfit the entire PGA, and the _BREEZ truly delivers on its anti-odor title. It’s rather sporty for an everyday polo, but with breathable fabric, a printed tag, and a sleek fit, it’s a solid workout partner.

TexTale _BREEZ Anti Odor Polo

Featuring one way moisture wicking technique fabric and screen printed labels (no stabby tabs), the _BREEZ Anti Odor Polo is built with comfort in mind. I love the soft feel, and the odor-free fabric technology means this shirt stays smelling fresh no matter what.

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Arctic Contrast T-Shirt (Regular Fit) 3-Pack

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Stain Repel Tee Straight On Fit

TexTale knows that with basics, it’s best to stock up. Their Arctic Contrast 3-Pack is a trio of their _FRESH Stain-Repel Tee.

Around $50 gets you one tee, but you can save almost $60 with a 3-pack.

Have you ever watched a nature documentary capturing life in the wetlands? A British man narrates the spectacle of water as it glides over the leaves of a lotus plant.

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Stain Repel Tee Printed Logo

The _FRESH Stain-Repel Tee was designed with these hydrophobic plants in mind.

I could’ve tested the EasyClean™ fabric with plain old water. But the specialty fabric stands proud as part of their TexTech fabric lineup.

In what seemed like a miracle, a heaping swig of my favorite diet cola danced right off of the white fabric.

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Stain Repel Tee Pouring Cola

A quick dab with a napkin and the shirt looked as good as new. No stain, no trace, just like that. Impressive, especially for someone prone to spills.

The fabric blend is something I’ve been curious about: 50% cotton and 50% TENCEL™ Modal. It’s heavier at 240g/sqm, which I initially thought might be too much. But the weight adds a premium feel without being bulky or uncomfortable, perfect for those slightly cooler evenings.

We’ve all had shirts that lose their shape after a few wears, but the durable ribbed neckline on this shirt has held up. No warping or sagging, even after a few washes.

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Stain Repel Tee Collar

And speaking of washing, just like my previous TexTale shirt, this one is pre-shrunk, so no surprises after laundry day.

The straight fit is perfect. Not too tight, not too loose. It’s versatile enough for casual outings or a smart-casual dress code at the office.

And those irritating tags on the back of the neck? Gone.

The screen-printed labels are a thoughtful touch, eliminating any itchiness or discomfort.

The Adult Man TexTale BREEZ Anti Odor Polo Corner Logo

In terms of care, it’s easy enough to maintain. Because it’s 50% cotton, I still wash my white _FRESH Tee in a bleached load, as washing it with anything else risks discoloration. If you pick up a colored version, a cold load with darks will be just fine.

The _FRESH Stain Repel Tee is a beast. The heavyweight, straight-fit construction drapes beautifully over jeans or shorts, and the anti-stain treatment is shockingly legit. Plus, with a lucrative bundling deal, I struggle to find a reason not to make this my new signature tee.

Arctic Contrast 3-Pack
TexTale _FRESH Stain Repel Tee

A welcome addition to anyone's capsule wardrobe, the Stain Repel Tee features EasyClean™ hydrophobic fabric technology inspired by lotus leaves. This means stains and spills quite literally just roll right off. Perfect to keep you looking fresh and clean no matter what.

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_FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie Standing With Dog

After testing the _FRESH Stain-Repel Tee, I was sure the _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie would be just as terrifying to any droplets trying to ruin my day.

Just to be sure, I gave my _FRESH Hoodie a drizzle, and yep, the EasyClean™ repelled water like the wrong end of a magnet.

The blend of 65% cotton and 35% Loycell gives it a soft, luxurious feel. The inner layer of SilkySoft™ fabric has a terry-like weave that reminds me of hotel towels. Snuggly, but not absorbent.

It’s heavier than your average hoodie, but in a way that screams quality, not bulk. And despite its weight, it’s surprisingly breathable, making it a solid choice for dewy sessions in the gym.

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie Pouring Water

The hidden pockets are a nifty feature, especially for someone like me who uses the cargo space but hates a front pocket looking like Santa’s sack of toys.

They’re also angled downward, which makes it harder for objects to fall out during activity.

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie Drawstrings

The _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie is perfect except for one minor thing: The drawstring. Maybe I’m splitting hairs, but they’re long enough to get in the way while jogging.

Putting on and taking off this hoodie is easy, thanks to the 3D-cut drape collar. It’s a small but significant feature that makes a big difference, especially when I’m in a hurry.

If your hair gets messed up like mine, the collar avoids that, too.

I’ve spent over $200 on designer hoodies with only a front graphic to show for it. All of this for around $120 with TexTale makes me cringe at my past decisions. They also have a romantic matching bundle, where you get two hoodies with embroidery “Hubby” and “Wifey” on the sleeves. 

The Adult Man TexTale FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie Sitting with Dog

I’m completely okay with a basic, cotton pullover, but the _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie exposed me to what a state-of-the-art hoodie can be. I knew TexTale had water resistance down, but the heavyweight fabric, SilkySoft™ comfort, and no-show pockets made it even better.

TexTale _FRESH Rain Repel Hoodie

Featuring the same EasyClean™ hydrophobic fabric technology as the _FRESH Stain Repel Tee, this hoodie repels water like the wrong end of a magnet. It feels durable and high-quality but is still surprisingly breathable. Perfect for braving the elements or sweating it out in the gym.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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Like I said in the opening, the sheer volume of reviews drew me in. Let’s take it to the play-by-play, each recorded at the time of writing:

The Arctic Contrast 3-Pack has a 4.8/5 star average across 928 reviews. Customers love how these shirts fit snugly to show off their muscles, and they’re big fans of the tagless, high-quality design.

Based on 394 reviews, The _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo has a 4.7/5 star average.

Folks like the solid feel and the fact it retains shape and color after washing. Like me, many reviewers find the anti-odor, breathable design to be helpful as a workout shirt.

And that rubber logo? One reviewer was left with “TexTal” after the “E” fell off.

As for the _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie, it’s mostly love: 4.8/5 stars between 864 reviews.

People find it super comfy and are all about the water resistance. The only hitch seems to be the sizing, as it’s a bit loose for some. But overall, it’s a favorite for comfort and style.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The EasyClean™ treatment is the most effective water-repellant design I’ve ever encountered.
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo keeps me cool during intense outdoor activities.
  • The 240g/sqm weight of the _FRESH Stain Repel Tee drapes gorgeously without a bulky look.
  • A robust collar and printed inside tag avoid any discomfort near my neck while wearing the _FRESH Stain Repel Tee.
  • Hidden pockets on the _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie look cleaner than a stitched exterior pocket.
  • TexTale offers bundle packs on most of their products that actually save a decent chunk of change.

What I Don’t Like

  • Despite its general purpose, the _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo has a look better suited for active settings.
  • The _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie’s long drawstrings get in the way during workouts.

Who Is TexTale For?

TexTale delivers value for three different types.

For guys who want elevated basics without elevated costs, TexTale’s multi-packs offer technical apparel at a value.

For anyone who’s ever spilled coffee on their way to work or found themselves caught in an unexpected rain shower, their EasyClean™ technology is your new best friend.

And for fitness enthusiasts or those living in warmer climates, TexTale’s Anti-Odor line is a game-changer.

The Verdict

Honestly, I was skeptical about TexTale at first. There’s no shortage of brands who claim they’ve cracked the code for stains, perspiration, and a universal fit.

And above all else, I hadn’t heard of them before.

That was until I tested the EasyClean™ fabric. I’ve never seen a white tee deflect dark cola without permanent stains. You might think I’d only wear the _FRESH Stain Repel Tee for messy kitchen prep, but I can’t reserve its sleek fit to the kitchen.

The _BREEZ Anti-Odor Polo leans too athletic for my business casual outfits. If I’m trying to impress with looks and technique on the tennis courts, it’s the first garment I reach for. I’d be greedy if I asked for more than anti-odor, moisture-wicking fabric.

I’m most eager to keep wearing the _FRESH Rain-Repel Hoodie. Whether I’m pumping iron, traveling, or taking it easy on Sunday morning, deep, hidden pockets, terry-like fabric, and a water-repellant outside are good for them all.

I’ve spent more on tees, polos, and hoodies that pale in comparison. For stylish and comfortable basics with seemingly extraterrestrial tech, you can bet I’ll be forking over more cash soon.


TexTale is all about comfortable and eco-friendy apparel with a strict focus on fabric, craftsmanship, and design. And it shows---they've become an insider go-to for us here at TAM for basics.

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What is TexTech fabric?

TexTech fabrics are any of TexTale’s proprietary fabrics. EasyClean, inspired by lotus leaves, combines 50% cotton and 50% TENCEL™, repelling liquids and preventing stains easily.

Their Anti-Odor fabric, a collaboration with Toyobo, Japan, blends 47% cotton, 45% polyester, and 8% viscose. Ideal for active lifestyles, it wicks moisture, reduces odor, and keeps you fresh.

Is Tencel fabric better than cotton?

Tencel, derived from wood cellulose, excels in moisture-wicking due to fine fibers, but involves synthetic chemicals in its complex production. Cotton, used for centuries thanks to its softness and comfort, is both durable and versatile and suits sensitive skin. Neither fabric is better than the other, it just depends on your needs and preferences.

It’s soft, eco-friendly, and excellent at managing moisture. While it isn’t 100% natural like cotton, it’s still made from plant fibers, making it a top choice for people who like the silky texture of synthetic fibers without the ecological impact.

How do you wash Textale’s stain-repel products?

Just throw it in the washer. It’s water repellent, not waterproof, so it can still absorb water.

Is Textale stain-repel technology SAFE?

Yes. TexTale coated each fiber with a natural, non-toxic material (OEKO-TEX certified), giving each fiber water repellency. Unlike Gore-tex, putting a chemical coating directly onto the fabric turns it into an air-tight windbreaker. They’ve taken a different approach.