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9 Types of Joggers for Men: Avoid 3 of These At All Costs

William Barton

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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It’s Saturday afternoon. 

You’re heading out to meet with the guys for an evening out and you want to look good without trying too hard.

If you want to keep it chill, I always recommend a pair of joggers

There are so many types of joggers, from twill pants that look fresh enough to hit the weekend streets with, to athletic joggers that are lightweight and breathable enough to smash a HIIT workout. 

So which one is right for you?

Read this full guide to the different types of joggers and find out.

What Type of Joggers Should I Get?

model wearing blue shirt and grey public rec all day every day joggers

Not all joggers are created equal. 

Some joggers are made with materials that make more sense for an evening out, while others don’t work anywhere outside the stadium limits. 

I’ve gone deep down the joggers rabbit-hole, trying dozens of different brands. You can read my full breakdown of the best joggers for men, but if you want to save some time, the Public Rec All Day Every Day Joggers made my top spot. 

Not all of my week’s are as relaxed as I’d like, and I don’t always have time to head out for a weekend walk—usually when I rock a pair of joggers. 

Because of that, I like my joggers to be versatile enough to pump some iron in, but also wear out in casual situations. 

The Public Rec ADED jogger is made with a thick fabric that looks stylish and substantial, but it’s also breathable and allows for unlimited range of motion for my leg days at the gym. 

9 Types of Joggers

Athletic Joggers

Public Rec Jogger Outfits

Hopefully this doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but the term “joggers” was born in the athletic world. Yes, this cuffed style of pants was originally used by track athletes, sprinters, and marathoners as a sort of warm-up pants to get their muscles warm and loose. 

If you’re looking for a pair of joggers that are comfortable enough for a workout or a run, you’ll want something made with a technical fabric. 

My favorite pair of athletic joggers is the Public Rec Stadium Jogger. They’re super lightweight, have a series of pockets that actually keep my keys in place, and they have zippered ankles so I can easily throw them on over shoes and shorts if needed. 

Public Rec Stadium Jogger

The Public Rec Stadium Joggers are lighter and more breathable than the brand's All Day Every Day Jogger. This makes it a go-to in the warmer months and for any gym sessions you have planned.

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When you get a pair of athletic joggers, it’s important they have a drawstring. Anything with an elastic waist only will create problems down the road when you hit a box jump and your britches fall down to your ankles. 

I’ve seen it happen.

There are so many options for this style of jogger now, there’s no reason why you can’t find something that works in the gym, but still looks great running errands. 

Cargo Joggers

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Cargo joggers make my list of acceptable style, but by a thin margin—they’re very fashion forward, and unless you’re a sneakerhead or really into streetwear, I’d stay away from this style. 

And if you can’t resist a pair of cargo joggers, please don’t get a pair that has a ton of zippers and extra pockets. Those are never stylish, even if you’re going for a streetwear look. 

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Keep it simple with a khaki or olive colorway. You’ll often find this style in a ripstop fabric, or possibly even cotton. Both are solid choices, but the added detail of the cargo pockets puts the pressure on to step the rest of your outfit up. 

You’ll probably want to match them with a killer pair of Nike’s to get away with this fashion-forward choice. But if you don’t have a robust streetwear wardrobe, you’re better off sticking with an athletic, fleece, or twill jogger.

Fleece Joggers

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Fleece joggers look an awful lot like sweatpants. But unlike regular sweats, they have the signature jogger elastic cuff at the bottom that makes them more manageable if you’re going for a run or hitting the gym. 

Fleece tends to be very warm, so I recommend against this style in the summer. But for fall and winter, this style of jogger can be extremely comfortable and cozy. 

From a fashion perspective, I think it’s really up to you whether or not you’re comfortable wearing fleece joggers as a part of your casual wardrobe. 

They’re essentially sweatpants, and while you can find brands that make fleece joggers in trim and modern fits, you’re still basically wearing sweats.

You’ll never see me wearing fleece joggers out on the street, but I do own a pair for winter runs and workouts. 

Denim Joggers

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Up until now, I’ve given the greenlight on all styles of joggers. 

But denim joggers are a no-no. If I could give them a big red “X,” I would. 

Denim joggers are basically dumpy baby pants. 

Think about it: you know you have a picture somewhere in the albums of you at three years old, wearing a pair of jeans. Those jeans had a cuff at the bottom of them. They were the same as denim joggers. This style is super cool for babies, but for grown men—not so much.

Denim is one of your best friends when it comes to style. But denim joggers can be your worst enemy. 

Skinny Joggers

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So far, I’ve given athletic joggers and fleece joggers the green light. Cargo joggers get a yellow light. Denim joggers get a full red light. But where do skinny joggers fit in? 

This is another acceptable category, but again, proceed with caution. 

Just like I recommend with skinny jeans, skinny joggers look best on younger guys or hardgainers who have difficulty building muscle definition in their legs. 

I’m on the other side of 30, so skinny joggers just don’t look all that cool on me. A more relaxed fit is a bit more mature. That said, dudes in their early 20s, typically with a lean physique, can pull this style off really well. 

Again, like cargo joggers, a skinny jogger is a fashion-forward piece, so it’s important the rest of your outfit matches the style. Pair skinny joggers with a crisp oversized tee and a gold or silver necklace, and you’re looking fresh. 

Twill Joggers

Liverpool Jeans los angeles twill joggers and grey sneakers Greats

Twill is made from cotton so it has a similar texture to chinos. This puts this style out of the running for workouts (pun painfully intended). 

But a nice set of twill joggers works well as a casual piece paired with a new pair of white sneakers like the CLAE Bradley:

You can play this style up or down—I like the inseam a little shorter for twill joggers to show more of my ankle and even some of my calf. Because the fabric is a little “dressier,” I style twill joggers very casually to strike a “high-low” balance. 

My favorite twill joggers are from Liverpool Los Angeles—they’re super comfortable and they have a short inseam (30”). 

Even though I normally wear a 34” inseam, the shorter length of these pants allows my shoes to pop when I wear a maintained pair of minimalist white sneakers. 

Liverpool Twill Jogger

A little laid back, a little classy. The Twill Jogger from Liverpool is sort of like a mullet. And we mean that in a good way. With belt loops and nice chino fabric, but the same chill vibe you'd expect from joggers, the Twill Jogger shows that a blend of two great things makes for a winner.

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Jogger Sweatpants

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There’s a lot of overlap between jogger sweatpants and fleece joggers, but I felt there’s enough of a difference that each warrants its own category. 

Sweatpants were originally designed to soak up sweat from your body (definitely not breathable). 

As such, they make a good addition to your workout wardrobe. While I still prefer breathable materials because, if you’ll just let me be honest for a second, I get swamp-ass in a hurry. But not everyone has the same gifts I do (ok, it’s not a gift…it’s a curse). 

But jogger sweatpants can make that cold walk from the car to the gym a whole lot more bearable when it’s freezing outside and that arctic blast of air is the only thing keeping you from putting in reps. 

I’m against wearing jogger sweats for casual outings—there are so many other more sophisticated and classy ways to dress—but I’m the proud owner of a pair of jogger sweats for when the weather turns cold and I want to stay cozy. 

Drop Crotch Joggers

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The world gave drop crotch joggers a shot back in 2013 when Justin Bieber became inexplicably obsessed with them for six months. 

One of my favorite phrases is: there’s no bad ideas in a brainstorm. We gave the style a shot, and you know what? 

It’s terrible. 

That’s fine. We all learn from our mistakes. 

Harem Pants

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Harem pants are like drop crotch joggers in a lot of ways, but instead of dialing it back, someone cranked it straight to 11. 

Again, like denim joggers and drop crotch joggers, you should avoid wearing harem pants in any situation that isn’t alone, where no one will ever see you. 

I’ll give you a pass on these if you actually have a harem. In that case, you’re simply wearing your work uniform, so I get it. Proceed. 

Jog On

Now that you know the different types of joggers and you’re back from throwing away those drop crotch joggers you thought were going to be the next big thing, it’s time to get yourself a pair of these stylish pants. 

Like I said, I spent too many hours comparing different brands to find the best joggers in the world, so if you want to cut straight to where the goodies are, be sure to check out that article.