7 Killer Jogger Outfits for Men: Learn How to Wear Joggers Like a Boss

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by  William Barton | Last Updated: 

Listen, we get it. 

Jeans are great, but the novelty wears off after a while. 

Sometimes you just want to put on something comfortable without sacrificing your style. 

Joggers are one of the best ways to stay casual, stylish, and comfortable at the same time. But what if you want to pair them with something more than just a t-shirt? 

In this style guide, we’ll lay out some basic rules to follow when wearing joggers, show you four of our favorite jogger outfits for men, and post some inspiration shots, too. 


How to Wear Joggers: Men, Listen Up

“Joggers are so versatile, they can go with anything, right?”


We love joggers as much as anyone, but there’s a time and place to wear them. 

Joggers are an excellent option when you’re running errands or want to step out for a Saturday afternoon beer at your local brewery. 

They’ll give you an active, sporty look, so embrace it. Don’t try and make joggers into something they’re not. 

Joggers don’t go with:

Joggers do go with:

  • T-shirts, hoodies, bomber jackets, and track jackets
  • Minimalist and athletic sneakers
  • Relaxed button up shirts

At TAM, we’re all about timeless style rather than jumping on trends and fads. 

Joggers are somewhat trendy, but there are classic ways to style them without falling into a fad. We think trying too hard to “dress up” your joggers is a no-no. 

Instead, keep them sporty and relaxed like they were meant to be. When you want to dress up, put on a crispy pair of jeans or a well-tailored suit.

For most of our jogger outfits, we’ll be showcasing our favorite jogger brand, Public Rec. They have two styles: the All Day Every Day Jogger and the Stadium Jogger.

The former has the feel of sweatpants but present cleaner lines for a slim silhouette. The Stadium Jogger is decked out with lighter material so it’s a better fit in the gym. 

Here are our four favorite ways to style joggers.  

4 Cool and Relaxed Jogger Outfits for Men

The obvious choice pairing with joggers is a t-shirt, but we felt you’d want something a little more inspired. 

While the t-shirt and joggers combo is a go-to, the following outfits will help you elevate the look. 

#1: Joggers + Bomber Jacket

Public Rec Jogger Outfits

Here we have the Public Rec Stadium Jogger paired with a polyester shell bomber jacket. By keeping a technical four-way stretch fabric on top, you keep the sporty look, but lend a touch of refinement. 

Complete the look with a pair of minimalist sneakers—we went with black to compliment the joggers, but you could choose white to contrast or olive green to match the bomber. 

When winter hits, you may want a little extra cold protection, and if that’s the case, pop a hoodie under the bomber. 

Public Rec Jogger Outfits 5

The look is super casual and quick to throw on but will keep you warm even if the temperature drops below freezing. 

#2: Joggers + Long Sleeve or Henley

Public Rec Jogger Outfits 9

As we said, a t-shirt is too obvious. But a henley (long sleeve or short sleeve) adds a little touch of variety. If you don’t have a henley, try a long sleeve t-shirt. 

To keep the laid-back vibe, we recommend pushing your sleeves up around your forearms. 

In this outfit, we’ve got the Public Rec All Day Every Day Jogger, which is made with a thicker material than the Stadium Jogger. They have a softer feel more like sweatpants, and they’re fantastic for lounging.

#3: Joggers + Button Up Short Sleeve Shirt

model wearing vuori button down shirt and climbing ripstop pants

You can always dress up your joggers a touch by adding a button-up shirt, but don’t try anything too fancy. 

A short sleeve button up shirt is an excellent way to get the crisp look of a collared shirt while staying dressed down. 

This look is especially good during the warmer months for huskier guys as a t-shirt or henley might not offer enough structure in the shoulders and through the torso. 

The pants in the photo above aren’t technically joggers—they’re Ripstop Climbing Pants from Vuori, but they have such a slim taper below the knee so we felt they fit into the same category. 

There are many types and colors of joggers available, so don’t feel limited to just the sporty kind. 

#4: Joggers + Denim Jacket

Public Rec Jogger Outfits 6

We guess you could go for a run with a denim jacket, but we don’t advise it. This style is much more suited for when Saturday afternoon and evening blend together. 

If you have a worn-in light wash denim jacket, even better. The Everlane denim jacket above is fairly fitted, but you can use oversized or bulky jackets on top, too. Really, when you’re wearing something as casual as joggers on bottom, you have a ton of room to play with fit and color up top. 

What Shoes to Wear with Joggers

Sneakers win this battle hands down. Because joggers are definitively casual, it doesn’t make sense to wear anything other than a casual shoe. 

A sporty look like a pair of Nike’s will look good, but if you want to scale your sneaker game up, ditch the logos and choose a minimalist sneaker.

Some of our favorite sneakers to pair with joggers are the GREATS Royale and the Oliver Cabell Low 1. Both of these sneakers are simple but look more “grown-up” than a run-of-the-mill sport shoe. 

Check out the GREATS Royale with the Public Rec Stadium Jogger:

Public Rec Jogger Outfits 7

Don’t be afraid to have sharp contrasts. The black joggers set against white sneakers help the shoes pop, especially because of the tapered leg and ankle cuff. 

GREATS The Royale

If you want a lush sneaker that’ll serve you equally well at work and at cocktail hours, go for the GREATS Royale. They’re simple, no-nonsense, and designed to be trend-resistant.

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Because the eye is drawn downward, you want a nice pair of sneakers that can stand up to some scrutiny. 

The same is true with the Oliver Cabell Low 1:

Public Rec Jogger Outfits 4

Here we have this full grain leather sneaker paired up with Public Rec’s Stadium Jogger. We’ve stayed in the same monochromatic color scheme (though you don’t have to—a bright red pair of sneakers would be killer here). 

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With a nice pair of sneakers, you elevate the entire outfit. It’s an excellent way to keep your jogger outfit from looking frumpy. 

More Jogger Outfit Inspiration

We showed you our four favorite ways to wear joggers, but don’t just take it from us. There are dozens of other ways to rock these chill pants without looking like a goofball. 

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Sneaker-heads love joggers—they allow more attention on the shoe and keep any fabric (with dye) away from the precious goods. 

Go full out on the sporty look with a color block track jacket and pants that pick up one of the colors in the coat:

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Or, if you want a super relaxed vibe, throw on a tank top and flip flops:

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Our Favorite Joggers for Men

We’ve been building our collection of joggers for quite some time now so check out our guide on the best joggers for men.

Or, if you’re more of a visual guy, have a peek at our YouTube video featuring our favorite versions of this stylish casual pant.

When we originally created our guides for the best joggers, we were all about the Public Rec ADED Jogger. But after a few months of blazing summer days, we’re switching our top choice to the Public Rec Stadium Jogger.

Public Rec Stadium Jogger

The Public Rec Stadium Joggers are lighter and more breathable than the brand's All Day Every Day Jogger. This makes it a go-to in the warmer months and for any gym sessions you have planned.

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They’re just as stylish and comfortable as the ADED, but they’re much lighter. 

Plus, we think they’re better for workouts, so that have that added versatility we love. 

How Will You Style Them?

Do you have any ideas for how to rock your joggers? 

Sport an athletic look with a track jacket and sneakers, or take a page from the streetwear book and toss a bomber jacket on top. It’s hard to go wrong. Just be sure to note our big jogger no-no’s before you go too wild. 


What’s the difference between joggers and track pants?

Joggers and track pants are often made of the same or similar materials, but joggers have an elastic band around the ankle which creates a more tapered look. 

What are joggers pants?

Joggers are athletic style pants typically made with technical fabrics. They have an elastic band around the ankle and a skinny taper below the knee. 

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