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Vacation Spots for Single Guys
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39 Best Vacation Spots for Single Guys: The Travel Guide for the Solo Warrior

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2024
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The man who goes alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready. Henry David Thoreau

While we’ve already offered up 39 of the best vacation spots for new couples, we don’t want to be neglectful of those of you yet to meet your match (or those of you who aren’t particularly interested in pairing off at all).

Thus, we deliver to your proverbial door a guide for literally flying solo.

This is for those of you seeking excitement, looking to make friends, and find romance across the globe; making contacts from continent to continent, perhaps leaving some broken hearts behind on faraway islands.

This is also for those of you who prefer your own company. It’s for the man (or woman, let’s not be exclusive with this one) who doesn’t want to travel on someone else’s itinerary.

When it’s just you waking up in that hotel room, it’s just you that calls the shots—your day is your business and your business alone.

You get to be your own compass.

To get you on your way, these 39 spots will point you toward remote beaches and all-night DJ sets. It will lead you toward winding streets and cafes, tango classes and beer-drenched bars.

The world is your oyster, gentlemen. So, pack your bags.

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How to Find Affordable Accommodation

Before we dive into the list, here’ are a quick tip to keep your accommodation spending lower and thus your potential fun spending higher.

If you’re going the hotel route, we’ve had great success using discount travel sites, especially

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My favorite thing about (besides it usually offering the cheapest rates) is that you can get your filter on and view only adults-only hotels and resorts (you can also do the same for family style accommodation if that’s your preference). This means you can hone in on the exact type of vibe that you’re looking for during your stay. is my favorite travel booking site because of its in-depth filter system, and its brand recognition with pretty much all hotels and airlines.

You can choose to narrow your choices down by things like proximity to landmarks, whether it has a pool/gym, and "fun things to do", which means you'll find the precise type of vibe you're looking for on your trip.

Here are my top three reasons to go with a hotel instead of an Airbnb for your next trip:

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The Best Cities for Single Men to Travel To

Pamplona, Spain

Running with the bulls statue in Pamplona, Spain

While these are listed in no particular order, it is fitting that the first entry on this roundup is inspired by quintessential man’s man and inspirer of bachelor culture, Ernest Hemingway.

The author had nothing short of a love affair with this city. So, make like “Papa” and go run with the bulls, checking this daredevil destination off your bucket list.

London, England

Afternoon view of Big Ben, Westminster, London with a pint of beer

Though it had its groovy heyday in the 1960s, London is still fully swinging. The city has some incredible nightclubs and a wide variety of pubs to choose from to watch a little football.

Make your way to Savile Row to enlist an expert tailor to whip you up a bespoke suit while you’re there for an utterly royal experience.

Goa, India

Tropical beach of Palolem, Goa, India

The people of Goa are so friendly and always up for a little dialogue, making this an ideal destination for parties of one.

It’s also known for its pristine beaches, green countryside, and all-night parties. Rent a bike and check out the scenery during the day (or just lie on the sand and look out at the Arabian Sea) and then get down to some trance music from sunset till sunrise.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza at sunset, people on the beach

Speaking of 24-hour parties, it’s time to talk about Ibiza. This Spanish island is legendary for its all-day, all-night, all-week shindigs.

It’s glamorous and wild, with a bohemian meets raver meets jet-setter vibe. If you love sunshine, love to party, and love to party in the sunshine, this should move to the top of your list.

Obonjan, Croatia

View from the sky, Island Kolocep at Elaphites near Dubrovnik

Obonjan has been declared as the “new Ibiza” by numerous media outlets, singling this small island out for fun- and sun-seekers.

The “Island of Youth” by name is the new go-to for hedonistic revelers and music festival-goers. Think boats, beaches, and open-air clubs all day and all night—and lots of attractive new people to meet.

Havana, Cuba

Streets of Havana, Cuba, blue car and bike

This sort of goes back to #1 on the list and that Hemingway sensibility.

This trip is all about cigars, beautiful old cars, great food, and friendly folks. Cruise around in a vintage ride and see the sights during the day and enjoy warm nights with live music after hours.

New York City, New York (USA)

Man walking through New York City

This trip is decidedly not about thinking nor wide open space.

This trip is about lights, noise, people, energy, excitement, and vitality. It’s about spending gobs of money, eating huge, interesting meals, buying cool clothes, and feeling invigorated and energized by the buzz of creativity around you.

It’s about interesting conversation in cool downtown bars. Feeling alive. People watching. It’s life, magnified by 1,000 and given a turbo boost.

Further Reading: 50 Exciting Things to Do in NYC at Night: The City Made for Night Owls

Dublin, Ireland

The purpose for this trip is twofold: Guinness and greenery.

Ireland is so lush and misty and green. Get in touch with your inner poet taking in this moody landscape. And you must make a pilgrimage to the Guinness factory and get a little fuzzy on a few pints as you learn about the storied history of this over 200-year-old brew.

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Las Vegas strip, welcome sign, Nevada

Ah, Las Vegas. This had to find a place somewhere on this list.

Also known as Sin City, this destination is best known for bad decisions and well-kept secrets. Make some friends at the poker table and maybe start up a poolside or nightclub romance.

Everyone is here to let loose, so why not follow suit?

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Jaffa. View at night

It’s not common knowledge that this Middle Eastern destination is not just a religious mecca but the holy grail of nightlife.

Some clubs don’t even open their doors until after midnight. Here, you’ll meet the women of Tel Aviv, known not only for their beauty but their confidence, assertiveness, and energy—these are no wallflowers! Look forward to playful exchanges and stimulating conversation.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal clocktower and bridge and boardwalk

Montreal and its residents are often described with one word: alluring.

UNESCO has named it one of the best-designed cities in the world and the city’s women have a nearly-as-official designation for their beauty. It is a multicultural melting pot, to boot, where you can sample nearly any type of cuisine—this is a must-go spot for the discerning foodie.

Negril, Jamaica

Negril Beach, Jamaica during the day

This area of Jamaica actually has a booming industry dedicated solely to singles travel. So, they must be doing something right.

There are beautiful beaches here to unwind on, jungles to explore, and a laid back sensibility to enjoy. It’s hard not to relax here; hard not to be in a good mood. And there’s no better scenario (or headspace) to meet new people than when you’re feeling good and carefree.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Canals of Amsterdam

I don’t know if I need to do too much explaining here.

We could say that you’re just going for introspective walks through the city’s narrow, winding streets or along its famous canals, or for the Van Gogh museum (which really is amazing, by the way), but you’re really there to “lose yourself”. Be sure not to go overboard if you’re alone, though, please.

Be sure not to go overboard if you’re alone, though, please.

Barcelona, Spain

View from the sky, Island Kolocep at Elaphites near DubrovnikThis sun-drenched city in Spain is so cool—palm trees meet modernism meets surrealistic architecture.

This is a food and drink destination; really a paradise for anyone who loves the two. Best of all, the city is filled with young travelers from around the world, there for all the same things you are: the cuisine, the culture, and the nightlife.

The nightlife alone is worth the trip: things start late and go until even later. While things are undeniably lively and exciting by day, the night welcomes you with open arms in Barcelona.

New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

French Quarter, New Orleans at night

Well, you just kind of have to go to New Orleans at some point in your life. This is a place of excess: extra spicy, extra boozy, extra hot, extra naughty.

In between sins, be sure to look at some of the beautiful old houses. And fret not, single travelers: you will be thrown into conversation quickly and won’t be lacking in new, boozy buddies

Hong Kong, China

Boat in Hong Kong Harbour during the day with view of the city

This wealthy city is where East meets West, pulsing with energy and neon lights.

Even if you are alone, you won’t feel it—there are things to see and sights and sounds surrounding you. In Hong Kong, you should spend your days pounding the pavement, gawking at skyscrapers, and dropping down cash on clothes.

And though it’s typically viewed as a refined and sophisticated city, the people of Hong Kong party hard—nights are for clubs, for music, and for drinks. Lots of drinks.

Budapest, Hungary

St Stephen statue in Budapest, Hungary

There is a lot of history and beautiful architecture to enjoy, which you can even do while you drink. Budapest has “ruin pubs” which, believe it or not, are bars situated inside crumbling, historic ruins.

Budapest is thought to have some of the best bars in Europe (and clearly the most unique). This is a really interesting and charming city, and one that can be perfect for strolling around cobblestone streets on your own.

Seoul, South Korea

View of cityscape from behind statue in Seoul, South Korea

Topping our list for traveling couples, this is another night owl city and a befitting destination for the solo wanderer.

You can literally party until dawn (or shop, or watch movies, or do karaoke, or. . . the list goes on of all-night-long activities available at your fingertips here) or even later.

There is also some amazing and inexpensive street food in Seoul, so this can be a great destination for the single guy on a budget.

Munich, Germany

Group of four in traditional Bavarian dress, Lederhosen and Dirndl, drinking beer and smiling

One word: beer.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico Coast at dusk

Like Havana, San Juan is all about hot, sticky evenings with live music swelling and swirling through the air.

It’s so beautiful and sensual and so alive. And San Juan is an ideal destination for those looking for somewhere special that’s also wallet-friendly.

Melbourne, Australia

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is an extremely social city and its residents know how to drink. Yep, it’s not just a cliche.

Throw one (or two or six) back with the locals. There is plenty to talk about, from the street art and awesome food to the array of sporting events in the city.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at day time

This one is sort of a no-brainer.

Keywords: gorgeous beaches, parties, beautiful women, need I go on?

22. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine (USA)

Make like Thoreau and take a weeklong canoe trip in the wilds of Maine.

Join a group embarking on this classic wilderness expedition and make friends with likeminded outdoorsmen.

Boracay, Philippines

Tropical beach and Christian shrine on Boracay Island, Phillipines with boats

This Southeast Asian island is affordable, friendly, and constantly tops lists of best beaches across the entire continent (it’s even been named “Best Island on Earth”).

It also has a pretty wild party scene, filled with singles looking to mingle.

West Coast of Portugal

Surfer surfing in Lagos, Portugal

This is a go-to destination for surfers traveling solo.

The weather is always warm, the water is clean, and the waves are world-renowned. Sign up for surf camp and share tents with your fellow social surfers and enjoy the campsite DJs.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming (USA)

Downtown Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA

I’d recommend making your way to a genuine, bonafide western ranch and play cowboy for a few days.

Many ranches have adults-only weeks (meaning no families, no kids), so you can meet other singles while lassoing things and generally being a rugged stud. There are also great group activities like white-water rafting and hiking to bond with strangers.

Even if you don’t make lasting friends or find “the one,” you’re definitely going to build muscle and burn some calories.

Adelaide, Australia

View of Adelaide under the Bridge Centre on the river

While this city is sunny and welcoming, it earns its place on this list because of its large populations of females.

There is a bit of a male drought in ole Adelaide, so you just may be a hot ticket down there. Bottom line: Don’t be shy—be sure to engage some local ladies in conversation.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sexy man and woman getting tango lessons

This is a sexy, invigorating, exciting city—fiery, romantic, and dramatic. Why not step out of your comfort zone and sign up for some tango lessons?

Late-night dancing is a major part of this sexual and sensual city’s scene. Prefer talking to tango? Argentinians are quick to engage you in conversation, so you will have plenty of people to talk to, quickly erasing that feeling of “stranger in a strange land.”

Bangkok, Thailand

Downtown Bangkok, Thailand, hazy view of people and night life in city centre

Though this one is a bit clichéd at this point—the raunchy guys’ trip to the seedy underbelly of the capital of Thailand—it is one of the best-known single male travel destinations for a reason.

Bangkok is one adventurous, inexpensive, hedonistic playground. Yes, friends, the picture is fuzzy for a reason.

St. Andrews, Scotland

Golf ball on fairway at St Andrews golf course, Scotland

This one is for the golfers.

One of the most famous courses in the world, St. Andrews has beautiful grounds and gorgeous views. It is historic and legendary and perfect for a solo, golf-focused sojourn. This is a quiet getaway for those with practicing their game on their minds.

Park City, Utah (USA)

Park City always makes it onto Top Ten lists for ski towns for singles. And now it makes it onto our list of best vacations for singles. Why?

The city has plenty of fun bars, live music, and cheap eats. Park City draws in people from all over America and all over the world, most of them young, single, fit, and looking for a well-balanced mix of getting active and chilling out.

31. Madrid, Spain

Madrid city center, Gran Vis Spain at night

For being such a large and famous city, Madrid’s prices are extremely reasonable (lots of free things to do as well). And this is no snooty European city. You will not be lacking in people to talk to or dance with—everyone is welcoming, warm, and friendly.

The food is also delicious. You can, and should, eat tapas upon tapas upon tapas and imbibe plenty of sangria.

Stockholm, Sweden

Beautiful winter scenery panorama of the Old Town (Gamla Stan) pier architecture with decorated Xmas Tree in Christmas and New Year holidays in Stockholm, Sweden— Photo by scanrail

Stockholm is a visual feast. Attractive, tall people to look at, first of all, and lots of museums and art galleries, secondly.

This is a cultural and intellectual epicenter. This is the spot for the thinking-man and the thinking-woman who don’t mind a little beauty (okay a lot of beauty) as a side dish to all those smarts.

Oh, and if you can, visit over Christmas time. Stockholm is well known for its stunning festive markets and decorations. The kicker? It’s also home to the world’s tallest Christmas tree.

Mistletoe, bright lights, and an EPIC tree by the waterfront? Beat that for romance potential.

Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

Nashville, Tennessee downtown skyline at Shelby Street Bridge at night

Live music, live music, live music. And not just country music.

Nashville has become an indie destination as well (Hi, Jack White). Enjoy up-and-coming bands and aging classics, surrounded by fun and friendly young fans.

Nashville has also become a growing spot for great food, so your ears and taste buds will both be delighted down Nashville way.

Patagonia River, Argentina

Argentine Patagonia. Yellow field, blue lake and snow-capped mountains. On the banks of grazing llama. Perito Moreno National Park

If you like vast skies, fresh air, and the most serene of surroundings head down to the pristine lands along the Patagonia River in Argentina.

This is a particularly ideal destination for the fly fisherman. And here you have options: if you want to cast your line with like-minded anglers, you can join and hit the river in a group. For those who want a quieter, more solitary experience, grab your gear and wade into the water own your own.

South Island of New Zealand

Car next to Lake Pukaki beside road to Mt. Cook New zealand important traveling destination in South Island New Zealand

This is truly a special, tranquil, majestic place. I suggest that you rent a car in Christchurch, and drive across the entire island.

It’s vast, green, gorgeous, and simply amazing. This trip is about freedom, the open road, and some time to really think.


Old street of downtown Reykjavik, Iceland. in the background church of Hallgrimur

This surreal territory falls into the trip-of-a-lifetime category. And is no less special done solo.

The landscape is extraordinary and unusual—those photos will up your social media game exponentially. And Reykjavik’s nightclubs are known to be predominantly female, meaning hordes of Icelandic women, not so many Icelandic men.

Which is a pretty compelling fact to ponder.

Sydney, Australia

Koala in a tree with Sydney harbour in the background

Surfing. Fit, tan, attractive, and social people. Casual, cool vibes. Sunshine. Meet people on the beach by jumping into a game or signing up for a surf lesson.

People will gladly welcome you into their circle, be it while getting fit or downing some pints.

Paris, France

The Louvre, Paris, France. Crowds walking outside

While the image of strolling hand-in-hand with your lover along the Seine is typically associated with the city, seeing the sights solo and sitting in cafes reading by day and taking advantage of Paris’s amazing nightlife once the sun goes down makes for an equally enjoyable vacation.

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The End of the Road

Have you ever traveled solo? Would you like to?

Or what locales would you add to this list?

Additional Resources: is my favorite travel booking site because of its in-depth filter system, and its brand recognition with pretty much all hotels and airlines.

You can choose to narrow your choices down by things like proximity to landmarks, whether it has a pool/gym, and "fun things to do", which means you'll find the precise type of vibe you're looking for on your trip.

Here are my top three reasons to go with a hotel instead of an Airbnb for your next trip:

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  • The hotel reservation process makes them easier for last minute stays and a hotel check-in is always more seamless
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