How to Reduce Stress for Men: 8 Science-Backed Ways

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We live in a stressful age.

Well, at least that’s what we’re told, anyway. And we buy into that idea, don’t we?

Okay, sure, so the demands of work can be a little much sometimes. And there’s often not a lot to watch on Netflix, but we reckon as a generation we’ve got it pretty sweet.

That’s not to say that life isn’t a little stressful at times. Because it is. All we’re saying is this – in context? We don’t have it too bad. Waking up at 7am for work on a Tuesday morning with a slight hangover’s no fun…

But at least we don’t have to kill a bison for lunch, huh?

Historical context aside, it’s still important to deal with any stress or anxiety that we experience. If things are getting on top of you, it’s time to make a change. You’ve got to act.

Sit on them and minor irritants and stresses grow. You nurture them. It’s like you’re a bird and your stress is an egg.

How’s that for a lousy metaphor?

Still, we’re sticking with it. It turns out that playing video games is one of the best ways to alleviate stress in men. So we’re looking at it. And presenting you with nine other ways to smash those stress eggs of yours too…

Video Games

Handsome guy excited to be playing video games on the couch

That’s right, a survey just conducted by those smart kids over at University College London has concluded that video games could be useful as a stress reliever for men.

Therapy comes in many forms, but for a lot of guys? Just sitting down to a game of Call of Duty is more than enough to straighten them out and let off a little steam. 29% of men, in fact.

It’s long been the common assumption amongst pretty much everyone that computer games have no real benefit other than to entertain teenagers. But it turns out they’re stress busters.

So get playing, y’all.

Talking to Pals

How Men Relieve Stress

84% of the woman polled by the people behind the study said they’d talk to their friends if they were feeling down. Now, you might think that the number of men who answered similarly was drastically lower than that number, but it’s not.

74% of men quizzed by the research scientists would speak to their buddies if they began to suffer any kind of mental health issues. And that’s great news. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that.

It’s important not to keep stress, anxiety or depression to yourself. Sadly, suicide is now the biggest killer of men under 45.



This one’s all down to your individual tastes. If you’re a gym-averse couch potato, you’re not going to feel a lot better on a running machine.

But if you’re pretty active and like to keep fit, it’s a top way to free yourself of stress. You produce endorphins (hormones proven to reduce pain and anxiety) when you exercise.

Comfort Eating

How Men Relieve Stress

31% of guys, when they’re feeling blue, turn to food. Now, we’re not advocating binge eating or anything silly like that. Obviously. But if a dirty burger or huge pizza perks you up, go for it.

Get ordering. Doctor’s orders.

Arts & Crafts

How Men Relieve Stress

You might think that arts and crafts are more for kids and bored housewives, but you’d be wrong. We all have a creative side and there’s plenty of evidence that points to a bit of painting or making stuff can make you feel a whole lot more positive.

Arts and crafts could also become the perfect hobby for you.

Try it, you might like it…

Self-Help Books

How Men Relieve Stress

This guy up here isn’t fussed about reading his self-help book in public, but you might be a little more comfortable taking a little printed advice in the privacy of your own home.

A few hours and a handful of change? Maybe it’s worth a shot. 32% of men say they’d incorporate a self-help book into their coping strategy.

Prescription Medication

How Men Relieve Stress

27% of men turn to prescription medication when things start getting too much. It’s not ideal, certainly. But if they help you keep on an even keel, in moderation – perhaps they’re the way forward.

Obviously only take what your doctor prescribes, though.


How Men Relieve Stress

A lot of chaps might scoff at the idea of sitting cross-legged and chanting as a way to relax, but hey – it’s worth a go, isn’t it? Meditation is something that’s helped people de-stress for thousands of years. Surely it’s worth at least trying. What, are you saying you know more than Buddha? You’re wiser than Buddha, huh?!

So there it is. Ten excellent starting points to getting that stress egg out of your life.

Time to relax

Alright, still not cracking the egg? Give this post by Health Grinder a read for more ideas.

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