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21 Best Gifts for Watch Lovers in 2024 (That Isn’t a Watch)

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Best Gifts for Watch Lovers Watch Gang Wheel on Blank Background

The watch lover in your life already has a dazzling collection of watches, right? Right.

Does that mean you can’t get him another watch? 

No, but there are plenty of creative gifts to get him that will perfectly complement his love of watches without being…you know, a watch.

Here’s a list of 21 worthy options to comb through. I hope this helps and please, take your time *wink, wink*.

21 Best Gifts for Watch Lovers (That Isn’t a Watch)

Our Favorite Watch Roll
Baltic Watch Roll

If you've got a watch addiction problem like us, taking just one watch on vacation just isn't on the cards. When I want watch accessories, I look to my favorite watchmakers, and French favorites Baltic make my favorite watch roll. It's made from supple lined calf leather, safely fits up to four watches, has a really elegant feel, and is perfectly small enough to not take up too much space in my luggage.

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Pig & Hen Little Lewis DBL Navy and Navarch 6MM Set
Wearing high-end bracelets that accent a nice watch adds another layer of style to an outfit. My pick is Pig & Hen, an Amsterdam-based men’s brand crafting quality bracelets out of ship rope and stainless-steel shackles. Wear a set of bracelets on the opposite wrist of the one you wear your watch one, or go for a single accent bracelet on the same wrist as the watch. These are easy to mix and match to achieve different styles and an easy gift for watch lovers to immediately appreciate.
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Our Pick for Winding a Rolex
WOLF Heritage Single Watch Winder
A classy watch deserves a classy resting place. The Wolf Watch Winder firmly holds any sized watch in place and counts a precise number of 900 rotations per day. This design also locks the cuff into the rotator for a more secure fit. He’ll be impressed that you knew what a watch winder was and got it in the first place. Plus, having your favorite automatic watch wound and ready to be worn all the time might be better than having another watch in the first place.
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Christopher Cloos x Brady
Long story short: Tom Brady partnered up with Christopher Cloos to design a pretty sweet pair of shades. If the watch lover in your life likes ultra-stylish watches, why not get him an ultra-stylish pair of sunnies to wear with them? Even better, these Wayfair-style shades are made from sustainable materials.
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Vincero Kairos
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While we’d like to see a greater selection of leather bands from Vincero, the simple, masculine design of the Kairos collection works equally well in the office, at a wedding, or out for drinks.
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A Spin of The Watch Wheel
What are these dark arts I’m speaking of? Watch Gang recently launched a fun and innovative watch-shopping service called The Wheel. Simply choose from one of five tiers—Fashion, Fashion+, Sport, Luxury, and Premium—and spin to see which watch you’ve won. This is a fun gift if you aren’t sure what style of watch he might want and an excellent way to surprise both of you. It’s also a safe play as he’s guaranteed to receive a watch that’s worth at least the price of the spin, but he also has a chance to receive one worth much, much more.
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Anson Calder Card Wallet
Most guys who are conscious about keeping a nice timepiece on their wrist are conscious about all of their other accessories, too. If he doesn’t own a slim, minimalist, leather wallet, it’s an item I think every guy ought to have. This allows you to take the couple of cards you really need, and leave the clunky brick wallet at home.
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Bespoke Post
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Knives, pans, belts, grooming supplies, whiskey glasses, you name it. Bespoke Post curates the coolest stuff in the men’s gear realm, then packs it up and ships over a monthly box of goodies customized to his preferences.
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Everyman Grafton Pen
Ever held a really nice pen in your hand? Ever written with one? Everyman’s grafton pen is sturdy, writes like butter, and the refills are inexpensive. It also has the kind of heft that makes everything you write feel incredibly important. This is one of those useful gifts he can start using the day he gets it. Once you get a great pen, you’ll never go back to packs of lowly ballpoints again!
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KOIO Capri Triple White
What else pairs well with an elegant, flashy timepiece? How about a pair of all-white leather kicks? The KOIO Capri Triple White is as loud as a white dress sneaker can be without leaving minimalism behind. Aside from looking terrific, these feature superb build quality and lasting materials.
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Blitz Watch Care Kit
Smudges and fingerprints distract from the eye-catching glimmer of a nice timepiece. A watch care kit is a simple, but highly useful gift that he’ll remember to keep handy. The cleaning foam and special microfiber cloth combo help wipe away any dirt or grime while respecting the integrity of the watch itself. This is a simple, effective gift that pertains to any guy who owns a watch.
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Songmics Watch Case
This is the watch case I have and it works great. It holds up to 10 watches on soft, velvet-lined cushions and stays shut to keep dirt, lint, and dust out. I also like that it looks like the kind of case worthy of carrying high-end timepieces. Not just some glass box.
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Miansai Singular Cuff Bracelet
Wearing a bracelet with a watch creates an entirely new aesthetic. It might make you think “not only did this guy pair his watch with his outfit, but he paired a bracelet with his watch!” Something simple like a sterling silver cuff is versatile and elegant, and that wins every time.
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Kanga Hoodie from Unbound Merino
Ever seen a guy in a Rolex and a holey, beat-up t-shirt? I hope not. A nice watch deserves to be worn with nice threads. But that doesn’t mean you need to toss on a tux just to bring out your biggest, baddest timepiece. Dark denim, clean shoes, and a soft, fitted hoodie will do the trick. Snag him this merino wool pull-over by Unbound. It’s a piece he can wear with any watch in his collection.
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Mott & Bow
Just like a quality, well-constructed hoodie, standout jeans will also elevate the appearance of a watch. Mott & Bow makes denim with durable stitching, a lasting build, and fitted cuts that he can style down or up depending on the day.
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MYRQVIST Granhult Dark Brown Calf Chelsea
I always figured a whole-cut leather goodyear welted Chelsea under $300 would never exist. That was until I found the Myrqvist Granhult. Handcrafted in Portugal, this sleek dressy Chelsea is finished with a studded rubber sole and offers a heck of a lot of value for its modest price point. Any watch fan who's into style will dig.
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Gentleman's Box Premium
Keeping near the topic of dapper duds to wear with a gorgeous watch, Olive Cabell’s Low 1 sneaker is a sleek, minimal shoe with a low-profile silhouette, Italian leather, and a dressy design. These can be worn with every watch I can think of, along with anything from jeans to chinos to dress pants.
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Oliver Cabell Low 1
The Low 1 is Oliver Cabell's most popular shoe. It boasts a classic low-profile silhouette, with color options that are expressive, but not overly trendy or unprofessional.
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Lumin Anti-Fatigue Essentials Bundle
The one thing no one wants is a nice watch distracting from a tired, unkempt face. Lumin’s Anti-Fatigue Bundle delivers a fast four-step facecare routine that doesn’t tack on too much time or take too much money out of your wallet. It’s equipped with an exfoliator, a cleanser, a moisturizer, and under-eye cream. If picking out a watch for the day is part of his routine, this should be too.
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Time’s Up

That’s it. Did you find a worthy gift for the watch lover in your life?

The safest, yet most exciting option is a spin of Watch Gang’s The Wheel, where he will win a randomized watch worth more than the value of the spin.

Or, get him something that complements or protects his watch like a bracelet set, a new pair of shoes, or a travel-ready watch roll.

Cheers to all the watch fanatics out there, you’ve got good taste in men’s gear.