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4 Best lululemon Shorts for Men: I Tried Their Bestsellers

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Last Updated: Mar 25, 2024
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Best Lululemon Shorts for Men Side by side of Pace Breaker Surge At Ease Commission Shorts

lululemon has a lot of amazing shorts to choose from, but the number of choices can be overwhelming.

I tried a ton of different options, and these are the best lululemon shorts for guys right now.

My Top Picks Preview

Summer’s on the way, and I wanted to get a new pair of shorts. 

After trying lululemon’s joggers, I thought it’d be cool to check out what kind of shorts they had. Turns out, they have 21 different types of shorts

21 types? Crazy, right? 

I picked up a bunch to find out which were the absolute best lululemon shorts a man could get. Of course, we all use shorts for different reasons, so I broke my top picks down into different categories.

You don’t need to comb through all 21 options—these four are the best of the best. 

Why Should You Trust Me?

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I picked up several pairs of shorts from lululemon and I’ve been wearing them for several weeks. 

And I’m not just coming into this lululemon experience as a brand loyalist, either. I’ve tried dozens of other similar brands, including Vuori and Rhone, so I know my way around a technical short. 

One important note: I prefer lined shorts. I got both the Surge and the Pace Breaker shorts with a liner. You can get unlined versions as well, but I find liners to give plenty of support and it cuts down on laundry, so I like them. 

My Recommendations

Best Casual: lululemon At Ease Shorts

lululemon model walking with polo and at ease shorts

About a year ago, I picked up the lululemon At Ease Joggers and I haven’t gotten off my couch since. 

OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re some of the most comfortable joggers I’ve ever worn. Plus, with the quilted knit, they have a unique, interesting look that comes across more classy and upscale than most joggers. 

The At Ease Shorts are similar, but…shorts. 

lululemon at ease shorts fabric closeup

They’re my top pick among lululemon’s options for casual wear because they’re as comfortable as shorts can get, but that added texture makes them more versatile than most technical fabric shorts. 

You can wear them around the house for chilling, but they make a great Saturday morning cafe and pastry look, too.

What I Like

  • The quilted pattern gives them a unique look that’s almost like an upscale sweat-short. But it looks clean and nice.
  • There’s a secure zippered pocket at the hip, so you can safely stow your wallet.
  • I find them to be very versatile. I’ve worn them for morning cafe stops, to the gym, and around the house—they fit perfectly in place in all those situations. .

What I Don’t Like

They shrink a little in the wash because they have 59% cotton.

What Other Reviewers Say

Over 400 reviewers have chimed in on the At Ease Shorts, and comfort is the main comment that comes across. A lot of guys dig the At Ease for its texture, and I’m with them. 

The quilted knit is what makes this short stand out and gives it a certain je ne sais quoi that elevates it above standard sweat shorts so you can feel comfortable rocking them in a restaurant.

The Verdict

For an all-round casual short, I think the lululemon At Ease is your best bet. 

I’ve worn them to Saturday morning coffee, to the gym, and around the house, and they’re excellent in all of the above situations. 

While they feel like sweat shorts, the knitted texture elevates the style so you don’t have to feel like you’re wearing PJ’s out and about, plus the secure zippered pocket allows you to carry a wallet confidently.

Best Casual
lululemon At Ease Short

The lululemon At Ease shorts have a unique quilted knit pattern that makes them distinct in a world where most shorts look the same. They’re comfortable---almost like sweat shorts, but classier. While they feel like lounge shorts, they look refined and the secure zipper pocket makes them practical, too. 

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Best for a Workout: lululemon Pace Breaker

lululemon pace breaker shorts liner demonstration

Workout shorts keep getting better and better, and the lululemon Pace Breaker is at the front of the pack. 

You can find both lined and unlined versions of this short. If you’re not sure, get the lined version—I’d be willing to bet you don’t go back to regular workout shorts. 

lululemon model wearing workout clothes

The Pace Breaker is lightweight, breathable, and with 4-way stretch and a crotch gusset, you can go as deep into your squat as you want.

What I Like

  • There’s a mesh vent that runs around the seat and through the thighs—this adds a lot of extra flexibility and breathability.
  • The lining offers plenty of support and doesn’t bunch up in the gooch area, which is where a lot of guys find their liners go wrong.
  • The pockets are deep so my phone doesn’t fall out when I’m on the bench press.

What I Don’t Like

  • I’d like a version with a longer liner (say a 9” liner on a 7” short).

What Other Reviewers Say

There’s some debate on the updated version of the Pace Breaker, but after trying the newest version, I’m really happy with my shorts. I’m not sure what the old version was like, but the new shorts are fantastic for a workout. 

The Verdict

The lululemon Pace Breaker is a fantastic short for training. My workouts are usually a mix of weight lifting with some cardio at the end. Sometimes the cardio is HIIT, sometimes it’s longer jogs. 

In any case, I feel like the Pace Breaker keeps me dry and comfortable without any chafing and supporting the boys throughout the entire workout, even as we approach the 90-minute mark. 

Best for a Workout
lululemon Pace Breaker Short

The lululemon Pace Breaker is athlete approved. These shorts are lightweight, breathable, and they even have a vent in the rear, which is crucial for us dudes who suffer from swamp-ass. Just sayin’. lululemon offers a lined and unlined version, but if you ask me, get the lined version. Less laundry.

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Best for Golf: lululemon Commission Short

lululemon commission shorts on model

I got a hole in one wearing these shorts. 

In disc golf. 

But the Commission Short is fantastic for hitting the links in style. And I particularly like them as golf shorts for tall guys because of the longer options. 

lululemon commission shorts closeup

They have the style of a chino short but they’re way more comfortable. 

What I Like

  • They have a slimmer style and leg opening, so they don’t look like your dad’s usual shorts.
  • While the fabric is a technical fabric, they still look like chino shorts, which is a classic style that’s appropriate for the course, plus it looks great in everyday wear.
  • The four-way stretch and lightweight fabric makes these extremely comfortable.

What I Don’t Like

  • Honestly, there’s nothing I dislike about these shorts.

What Other Reviewers Say

Golfers can be particular about their shorts—where they put their gloves, extra tees, score card…

But one thing that came up over and over again in the review is the level of comfort with the Commission Short. So if you’re used to sinking putts and need to bend down to get your ball, then these are the shorts for you. 

One thing that came up in several reviews is that the fabric can start to pill if not gently washed. I recommend reading my guide below on how to wash and care for your lululemon shorts so you can keep them looking clean and new for longer.

The Verdict

The lululemon Commission Short is my favorite golf short for tall guys (with the 10” inseam available—though I got the 7” myself). 

Because they look like regular chino shorts, I wear these regularly throughout spring and summer, even if I’m not hitting the course. They’re way more comfortable than regular cotton chino shorts, and with the 4-way stretch, I never feel restricted.

Best for Golf
lululemon Commission Short

The lululemon Commission Short is the best technical fabric chino short I’ve worn. They have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern tech short, like secure zippered pockets and four-way stretch, but they don’t have the added bulk like other brand’s I’ve tried.

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Best for Running: lululemon Surge

lululemon surge shorts model image

Sometimes you just want to get out there and hit the pavement for 10 miles. 

I mean…I don’t. But maybe you do? 

I keep my runs usually around 5 miles or less—I’ve never been much of a runner. But still, I wanted to see how lululemon stacked up against running-specific brands with their shorts and the Surge is an awesome short for longer distance runs. 

lululemon surge shorts length demonstration

With a back pocket for your phone, an elastic loop for either water bottles or to tuck your shirt into, relaxed fit, fast drying fabric, and reflective bars in the front, the Surge has a lot going for it. 

Again, I got the lined version, but if you prefer unlined, lululemon offers that, too.

What I Like

  • The Surge is so lightweight and it can be completely soaked and dry within three minutes.
  • The liner is almost entirely mesh, so you barely even notice it’s there, but it still gives plenty of support.
  • There’s a mesh vent up around the tailbone, which is awesome if you have a lot of sweat in your ‘buttal’ region (which I do).

What I Don’t Like

  • The drawstring cords are a bit bulky given how lightweight the rest of the design is, but there’s a nifty pocket above the crotch where you can tuck the plastic guards into for more comfort.

What Other Reviewers Say

A lot of runners like short shorts. So there are some disappointed reviewers who’d prefer 4” inseam shorts rather than the available 6” shorts. 

But to me, 6” is an excellent running short length. 

For those who didn’t feel the 6” inseam was too short, there was a lot of love for the roomy back pocket, and many guys were pleased with the sneaky pocket in the liner, which is perfectly sized for a wallet or a few cards if you carry those on your runs. 

The Verdict

The lululemon Surge are my go-to running shorts for those days where I want to get some longer cardio in and hit the trails for an hour or so. 

With the back phone pocket and side liner pocket, you can actually carry a surprising amount, but you never have to worry about cards and phones falling out. Nor do they bounce around and cause irritation. 

While a lot of runners might miss the 4” inseam, I think 6” is a great length for a running short. 

Best for Running
lululemon Surge Short

The lululemon Surge is a fantastic running short for long distance training. With a phone pocket in the back, plus an elastic loop you can hook your shirt into after you pass mile 10, the Surge is the lightweight, breathable bottom you want on your next jog.

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How Do lululemon Shorts Fit?

model wearing lululemon shirts and shorts
The Commission Short

lululemon shorts tend to have slimmer thighs, so you might read some reviews saying that the shorts run on the “small” side.

However, I don’t think that’s fully accurate. 

Most lululemon shorts besides a few like the Surge running short, which clearly state they have a relaxed leg opening, are more slim and tapered. This gives them a more modern, refined look. 

Some shorts, like the Commission, are sized according to standard US waist measurements. I’m a 6’1” 200lb guy, and I get the size 34” waist.

lululemon at ease short length demonstration
The At Ease Short

For most of their shorts, though, lululemon goes off of a S-XXL scale. 

I get the size L in shorts, which is good for size 34 and 35 waists. If you’re a 32-33, get the M. For size 30-31 waist, a S will do. 

lululemon has a sizing guide for each pair of shorts, and because each fit slightly different, it’s important to look at the specific product page. 

But big picture, I think lululemon shorts fit true to size. Yes, the thigh is a bit slimmer, but I didn’t feel with any of the shorts I got that any style was off-base in any sense. 

How to Wash lululemon Shorts

lululemon commission shorts back pocket detail
The Commission Short

lululemon shorts are all made with technical fabrics to one degree or another. The At Ease has some cotton in it, but that’s the exception to the rule. 

The key to taking care of your tech fabric shorts is in how you wash them.

If you wash them like how most dudes do their laundry (i.e. throwing everything in a big pile and setting the washer to “stun”) then you run the risk of the fabric pilling in a short period of time. 

So I recommend washing your lululemon shorts, plus any other technical fabric clothes you have on a gentle cycle. 

lululemon pace breaker liner pocket detail
The liner pocket on the Pace Breaker Short

If they’re purely tech fabric, then you don’t even need to dry them—they’ll dry out in an hour or so if you just drape them over the dryer door. 

Skipping the dryer is going to add a ton of lifetime to your lululemon shorts. 

As for detergent, I don’t use anything special—I like an unscented detergent for sensitive skin, but anything will do for lululemon shorts. 

Which Is Right for You?

With all the options you have at lululemon, it can be tough to find the right pair for you. 

After testing several, my four top picks are the At Ease, Commission, Surge, and Pace Breaker

If I was only going to get two, I’d get the Pace Breaker for workouts and the Commission for everything else. 

Best for Workouts
lululemon Pace Breaker Short

The lululemon Pace Breaker is athlete approved. These shorts are lightweight, breathable, and they even have a vent in the rear, which is crucial for us dudes who suffer from swamp-ass. Just sayin’. lululemon offers a lined and unlined version, but if you ask me, get the lined version. Less laundry.

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Best All-Rounder Short
lululemon Commission Short

The lululemon Commission Short is the best technical fabric chino short I’ve worn. They have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern tech short, like secure zippered pockets and four-way stretch, but they don’t have the added bulk like other brand’s I’ve tried.

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And if you’re interested in lululemon joggers, you should check out my breakdown comparing the four most popular models here


Are lululemon shorts good for the gym?

Yes, lululemon shorts are great in the gym. I like the Pace Breaker and the At Ease shorts for weightlifting and light cardio. 

Do lululemon mens shorts have pockets?

Yes, all lululemon shorts for men have pockets. Different models have different types of pockets in different areas, so make sure you check the specific style you’re interested in to make sure it has the kind of pockets you need.