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lululemon Review for Men: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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lululemon review for men Model Wearing lululemon Jogger Outfit

Wait, isn’t lululemon a chick’s brand? Well, no. They make a ton of activewear clothes for guys, and the quality might surprise you. 

In this lululemon review for men, I’ve picked up a ton of their best sellers and I’ll dive into the pros and cons of shopping with this brand.

Function and features meets style
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: lululemon

Bottom line: lululemon activewear is quite pricey, but the style, fit, and features are among the best I’ve ever tried. I definitely recommend lululemon if you want multipurpose clothes that you can wear to the gym and for more casual, relaxed days out, because they’re both functional and stylish.

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  • The fits for lululemon trend toward modern, slim, and stylish
  • In general, the features on the clothes are exceptional (like secure pockets, etc.)
  • There are lots of different color and size options for every style
  • Technical fabric clothing needs to be washed and dried in a specific manner to avoid pilling

Over the years, I’ve tried probably 10 of the biggest activewear brands for men. 

lululemon, of course, but also Vuori, Rhone, Truwear, GymShark…

Name a brand, and I’ve probably done a workout or two in them. 

A few brands have really stood out for their quality and style. lululemon is one of them. 

So I decided to do a deep dive on the brand, and I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about lululemon’s clothes for guys here. 

What Is lululemon?

Lululemon at ease joggers in teal on model

When lululemon first hit the scene, they were mainly a women’s yoga pants brand. 

I remember the day fondly. 

And for a long time, they were pretty much a chick brand. But then they released the ABC Pant

Soon after that, lululemon had successfully broken into mens activewear, too. 

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At this point, I don’t even think there’s any more association with lululemon being for ladies rather than gentlemen—they’re now a general fitness and lifestyle brand, and I’m all about it. 

While you can grab a full set of workout gear from lululemon, the brand is also branching into more casual clothes like five-pocket pants, polos, and cuban-style short sleeve button ups. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

Lululemon city sweat joggers on model

lululemon clothes cost a premium, but with that, you also get some benefits. 

For starters, you get a more trim, modern fit and feel. 

Trust me, I used to be all about wearing $5 shorts and the oldest, most worn-out t-shirt to the gym. But once I started wearing premium activewear to the gym, I found that I had a lot more confidence when working out, which actually boosted my performance. 

lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve 1

From then on, I switched from being a $5 shorts guy to a $70 shorts guy. If you’ve never tried premium activewear, I recommend just giving it a try to see how you like the fit and feel. I think you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it makes. 

My Hands-On Review

I’ve been slowly building my lululemon collection for years, and I’ve already done a good amount of writing about the brand. 

In this review, I’m doing an overview of all the products I’ve tried, but I’ve also published some deep-dives if there’s a specific product you’re interested in:


Lululemon Commission pant vs abc pant

I’ve got two pairs of lululemon pants: the ABC Pant and the Commission Pant. You can find my full breakdown and comparison of the two here

But here are my general thoughts on each…

ABC Pant

Lululemon abc pant front view

I picked up the ABC Pant with lululemon’s Utilitech fabric, and this pair of pants quickly became one of my go-to pants. 

The thigh is slim and modern, and the leg opening is perfect in my opinion—not too wide and not too slim. 

The ABC is a five-pocket pant, which is similar to how jeans are constructed. There are a few features, like the crotch gusset and a partial gusset behind the knee, both of which help these pants feel extremely comfortable. 

Lululemon abc pant utilitech fabric closeup

I like how the Utilitech fabric feels—it’s almost like a ripstop fabric, but more toned-down. It’s very sturdy and has a decent amount of stretch to it. It’s not as stretchy as the brand’s Warpstreme fabric or anything like that, but for everyday pants like these, some durability is desired. 

Between the ABC and Commission Pants (lululemon’s two most popular pants), I prefer the ABC.

lululemon ABC Pant

A lot of guys end up replacing their jeans with the lululemon ABC Pant. While I don’t think the ABC fully replaces the look of cotton denim jeans, there’s no doubt that they’re way more comfortable. You get the 5-pocket style from the ABC, whereas the Commission is more of a chino style pant.

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Commission Pant

Lululemon commission pant on model full shot

lululemon’s Commission Pant, their follow up to the ABC, is a chino style pant, meaning it has the two slanted hip pockets and is more of a fit for the golf course or office. 

The Commission comes in the stretchier fabrics like Warpstreme and WovenAir. I like these fabrics a lot because they’re pretty much the most comfortable thing you can wear. It’s crazy how much the fabric can stretch.

Lululemon commission pant on model

While I like my Commission Pants, I’ve found that I’m not a huge fan of technical fabric chino pants in general. It’s not specific to lululemon—I’ve tried the style from several brands, and I’m still a cotton chino guy. That said, cotton chinos aren’t nearly as comfortable as the Commission Pant. 

So if you’re all about comfort while keeping it classy, the Commission Pant is where you want to go.

lululemon Commission Pant

If you’re looking for a chino from lululemon, the Commission Pant is the way to go. They offer two of their more comfortable fabrics---Warpstreme and WovenAir, so these are the go-to pants if you’re heading into the office or hitting the links.

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Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve

lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve

lululemon’s Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve is my favorite workout shirt. 

The fabric has an interesting weave to it, so it feels more substantial, while still staying soft and fully breathable. 

Plus, it has raglan sleeves, which work really well for any guy who has broad shoulders. Raglan sleeves are a dude’s secret weapon. Guard that information carefully. 

It does run on the slimmer side, so you might want to size up if you don’t like a trim fit around the chest and stomach. However, I’d still say this shirt runs true to size, as I’m a size L and the shoulders fit perfectly. 

lululemon Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve

This is my favorite workout shirt. The fabric has an interesting weave to it, so it feels more substantial, while still staying soft and fully breathable. Plus, it has raglan sleeves, which work really well if you're like me and you have broad shoulders.

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Evolution Polo

model wearing lululemon evolution polo

The Evolution Polo shows off lululemon’s more casual side, and would make an awesome accompaniment for the office or the golf course. 

It’s stretchy, comfortable, but still looks clean and neat. I picked mine up in Navy, which is a little more interesting than black, but still has the same slimming effect. 

I found that the Evolution Polo runs small. Yes, it’s slim around the chest, stomach, and arms like most lululemon shirts, but also the shoulders seemed a tad more narrow. 

model in blue polo in backyard

Usually the seams on the sleeves of a large shirt fall right at the end of my shoulder bones, but for the Evolution Polo, they fall about a half-inch shorter than that. 

So I probably could’ve sized up to an XL for the best fit. If you’re thinking about the Evolution Polo, I recommend sizing up. 

It’s made with a sweat wicking four-way stretch fabric that dries within 30 minutes. So if you’re a golfer, this is the shirt you want to be swinging in. 

lululemon Evolution Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt

An awesome accompaniment for the office or the golf course, this polo is stretchy, comfortable, but still looks clean and neat. I picked mine up in Navy, which is a little more interesting than black, but still has the same slimming effect. 

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Lululemon Joggers fit comparison

Check out my full break down and comparison of lululemon’s joggers here.

Keep reading for my general thoughts. 

ABC Jogger

Lululemon ABC Jogger Fit Demonstration

The ABC Jogger is the go-to lululemon jogger, and I still think it’s far and away the best jogger for tall guys because of the long inseam options. 

Of all lululemon’s joggers, I like the ABC the most. First of all, my balls have remained fully uncrushed while wearing these. I mean, none of the other joggers crush my balls either. Just thought I’d let you know. 

I actually have two pairs of the ABC jogger—a taller inseam pair and a regular inseam pair. To me, the ABC is the most versatile jogger I own (and I own like 20 pairs…it’s crazy being a style writer). 

Lululemon abc joggers on model

I don’t know how to describe the fit other than that it’s somehow both slim and relaxed at the same time. A lot of joggers have a steady taper from the waist down to the ankle, which can make guys with athletic builds like myself look like a big carrot. 

But the ABC doesn’t do that—they have the fit of a slim, stylish pair of pants, but still come to the full taper at the ankle in a way that looks balanced.

The fabric has plenty of stretch, and features like the crotch gusset make strenuous activities like working out a total breeze. Plus, you get a few secure pockets so you can actually throw a wallet or cards into your pockets without worrying about losing it. 

lululemon ABC Jogger

These technical looking joggers are lightweight and comfortable, and the longer inseams make them a fantastic option for guys who are sick of hearing "hows the weather up there?"

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At Ease Jogger

Lululemon At Ease Jogger Fit Demonstration

The At Ease Jogger is totally unique—it has an interesting knit texture to it that makes it more stylish than most joggers out there. 

I also like the fit of these. lululemon does an excellent job staying away from that carrot-look I mentioned earlier. 

Lululemon at ease joggers in teal on model 1

These are truly casual joggers. They’re  more like nice sweats rather than something you’d wear to the gym, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a jogger that can do it all. 

You could do it all in the At Ease, but I think the ABC is a better choice for versatility. 

lululemon At Ease Jogger

If you’re getting joggers for a mix of style and comfort, then the At Ease Jogger is the way to go. I wouldn’t wear these working out, though, which is the main reason they don’t win my overall "most versatile" pick from Lululemon. But I’m still absolutely pumped on my At Ease Joggers because the textured knit gives them a unique look that feels rich. 

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Surge Jogger

Lululemon Surge Jogger Fit Demonstration

The Surge Jogger is designed for pumping iron and working up a sweat. I usually don’t wear joggers to the gym—I like to get my shins out in the open. But the times I’ve worked out with the Surge Jogger, I’ve loved it. 

With the Surge, you get strategically placed venting in a place you didn’t know you needed it, and that tech has been sorely needed for a long time. 

Lululemon surge jogger closeup

Plus the fabric is super lightweight and dries really quickly, so you get the wombo-combo of breathability and a nice cooling effect. 

While I’m a fan of the Surge Jogger, it’s just not something I wear a ton, mainly because I rarely work out in joggers, and this is perfectly designed for workouts.

lululemon Surge Jogger

If you’re looking for a jogger specifically for working out, the Surge is your best option. But if you want to make sure you’re still stylish, and maybe want to do a few workouts a month in your new joggers, then get the ABC Joggers.

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City Sweat Jogger

Lululemon City Sweat Jogger Fit Demonstration

The City Sweat isn’t a full technical fabric jogger like the other options on this list. It’s got some cotton woven in, and you know what that means? Comfort, baby. 

These are the most “sweat-pant” like joggers lululemon has, so if you want to knock the ladies socks off with light grey sweats, this is the pair for you. 

I wear these a lot when lounging around the house. I basically never wear them outside, but I also don’t wear sweats out for pretty much any reason. Not that I’m against dudes wearing sweats.

I’ll say this: if you are a guy who likes to wear sweats on those casual Saturday mornings out at the cafe, get something nice. You’re riding that fine line between casual and slob. If you get something like the City Sweat Jogger, you’ll ensure that you put off a relaxed vibe, and not a Cheeto-binge, bean-bag-chair vibe. 

lululemon City Sweat Jogger

If you want a pair of sweatpants without looking like you just rolled out of bed, get the lululemon City Sweat. I still prefer the At Ease for true lounging, and I think the ABC is a better choice for an all-rounder, but the City Sweat has its charm and I’m glad I have it.

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lululemon mens shorts comparison

After my deep-dive into lululemon’s joggers, I decided to do the same for their shorts.

Read my breakdown of lululemon’s best shorts for guys here, or stick around for the quick and dirty. 

Commission Short

lululemon shorts close up 1

The Commission Short is lululemon’s most popular short, and it’s the best option for everyday use. 

It’s built like a chino short, which most guys are already familiar with. These are the kind of shorts you can wear to the backyard bbq, to the office (if your office is OK with exposed knees), golfing, or even just when running errands around town. 

lululemon shorts close up side view

They have a nifty secure zipper pocket in the hip to safely stash cards or cash, plus they have two buttoned pockets in the back for more traditional wallet and phone storage. 

The fit is a lot more slim and modern compared to your dad’s chino shorts, too. 

If you’re going to get a high-quality, basic short, the lululemon Commission is one of my favorites. 

lululemon Commission Short

The lululemon Commission Short is the best technical fabric chino short I’ve worn. They have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern tech short, like secure zippered pockets and four-way stretch, but they don’t have the added bulk like other brand’s I’ve tried.

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Surge Short

model in lululemon shorts and brown shoes

The Surge Short is built for running—it’s extra lightweight, dries in about five minutes, and has cool features like a back pocket for your phone and an elastic loop on the waistband for tucking your shirt into when you’re sweating yourself silly on mile seven. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that true distance runners have a thing for short-shorts. Yes, the Surge has a 6” inseam, which is pretty short by most guys’ standards, but if you want those really short 3” shorts, you might want to check out lululemon’s Fast and Free Short. 

man in lululemon shorts with no top

But for my use-cases, I’m a big fan of the Surge, and I definitely recommend the lined version, which is both comfortable and supportive for the “boys.”

lululemon Surge Short

The lululemon Surge is a fantastic running short for long distance training. With a phone pocket in the back, plus an elastic loop you can hook your shirt into after you pass mile 10, the Surge is the lightweight, breathable bottom you want on your next jog.

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At Ease Short

model with brown lululemon shorts

Made with the same unique quilted knit fabric as the At Ease Jogger, the At Ease Shorts give you the comfort and feel of sweat shorts, but are a definite step up on the style spectrum. 

clouse up At Ease lululemon shorts

I find the At Ease to be extremely versatile, as they’ve got the comfort you want to lounge in, but the quilted pattern gives them a boost in the style department so you can feel confident wearing them to the cafe on Saturday morning. Plus, you can get a good workout in them if you want, too.

lululemon At Ease Short

The lululemon At Ease shorts have a unique quilted knit pattern that makes them distinct in a world where most shorts look the same. They’re comfortable---almost like sweat shorts, but classier. While they feel like lounge shorts, they look refined and the secure zipper pocket makes them practical, too. 

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Pace Breaker Short

Pace Breaker Short lulumen

I’ve been using the Pace Breaker as my Monday workout short (and we all know you wear the best stuff on Mondays). 

I really like the liner on this short—it’s more supportive than other lined shorts I’ve tried, and I like the length of the liner. The liner is about as long as the shorts themselves, plus they have a pocket on either side if you want to tuck your phone or some cards in there. 

Pace Breaker Short lululemon close up sideview

Originally meant for running, I think the Pace Breaker is a fantastic all-round workout short, and I think it’s perfect for weight lifting workouts finished off with a little cardio. 

lululemon Pace Breaker Short

The lululemon Pace Breaker is athlete approved. These shorts are lightweight, breathable, and they even have a vent in the rear, which is crucial for us dudes who suffer from swamp-ass. Just sayin’. lululemon offers a lined and unlined version, but if you ask me, get the lined version. Less laundry.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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lululemon has a massive following. They get a lot of love, and they also get ragged on some, too, but that’s to be expected when you’ve got such a massive presence. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that people seem really upset whenever lululemon changes a particular product, so in a lot of individual product reviews, you’ll see people say, “oh it’s not the same as it used to be.”

But when I try the new versions of the products, they’re great. 

I now have 10+ pieces of clothing from lululemon, and I really like all of them. They do run on the more slim and narrow side of the sizing chart, but that’s part of why people always look so good in lululemon. But if you like a roomier fit, you may want to opt for either of the ‘casual’ or ‘relaxed’ fit options. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • lululemon’s fits trend toward modern, slim, and stylish, so even if you’re just going for a workout, you’ll still look put-together.
  • Of the 10+ pieces I’ve tried from the brand, they all have unique and interesting features that make them very useful (not to mention comfortable).
  • Every style they offer has a lot of different color and size options.

What I Don’t Like

  • lululemon almost exclusively uses technical fabrics, which should all be washed and dried on gentle cycles to avoid pilling and damaging the garments. This is true of all activewear brands though, not just lululemon.

Who Is lululemon For?

lululemon is a great choice for you if you’re willing to invest a bit extra to get some workout, casual, and lounge gear that looks just as good—if not better—than the rest of your workweek outfits. 

The Verdict

After trying 10+ pieces from lululemon, it’s safe to say I’m a fan of the brand. 

Yes, I wear certain pieces more than others. But overall, I really like the brand’s trim and modern fits. 

I especially like wearing lululemon to the gym, because I find that when I look good in the gym, I perform better, too. 

The Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve is the best workout shirt I own (and I have a ton). 

The Pace Breaker Short is my favorite workout short if I’m going to be mixing weights and HIIT as the gym. 

And for lounging, you can’t beat the unique knitted texture of the At Ease Joggers and Shorts

lululemon is a fantastic brand, and I’m sure I’ll be going back for more soon. 


lululemon activewear is quite pricey, but the style, fit, and features are among the best I’ve ever tried. I definitely recommend lululemon if you want multipurpose clothes that you can wear to the gym and for more casual, relaxed days out, because they’re both functional and stylish.

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Is lululemon a good brand for men?

Yes, lululemon has an excellent selection of clothes for men, ranging from workout to casual situations. I really like their workout clothes, as they have a slim, modern fit that really stands out in the gym. 

Is lululemon really good quality?

Yes, lululemon clothes are excellent quality. Because they’re made with technical fabric, you should take care to follow the washing and drying instructions to make sure they last a long time. 

Why do men love lululemon?

Men love lululemon clothes because they’re loaded with little features that make them some of the most comfortable and stylish clothes you can get. Have you ever worn pants with a crotch gusset? If not, give ‘em a shot—you’ll never go back. 

Do lululemon men’s pants run big or small?

lululemon’s men’s pants run on the smaller side. However, make sure to check the sizing information on each individual product page where you’ll find the most accurate sizing. After 10+ pieces of clothing from the brand, I’ve followed their sizing advice and have gotten a fit I’m happy with every time.