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5 Best Vuori Pants for Men: Tested and Reviewed

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post containing affiliate links. We received compensation and courtesy product from Vuori in exchange for our honest review only. All opinions expressed here are our own. 

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David Martin from The Adult Man Wearing and Comparing Vuori Meta Optimist Fleet Ponto and Coronado

You keep hearing about the amazing comfort of Vuori’s pants, but when you go to pick up a pair for yourself, you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of options to choose from.

I know this pain well, so I grabbed a haul of Vuori’s most popular pants for men and compared them here so you can find the best pair for your lifestyle and use cases.

Top Picks Overview

My pants game has suffered for a long time.

I’m admittedly picky when it comes to finding just the right fit for a pair of jeans, but finding quality denim that isn’t sabotaged with stretch fabric is near impossible these days. 

After buying and returning enough pairs of pants to make my wife question my sanity, I started to think that maybe I was after the wrong thing.

Maybe, instead of looking for stiff fabrics that are almost guaranteed to not check my rigorous list of “how pants should fit” boxes, I should go with the times and try out some modern, performance fabrics.

I remembered seeing ads for a brand called Vuori with pants that blurred the line between what you can wear to the gym and the office, so I figured that was a good place to start.

Did I expect Vuori to have so many pant options that I could wear a different one every day for a month?

Nope, sure didn’t.

But I went ahead and bought five different pairs to compare them side-by-side, so you can find which Vuori pants are best for you.

My Recommendations

Best All-Rounder: Meta 5-Pocket Pant

Vuori Meta Pant from front waist down 1
The Vuori Meta 5 Pocket Pant in black

The Meta Pant is Vuori’s flagship, everyday pant. It’s a spin on traditional five-pocket pants in the sense that it keeps the same profile but uses technical, anti-odor, stretch fabric. 

I frequently wear these pants to work and choose them for happy hour, running errands, traveling, or hitting the golf course. 

The main differentiator between the Meta Pant and any other regular pair of pants is their proprietary VersaLife midweight fabric. This fabric is made from 100% polyester, bringing four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and quick-dry properties to the table. 

Model Walking Side on in Vuori Meta Pants and Running Shoes

I’ve been in too many travel situations where I’ve nearly missed a train that would have caused me to miss my flight home, and let me tell you, having pants that breathe well and wick moisture is a game-changer. 

Another modern update over traditional pants is a hidden, zippered pocket, which keeps your valuables secure in everyday life, especially while traveling and in crowded areas.

Vuori Meta Pant inner waistband detail photo

Most of Vuori’s pants have fixed lengths and come in Small, Medium, Large, etc. sizing, but the Meta Pants have waist options from 28”-38” and inseam lengths from 30”-34”, which is great for my extensive lower half. 

Best of all, you can choose between nine different colors, which made it a lot easier for me to justify buying multiple pairs.

What I Like

  • They’re cut with a tailored, modern fit through the leg that’s neither too tight, nor too loose and helps slim out your legs to make you look taller.
  • The fabric stretches and breathes like a pair of running joggers, which makes them super comfortable for all-day use.
  • I appreciate the fact that you can choose your inseam and waist lengths—most of Vuori’s sizing feels like a guess if you haven’t bought their clothing previously.

What I Don’t Like

  • The Meta Pants are only available in the modern, tailored fit, which may be too tight for heavier guys or dudes with thunder thighs.

What Other Reviewers Say

These pants are well-loved overall. The review section is flooded with comments like, “This is my fifth pair!” and others who swear they’re the best pants they’ve ever owned. Other reviewers appreciate the wide range of sizing options and color choices.

The only negative comments I found were about order fulfillment, where several customers received the wrong size. However, these issues were quickly corrected by Vuori’s customer service team.

The Verdict

If you’re planning to get just one pair of Vuori’s pants and want a pair that replaces several pairs of pants in your dresser in one fell swoop, get the Meta Pants.

I’ve found that they’ve raised my internal bar for what an everyday pair of pants should offer. Where jeans will get stuffy and hot quickly, these stay stretchy, lightweight, and breathable no matter what. 

Best All-Rounder
Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant

If you’re planning to get just one pair of Vuori’s pants and want a pair that replaces several pairs of pants in your dresser in one fell swoop, get the Meta Pant. It's the brand's flagship, everyday pant, and the sleek profile and choice of 9 colors make a great addition to any capsule wardrobe.

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Best Casual Pick: Optimist Pant

Vuori Optimist Pant model wearing tan shoes and green shirt
The Optimist Pant in walnut

I’m a sucker for a good pair of corduroys and the Optimist Pant just made my affliction worse. 

These two-way stretch cotton corduroys bring serious comfort and softness, largely due to an enzyme wash of the fabric.

I’m not typically a fan of drawcord, elastic waistbands on my pants but the Optimist Pants are actively changing my mind. This style of waistband ensures a comfy, snug fit that you don’t have to suck in your stomach to get into, and they feel like a good pair of sweats while commanding the casual style of corduroys. 

These are my go-to pants when it comes to watching the game with friends, running errands, walking the dog, traveling, or any other casual activity under the sun. 

Vuori Optimist Pant with tan shoes and green shirt

They have a relaxed fit, which I found to err on the slim side, but I can only imagine them being too tight if you have legs like Tom Platz

I was wondering why Vuori named these the “Optimist,” but once I tried them on and noticed how good they made me feel, I had to admit I was feeling more optimistic about life. Funny how that works.

What I Like

  • The relaxed cut has extra room in the seat and thighs for guys with larger legs and athletic builds.
  • The corduroy is soft, stretchy, and perfect for various casual, everyday activities.
  • The drawcord waistband makes these pants easy to get on and off and keeps them comfortable for all-day use.

What I Don’t Like

  • These pants only have a fixed inseam length of 30.5”. I would prefer to see a few more options for those of us who are vertically-gifted, but 30.5” will cover the majority of guys well.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Optimist Pant’s superior comfort and soft fabric seems to be the biggest selling point for reviewers. Multiple commenters said that they’re more comfortable than sweatpants, and also loved the modern, relaxed fit. 

I found several negative reviews from taller-than-average people complaining that the pants are too short, which is unsurprising, as they only come in one length.

The Verdict

Corduroys are comfortable to begin with, but the Optimist Pant steps it up a notch and are an easy choice if you’re looking for everyday, casual pants. 

I love these for traveling, hanging with friends, or running errands, and they’re super easy to style with outfits for every season.

If you need a good pair of casual pants with timeless, elevated style and unparalleled comfort, get Vuori’s Optimist Pants.

Best Casual Pick
Vuori Optimist Pant

With a relaxed cut giving extra room in the seat and thighs, these pants are great for guys with larger legs and athletic builds, while the stretchy corduroy is the perfect fabric for casual settings (not to mention it's super comfortable).

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Best for the Gym: Fleet Pant

Vuori Fleet Pants with white shoes and gray running shirt
The Fleet Pant in black

I’ve done a good bit of running in my day, but never with a good pair of running pants. When running in the colder months, I stick to shorts and resign myself to being miserable for a few minutes while my body heats up from the run.

That said, I was excited to see if Vuori’s Fleet Pants could keep me from freezing my ‘nads off without hindering my ability to run or do any type of dynamic movement. 

Spoiler: mission accomplished.

The Fleet Pants are made with a performance stretch knit that brings the right balance of warmth and breathability. Having an extra layer on my lower half made me notice the cold much less, but the pants also didn’t get stifling or hot on the back half of my run.

Vuori Fleet Pant with running shoes and shirt

These pants have a modern cut that tapers down to the ankle, which leaves plenty of room for movement without being too baggy.

The Fleet Pants also have a zippered pocket, which I consider essential on any worthwhile pair of running pants or shorts. 

The interior is brushed to give it extra softness and comfort, and the 4-way stretch fabric that’s quick-drying and moisture-wicking works well in the gym to boot.

 I wore these on my most recent leg day and had no issues with the pants being restrictive on dynamic movements like squats, leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls, or Bulgarian split squats. 

That said, I don’t recommend barbell deadlifts in the Fleets, as the bar may scrape against the thin fabric over your shins and tear it.

What I Like

  • They’re lightweight, breathable, and warm enough to keep me comfortable on long runs.
  • The regular fit tapers down to the ankle, which keeps these pants comfortably close to my legs without being too tight.
  • The 4-way stretch fabric is strong, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, and the zip pocket keeps my valuables secure while running or in the gym.

What I Don’t Like

  • I would have liked to see the zippered pocket right below the back waistband, where my phone and keys would jostle the least during a run.

What Other Reviewers Say

Satisfied customers love the Fleet Pants and how lightweight, stretchy, and neat they look. Multiple people said that these are their new go-to pants, and that they frequently get compliments on the pants from strangers.

There were quite a few negative comments regarding the drawstring design, which can be tricky to tie and untie, but I found that the elastic waistband made constantly using the drawstring unnecessary.

The Verdict

Whether you’re a long-distance runner, a gym nut, or just someone who appreciates a lightweight pair of technical pants while they lounge on the couch, I recommend Vuori’s Fleet Pants.

They’re the perfect cut for running and the gym. The stretch fabric is thin but warm enough, and the quick-dry, moisture-wicking fabric goes a long way in making me look like less of a swamp monster after a long run.

Best for the Gym
Vuori Fleet Pant

Lightweight, breathable, and warm enough to keep me comfortable on long runs, these pants feature four-way stretch fabric that makes them comfortable and non-restrictive on long runs. I love the tapered fit that skirts close to the skin without being too tight.

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Best for Travel: Ponto Performance Pant

The Ponto Performance Pant in charcoal heather

Considering how much time I’ve spent on planes, you’d think I’d have my travel clothing figured out. 

What I wear on a plane isn’t always comfortable. My mentality has usually been to wear my bulky items so that I have more room in my suitcase or duffel, but that ends up with me wearing jeans, Doc Martens, and sweaters on the plane.

Not great for comfort, especially the jeans part. 

Given the buttery soft feel of the Ponto Performance Pants’ DreamKnit fabric, I decided to try them out on my next long car ride, and boy, did they make a difference. 

Besides the surprising comfort and softness, these pants also have tons of stretch and are warm enough for cooler conditions but breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you comfy when sprinting to catch your plane. 

Vuori Ponto Performance Pant worn with sneakers and jacket

I’m a big fan of the cut, which is relaxed with a slight taper towards the ankle that allows plenty of movement. 

Speaking of which, these aren’t called “Performance” pants for no reason. The stretchy fabric and moisture-wicking properties make these an excellent choice for the gym or any other physical activity. I just happen to prefer them for traveling overall.

Like you’ve probably come to expect from Vuori pants at this point, they also have a zippered pocket to keep valuables secure and flush against your body.

What I Like

  • The DreamKnit fabric is crazy soft, to the extent that I hate having to take these off.
  • They’re the perfect weight for traveling—lightweight and stretchy for when you have to move, and cozy and soft for when you’re sitting for long periods.
  • They’re long enough to touch the tops of your shoes with ease, even if you have legs like a giraffe, and can also be cuffed for a more European, sporty look.

What I Don’t Like

  • I would appreciate one more zippered pocket, either hidden or in the back, but one is better than nothing.

What Other Reviewers Say

Of all the Vuori pants I tried, these are easily the best-loved. Every comment you see has someone saying they’re the most comfortable, soft, and stylish pants they’ve ever worn. As you’d expect with such glowing reviews, many others mentioned owning multiple pairs of the Ponto Performance Pants.

The Verdict

While I haven’t gotten a chance to test out these pants on a long plane or train ride, they kept me comfortable and relaxed on my last trip to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving. 

Whether you’re seeking superior comfort in class, at the gym, while traveling, or while walking the dog, I recommend the Ponto Performance Pants for their softness, stretch, and flattering taper.

Best for Travel
Vuori Ponto Performance Pant

The buttery soft DreamKnit fabric and light weight make these pants ideal for traveling in. I love that they’re tapered and long enough to wear cuffed for a more European, sporty look, while still remaining relaxed and comfortable.

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Best for Lounging: Coronado Pant

Vuori Coronado Pant in neutral room
The Coronado Pant in light heather gray

Lounging is serious business, and like any other serious task, it’s essential to dress appropriately. 

Just as Seal Team Six doesn’t hop into a Black Hawk wearing shorts and flip flops, it’s unwise to embark on a lounge sesh in rigid, tight pants.

That’s why Vuori’s Coronado Pants are my go-to choice for slow days at home. These modern sweats bring serious softness, comfort, and stretchiness to the table, or, more appropriately, your couch. 

Sweatpants are generally soft, but from the first moment I got my hands on these, I knew they were in a different realm altogether. 

Vuori Coronado Pant model wearing with white tee

Best of all, Vuori calls the Coronados “pants” for a reason, and designed them without the typical sweatpant or jogger profile so you can take the comfort to the streets without looking like a slob.

These really look like a pair of jeans or chinos, just made with stretchy DreamKnit fabric. Vuori even stitches in a fake fly at the front of the pants, with no utility besides making them look like normal pants.

What I Like

  • They’re incredibly comfortable, soft, and warm without being heavy.
  • Despite being warm, they breathe well and won’t make you sweat if you’re under a blanket.
  • The zippered back pockets are great for keeping valuables secure if I have to leave the house but don’t want to leave the comfort.

What I Don’t Like

  • They taper a little more than I’d like, making them tight around the ankles.

What Other Reviewers Say

The Coronado Pants have great reviews overall. Happy customers love the weight and warmth of the fabric and how comfortable and stylish they are for various activities. Other customers loved that you can’t immediately tell that these are sweatpants, which made them go-to, daily pants for quite a few guys.

The Verdict

If you take comfort seriously, Vuori’s Coronado Pants are for you.

Whether you’re lounging and taking a day for yourself or running errands, these pants keep your outfit stylish and maximize comfort. The faux fly makes them look like a normal pair of pants and zippered back pockets keep your valuables secure at no cost to the premium, soft fit.

Best for Lounging
Vuori Coronado Pant

Soft and warm without being heavy, these really look like a pair of jeans or chinos, but are made with Vuori's stretchy DreamKnit fabric. The silhouette is clean and not at all like a sweatpant or jogger profile, so you can take the comfort to the streets without looking like a slob.

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How Do Vuori’s Pants Fit?

Vuori Meta Pant with chucks and a jacket from front

Vuori’s sizing is primarily done through waist measurement ranges comprising Small, Medium, Large, etc. Most of their pants come with a fixed inseam length that should be appropriate for the majority of guys unless you’re an NBA player.

I ordered true to size for my waist measurements, and the fit is great, but the pants are slightly tighter than I expected. Most have a modern, slim cut that rides close to the leg, so if you prefer your pants with a little more internal room, I’d recommend sizing up. The elastic waistbands should size down effectively.

For pants that allow you to choose waist and inseam lengths, like their Meta Pants, Vuori’s pants have a great fit on the whole. Still on the slim side, but the waist and length are spot on.

How to Wash Vuori Pants

Vuori pants in a stack

As a rule of thumb, always wash your Vuori pants in cold water and with like colors. None of the fabrics are too delicate for machine washers and dryers, so there’s no need to hand-wash them, thankfully.

You can also tumble dry Vuori pants on a low heat setting, but remember to remove them from the washer and dryer promptly. Letting them sit in either machine for too long can damage the fabric.

Another rule of thumb: don’t iron any Vuori pants. All of their pants have at least some polyester content in the fabric, which doesn’t handle an iron’s direct heat well. That is, of course, unless you like melted pants.

The only point where washing your Vuori pants gets specific is with the Coronado Pant. The ultra-soft fabric of these pants does better in the wear and tear of a machine washer if you turn them inside out. 

Vuori pants lined up with back logo detail photo

If that’s a lot to remember, you can also just turn all these pants inside out before washing them to help them last as long as possible.

Also, it’s good practice to only wash your Vuori pants with other athleisure and performance wear garments. Heavy cotton articles like jeans can rough up the soft, polyester-based fabric and reduce its longevity.

In a similar vein, make sure every zipper on your Vuori pants is closed before starting a wash or dry cycle. The zippers can get stuck on other zippers, they can break, or they can tear fabrics that aren’t heavy-duty.

Which Is Right for You?

When it’s all said and done, if you’re looking for a great everyday pant that can be used at happy hours, in the office, or on your next trip, I recommend the Meta 5-Pocket Pant. They’re comfortable, stretchy, lightweight, breathable, and have a flattering, modern cut.

My Top Pick
Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant

If you’re planning to get just one pair of Vuori’s pants and want a pair that replaces several pairs of pants in your dresser in one fell swoop, get the Meta Pant. It's the brand's flagship, everyday pant, and the sleek profile and choice of 9 colors make a great addition to any capsule wardrobe.

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For more casual outings like running errands or strolling the beach, check out the Optimist Pant.

If you’re in the market for a new go-to pair of pants for the gym, running, or anything in between, I recommend the Fleet Pant.

When it comes to traveling and long hours of time stuck in a metal tube hurtling through the stratos or a metal box shredding the pavement, the Ponto Performance Pant will keep you comfy and temperature-regulated the whole time.

Just want to lounge at home in a soft pair of sweats? You don’t get cozier than the Coronado Pant, and these also don’t look bad outside the house, either, for whenever you’re forced to get off the couch.

So, which pair of Vuori pants are you choosing?


Are Vuori pants worth the price?

Given the ultra-soft fabric, breathability, and durability, Vuori’s pants are definitely worth the price.

Does Vuori run large or small?

Vuori runs true to size regarding inseam length and waist measurements, but their pants are slim and may be too tight for some guy’s preferences. If you fall into that category, I recommend sizing up.

What does Vuori stand for?

Vuori means “mountain” in Finnish, reflecting founder Joe Kudla’s love for mountain climbing.