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Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant Review: My Thoughts after Testing

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Model Wearing Black Vuori Meta Pants and Blue Sneakers

You’re looking for a new, go-to pair of pants for everyday wear, but your only options seem to be jeans that will shrink after the first wash, chinos that sucker punch your wallet, or activewear pants that you know nothing about. 

Even worse, so many companies are pedaling everyday performance pants that you don’t know where to start looking. Vuori’s Meta Pants are built for adventure but are nice enough to wear to dinner or the office. Keep reading to find out if they’re a candidate for your go-to daily pants.

Performance wear pants with modern styling
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Vuori Meta Pants

Bottom line: We don't need to get meta on this one---I'm a fan of Vuori's Meta Pants. The price is on the higher end relative to the market but I found you get what you pay for in terms of fit, features, and comfort. They're true to size, the cut is flattering, and the VersaLife polyester fabric is super comfortable and allows for a wide range of motion. I recommend them as a versatile inclusion in any capsule wardrobe or simply an easy reach pair of quality everyday pants.

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  • The fit is slim but not tight, and the fabric is stretchy enough to make me think I’m wearing a pair of workout joggers.
  • They’re breathable enough to keep me cool, but still warm in the colder months
  • There’s a zip pocket to keep my keys and cards secure
  • The tailored, modern fit may be too tight if you prefer a slightly looser fit or for huskier gents.

Gone are the days of wearing slacks and a button-down to the office. 

These days, your favorite jeans or chinos and a polo are the standard for office wear.

The prevailing mindset is that if you’re comfortable, you’ll perform better or at least be able to focus more on your tasks at hand. 

While jeans and chinos are comfortable, they’re typically made from dense, rigid cotton that always becomes uncomfortable for me after long periods of sitting. 

I decided there had to be a better option. Something that combines the feel of athletic wear with the office-ready aesthetic of slacks.

In my search for comfortable pants that feel like gym wear but look like Chinos, I came across Vuori’s Meta Pants, and I knew I had to put them to the test

Do these comfort-engineered “performance wear” pants have what it takes to become my new go-to pair? Read my review to find out. 


Vuori pants lined up with back logo detail photo

You’ve likely come across their ads at some point, but in the event that you’re living under a rock, Vuori is a fitness apparel brand that’s gained serious traction in the last few years.

The brand is influenced by the coastal California lifestyle, which, in their words, is “an integration of fitness, surf, sport, and art.” Their products are designed to stand the test of time and keep up with an active lifestyle while inspiring customers to live vibrant, healthy lives. 

This mindset is reflected in the brand’s name. “Vuori” is the Finnish word for mountain, and reflects founder Joe Kudla’s love of mountain climbing.

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In an interview with Inc, Mr. Kudla disclosed that he suffers from altitude sickness, which makes mountain climbing more arduous than it already is. That, however, is the point: the deeper meaning of the brand is a metaphor for striving against the odds for the reward of becoming the best version of yourself.

Hence, their tagline is “The Rise. The Shine.”

The Meta Pant slots in as the brand’s take on everyday 5-pocket performance pants.

So, does it live up to its brand ideologies?

Let’s find out.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Vuori pants in a stack

The first consideration is your intended use case. 

Vuori also offer some technical climbing pants and pieces that will serve you well on more relaxed adventures. They can hook you up if you’re in the market for any other type of fitness apparel or even surfwear, too.

I’ve found that their pants are the first I reach for when running errands, going for a run, lounging on the couch, and most recently, going to work.

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Besides the planned activity, another consideration is your budget.

Many of Vuori’s pants come in at just below the $100 mark or above, which, compared to a pair of jeans or pants from Kohl’s, can feel pricey.

That said, you’re paying for premium materials and garments meant to stand up to wear and tear over time. If the price feels daunting, consider Vuori’s pants an investment rather than an absent-minded purchase.

Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant

If you’re planning to get just one pair of Vuori’s pants and want a pair that replaces several pairs of pants in your dresser in one fell swoop, get the Meta Pant. It's the brand's flagship, everyday pant, and the sleek profile and choice of 9 colors make a great addition to any capsule wardrobe.

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My Hands-On Review

Vuori Meta Pant folded on white table

I ordered the Meta Pants in waist size 30 and inseam length 32 and opted for black. 

Vuori often offers free shipping on orders over $75, and considering that their clothing is on the pricier side of the spectrum, you’ll likely surpass $75 with just one item, such as these.

I’ve come to expect free shipping in these Amazon-saturated days, so I was happy to see free 3-5 day shipping times at the checkout screen. 

My order came in a reasonable four business days, and I appreciated Vuori’s effort to use sustainable packaging where appropriate. The shipping bag itself was the typical, heavy plastic, but the bag for the pants felt like a rigid paper that I’m sure recycles easily.

Meta Pants in hand, I headed to our full-length mirror to try them on.


Vuori Meta Pant with sneakers and white tee from front

The Meta Pants fit remarkably well in terms of waist and inseam measurements. 

Most of Vuori’s pants have fixed inseam lengths and waist measurement ranges (due to elastic waistbands) that are lumped into Small, Medium, Large, etc. categories, but with these you get a full selection of waist and inseam lengths. 

I ordered my typical standard pants size and was pleased to find the fit true to size.

Vuori describes the Meta Pants as having a tailored, modern fit through the leg, but I think it may be more accurate to say that they’re slim cut. At least, my definition of slim cut.

I’ve come across plenty of pants sporting the title “slim” that are, in fact, skin tight and require vegetable grease to slip off, but the Meta Pants certainly don’t fit into that category. 

Vuori Meta Pant from front waist down

A healthy taper down to the ankle keeps them slim below the knee, while the thigh and seat have room for guys with athletic builds. I’ve worn pants with a similar cut that would frequently ride up or need to be pulled down after sitting, but thanks to the modern fabric, the fit stays sleek and comfortable.

More on the fabric in a minute.


When it comes to style, the Meta Pants can run the gamut pretty well. 

The tailored, modern cut gives them a sleek profile that naturally inclines them to smart casual and modern office outfits, making them appropriate to be dressed up slightly for a date or happy hour. 

Vuori Meta Pant with chucks and a jacket from front

They’re also a good fit for everyday casual outfits, like running errands or walking the dog. I like to cuff my pants depending on the shoes I’m wearing, and since the inseam length for these is accurate, there’s plenty of room to cuff without turning them into capris. 

Pair cuffed Meta Pants with high-top Chucks, a white tee, and a casual sweater or bomber jacket, and you’re ready for most events that a normal day will throw at you. 

I also like the Meta Pants for traveling. There’s always a temptation to wear sweats and a hoodie on the plane and then change when you get to your destination, but I prefer to dress more presentably.

Usually, that would mean wearing jeans or chinos on the plane, which isn’t ideal, but the Meta Pants are my new go-to. 

The stretch fabric is perfect for long hours of sitting with little legroom, and the breathable fabric responds well to the typical temperature fluctuations you might experience when hustling to get your bags in the overhead bin or speeding through the stratosphere at 30,000 feet.


Vuori Meta Pant rivet detail

On the subject of fabric, the Meta 5-Pocket Pants are made from Vuori’s proprietary VersaLife midweight fabric, which is 100% polyester. 

This fabric offers 4-way stretch for maximum mobility, and it’s also moisture-wicking and quick-drying. I unintentionally tested this while trying to steam some wrinkles out of the legs, and the steamer decided to leak water everywhere. 

They had completely dried when I was ready to take photos of the pants (roughly 20 minutes later). I greatly appreciate this quality, given that drinks somehow frequently find their way onto my pants.

The VersaLife fabric is also very breathable, which means that stinky sweat particles and other foul-smelling things won’t get stuck in the fibers of your pants. In other words, you can go a lot longer between washes due to the Meta Pants’ anti-odor properties.

While I didn’t wear them for more than one full day’s use between washes, I did wear them for a full day of work, running errands, and a happy hour and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had little to no odor of being worn. 

Vuori Meta Pant inner waistband detail photo

To top it off, this fabric also offers UPF 30+ sun protection. Getting sunburned isn’t fun, and getting sunburned through your clothes just feels insulting, but that’s one less thing you have to worry about with the Meta Pants.


Compared to your run-of-the-mill jeans or chinos, the Meta Pants are considerably more functional. 

Most of this functionality can be attributed to the VersaLife fabric, which gives a more comfortable and responsive wearing experience in almost any condition. 

For example, if I’m running late at the airport and need to choose a pair of pants to help get me to my plane with the least discomfort and sweat, I choose the Meta Pants every time.

Vuori Ponto Performance Pant worn with sneakers and jacket

The polyester fabric provides a much greater range of movement than denim or cotton. If I try to lift my knee close to my chest while wearing a pair of jeans, I can only get so far before I’m stopped by the rigid fabric and bunching around the creases.

With the Meta Pants, I could do the splits without being conscious that I’m wearing pants. That is, if I could do the splits.

Besides the fabric, a semi-hidden, zippered back pocket helps keep your valuables secure while traveling and during day-to-day activities. 

The overall look of these pants makes them functional for various activities, too. Dress them up with a sweater or button-down to have dinner with your in-laws, or pair them with sneakers and a t-shirt to grab coffee in the morning.

What Do Other Reviewers Say?

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The Meta Pants have great reviews overall, with comments like, “This is my fifth pair!” and “I just bought four more pairs” commonly appearing. Reviewers love the fit and stretch of the pants, as well as the modern cut and range of sizes offered.

The few negative reviews I came across had to do primarily with order fulfillment mistakes, like the wrong size being sent to a customer. Still, all of these cases seemed to be corrected quickly by Vuori’s customer service.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The VersaLife polyester fabric offers an unrestricted range of motion and is moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and odor-resistant.
  • They’re cut with a tailored, modern fit that’s tastefully slim below the knee and still leaves room in the thighs and seat for guys with athletic builds.
  • The hidden, zippered back pocket is an extra layer of security for my valuables, which I appreciate when traveling or when in crowded locations (or both).
  • Vuori offers eight different colors for the Meta Pants, which makes it easy to justify buying multiple pairs.
  • Their waist and inseam measurements are true to size.

What I Don’t Like

  • While they bring a lot to the table and are worth the money, the price may be prohibitive for guys on a budget.
  • The tailored, modern fit may be too tight for heavier guys or those who prefer a slightly looser fit.

Who Is the Vuori Meta Pant For?

Vuori’s Meta Pants are for anyone who wants their clothing to keep up with their lifestyle. 

These pants offer superior versatility between activities and environments, look sleek and put-together, and are easy to wear all day. If you’re looking for a new pair of go-to, everyday pants that won’t hold you back in form, function, or style, the Meta Pants are up your alley.

The Verdict

All things considered, I’m impressed with the Meta Pants. 

The sizing is spot on, the cut is flattering, comfortable, and versatile, and the pants just make me feel good. 

Although the cost is steep, I can see myself saving up to invest in several pairs of these in different colors, at which point they would be my go-to choice for everyday pants. 

If you’ve struggled to find pants that you look forward to taking out of the drawer and making an outfit with, I recommend investing in an all-around capable pair of pants with modern styling and fabric, like Vuori’s Meta Pants.

Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant

If you’re planning to get just one pair of Vuori’s pants and want a pair that replaces several pairs of pants in your dresser in one fell swoop, get the Meta Pant. It's the brand's flagship, everyday pant, and the sleek profile and choice of 9 colors make a great addition to any capsule wardrobe.

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