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David has been covering men's style and grooming topics for The Adult Man as a writer and photographer since 2020. We asked David to sum himself up in four sentences, and here it is. Serial learner. Aspiring wordsmith. Bourbon enthusiast. Jack of some trades.
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David Martin Wearing Tomahawk Shades with Sun and Water cartoon graphics

These 7 Things Have Made My Skin Noticeably Better In a Year

Follow these same tips I did and hopefully you’ll also have noticeably better skin soon. At the very least, your general health will improve.

Geologie Patricks and Aesop Products on a Marble Background

8 Luxury Skincare Products That Are Actually Worth the Splurge

Across these eight splurge-worthy skincare solutions there’s a product for any guy willing to invest in their mug. After all, skincare is a long-game.

David Martin from The Adult Man Wearing and Comparing Vuori Meta Optimist Fleet Ponto and Coronado

5 Best Vuori Pants for Men: Tested and Reviewed

Vuori pants are often hyped up, but are they really any good? I picked up five different pairs and compared them so you can find out which is right for you.

Model Wearing Black Vuori Meta Pants and Blue Sneakers

Vuori Meta 5-Pocket Pant Review: My Thoughts after Testing

I tried out the Vuori Meta Pants to see if comfort-engineered performancewear
pants has what it takes to replace my regular pairs. Read my review to find out.

Evolution of slacks from 18th century to 21st century

Slacks vs Dress Pants vs Trousers: Are They the Same?

Wondering the difference between slacks and dress pants? Check out my in-depth breakdown of what slacks, dress pants, and trousers are, with outfit examples.

Best Crewneck Sweatshirts for Men

Our Style Expert’s Favorite Crewneck Sweatshirts of the Year

A good crewneck sweatshirt is a wardrobe staple, so I’ve rounded up and reviewed six of the best crewnecks money can buy. Come sink your teeth.

Model Wearing Western Rise AT Pants on Train Tracks

These Are My 6 Favorite Hiking Pants for Men in 2024

Take it from a guy who hits the trails often: hiking pants make a big difference. These are my top recommended pants to try for your next hike.

Co Wash vs Shampoo Geologie Cooling Hair Co Wash next to Strengthening Shampoo

Co-Wash vs Shampoo (For Guys): Which Is Right for You?

I’ve unpacked the key differences between co-wash and shampoo, and how (and when) to use each, so you too can kiss the days of brittle, dry, wiry, hair goodbye.

Best Co Washes for Men Man Washing Hair Image from Behind

6 Best Co-Washes for Men in 2024: A Grooming Expert’s Picks

You’re tired of frizzy, dry, or flat hair, but you can’t seem to find a shampoo that’s gentle. My picks of the best co-washes for men may just sort you out.

Best Clean Skincare Brands for Men Assortment of Geologie Products Top Down View

6 Best Clean Skincare Brands for Men in 2024: Protect That Mug

There’s too much info out there to keep putting toxic stuff on your mug. Check out our list of the best clean skincare brands for men and keep it safe.

Best Body Washes for Back Acne for Men Man Holding Back Dealing with Back Acne

6 Best Body Washes for Back Acne for Men in 2024: ‘Bacne’ Begone

Ah man, bacne is seriously the worst. Check out our list of the six best body washes for back acne that money can buy so you can start washing and stop popping.

Scents That Attract Women African American Woman Smelling Her Arm in Bliss

Top 8 Scents That Attract Women: Use This Knowledge Responsibly

I’ve unpacked the top scents that women find attractive and arousing, so you can shop for soap, body wash, deodorant, colognes, and candles with confidence.

Best Golf Polos for Men Model Wearing Stitch Golf Polo and Holding Golf Bag

6 Best Golf Shirts for Men in 2024: Tee Off in Style

Your short game may be a work in progress, but your shirt game shouldn’t be. Check out our picks of the six best golf shirts for men for max style and comfort.

Best Outdoor Saunas Backyard Redwood Outdoors Panorama Sauna

6 Best Outdoor Saunas in 2024: Sweat Your Stress Away at Home

Tired of having to sauna next to chatty Bob at your local gym? Sweat your stress away in private comfort with our picks of the six best outdoor saunas in 2023.

Best Dress Shirts for Muscular Guys Athletic Model Wearing State Liberty Dress Shirt Playing Pool

6 Best Dress Shirts for Muscular Guys: Lifters, Rejoice

You’ve put the hard work in at the gym, your shirts shouldn’t hide it. That’s why I’ve put the reps in to bring you the six best dress shirts for muscular guys.

How to be more attractive as a man Good looking man smiling in grey shirt on blank background

11 Simple Things All Men Can Do to Be More Attractive

If you’re here, you’ve made the first step. You can make big changes much quicker than you think. This list will teach you how to be more attractive as a man.

What to Wear to the Beach Man leaning on surfboard with sunglasses and boardshorts

What to Wear to the Beach: The Essential Guide for Men

These clothes and outfits will have you looking and feeling your best at the beach, whether you’re staying at the Ritz Carlton or in a secluded beach bungalow.

Best Sweatpants for Men Model Wearing American Giant Sweatpants and Converse

6 Best Sweatpants for Men in 2024: It’s Netflix Crushing Time

Ready to elevate your lounging game? Check out my picks of the six best sweatpants for men across each key category so you can slip into the right pair for you.

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