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Cuts vs BYLT: I Tested and Reviewed Both Brands’ Bestsellers

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Last Updated: Mar 26, 2024
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Laser Focused


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One Stop Shop


The Adult Man Vs Feature Image

Cuts has done a great job of staying focused on a few core pieces, like their t-shirts and AO Joggers, and those items are best in class. They’re pretty expensive, but even compared to BYLT, I end up wearing my Cuts more often, so I think it’s worth it. If you just want two or three pieces to give a listen freshener to your wardrobe, then Cuts is the way to go.

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BYLT does everything, from golf to workout to everyday casual clothes. Because of that, they don’t really stand out in any particular category for me. I liked their more relaxed fit compared to Cuts---I found Cuts to be on the small end of the spectrum, whereas BYLT fit more like I expected. I think some of BYLT’s designs are “doing too much,” but their tee and polo are two of my favorite pieces I own.



  • Cuts clothes are refined and have subtle design elements that make their clothes stand out
  • The fabric on the t-shirt is much lighter and looks more relaxed than the BYLT counterpart
  • The fit is excellent for slim guys
  • BYLT’s standard fit is more relaxed than Cuts’, so their clothes are more forgiving for huskier guys (though they still have that tailored fit in the chest and shoulders)
  • Greater variety of colors and styles
  • You can build your entire wardrobe, shoes and all with BYLT


  • They’re quite pricey, and while I think they’re top quality, you have to be willing to invest to get a few items
  • The BYLT logo on everything bothers me

A buddy of mine walked in the room with a nice fitting t-shirt and I had to ask where he got it. 

BYLT, he said. 

Just earlier that week, I had picked up a bunch of things from Cuts, a brand I’d been wanting to try for months. 

I figured, what the heck—why not get a few of BYLT’s most popular items too and compare them head to head?

That’s exactly what you’re getting here. I bought a t-shirt, joggers, a hoodie, and a polo from each brand, and I’m going to compare them side by side to give you a good idea of which brand is right for you. 


Cuts Logo bylt logo
Cuts Clothing BYLT Basics
Fabric 5/5 4/5
Construction 5/5 5/5
Price $$$$ $$$
Returns 20-day free drop off (or $10 mail-in) 30-day $7 return
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Cuts t shirt fit white 1

Both Cuts and BYLT are eerily similar brands. They were both founded in 2016 in Southern California. It makes me wonder what brand would’ve come about had the two founders met and teamed up. 

Cuts is more laser-focused on fewer items than BYLT. They became really well known for their curved hem t-shirts (with a small “X” on the seam—you’ve probably seen it). 

T-shirts aren’t the only thing that Cuts does: they also have joggers, hoodies, polos, and jackets. 

A few months ago, I picked up a few of their best sellers. I have the AO Curved Hem Tee, the AO Joggers, the Hyperloop Hoodie, and the Prestige Polo.

Cuts polo on model 1
Chill Sunday with my Cuts Prestige Polo and AO Joggers

What really has stood out to me after wearing those items a lot in the interceding months is that they hold up well. My Cuts tee still basically looks brand new even though I’ve washed it over 10 times. Same goes for the rest of their clothes.

Initially, I had a bit of sticker shock with Cuts—at over $50 for a t-shirt, they’re firmly in the premium tier. I’ve been burned by $50 tees before, so I wasn’t sure if it was the right move. But I gotta say—the Cuts t-shirt is legit. It’s my favorite tee and I wear it twice as often as my next favorite tee. 

Cuts Clothing

Cuts t-shirts are the nicest feeling tees I’ve ever worn. Their pieces also look great together—I really like how well the Prestige Polo pairs with the AO Jogger. Cuts sizing is on the smaller side---for me, the size L was almost too small. I’d prefer a little more breathing room.

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BYLT hoodie on model
Rocking the BYLT Drop-Cut: LUX Hooded Henley and Active Joggers

BYLT has a much bigger catalog compared to Cuts. Whereas Cuts focused on making a few fantastic premium items, BYLT spread the net and has all kinds of clothes—they even make sneakers and underwear. 

I made sure to pick up some analogous items from BYLT so I could do a proper test against Cuts, so I have the Drop-Cut: LUX Tee, the Drop-Cut: LUX Hooded Henley, the Active Joggers, and the Drop-Cut: LUX Polo.

Overall, I found that BYLT has a looser, more forgiving fit. I’m a 6’1” 200lb guy, and I usually order a size L for my shirts. 

My BYLT shirts still have that tailored look in the chest and arms, but they leave a little more room through the torso, which I appreciate. 


BYLT is also less expensive compared to Cuts—think roughly $30 for a tee compared to $50. If you’re doing a full wardrobe overhaul, then BYLT might be a bit more feasible for your wallet. 

One thing that really bothers me about BYLT though is their branding. It’s too obvious, and it looks like it’s a workout brand rather than just a regular casual clothing brand. Even the name sounds like a weightlifting brand.

Between the two, BYLT isn’t enough of a casual brand or a workout brand—they’re stuck in the middle. I like their clothes a lot, but if I’m in my closet picking out a nice casual tee to wear to the coffee shop, I reach for Cuts. If I’m hitting the gym or running errands all day, I pick something more for workouts (usually Vuori for me). 

BYLT Basics

BYLT does everything, from golf to workout to everyday casual clothes. Because of that, they don’t really stand out in any particular category for me. I liked their more relaxed fit compared to their commonly held competitor, Cuts. I think some of BYLT’s designs are “doing too much,” but their tee and polo are two of my favorite pieces I own.

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Features Face to Face


Let’s start with the heavyweight title match: the t-shirts. I’m comparing the Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee with the BYLT Drop-Cut: LUX Tee, both in size L. For reference, I’m 6’1” and 200lbs.

Most importantly, let’s look at the fit:

Cuts vs BYLT T Shirt Comparison 1
Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee vs BYLT Drop-Cut: LUX Tee

The fit of the Cuts tee is snug. I noticed that pretty much everything I got from Cuts is on the smaller end of the spectrum. 

I think this is fantastic for slimmer, more lanky guys. If you’ve got more of a runner’s body, then you’ll absolutely love the fit of Cuts. 

I’m not so slim, though. I’m still paying penance for drinking too many beers in my 20s, so I’m working them off. Even though Cuts fits on the slimmer side, I still like the way the t-shirt looks on me. But it’s close—it might sound vain to you, but I don’t wear this t-shirt out if I’m going out to eat somewhere because it’s just a little too small after that. 

So for the fit, I prefer BYLT’s standard fit tee. You can see BYLT’s tee has a similar tailored fit in the arms and chest, but it’s more forgiving in the torso. 

BYLT T shirt Fit demonstration
The fit of the BYLT Drop-Cut: LUX Tee

However, Cuts also offers a “Classic Fit.” I picked up the Cuts “Signature Fit,” which is slimmer. The Classic Fit tee is more similar to BYLT’s t-shirt fit

So if you’re like me and you’re not totally lean, you might like the Cuts Classic Fit better. 

As for the fabric, the BYLT LUX fabric is much thicker and more structured than the Cuts fabric. BYLT also offers their standard fabric, which is mostly synthetic and is a little more light and breathable than their LUX fabric. 

Cuts Tee 1
The fit of the Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee in Signature Fit

The thicker fabric is fantastic for white t-shirts—you don’t want your nipples flying out all over the place. 

Overall, I think the Cuts fabric feels a little more refined and looks more rich. 

Between the two, I would recommend the Cuts Classic Fit Tee. It’s a stronger year-round shirt, and the BYLT logo at the bottom of the t-shirt really throws me off. To me, it takes the tee from: oh dang, that’s a nice t-shirt, to oh dang, that’s a nice workout t-shirt. So it’s not really the kind of thing I’d wear on a Sunday date. Otherwise, the fit and fabric are absolutely something I’d wear. 

Maybe you don’t care about that kind of thing—if you don’t, I think you’ll love the BYLT t-shirt, too. 

Winner: Best T-Shirt
Cuts AO Curve-Hem Tee

I’ll come out and say it at the top: the Cuts AO Curved Hem Tee is my favorite t-shirt. The fabric is super soft and has a bit of stretch to it. Most importantly, it doesn’t fade, pill, or fray in the wash. The fit is also pretty special, though I think Cuts tees are definitely on the small side.

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Cuts vs BYLT hoodie Comparison
Cuts AO Jogger vs BYLT Active Joggers

I’ve bought and studied so many pairs of joggers, it borders on insanity. Like the time I bought and compared four pairs of Lululemon joggers. Or when I ranked the best joggers ever

And even after examining so many pairs of joggers, Cuts really impressed me with their AO Joggers

While most brands make their joggers fit for working out, the Cuts AO Jogger is purely for style. And I really like that. 

Cuts AO Joggers on Model 1

I almost never wear joggers to the gym, and I’ve noticed that most guys who wear joggers do so casually. So why not just make joggers that look great when styled with a clean white pair of sneakers and a polo? 

Between the Cuts AO Jogger and the BYLT Active Jogger, I definitely prefer the Cuts. It’s slimmer and has a more interesting and stylish design. 

The BYLT Active Jogger sits somewhere between a workout jogger and something more casual. Plus it’s got a big embossed branding element near the front right pocket, which I don’t like. 

The Cuts AO Jogger is actually something I’d wear to work. It’s clean and professional, which is very unusual for a pair of joggers. The BYLT Active Jogger is basically like other joggers. 

Winner: Best Jogger
Cuts AO Jogger

I’ve seen a lot of brands tout their joggers as “everyday” staples, but this is the first set of joggers I’ve worn that I actually feel like I’m “dressing up” when I put them on. The fabric is thick and sturdy and they look crisp and cool: not like a set of pajamas or workout clothes you just decided to wear to dinner.

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Cuts vs BYLT Polo Comparison
Cuts Prestige Polo vs BYLT Drop Cut: Lux Polo

Maybe it’s because I’m approaching my mid-30s. Maybe it’s because I have a baby on the way. But I’m developing a deep abiding love for polo shirts

And I have to say that my two favorite polos are my Cuts and BYLT. 

The Cuts Prestige Polo paired with their AO Joggers is one probably my favorite outfit I can put together. 

The BYLT LUX Polo is my go-to when I don’t know what to wear on top but want to look relaxed, but still classy. 

So each play their own role. 

Cuts polo fit closeup

I definitely wear the BYLT polo more because its fabric has some synthetics woven in and it can take more washes. 

The Cuts Prestige Polo feels nicer, and it’s made with 100% Pima cotton. Pima cotton is an awesome material, but I try not to wash it so often to keep it crisp and new looking. 

The BYLT LUX fabric is 70% cotton with 30% synthetic fibers in there, so it can take some more washes. Part of that also has to do with the color—my BYLT polo is black and my Cuts polo is a lighter sand color. 

Like the t-shirts, the BYLT fit is a bit more forgiving, which is why I like it for everyday wear. 

The Cuts Prestige Polo sits higher on the arms, and it’s more professional looking. 

Best for Dress
Cuts Prestige Polo

While the Prestige Polo is lower on the list of Cuts popular items, it’s actually one of my favorite things I've picked up from them. It looks rich, fits right, and the fabric doesn’t get stretched and loose. Plus, the curved hem elevates this polo beyond your standard frat-fare. It’s firmly business casual, but it’s still cool looking.

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This one is a tie for me: I like both polos equally, but they fit different roles. The Cuts Prestige is what I bust out when I’m dressing to impress. I reach for the BYLT LUX Polo more often though because it’s simple, always looks good, and it still has that nice tailored fit in the chest and arms. 

Best for Everyday
BYLT Basics Drop-Cut: LUX Polo

One of my favorite everyday polos---The BYLT LUX fabric is 70% cotton with 30% synthetic fibers in there which means it has quite a bit of wash durability. It’s also simple, always looks good, and it still has that nice tailored fit in the chest and arms.

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model wearing Cuts hoodie 1

I have the Hyperloop Hoodie from Cuts and the Hooded Henley from BYLT.

Between the two, I actually wear the Hooded Henley from BYLT more often. This is a tough one for me—I don’t prefer one over the other. But the BYLT hoodie stands on its own a bit more, so I wear it more often. 

And I can’t do a true sizing comparison here because my Cuts hoodie is an XL and I have the BYLT hoodie in an L:

Cuts vs BYLT hoodie Comparison 1

The Cuts Hyperloop hoodie is thicker and more “comfy,” where the BYLT is versatile and easy to throw on over pretty much anything, though it’s less “standard” looking. 

Most Comfortable
Cuts Hyperloop Hoodie

I’m a big fan of the hood and neckline on this hoodie from Cuts. Rather than a standard hoodie, it has a Jedi-style hood. This gives it a rich look that elevates it beyond your basic sweatshirt.

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If you want an elevated classic hoodie, then the Cuts Hyperloop is a great choice. For something a little more unique, the BYLT is a good option. 

Most Unique
BYLT Basics Drop-Cut: LUX Hooded Henley

With its unique mesh style lined hood and stretchy, lightweight breathable feel, this is an easy-grab hoodie for me for errand runs.

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Which Is Best for You?

This is a tough choice—each brand has their own merits. But if you were to give me $1,000 bucks and I could only shop with one brand, I’d choose Cuts. 

Winner: Best Overall
Cuts Clothing

Cuts t-shirts are the nicest feeling tees I’ve ever worn. Their pieces also look great together—I really like how well the Prestige Polo pairs with the AO Jogger. Cuts sizing is on the smaller side---for me, the size L was almost too small. I’d prefer a little more breathing room.

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Cuts has more of a clean, professional look. 

BYLT drifts between a modern professional style, a golf style, a premium workout brand style, and a streetwear style. They’re everything. 

Cuts has laser focus on the basics, and when compared one-to-one, I think Cuts has better clothes overall. 

Of course, Cuts is also more expensive than BYLT, and by a significant margin. Just look at their tees: about $50 for Cuts, and about $30 for BYLT. Those ain’t small potatoes. 

You’re not going to go wrong with either brand—I’m a fan of both, and I wear both all the time. 

But strictly on quality, fit, and feel, Cuts is the winner. 


Is BYLT’s LUX or Standard fabric blend better?

BYLT’s LUX blend is thicker and more structured. For a year-round t-shirt, I like the LUX fabric. For summer-weight, the Standard fabric might work better for you.

Does Cuts clothing shrink?

No, Cuts clothes don’t shrink. I even washed the 100% Pima cotton Prestige Polo and it didn’t shrink.

What’s the difference between Cuts and BYLT?

Cuts is more premium end and they have a cleaner, simpler style that works better in a professional and casual setting. BYLT is less expensive and has more of a streetwear vibe.