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Homage Clothing Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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homage review graphic t shirts and comfortable clothes

Not sure if Homage is the right brand for you? Maybe you’ve heard good things, but you’re curious if the reviews are true.

In this Homage clothing review, I break down some of the brand’s most popular offerings to give you a clear idea of what this vintage apparel brand looks and feels like, plus what it’s like to shop their online store.

Ready for a walk down memory lane?
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image source: Homage
Homage Clothing

Bottom line: The cotton-polyester blend Homage uses on their Go-To collection makes for some of the softest and most comfortable clothes I’ve ever tried. While Homage’s line is limited to loungewear and graphic tees, they’ve mastered the art of comfy pants.

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  • Cotton and polyester fabric blend is extremely comfortable
  • Classic styling of the Go-To collection balances modern looks and retro vibe nicely
  • Wide selection of sports-related graphic tees
  • Free 60 day returns
  • The Go-To collection has several color options, but many are quite bold and bright, and the majority of neutral options are some shade of grey

It was 1974.

I wasn’t alive. But everyone who was alive happened to be wearing a blue polyester polo shirt with a massive collar and a pair of platform disco shoes.

It’s just a fact. 

That’s retro clothing. 

In the great era of comfy pants, I’ve been hearing rumbles from Ohio about the growing casual apparel brand, Homage

I picked up a wide selection from their Go-To line and couldn’t pass up the retro Lakers/TMNT shirt either. If you want to know if they’re worth it, keep reading.

What Is Homage Retro Apparel?

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Homage was founded in 2007 in Columbus, Ohio. The brand had been steadily growing for most of a decade, pushing out retro-inspired tees.

In the 2016 NBA season, the finals pitted Lebron James and the Cavs against the dominant Golden State Warriors. Down three games to one, the James marched the Cavs back to victory, and in the championship celebration, he wore an Homage Ultimate Warrior shirt. 

Due to how sick the burn was, the image went viral. And suddenly demand for Homage shirts exploded. 

Now Homage has inked deals with the NBA, WNBA, WWE, and MLB so you can pick up 80s-style designs from your favorite teams. 


Homage is an excellent brand if you want a heaping dose of nostalgia in the form of a well-fitting t-shirt that’s as comfortable as shirts can get.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

Homage go to collection with athletic shorts

I’ll start with a disclaimer. Here at The Adult Man, I talk a lot about style and fashion. There’s a place for the graphic tee, but it’s a minimal one. Your wardrobe should have a healthy balance of classic style, and if you’re wearing a graphic tee every day, there’s an issue. 

That said, there’s nothing wrong rocking a dunking cartoon turtle on your shirt when you’re out for a casual Saturday stroll. 

As for their Go-To line, everything I’ve tried is extremely comfortable. But, again, I caution you against wearing sweatpants out for your next date. Comfort is a priority, but it’s not everything. 

But you’re a stylish guy, so I’ll assume you’ve already got a nice balance of comfy clothes and the more formal type, so I’ll spare the soap box speech and get to the point. 

My Hands-On Review

Go-To Collection

model wearing Homage go to cut off sweat shorts

While Homage may have blown up because of their graphic tees, their Go-To range has been a staple since the beginning.

When it comes to chilling, sweats are my jam, so I went all out and picked up a variety of Go-To’s:

  • Go-To Pocket Tee
  • Go-To Sweatpants
  • Go-To Rec Shorts
  • Go-To Sweat Shorts
  • Go-To Crewneck
  • Go-To Athletic Socks

First things first: these clothes are wildly comfortable. 

Homage go to comfortable collection

The Go-To sweats collection uses a cotton and combed polyester blend that feels incredibly soft and has a washed, worn-in sort of look to it. 

The inside of the sweats are fuzzy, but the fabric isn’t too heavy either. Because there are some technical fibers in it, they’re not super breathable like pure cotton sweats would be, but that’s a bonus for the colder months. 

The Crewneck has the same interior as the Sweatpants, so it’s just as comfortable. It features raglan sleeves, which is definitely more flattering for guys with normal to broad shoulders. I think if you have narrow-set shoulders, you may want to skip anything with raglan sleeves. 

Homage cut off sweat shorts on model

In the warmer months, I’m sticking with my Go-To Sweat Shorts and Rec Shorts. The Sweat Shorts are the same material and fit as the Sweatpants, but they’re cut above the knee and the opening has a single stitch to keep the hem from ripping. 

I’ve been loving the look for hitting the weight room, and they definitely have a laid back, chill vibe. 

Homage go to collection shorts and tshirt grey

The Go-To Rec Shorts are a great summer pickup as they do triple-duty. I had the chance to wear them on a hike to a waterfall, and because they’re quick-dry, I could take a dip in the water without worrying about chafing all the way home. They’re also great for short runs and gym-sessions.

The Go-To Line from Homage

Homage's Go-To line is all about comfort without sacrificing style. While the Rec Shorts are more for working out and shooting hoops, other staples like the Sweat Shorts are so chill, you'll want a few.

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closeup Homage graphic tshirt

I had to try out one of Homage’s signature offerings: their vintage inspired graphic tees. 

Obviously, I chose the TMNT-NBA mashup.

I get it. They’ve literally turned my childhood into a shirt. 

As someone who spent more quarters than I can count bouncing between the “Turtles in Time” and “NBA Jam” arcade machines, the pull was too strong. 

Homage hang loose graphic tee

The Lakers are my hometown team, so the choice was obvious (I guess the Clippers are, too, but they consistently sucked throughout my entire childhood, so I don’t like them). 

From a color-perspective, it makes sense that Donatello is the Ninja Turtle of choice, but had it been Michaelangelo, I would’ve bought shirts for everyone I know. 

So yes, Homage crushes it when it comes to nostalgia. 

But this is also just a genuinely nice shirt. The fabric is super soft: it’s the same polyester, cotton, rayon blend as the Go-To Pocket Tee, so it’s just as comfortable. 

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The fit is on point, and I found that it shrinks to be true to size. My size is medium, and when I first tried the shirt on, it fit well but on the larger size. After I washed it, it shrunk a bit down to what I’d consider a true medium. This is true for everything else I’ve tried from Homage. 

If you get a shirt from Homage and it’s fitting a little tight out of the package, you’re better off exchanging it for a larger size before washing it.

Homage Graphic Tees

Whether it's a Ninja Turtle slamming down a fatty dunk, or an old-school wrestling graphic, Homage has mastered the art of nostalgia with their line of tees.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say? 

Homage has a 4.8-star average across over 20,000 reviews on their site. That’s insane. 

Obviously, I didn’t read through all 20,000, but of the hundreds I scanned, one comment came up over and over again: comfort. 

Many reviewers came for the nostalgia but stayed for the comfort. So while you might be eyeing that awesome Grateful Dead x Boston Celtics mashup, it’s worthwhile also checking out the more basic options in the Go-To collection because they’re just so dang comfortable. 

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • The blend of cotton and technical fabrics make for extremely comfortable clothes—everything I tried from Homage is up at the top of the comfort-scale.

  • I love the retro-vintage styling of the Go-To collection. It makes me feel like a tough boxer in the 80s, and that kind of energy makes you untouchable.

  • The selection of sports-related graphic tees is excellent, especially for the NBA and MLB.

  • Free 60 day returns and exchanges.

What I Don’t Like

  • I would’ve liked to see more neutral and subdued colors in the Go-To collection. It’s a personal preference, but I felt the only neutral options were a few greys and navy. 

Who is Homage for?

Homage is an excellent brand if you want a heaping dose of nostalgia in the form of a well-fitting t-shirt that’s as comfortable as shirts can get.

The Verdict

Homage has the comfort game mastered. 

Everything I tried from the brand is among the most comfortable things I own. Because they use a cotton and technical fabric blend, their sweatshirts and pants can get a bit warm, but the t-shirts and shorts are all very breathable. 

From a style perspective, I’m cautious about leaning too heavily on graphic tees. I think it’s best to have one or two graphic tees, and stick to a more classic style. But even I couldn’t resist the Lakers x Donatello shirt. It speaks hard to my childhood. 

The clothes do shrink a bit in the wash, but I found they shrunk to be true to size. What I mean by that is: I ordered a medium for my shirts, and they originally fit a tad large. After washing them, they fit like I expect a medium shirt to fit, so it worked out fine. 

But if you order something and it fits a bit small, go ahead and exchange it for a larger size. 

Homage is a fun brand to shop with, and I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and expand their nostalgia-heavy collection.


Homage is an excellent brand if you want a heaping dose of nostalgia in the form of a well-fitting t-shirt that’s as comfortable as shirts can get.

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Do Homage shirts shrink?

Yes, Homage shirts shrink a little in the wash. That said, in my experience, they shrunk to a true-size, meaning that I ordered a medium, it fit a little large, and then after a wash it was true to size.

What are Homage shirts made of?

Homage shirts are made with 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. This hefty dose of technical fabrics makes for a very light and soft texture that’s super comfortable.

How long does Homage take to ship?

Homage usually ships within 2-4 days of your order. This means that your order may take a week or so to arrive.