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Olivers Apparel Review: Performance Clothes for Guys with Goals

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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Are you not sure if Olivers is right for you? It’s tough to know whose opinion to trust online when all the reviews lack detail.

So we created an in-depth review of Olivers shorts and pants so you can decide whether this activewear brand will take you where you want to go.

Classic looks with modern tech
The Adult Man Image/Icon Image Source: Olivers

Bottom line: Olivers makes excellent workout shorts and travel pants, and while I felt the button-to-crotch measurement on the Passage pant was a bit longer than I like, I’ve been enjoying having a pair of pants that fit in at the farmers market as much as they do at the rock climbing gym.

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  • Fit on the All Over short is phenomenal
  • Passage Pant has a gusseted crotch, which is key for intense activities
  • Olivers 365-day quality guarantee
  • Tech fabrics don’t show sweat
  • Passage Pant has a long button to crotch measurement, so it adds some weight to your hips

You’re a stylish guy. But let me ask you something.

And you can be honest.

What are you wearing to the gym these days? 

Is it that old pair of mesh shorts that look more like a trash-bag? That gigantic old shirt with a dog drinking a margarita? 

It’s cool if you are, but I’ll let you in on a secret that I only just recently discovered:

Looking good in the gym has the same confidence boost you get when you’re stylin’ out in public. 

That’s why I’ve been on the hunt to find a set of great workout shorts. That’s how I initially stumbled upon Olivers Apparel.

I picked up a pair of their popular shorts and snagged a pair of pants while I was at it. Keep reading for my full thoughts. 

What Is Olivers Apparel?

Olivers Apparel was founded in 2013 to give us dudes another option besides the bright neon gym shorts we’ve grown accustomed to. 

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The brand launched on Kickstarter with their popular All Over short. The construction is simple and the color pallet includes more muted colors that actually look fashionable instead of “in-your-face.”

Olivers doesn’t play into the idolatry of sports stars—and they know you don’t either. So their clothing is designed for the modern man who’s always improving. 

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When your typical weekend day might look like: morning roadside coffee, gym, errands, and a trip to the farmers market, you’re going to need clothes that can keep up. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Workout Shorts or Travel Pants from Olivers Apparel

Have you had any experience with technical fabrics before? 

Some people like the stretchy, comfortable feeling, but others prefer the sturdy classic feel of cotton. 

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I believe there’s a time and place for each. I love wearing tech-fabric clothes to the gym and when I’m out on the weekends—especially if I’m doing something active like going for a bike ride or heading to the rock climbing gym.

As for shorts, I prefer tech-fabric to classic chino-shorts because I only really wear them in active settings. 

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So if you’re an active person and you haven’t tried technical fabric clothes, you’re about to have your world rocked. 

And if you’re well-versed in the world of stylish tech-fabric clothes, then it’s important to know this about Olivers: they have a slimmer fit than brands like Public Rec, Mizzen + Main, and Western Rise

I’m a fan of the fit, though if you prefer a lot of room in the thigh, Olivers has fewer options. 

Olivers Apparel

Technical fabric clothes for the modern man. If your ideal workout doesn't include neon shorts with a gigantic logo, Olivers has you covered.

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Olivers Apparel Review

Passage Pant Review

Model wearing olivers passage pant and oliver cabll low 1 minimalist sneakers

I picked up the Passage Pant, Olivers most popular item, in the Moss colorway. 

My first impression was that I love the color—it’s a rich brown and I don’t have anything else like it in my wardrobe. 

The Passage Pant is a five-pocket design, much like a pair of jeans. But instead of denim, they’re made with 4-way stretch Cordura nylon and lycra fabric. 

These pants are really built with the city commuter in mind. The gusseted crotch adds a ton of extra room down below which is crucial for anyone who rides a bike or skateboard to work. I can also see these coming in the clutch in a rock climbing session. 

model wearing olivers passage pant

I ordered a size 34 (my true size) and they fit perfectly at the waist. The comfort level is exceptional, which isn’t always the case with technical fabrics. Some brands can prioritize water resistance over everything else and your pants feel scratchy, but that’s not an issue with Olivers. 

The Passage Pant has a longer than average measurement from the button to the crotch. I have a more athletic body type, meaning I have pretty wide hips. These pants accentuate my hips, which isn’t something I’m going for. Because of that, I’ve been sagging them a bit, which unfortunately takes them out of the running for any sort of workwear application. 

model wearing olivers outfit

Still, I just wear them lower on my waist and cuff the bottoms and they’re an excellent addition to my weekend active-casual wardrobe.  

The rivets and button are all Italian stainless steel. The fifth pocket is too small to carry a phone, but it’s perfect for the lucky pennies I find on the ground.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Passage Pant. It’s my go to for rock climbing, and the unique colorway looks bold but still matches almost everything I own. 

Olivers Apparel Passage Pant

Sturdy technical fabric pants that are excellent for any guy on the go. We've been putting these to use at the rock climbing gym and loving every minute of it.

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All Over Short Review

Olivers 8

I’ve been deep in testing workout shorts, so I was happy to get a pair of Olivers signature item: the All Over Short.

These shorts are exactly what I like for a workout. They’re simple, understated, comfortable, and don’t show sweat. 

It’s important to note that these are quite slim. I think the slim fit is a win for everyone—for guys with skinnier thighs, you won’t get that chicken-legs look that can happen with wider shorts. And for dudes like me with broader thighs, the fabric is snug, which just makes you look stronger. 

But if you prefer baggy workout shorts, Olivers All Over isn’t for you. 

The standard All Over Short comes with a 7.5” inseam, but I picked up the shorter 5.5” inseam, which lands a decent bit above the knee. I prefer the shorter inseam, especially for leg day. Squats and box-jumps just feel easier, so these are now my official Tuesday/ Thursday workout shorts. 

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The brand uses their proprietary All Over Stretch fabric, saying it’s all about “moisture management.” 

Basically, what they’re saying is that if your ass sweats as much as mine, nobody is going to notice. Which, honestly, is a big deal. 

model running wearing olivers all over short

I’ve been working out for years with a pair of Uniqlo shorts that fit similarly and are practically the same color. The difference is that after every workout wearing my Uniqlo shorts, I look like I sat in a kiddie-pool for 20 minutes. With the All Over Shorts, you’d never guess what my sweaty-ass DNA dictates. 

So now you know that about me. We can never go back. 

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Overall, the Olivers All Over Short in Olive is all I’ve ever wanted. Did I just channel Eminem? Maybe.

Ok, “all I’ve ever wanted” is a bit of a stretch—no pun intended—I just wanted to keep that sentence cadence going. But they’re excellent workout shorts and they’re my go-to for leg day. Plus, I’ve found myself wearing them out and about—they’re not too far off from chino shorts, and the fit is excellent, so they make for great casual shorts, too. 

Olivers Apparel All Over Short

The Olivers All Over Short is one of our favorite workout shorts on the market. They're soft, stretchy, and hide sweat well. And the silhouette is modern enough to blend in when you're out running errands.

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What do Other Reviewers Say About Olivers Apparel? 

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Amazon reviews for the All Over Short and Passage Pant average out to 4.2 out of 5 stars with over 125 reviews as of writing. 

Fit and quality are the two most frequently used words. Some folks mentioned an issue with the fabric pilling on the shorts. I’ve put mine through three washes, wore them for three days casually, and have done three intense workouts in them and haven’t noticed any deterioration (this, for the record, is longer than the folks who mentioned pilling issues). 

Olivers has a 365 quality guarantee, so if you experience an issue like that, they’ll get you covered. 

My Thoughts Overall On Olivers Apparel

What I Like

  • The All Over Short (5.5” inseam) is my favorite fitting pair of workout shorts.

  • The gusseted crotch on the Passage Pant is excellent for rock climbing, and is clutch if you commute by bike. 

  • The 365-day quality guarantee is nice to have. 

  • These technical fabrics don’t show sweat. 

What I Don’t Like

  • The Passage Pant has too much length in the hips, which adds a lot of visual weight. I have to sag them a little, which takes them out of the running for office-wear. 

Who is Olivers for?

If you want to ditch the bright neon shorts that plague the gym, check out Olivers. Their clothes are a great choice for the guy who doesn’t stop improving. Maybe you’re not in the gym 24/7, but you’re balancing your goals. So keeping your style together is just as important as getting a good pump. That’s who Olivers makes their clothes for.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for high-quality, slim fit activewear, Olivers is a fantastic option. 

My favorite piece was the All Over Short—I love that they had a shorter 5.5” inseam, and I enjoy that the leg opening was relatively small. For guys with skinny thighs, this is a more flattering look. For guys with larger thighs (like myself), you may like that the fabric hugs your leg, or you may not. If you prefer a baggy fit, Olivers isn’t for you.

The Passage Pant is a great addition to my casual wardrobe. The measurement from the button to the crotch is quite long. Because I have wider hips, this extra length added a lot of “visual weight” to my hip area, which I wasn’t so hot on. To get around this, I’ve been wearing them lower on my waist, which isn’t really appropriate for office-wear. 

Still, I like them for casual weekend outings and they’re my go-to for when I hit the rock climbing gym. 

The Olivers 365-day guarantee is a big bonus. I’m excited to hit the gym in my Olivers again—how often can you say that?

Olivers Apparel

Technical fabric clothes for the modern man. If your ideal workout doesn't include neon shorts with a gigantic logo, Olivers has you covered.

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What are the best travel pants for men?

Our favorite 5-pocket travel pant is the Olivers Passage. For chinos, check out Mizzen + Main, and for the best “dressy” travel pant, the Bluffworks Gramercy trouser is a must.

Are there any slim fit workout shorts for men?

Yes, the Olivers All Over short is the slimmest fit workout short we’ve tried. Vuori also makes a solid slim-fit workout short, but the material is much thinner. The All Over short is more versatile.