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For us guys, wearing the same old ratty t-shirt to the gym can get old. Vuori makes activewear that fits well, and the price reflects a premium quality. We’ve got no problem spending a little extra to get something we love, but we’re not into spending for the sake of it.

Vuori is priced at a premium level, but are their clothes truly premium? Keep reading to find out.

Working out? Or just relaxing?
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Bottom line: Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

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  • All clothes, including the workout shorts, have a slim, tailored fit
  • Super comfortable and durable fabrics
  • Free shipping with orders over $75 and free returns
  • Strato Tech tee is one of the softest we’ve tried
  • Ripstop Climber pants have a bold, stylish taper
  • Pant sizing is a little imprecise (S-M-L instead of 30-32-34, etc.)
  • All clothes run on the small side
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Vuori Clothing Review: I Tried Their Most Popular Styles

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Last Updated: Apr 4, 2024
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There are many Californias. Let me explain. 

There’s the California we see on the TV—Hollywood, beaches, people riding roller skates for some reason. 

There’s the Redwood forest California, the Sierra Nevada mountainous California, the desert California. 

There’s so much to do—I think we should change the name from the Golden state to the Playground state. Californians have a reputation for their outdoor, sun-loving, active lifestyles. And we like to look good while doing it. 

So with summer on the way, I checked out the activewear brand Vuori

Their range of clothes have you covered whether you’re going for a run, kayaking, yoga, climbing—you name it. After a few weeks of putting these clothes through their paces, my verdict is in. 

What Is Vuori?

Founded in 2015 in Encinitas, California (a bit north of San Diego), Vuori seeks to live in the overlap between fashion, fitness, surf, and climbing/hiking.

What is Vuori

That might seem like a lot, but for many Californians, one hobby just isn’t enough. 

Vuori is a premium performance apparel brand that originally made a mark in the fitness landscape with their shorts. And since their founding, the brand has continued to put out lines of clothing based on lifestyles, whether it’s running, training, yoga, or traveling. 

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And the brand was born out of frustration. The founder, Joe Kudla, saw that women’s activewear was becoming the everyday norm (think yoga pants around town). Yes, brands like lululemon made men’s clothes, but they always felt like a women’s brand. (We think lulu has turned this around now, but Kudla was spot on back in 2015). 

What’s really cool about Vuori is that they’re completely carbon neutral. Yes, they technically have no carbon footprint. That’s possible because they’re able to buy enough carbon buy-backs to offset their shipping and operations. I love shopping with brands that take steps to have a positive ecological impact.


Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

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Things to Consider Before Buying

vuori sunday performance joggers white working out

Vuori’s workout shorts come at a premium price. Before trying them out, my most expensive workout shorts were $12: the mesh Champion shorts—inexpensive, yes, but they look like I’m wearing a trash-bag diaper. 

I first saw Vuori when working out at my local San Francisco gym. A dude named Ford would wear them all the time—not just in the gym either, but around the city. And the shorts looked cool. 

Yes, they’re workout shorts, but they look stylish enough to wear out and about. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no mistaking them as anything other than activewear. Similar to how women can wear leggings and a sports bra as an outfit and still look neat and put-together, these shorts can work in a casual wardrobe. 

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Do you care about looking good in the gym? Some guys do, and some guys don’t. And if you want to wear activewear shorts to show off your killer thigh muscles, Vuori might be the ticket. 

My Hands-On Review


types of joggers athletic casual comfortable

After hearing so much about the Vuori Sunday Performance Joggers, I decided I needed to get some for myself.

I don’t want to spoil my review early, but there’s a good reason they made my list of the best joggers for guys.

The Vuori Performance Jogger is made with a lightweight fabric that’s super breathable for workouts, though the way it fits makes it a great casual pant for Sunday afternoons running errands.

I picked up my pair in Indigo, and the color is rich, vibrant, but still neutral enough to basically match with anything. What I like most about these joggers is the zip pocket on the thigh.

model exercising in vuori sunday performance joggers

If I’m honest, I don’t ever put anything in there (though it’s certainly big enough to hold several cards, and probably even a phone). But it looks really cool in my opinion, and sets this jogger a step above the competition on the style front.

There are two zip pockets in the back, so if you decide to run some errands, you don’t have to worry about your wallet falling out, which can be a big problem with other joggers and workout clothes.

The Sunday Performance Jogger tapers nicely through the leg and ends in a two-inch cuff around the ankle. Of course, the fabric offers 4-way stretch so it almost feels like wearing sweats. But much cooler.

I ordered mine in a size L (I’m 6’2″ 200 lbs for reference). Because these joggers have so much taper, they do a great job at making the wearer appear taller and slimmer—can’t argue with that.

Overall, these have quickly become my go-to joggers for working out, though I also really like wearing them on casual days too when jeans feel like too much of a commitment.

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If you're looking for a performance-based pair of joggers, Vuori has you covered. This fabric is super lightweight and breathable, and the waist band and taper below the knee help keep them secure, even during your most intense HIIT circuit.

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I tried the lined Kore short and the Banks short

Of the two, my favorite is the Kore, so I’ll start there.

image 1

The Kore shorts have an excellent fit that’s somewhere between athletic and slim. I have larger thighs, and I liked how they didn’t fit loose but still offered plenty of room for mobility. 

You can pick up the Kore lined or unlined, though I’m a fan of the liner. I was skeptical, and I almost got them unlined. But Vuori was sold out at the time I was shopping. 

I’m glad they were because the liner is super comfortable and solves a minor problem for me. Most of my boxer-briefs are cotton and not the greatest for working out. They get uncomfortable quickly, and I’ve never just taken the dive to get underwear specifically for exercise. 

model exercising on grass field wearing vuori workout apparel

I don’t know that I ever will now knowing I can get lined shorts. 

Another issue I was concerned about was whether the lining would cover up what it needed to: I definitely don’t want any of that “outlining” effect that leaves little to the imagination. 

I’m happy to say the lining is thick enough to avoid that, but soft, stretchy, and breathable enough to feel comfortable during a workout. 

There are probably sport-focused underwear on the market that are a little more supportive and have all the same qualities (breathable, soft, etc.), but I was pleased with the lining performance after a run and 40-minute circuit of jumping-jacks, tire-flipping, pushups, pullups—the works. 

closeup of model wearing vuori kore workout shorts

Overall, I love the lined Kore shorts—they’re my go-to on Monday mornings because the fit and comfort are both excellent. 

Vuori Kore Shorts

The Vuori Kore is my go-to workout short. I prefer the lined version myself, as they're super comfortable and offer enough support for an intense workout.

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I also tried out the Banks shorts, which are made with recycled plastic bottles. They have a scalloped leg, which adds just a little more movement through the thigh—-handy for yoga and running. 

model running in the distance with vuori workout shorts

Yes, the Kore are my favorite, but I’m also happy with the Banks. I really enjoy how the straight-across cut in the Kore fits around my thigh, and the Banks fits differently. They’re still super comfortable and they’ve been great to wear while working up a sweat. 

Between the two, the Banks seems built more for wearing around town. The zippered pocket lends some extra security and the scalloped leg has some fashionable flair to it. 

model wearing vuori workout shorts performing yoga move

Shorts are Vuori’s wheel-house, and after trying a few styles, I can see how they’ve built their reputation. 

Vuori Banks Short

Even lighter and more flexible than the Kore (how's that possible?), the Banks is an excellent choice for running, yoga, and the scalloped hem also makes it an attractive style option.

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Not content with just workout shorts, the Ripstop Climber pants caught my eye. They seemed to fit into that grey area between fashion and fitness that Vuori lives in, so I figured I’d give them a go. 

closeup on model wearing vuori ripstop climbing pants

I was surprised at how tapered these are, and I’m a big fan of it. A lot of brands aren’t willing to “go for it” like this—the climber pants fit similarly to tapered joggers

If you don’t like a lot of taper in your pants, choose a larger size or skip the climber pants altogether. 

I picked up the large, which the Vuori sizing chart says is between a 33 and 34 waist size. They fit through the legs well, though they’re a bit tight around the waist. I’m a size 34, and I think the XL may have been a better fit for me. 

model in vuori button down shirt and climbing ripstop pants

Still, I’m happy with these pants—they’re comfortable and the gusseted crotch allows the pant to have a fitted look without limiting mobility. 

Where I’m at, all the rock climbing gyms are closed, but I’m planning on hitting up some real rocks soon. I’ve had a hankering to go for the past few months and I’m excited to wear these pants and put them to their original purpose. 

Vuori Ripstop Pants

Vuori Ripstop pants are excellent for outdoors adventures. With a gusseted crotch and nearly indestructible fabric, these pants both look great and will last for years.

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2024 Update: David hand-tested five other popular pants from Vuori, check out his thoughts.


I also picked up three shirts from Vuori, each for a different occasion:

  • Tradewind Performance Shirt in Evergreen Heather
  • Crest Short Sleeve Button Down in Salt Arrow
  • Strato Tech Tee in Charcoal Heather

The Tradewind Performance tee feels like a workout shirt through and through (different from the Strato Tech tee, which I’ll get into a little later). 

model wearing vuori kore shorts and tradewind tech tshirt and flipping tire

It’s very lightweight and breathable and fits well. At 6’2” and somewhere around 200 lbs, I’m between a medium and a large. I went with large on both performance shirts because I figured a little extra room wouldn’t hurt for working out. 

I’m glad I ordered a size up as they both fit snug—I’d say they feel more like mediums. I like the way they fit, but I recommend anyone who’s between sizes go larger instead of smaller. 

model doing pushups in vuori workout clothes

Made with 11% elastane, the Tradewind is an ideal workout shirt—it can stretch so much you barely even notice it’s there. It releases moisture quickly which helps prevent the gnarly sweat stains that makes folks avoid you in the gym. 

I wanted to try out the brand’s lifestyle clothes, too, so I got the Crest short sleeve button down to pair with the climbing pants.

model wearing vuori short sleeve crest shirt and climbing ripstop pants

It’s nothing revolutionary, but it has a little elastane added for stretch, it has a slim, tailored fit, and looks cool. 

To look its best, it needs steaming or ironing after the wash as the cotton can look pretty wrinkly. But paired with the ripstop pants, this look has California written all over it

The last of the three shirts is the Strato Tech tee, which Vuori claims is the softest workout shirt in the world. 

They might be right. 

model wearing vuori ripstop climbing pants and tradwind shirt

The Strato Tech Tee feels like microvelvet, if that’s a thing. It’s incredibly soft, yet it’s still moisture wicking. If Vuori’s mission is to make clothes that bridge the divide between workouts and walkabouts, this shirt is their best example. 

model running wearing vuori workout shorts and tradewind t shirt

I’ve worn it working out dozens of times, and I’ve worn it paired with jeans or chinos a lot since I got it. It’s a workout shirt, but I like it better as a regular t-shirt in my wardrobe. 

Vuori Shirts

Vuori's line of shirts come in a variety of fabrics, each with their own unique ability to boost your workout. The Tradewind Performance Tee is the most breathable, and the Strato Tech is up there with the softest t-shirts we've ever tried.

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Vuori Alternatives

As they’ve grown, Vuori has gotten their name tossed in with several other brands—premium performance apparel is a tough industry. Here’s how I think Vuori stacks up.


vuori vs lululemon jogger comparison

lululemon is definitely Vuori’s stiffest competitor, and of all the athleisure brands I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot), lulu is the closest in quality.

For full transparency, I’ve only tried the ABC Joggers from lululemon, and they’ve also made my list of the best joggers for men

lululemon ABC Jogger

These technical looking joggers are lightweight and comfortable, and the longer inseams make them a fantastic option for guys who are sick of hearing "hows the weather up there?"

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The lululemon ABC Joggers are incredible, but when it comes to working out, I still prefer the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

There’s much more taper on the Sunday Performance Jogger below the knee. On the ABC Jogger, they’re most casual and relaxed looking, which might be a positive for you, or it might be a negative. 

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If you're looking for a performance-based pair of joggers, Vuori has you covered. This fabric is super lightweight and breathable, and the waist band and taper below the knee help keep them secure, even during your most intense HIIT circuit.

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Vuori vs rhone comparison image

I like both brands, and if you want my full thoughts on Rhone, check out my Rhone review here

But to condense it all into a comparison, I’d say Vuori comes out on top.

Rhone has some excellent pieces, like their Bolinas Jogger and their workout shorts. I also like their lifestyle clothing, and I’ve been rocking their performance Chinos for over a year now and I love the way they fit. 

The big difference is in consistency: I picked up a large Notch Tee from Rhone and it’s basically a full size too large. But when I picked up another shirt in medium, it fit quite snug—more on the smaller side of medium, if that makes sense. 

Rhone has some items that I wear really often, so I have to give them kudos there—they’re a fantastic brand. But after getting several pieces from both brands, Vuori has offered a more consistent experience in terms of sizing, and that’s really important for shopper confidence. 

Mack Weldon

Vuori vs mack weldon comparison image

Again, in full transparency, I’ve only tried the Ace Sweatpants from Mack Weldon. I don’t have as much experience with Mack Weldon as I do Vuori. So I’ll just compare these two joggers to give you an idea of why I like each brand.

Mack Weldon is most well known for their Ace Sweatpants and also their AirKnit boxer-briefs. 

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpant

If you've never heard the term "dress sweats," you're not alone. The Mack Weldon Ace is as close as you can get. These are super comfortable, but they're also stylish enough that you can wear them out and your loved ones won't stage an intervention for you.

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They definitely have Vuori beat on the men’s underwear game. 

As for the Ace Sweatpant—it’s an interesting piece. I wouldn’t ever work out in it because it has the texture of sweatpants. They’re certainly the coolest sweatpants I’ve ever worn (from a style perspective), though I prefer my joggers to be more technical-fabric focused. 

Both feature that awesome thigh zipper, which is practically useless, but gives each a unique and stylish look. 

If you’re looking for a pure-lounging jogger, then the Ace Sweatpant is worth checking out. You still may like the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger more because of its sleeker, more technical look. But if you want a stylish pair of sweats, then Mack Weldon has you covered.

If I could only choose one, I’d go with the Sunday Performance Jogger because it’s more versatile (I can also wear it to the gym and do some intense HIIT training, which I wouldn’t do in Mack Weldon).

Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

If you're looking for a performance-based pair of joggers, Vuori has you covered. This fabric is super lightweight and breathable, and the waist band and taper below the knee help keep them secure, even during your most intense HIIT circuit.

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What Do Other Reviewers Say?

If you didn’t understand what I was talking about with the Strato Tech tee, reviewer Jonathan B. put it better than I could:

What do Other Reviewers Think About Vuori

The rest of the reviews are along the same lines, with over 2,000 reviewers giving Vuori a 4.5-star average.

What do Other Reviewers Think About Vuori 2

Words that stuck out repeatedly were comfort, durability, and quick shipping.

My Thoughts Overall

What I Like

  • All clothes, including the workout shorts, have a slim, tailored fit. 

  • The fabrics are some of the most comfortable I’ve worn, and they hold up well to a workout. 

  • Free shipping with orders over $75 and free, easy returns. 

  • The Strato Tech tee is incredibly soft—I’m surprised it’s a workout shirt.

  • Vuori doesn’t shy away from a slim taper with their ripstop climber pants. 

What I Don’t Like

  • The sizing for the pants could be more precise (i.e. size 34 waist instead of M or L).

  • The Crest short sleeve button down is cool and fits well, but in my opinion, it doesn’t match the excellence of everything else I tried from Vuori. 

Who is Vuori for?

Vuori is for the guy who doesn’t just work out because he feel obligated to, but because it’s part of his lifestyle. If your life is a blend of outdoor fun, hard work in the gym (or on the track), and giving it your all with your friends, family, and job, then Vuori is definitely worth checking out. 

The Verdict

Vuori does an excellent job making clothes that are as dynamic as our lives can be. 

When life gets busy, you might not have time to come home after the gym, change, and go to the store. You may not want to buy a whole extra set of outfits when summer hits and you want to go climbing, hit the beach, and camp out in the woods. 

If you’d rather pick up a set of clothes that fit well, look good, and can perform in just about any scenario (volcano diving is a no-go), Vuori is your brand. 

My two favorite items from Vuori are the Sunday Performance Jogger and the lined Kore shorts. I’ve tried a lot of joggers and a lot of workout shorts and both of these items from Vuori are the best in their class.

The Crest shirt is cool, and I’ve worn it a few times on lazy Saturday and Sunday afternoons, but compared to the other clothes I tried from Vuori, it doesn’t grab me. It’s the difference between good and great. 

I’ll be keeping an eye on Vuori, and I’ll definitely be picking up more from them in the future.


Vuori’s lineup of performance-wear looks and feels good. Their sizes are on the small side, so if you’re in between, go larger. Their customer service is on-point so you can focus on getting clothes that take you from the gym to the lake to a Sunday stroll.

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Does lululemon own Vuori?

No, Vuori is an independent brand and one of the largest competitors with lululemon.

Are Vuori sweatpants worth it?

Yes, Vuori’s Sunday Performance Jogger is one of the best joggers I’ve ever tried. The fit is excellent, the performance in the gym is great, and they’re extremely comfortable, which makes them ideal for lounging, too.

Is Vuori an ethical company?

Yes, Vuori is an ethical company. They’re OEKO-TEX 100 certified are 100% carbon neutral. They also don’t subcontract so they can monitor the conditions in their factories. Vuori releases a “Code of Conduct,” which is a transparent assessment of their ecological and fair labor practices.